Robert M Chapple's Catalogue of radiocarbon determinations & dendrochronology dates is a free-to-download resource for Irish archaeology.

The resource was originally developed for the author's own research needs and is provided here 'as is' for any research project, public or private, that may benefit from it.

I am always in search of new data to include in this resource. If you possess published/unpublished radiocarbon or dendro dates from Irish sites and would like to see them disseminated to a wider audience, please feel free to contact the author at or join the Facebook Group

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  • I have taken every care I can to ensure that I have checked the data used here, but it is still likely that errors remain.
  • Users are reminded that all data and references should be independently checked for accuracy.
  • No liability is accepted or implied from the use or misuse of these data.
  • If/when you find errors, I'd be grateful if you could inform me, so they may be corrected ().

Citation of this work in publications should refer only to the originating document, not this resource.
However, if the date is listed here as 'pres. comm.' or 'forthcoming' this resource may be cited in the following manner:

(pers. comm. XXX, cited in Chapple 2010).

The full reference should read:

Chapple, R. M. 2010 'Catalogue of radiocarbon determinations & dendrochronology dates' Oculus Obscura Press, Belfast.

If you have other dates, either from your own excavations, of have found in other published sources, I'd also be grateful if they could passed on to me for inclusion in future releases of this document.

Release history:

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I would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who have generously allowed me to quote their unpublished dates, or have found others in the literature that I may have missed, or corrected any on my errors:

Stephen GilmoreNorthern Archaeological Consultancy Ltd.
Colin DunlopNorthern Archaeological Consultancy Ltd.
Wes ForsytheCentre for Maritime Archaeology, University of Ulster, Coleraine
Berniece MolloyMGLArc
Melanie McQuadeMGLArc
Johh O'NeillUCD, School of Archaeology
L. Carlin
Cormac McSparronQUB, Centre for Archaeological Fieldwork
Paul McCooeyformerly Northern Archaeological Consultancy Ltd.
Allan ReillyNorthern Archaeological Consultancy Ltd.
Simon Largeformerly Northern Archaeological Consultancy Ltd.
Sarah NicolNorthern Archaeological Consultancy Ltd.
Lianne HeaneyNorthern Archaeological Consultancy Ltd.
Clare Mullins

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