NMAJ Volume I (1936–1939),

Number 1 (October 1936)

Mahr, A.: Irish prehistoric handicraft, 2-9.

Leask, H.G.: The characteristic features of Irish architecture from early times to the twelfth century, 10-31.

Gleeson, Dermot F.: Castle and Manor of Dromineer, Co. Tipperary, 22-28.

Price, Liam: The need for a study of Irish place names, 29-33.

Ó Ríordáin, S.P.: An Urn Burial from Glenaree, Co. Limerick, 33-35.

O’Riordain, S.P.: Finding of a St. Brigids Cross in dolmen (note), 36.

newspaper report: Excavations at Cush [Co. Limerick], 1934 (from the Irish Times, 19/11/1934), 36.

newspaper report: [Excavations at] Cush and Galbally, 1935 (from the Irish Times, October 1935), 36-7.

newspaper report: Excavations in the Burren [Co. Clare], 1934 (from the Irish Times, 12/11/1934), 37-38.

Wallace, J.N.A. (probably): Crannog and Bronze Age find at Rosroe [Knocknalappa], Co. Clare (O.S. 6 in. map, 42), 38.

Wallace, J.N.A.: Frescoes at Urlanmore Castle [Co. Clare], (O.S. 6 in map, 51), 38-39.

Wallace, J.N.A.: Sheela-na-gig at Bunratty Castle [Co. Clare], (O.S. 6 in. map, 61), 39.

M.M.: Killeely and Kilfinane, their patrons (note), 39.

Wallace, J.N.A.: The Monsell of Tervoe shrine (note), 39-40.


Number 2 (October 1937)

Hayes, Richard.: The German colony in County Limerick, 45-53.

Wall, Thomas: A Bishop of Limerick and a line of kings, 54-55.

O’Riordain, S.P.: "incense cup" from Tinderry, Co. Tipperary, 56.

Mahr, Adolf: Irish Early Christian Handicraft, 57-66.

Callanan, M.: The de Burgos or Bourkes of Ileagh, 67-77.

Gleeson, Dermot F.: An unpublished Cromwellian document, 78-81.

anonymous: Excavation of two stone circles at Lough Gur, [Co. Limerick] (1936), 82.

anonymous: Excavations of stone circle and two stone forts at Lough Gur (1937), 82.

Rafferty Joseph: Knocknalappa Crannog, Co. Clare (note), 83.

Hayes, Richard: Limerick in the lost records (note), 83-84.

Gleeson, Dermot F.: The Castle and Manor of Dromineer (note), 84.

Hincken [recte Hencken], H. O’Neill: The Danish kingdom of Limerick and Man. Extract from paper on a "Gaming Board of the Viking Age", Acta Archæologica IV (1933), Copenhagen. 85.


Number 3 (November 1938)

Wallace, J.N.A.: The Golden Bog of Cullen, 89-101.

Moloney, Michael: The Parish of St. Patrick, Limerick, 102-107.

Hewson, R.F.: The Augustinian Priory, Adare, 108-112.

Hayes, Richard: Some notable Limerick doctors, 113-123.

anonymous: Stone axes from Rathjordan [Co. Limerick] (note), 124.

anonymous: Excavations at Lough Gur, 1938 (note), 124-125.


Number 4 (September 1939)

Leask, H.G.: The architecture of the Cistercian Order in Ireland in the XIIth and early XIIIth centuries, 132-141.

Gleeson, Dermot F.: The Diocese of Killaloe in the 13th century, 142-158.

Westropp, M.S.D.: The goldsmiths of Limerick, 159-162.

Hayes, Richard: Some Limerick wills, 163-168.

Power, P. (ed.): Some Ordnance Survey Letters of Dr. John O'Donovan, 169-174.

anonymous: An O’Moloney foundation in Paris (note), 175-176.

Inquisitor: Query re Limerick poets, 176.



NMAJ Volume II (1940-1941),

Number 1 (Spring 1940)

Shúilebhain, Eilís: Maighdean Luimnigh, 1640–1940, 1-3.

Moloney, M.: Limerick and Gerald Griffin, 4-11.

O’Donovan, Maire: Gerald Griffin’s nieces, 11-13.

Gleeson, Dermot F.: The collegiate church of Iniscathaigh, 14-30.

ni Mhurchadha, Eilis: From Royal Kincora to Croom of the Merriment: a review of some of the literature of Thomond, 31-42.

Power, P.: Some letters of Dr. John O’Donovan, 43-46.

M.M.: Bulla of Boniface VIII from Co. Limerick churchyard (note), 47.

MacL., E. [probably Edward MacLysaght]: Some notable Limerick doctors (note), 47.

R.F.H. [Hewson?]: Holy well at Curragh Chase (note), 47.

anonymous: Excavations at Lough Gur, 1939 (note), 47-49.

Herbert, R.: Limerick printed books [request for information], 49.


Number 2 (Autumn 1940)

Gleeson, Dermot F.: The episcopal succession of Killaloe, A.D. 1317–1616, 51-62.

Wyse Jackson, R.: Old church silver of East Killaloe, 63-70.

Hayes, Richard: Some old Limerick wills, an account with a specially prepared map, 71-75.

Herbert, Robert: The City of Limerick Public Library and Museum, 76-89.

de Bh, T. [probably Thomas Wall]: Eoghan Ó Caomhánaigh (note), 90.

Mac Aodhagáin, Parthalán: Filí Luimnighe (note), 91.

R.H. [this could be Richard Hayes or Robert Herbert]: Gerald Griffin centenary (note), 92.


Number 3 (Spring 1941)

Leask, H.G.: The ancient walls of Limerick, 95-108.

Ó Lochlainn, Colm: Contemporary estimate for repairing Limerick fortification, 109-111.

Clancy, John: The episcopal succession of Killaloe, A.D. 1616 to modern times, 112-120.

Herbert, Robert: The trade guilds of Limerick, 121-134.

Wallace, J.N.A.: Notes on Limerick silver marks, 135-136.


Number 4 (Autumn 1941)

Ryan, John: The O’Briens in Munster after Clontarf, 141-152.

Wallace, J.N.A.: Carved stone pillar at Bantry, Co. Cork, 153-155.

Herbert, Robert: Limerick shop-signs of the eighteenth century, 156-166.

Ó N., P. (ed.): West Limerick Gaelic poems, 167-169.

Raftery, Joseph: Recent acquisitions from Co. Clare in National Museum, 170-171.

anonymous: Excavations at Lough Gur, 1940 (note), 172-173.

R.H.: Limerick City Museum (note), 173.

Wyse Jackson, R.: Eighteenth century visiting cards (note), 173-174.

R.F.H. [Hewson?]: Chancel corbels in the Franciscan friary churches at Quin and Adare (note), 174.

R.F.H. [Hewson?]: An unusual piscina (note), 174.

Gleeson, Dermot F.: Sheela na gig at Ballyportray Castle, Co. Clare (note), 174.



NMAJ Volume III (1942-1943),

Number 1 (Spring 1942)

Ryan, John: The O’Briens in Munster after Clontarf (continued), 1-52.

Raftery, Joseph: Knocknalappa Carnnóg, Co. Clare, 53-72.


Number 2 (Autumn 1942)

O'Kelly, Michael J.: A survey of the antiquities of the Barony of Small County, County Limerick. Part I, 75-97.

MacSpealáin, Gearóid (F.G. Spencer): Notes on place-names in the city and county of Limerick, 98-117.

Hayes, Richard: Some notes on the United Irishmen and Limerick, 118-120.

R.H.: An inventory of the goods &c. of the Revd. Mr. Jon. Head Decd., 122-123.

Jackson, R. Wyse: A copy book of 1731 (note), 123.

anonymous: Information wanted—Franklin (query), 123.

Hayes, Richard: Limerick printers and printing (note), 124.


Number 3 (Spring 1943)

Gleeson, Dermot F.: The Manor of Ballinaclogh in Ormond, 129-143.

MacSpealáin, Gearóid (F.G. Spencer): Some interesting place names in County Limerick, 144-161.

Hayes, Richard: Some letters of a Thomond antiquary, 162-168.

O'Kelly, Michael J.: A survey of the antiquities of the Barony of Small County, County Limerick. Part II, 169-184.

Honey, W.B.: Limerick Delftware [reprinted from The Transactions of the English Ceramic Circle, Vol II (1942), p155], 185-186.


Number 4 (Autumn 1943)

Ryan, John: The Dalcassians, 189-202.

Clancy, John: Gleaning in seventeenth century Kilrush, 203-212.

Bairead, Feargus: The Northmen of Limerick, 213-221.

O’Kelly, Michael J.: A survey of the antiquities of the Barony of Small County, County Limerick. Part III, 224-245.



NMAJ Volume IV (1944-1945),

Number 1 (Spring 1944)

Moloney, Michael: Mungret, 1-15.

O’Kelly, Michael J.: A survey of the antiquities of the Barony of Small County, County Limerick. Part IV, 16-53.

Hunt, John: Powder horn (note), 54.


Number 2 (Autumn 1944)

Hewson, R.F.: St. Mary’s Cathedral, Limerick; its development and growth, 55-67.

Bairead, Feargus: St. Patrick’s itinerary through County Limerick, 68-73.

Hayes, Richard: Limerick and Louvain, 74-75.

Wallace, J.N.A.: Origin of the early marks on Limerick silver, 75-76.

Hayes, R.: A Limerick medal of 1798 (note), 77-78.

Wallace, J.N.A.: The Limerick Wherry Club (note), 78.

R.H.: Stone penal plaque from County Clare (note), ##

R.H.: Limerick Methodist Society (note), 79.

R.H.: Bridge at Kilmallock (note), 79.


Number 3 (Spring 1945)

Herbert, Robert: The antiquities of the Corporation of Limerick, 85-130.

Wallace, J.N.A.: Limerick silver freedom boxes, 131-132.


Number 4 (Autumn 1945)

Herbert, Robert: The chairing of Thomas Spring Rice, 133-142.

Jackson, R. Wyse: Lewis Prytherch’s manuscript, 143-151.

MacSpealáin, Gearóid (F.G. Spencer): Place names of County Limerick, 152-163.

Raftery, Joseph: A decorated bronze zoomorphic brooch (note), 164-165.

Raftery, Joseph: A bronze triangular dagger from County Limerick, 165-166.

Jackson, R. Wyse: The Armenian visits Dublin, 166-167.

Herbert, Robert: The Reverend John Thayer and Gideon Ouseley, 167-178.



NMAJ Volume V (1946-1948),

Number 4 (Autumn 1945)

Egan, Bartholomew: Franciscan Limerick, 1-10.

MacLysaght, Edward: Some observations on Thomond surnames, 11-17.

Ua Danachair, Caoimhin: The traditional houses of County Limerick, 18-32.

Kaftannikoff, Luba: Discovery of the high cross at Kilfenora, 33.


Double Number: 2 & 3 (Autumn 1946, Spring 1947)

Gwnn, Aubrey: The diocese of Limerick in the twelfth century, 35-48.

Herbert, Robert: The Lax Weir and fishers stent of Limerick, 49-61.

Jackson, R. Wyse: John Davis White of Cashel, 62-67.

Ó Riordáin, Sean P. & Lucas A.T.: Excavation of a small crannog at Rathjordan, Co. Limerick, 68-77.

Wallace, J.N.A.: Limerick freedom box (note), 81.

Wallace, J.N.A.: Eighteenth-century silver buttons (note), 81.


Number 4 (1948)

MacSpealáin, Gearóid (F.G. Spencer): Place names of County Limerick (continued), 85-95.

Ni Chinneide, Sighle: A Frenchman’s impressions of Limerick, town and people, in 1791, 96-101.

Hogan, Patrick (ed.): Thady O’Halloran of Ballycunneen, Co. Clare, 1727–1798. His common-place book, 102-116.

Herbert, Robert: Castleconnell and its spa, 117-140.



NMAJ Volume VI (1949-1952),

Number 1 (1949)

Gleeson, Dermot F.: Parish bounds in the Killaloe Diocese, 1-8.

Taheny, L.: Lorrha Dominican priory, 9-15.

Hunt, John: Romanesque head from Peter’s Cell, 16-17.

Stewart, S. & Herbert, R.: Some Georgian houses of Limerick and Clare, 18-20.

Wyse Jackson, R.: Some church silver of Limerick City, 21-23.

Wyse Jackson, R.: The walls of Cashel, 24-25.

Wallace, J.N.A.: 26-##


Number 2 (1950)

MacLysaght, E.: The Arthur Manuscripts, 29-49.

Herbert, Robert: Manuscript notes by H.W. Russell, 50-62.

H(erbert), R(obert): Barrington’s Hospital and the Mont de Piete (note), 63.

Killeen, A.B.: Ancient burial custom (note), 63.

Wyse Jackson, R.: The oldest book in Cashel library (note), 63-65.

Hanrahan, E.T.: Note on old timber road excavated Limerick–Dublin main road, Annaholty, near Limerick (note), 64.


Number 3 (1951)

MacLysaght, E. & Ainsworth, John: The Arthur Manuscript, 29-49.

Blake Butler, T.: The O’Shaughnessy woods; with some notes on the families of O’Shea, Butler, Upton, O’Flaherty, Martyn, Ringrose etc. in the Barony of Kiltartan, 83-90.

O'Neill, Thomas P. (ed.): Letters from James Fintan Lalor in Limerick, 91-95.

Gleeson, D.F.: Churches in the Deanery of Ormond, 96-108.


Number 4 (1952)

Blackall, Sir Henry: The Butlers of County Clare, 108-129.

Gleeson, Dermot F.: Churches in the Deanery of Ormond (continued), 130-135.

Cantwell, D.: The place-names of the parish of Croom, 136-142.

Dillon, Katherine: Extracts from the minute book of the Ennis Volunteers, 1778, 143-151.

Anonymous [probably the Editor, i.e. Richard Herbert]: Find of stone axe [at Cloonfeaghera, Corofin], ##-##.

Blackall, Sir Henry: The Galwey family (query), 152.



NMAJ Volume VII (1953–1957),

Number 1 (1953)

Paginated in error as Vol. VI, No. 5

Blackall, Sir Henry: The Butlers of County Clare (continued), 153-167.

MacLysaght, E. & Ainsworth, John (eds.): The Arthur Manuscript (continued), 168-##.

Cantwell, David: Some further place-names of Coshma: the parish of Banogue, 183-186.

Dillon, Katherine (ed.): Donal Stewart and the Mineral Survey of the Dublin Society, 187-189.

Dillon, Katherine & O'Brien, Murrogh V. (eds.): "Catalogue of Irish Minerals in the Museum of the Dublin Society", 190-196.


Number 2 (1955)

Morris, Thomas: The Butler Archbishops of Cashel, 1-11.

Barry, Jennifer: Some Limerick documents from Spain, 12-15.

de Varebeke, Hubert Jannsens: Going to Holy Cross, 16-18.

Blackall, Sir Henry: The Butlers of County Clare (concluded), 19-45.

Cantwell, David: More place-names of Mid Limerick: the parish of Manistir, 46-52.

Hewson, Robert H.: Notes on the old churches in Adare, 53-56.

Gleeson, Dermot F.: Cross slabs on Illuanmore [recte Illaunmore], 57.


Number 3 (1956)

Gwynn, Aubrey: Richard II and the chieftains of Thomond, 1-8.

Hogan, Patrick (ed.): The common place book of Thady O’Halloran of Ballycunneen, Bunratty, Co. Clare (1727–98), 9-17.

Wyse Jackson, Robert: Antiquities of Cashel, 18-20.

Wyse Jackson, Robert: Mediaeval objects from Ballysheehan, 21-22.

de Varebeke, Hubert Janssens: The Barringtons of Limerick, 23-28.

Kaftannikov, Luba: The high crosses of Kilfenora, 29-30.

Blackall, Sir Henry: "The Butler Archbishops of Cashel": a postscript, 31.

M[oloney], M.: The Limerick Manor of Fontimel: a Westropp-Orpen controversy, 32.


Number 4 (1957)

Cunningham, Myles: Architecture in nineteenth-century Limerick, 1-3.

Ainsworth, John (ed.): The Arthur Manuscript, 4-10.

Moloney, M.: Limerick’s Patron, 11-14.

Wyse Jackson, R.: Cashel Annals—up to 1500 A.D., 15-19.

Bardwick, L.J.: O'Grady of Cappercullen, 20-22.



NMAJ Volume VIII (1958–1961),

Number 1 (1958)

MacLysaght, E.A. & Ainsworth, John F. (eds.): The Arthur Manuscript (continued), 2-19.

Gwynn, Aubrey: Were the "Annals of Inisfallen" written in Killaloe? 20-33.

O'Kelly, Michael J.: A court cairn at Shanballyedmond, County Tipperary: preliminary notice, 34-37.

Hickey, J.: The O’Hickeys, hereditary physicians to the O'Briens of Thomond and some of their descendants, 38-41.

Gleeson, Dermot F.: Saint Patrick in Ormond, 42-44.


Number 2 (1959)

Gleeson, Dermot F.: The River of Geagh, 53-58.

Wyse Jackson, Robert: Some Irish provincial silver, 59-62.

O'Kelly, Michael J.: A wedge-gallery grave at Baurnadomeeny, County Tipperary: preliminary notice, 63-63 [three pages: error in pagination—two pages left unnumbered].

Moloney, M.: How Limerick came to be, 64-68.

O'Dwyer, Michael: A survey of the earthworks of the district of old Pallasgrean, 69-78.

MacLysaght, E.A. & Ainsworth, John F. (eds.): The Arthur Manuscript (continued), 79-87.

H[unt], J.: Bunratty mound (note), 88-89.

F.G.A.: Excavation of two ringforts near Shannon Airport (note), 89-90.

L[eask], H.G.: Architecture in nineteenth century Limerick (note), 90.

M[oloney], M.: The Abbey of Mothel, County Waterford: works of maintenance and repair (note), 91-93.

M[oloney], M.: Ballyhea churchyard: medieval slab with effigy (note), 95-97.

P[ierce], T.: Kilcolman Castle (note), 97-98.

Newspaper article, 6 February 1883: Vienna circular railway to be designed by Mr. Joseph Fogarty, formerly of Limerick, 91.

C.F.: Plans of the Jesuit Church, Limerick, were by William Corbett, a Limerickman (note), 91.

R.O’S.: Martin Morris, architect, was responsible for the rebuilding of St. Michael's in 1881 (note), ##.


Number 3 (1960)

Hunt, John: Bunratty Castle, 102 (photo) 103-108 (text).

Moloney, Michael: Bunratty remembers, 109-110.

O’Dwyer, Michael: A survey of the earthworks in the district of old Pallasgrean, Co. Limerick (continued), 111-115.

Dolley, R.H.M.: Some new light on the Viking-age silver hoard from Mungret, 116-133.

Wyse Jackson, Robert: The old palace of Cashel, 134-137.

Went, Arthur E.J.: Historical notes on the fisheries of some tidal tributaries of the River Shannon, 138-155.


Number 4 (1961)

Dolley, R.H.M.: A small find of fourteenth-century coins from West Limerick, 157-167.

Lyons, J.B. (ed.): The letters of Sylvester O'Halloran, 168-181.

McNamara, Leo F.: An examination of the medieval Irish text Caithréim Thoirdhealbhaigh, 182-192.

Rynne, Etienne: Was Desmond Castle, Adare, erected on a ringfort? 193-202.

M[oloney], M.: Limerick and Killaloe, an ancient boundary problem (note), 203.

Limerick, Robert: Limerick Made Silver, 204.

Dolley, R.H.M.: corrigenda, p131. 205.



NMAJ Volume IX (1962–1965),

Double Number 1 & 2 (1962 & 1963)

Wyse Jackson, R.: An introduction to Irish silver, 1-24.

Lyons, J.B. (ed.): The letters of Sylvester O’Halloran, 25-50.

MacLysaght, Edward A. & Ainsworth, John (eds.): The Arthur Manuscript, 51-59.

Tierney, Mark: The 1821–22 incident in Morroe, 60-68.

Moloney, M.: Religious houses in Medieval Limerick, 69-73.

de Varebeke, Hubert: The names of Abington (note), 74.


Number 3 (1964)

Corcoran, J.X.W.P.: A Scandinavian flint dagger from Scarriff, Co. Clare, 83-88.

Rynne, Etienne: A cist-burial near Rearcross, Co. Tipperary, 89-93.

O’Dwyer, Michael: A Survey of the earthworks of the district of Old Pallasgrean (concluded), 94-98.

Moloney, M.: Beccan’s Hermitage in Aherlow; the riddle of the slabs, 99-107.

document: List of freeholders and gentlemen in Co. Limerick in 1570 [presented by J.B. Pierse], 108-116.

Snoddy, Oliver: The Limerick City Militia and the Battle of Collooney, 1798, 117-122.

Ó Danachair, Caoimhín: "Chalk Sunday", 123-126.

Danaher, Peter: Human skeletons unearthed near Foynes (note), 127.

M.M.: "The King’s Grave" at Glennagross, Co. Clare (note), 127-129.


Number 4 (1965)

Rynne, Etienne: Toghers in Littleton Bog, Co. Tipperary, 138-144.

Lee, Gerard A.: Medieval Kilmallock, 145-154.

Snoddy, Cliodna: Some notes on Parliament and its Limerick members (1767-1771), 165-181.

Hewson, Michael: A word-list from South-West Clare, 182-186.

Rynne, Etienne: Stone axehead from Currahchase, near Adare (note), 187.

Rynne, Etienne: Rynne, Etienne: Souterrain at Boolareagh, Co. Tipperary (note), 188-190.

McDonnell, James: Carved stones at Kilnanare, Co. Kerry (note), 190-191.

Snoddy, Oliver: An 18th century hearth tax roll (note), 193.

Snoddy, Oliver: The Battle of Collooney (see pages 117–122): some footnotes, 193-194.

Hewson, Michael: A source for nineteenth century Clare history (note), 194-195.

newspaper article: An "Orange" Street in the ’Bridge , [from The Clare Champion, 14/8/1965], 195.



NMAJ Volume X (1966–1967)

Number 1 (1966)

Harbison, Peter: Mining and metallurgy in Early Bronze Age Ireland, 3-11.

Lee, Gerard A.: The leper hospitals of Munster, 12-26.

Quane, Michael: Ennis Grammar School, 27-46.

Ó Danachair, Caoimhín: Faction fighting in County Limerick, 47-55.

Cahir, Brendan: Isaac Butt and the Limerick by-election of 1871, 56-66.

Herity, Michael: Excavation near Ballinskelligs, Co. Kerry (interim report), 67.

Eogan, George: A hoard of bronze objects from Booltiaghadine, Co. Clare, 67-69.

Fowler, P.J.: Ridge-and-furrow cultivation at Cush, Co. Limerick, 69-71.

Ó Ríordáin, A.B.: Crannog at Knockroe, near Kilfenora, Co. Clare, 71.

Rynne, Etienne: Earthworks around Ballydoyle Castle, Co. Tipperary, 72-74.

Rynne, Etienne: Inscribed stone plaque from Lisdoonvarna Castle, 74-76.

Jackson, John S.: Stone head from near Newcastle West, 76-77.

Waterer, John W.: Leather objects of interest in the Limerick Museum, 78-79.

Keane, Edward: ’98 Prisoners in Limerick Goal [recte Gaol], 79-82.

Snoddy, Oliver: The Order of Liberators, 82-84.


Number 2 (1967)

Rynne, Etienne & O’Sullivan, John C.: Two urn-burials from Cush, Co. Limerick, 103-107.

Harbison, Peter: A decorated stone fragment from Terryglass, Co. Tipperary, 108-111.

Ryan, Martin: The Franciscan houses of Thomond in 1616, 112-115.

Quane, Michael: Banagher Royal School, 116-142.

Herity, Michael: Eugene O’Curry’s early life: details from an unpublished letter, 143-147.

Bourke, Marcus: John O’Leary’s place in the Fenian movement, 148-156.

Seoighe, Mainchín: The Fenian attack on Kilmallock Police Barracks, 157-168.

Keane, Edward: Active Fenians in Co. Limerick as listed in the Crown Solicitor’s brief, 169-172.

Mac Giolla Choille, Breandán: Mourning the Martyrs: a study of a demonstration in Limerick City, 8.12.1867, 173-205.

de Courcy Ireland, J.: John Philip Holland: pioneer in submarine navigation, 206-212.

Cussen, Robert: The Lartigue: a review article, 213-217.

Herity, Michael: Excavation near Derrynane, Co. Kerry (interim report), 218.

Ryan, Martin: Fulachta fiadha near Killinaboy, Co. Clare, 218-219.

Raftery, Barry: A cross-inscribed stone from Co. Tipperary, 219-221.

Rynne, Etienne: A Sheela-na-gig at Clonlara, Co. Clare, 221-222.

Dolley, Michael: An early sixteenth century coin-hoard from the eastern slopes of Mount Brandon, 223-225.

Lynch, Thomas: The Kilmallock Raid, 1867, 225-226.

Rynne, Etienne: The Kilmallock pikes, 226-227.



NMAJ Volume XI (1968)

Raftery, Barry: A newly-discovered hillfort at Garrangrena Lower, Co. Tipperary, 3-6.

Rynne, Etienne: Excavation of a house-site in Fanore Sandhills, Co. Clare, 7-12.

Leech, Roger H.: Cogadh Gaedhel re Gallaibh and The Annals of Inisfallen, 13-21.

Dolley, Michael: New light on the 1872 find of coins from Ballykinvarga (Kilfenora), Co. Clare, 22-26.

Andrews, J.H.: An Elizabethan map of Kilmallock, 27-35.

MacCarvill, Eileen: Jonathan Swift, Aodh Buí Mac Cruitín, and contemporary Thomond scholars, 36-46.

Quane, Michael: Dr. Jeremy Hall Endowed Schools, Limerick, 47-56.

ffolliott, Rosemary: Some schoolmasters in the Diocese of Killaloe, 1808, 57-63.

Ó Máille, T.S.: Cam in Áitainmneacha, 64-70.

Dolley, Michael & Seaby, W.A.: A very late 14th or early 15th century coin-hoard from near Roscrea, 71-73.

Pagan, Hugh: A 15th century coin-hoard from Co. Clare, 73-74.

Dunlevy, Mairead: A bronze ring-pin from Limerick, 75.

Rynne, Etienne: Boat graffito in Corcomroe Abbey, 76.

MacNamara, G.U.: Flogging at Corofin, 1798, 77.

O’Connell, Gerald: Old bow-ways and chimney-stacks in Ennis, 77-78.

Snoddy, Oliver: Footnote to Caleb Powell’s 1858 Grand Jury, 78-79.

Snoddy, Oliver: A Land League membership card from Adare, 79-81.

Monsignor Hamilton: Word-list from Clonlara, Co. Clare, 81-83.



NMAJ Volume XII (1969)

Waddell, John: Two Bronze Age burials from Reardnogy More, Co. Tipperary, 3-5.

Fanning, Thomas: The bronze ringed pins in the Limerick City Museum, 6-11.

Lucas, A.T.: A horizontal mill at Knocknagranshy. Co. Limerick, 12-22.

Dolley, Michael: The mediæval coin-hoards of Thomond, 23-34.

Harbison, Peter: A 16th century Spanish wooden statue from Co. Clare, 35-40.

Howard, Leonard: The Penal Laws in Limerick, 1670–1684, 41-52.

Coen, Martin: The Post-Reformation Catholic Bishops of Kilfenora, 53-62.

Tierney, Mark: Dr. Thomas Kane’s Continental tour, 16th July–13th September 1837, 63-80.

Rynne, Etienne: Harriet Smithson, the Ennis-born wife of Hector Berlioz, 81-84.

MacLysaght, E.A.: Surnames of County Clare, 85-89.

Rynne, Etienne: A stone alignment and a stone circle near Rearcross, Co. Tipperary, 90.

Rynne, Etienne: A Romanesque head from Feakle, Co. Clare, 91-92.

Raftery, Joseph: A Sheela-na-gig from Burgesbeg, Co. Tipperary, 92-93.



NMAJ Volume XIII (1970)

Timoney, Martin A.: A halberd from Clounloum Bog, Co. Clare, 3-5.

Fanning, Thomas: Excavation of a ringfort at Bowling Green, Thurles, Co. Tipperary, 6-21.

Empey, C.A.: The cantreds of medieval Tipperary, 22-29.

Howard, Leonard: The Penal Laws in County Clare, 1677–1685, 30-36.

Rynne, Etienne: The Corcomroe wooden graveslab, 37-39.

Ó Danachair, Caoimhin: The Irish language in County Clare in the 19th Century, 40-52.

MacLysaght, E.A.: Christian names in Ireland, 53-56.

O’Connell, Gerald: Honest Tom Steele and the Birr Stone (note), 57-58.

Rynne, Etienne: A cure for sore eyes (note), 58.



NMAJ Volume XIV (1971)

Timoney, Martin A.: Ancient monuments in the neighbourhood of Broadford, Co. Clare, compiled by Lieutenant-Colonel William Audrey Bentley, 3-16.

Champion, Timothy: The end of the Irish Bronze Age, 17-24.

Fanning, Thomas: Two cross-inscribed stones from Reask, Co. Kerry, at Adare Manor, 25-28.

Harbison, Peter: Some medieval Thomond tomb-sculpture: lost, found and imaginary, 29-36.

Rynne, Etienne: A late medieval casket from Knockmore, Co. Clare, 37-40.

Egan, Bartholomew: Superiors of the Franciscan friaries at Adare, Askeaton, and Limerick, 41-45.

Dolley, Michael: A nineteenth-century discovery of Elizabethan coins in Co. Clare, 46-48.

Howard, Leonard: The Penal Laws in North Kerry, 1677–1685, 49-52.

Ó Danachair, Caoimhín: The Shannon in military history, 53-64.

Ní Chinnéide, Síle: A journey from Cork to Limerick in December 1790, 65-74.

Rynne, Etienne: A dated wooden beam from Askeaton, 75-76.  

Timoney, Martin A.: A stoup from Clonlea, Co. Clare, 76-77.



NMAJ Volume XV (1972)

Harbison, Peter: Some Romanesque heads from County Clare, 3-7.

Talbot, Eric J.: Lorrha Motte, County Tipperary, 8-12.

Timoney, Martin A.: ‘Móin na gCaoineach’ tower-house, Drimmeen, Co. Clare, 13-16.

de Varebeke, Hubert J.: Abbots in Anglo-Norman parliaments, 17-21.

Dunlevy, Mairead: Some comb forms of the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries, 22-27.

Quane, Michael: Kildimo Seminary, Co. Limerick, 1808–1817, 28-33.

Wallace, Patrick F.: The organisation of pre-railway public transport in Counties Limerick and Clare, 34-58.

Wallace, Patrick F.: Burials at Ballyan, Co. Limerick (note), 59-60.

Rynne, Etienne: Stone cross at Gleninsheen, Co. Clare (note), 61.



NMAJ Volume XVI (1973–4)

Powell, T.G.E.: The Sintra Collar and the Shannongrove Gorget: aspects of Late Bronze Age goldwork in the west of Europe, 3-33.

Hickey, Helen: Excavation of an enclosure on Aughinish Island, Co. Limerick, 14-28.

Fanning, Thomas & O’Brien, Kevin: Earthworks at Raheen Castle, Co. Limerick, 29-32.

Malcolmson A.W.P.: Speaker Pery and the Pery Papers, 33-60.

Seoighe, Mainchín: Robert Peel’s views on the Peelers, 61-65.

Kelly, Tim: Ennis County Jail, 66-69.

Murphy, Ignatius: Pre-Famine passenger services on the Lower Shannon

Rynne, Etienne: Pygmy cup from near Ballingarry, Co. Limerick (note), 84-85.

MacMahon, Michael: ‘Kilmoe in ye Barony of Inchiquin….’ (note), 86-87.

Flood, Donal T.: An ancient cross at Askeaton? (note), 88-89.

Murphy, Ignatius: Preserving the round tower on Inis Cathaigh (note), 89-90.

Murphy, Ignatius: William Smith O’Brien and the teaching of Irish in West Clare (note), 90.



NMAJ Volume XVII (1975)

Rynne, Etienne (ed.):Edward A. MacLysaght: some autobiographical notes, 3-6.

Rynne, Etienne: Published work of E. Lysaght/E. A. MacLysaght/Éamonn Mac Giolla Iasachta, 7-11.

Lucas, A.T.: A stone-laid trackway and wooden troughs, Timoney, Co. Tipperary, 13-20.

Ó Corráin, Donnchadh: The families of Corcumroe, 21-30.

Dolley, Michael: A further note on the fourteenth-century Armorial of Ireland, 31-33.

Hunt, John: The influence of alabaster carvings on Medieval sculpture in Ennis Friary, 35-41.

MacNiocaill, Gearóid: Land-transfer in sixteenth-century Thomond: the case of Domhnall Óg Ó Cearnaigh, 43-45.

Bradshaw, Brendan: Fr. Wolfe’s description of Limerick City, 1574, 47-53.

MacCarvill, Eileen: Johnsons—lineal descendants of Ui Néill, 55-62.

Slevin, Gerard: Funeral entries from County Clare in the seventeenth century, 63-67.

Ó Danachair, Caoimhín: Emigration from County Clare, 69-76.

MacLochlainn, Alf: The Irish language in Clare and North Tipperary, 1820: Bishop Mant’s enquiry, 77-82.

Seoighe, Mainchín: Fragments from the lost census returns: entries relating to the Kilfinane district, 83-90.

O’Ferrall, Fergus: The population of a rural pre-Famine parish: Templebredin, counties Limerick and Tipperary, in 1834, 91-101.

Hewson, Michael: The diaries of John Singleton, of Quinville, Co. Clare, 103-109.

Ó Néill, Tomás P.: The scholar revolutionary, Eoin MacNeill—a review article, 111-113.

Henchy, Patrick: Irish Words and Expressions from Corofin, Co. Clare, 115-120.



NMAJ Volume XVIII (1976)

Harbison, Peter: The double-armed cross on the church gable at Killinaboy, Co. Clare, 3-13.

Pierse, John H.: Abbeydorney Monastery, Co. Kerry—the Canon Power manuscript, 14-30.

MacAodha, Breandán S.: Ainmneacha bhailte an Cláir ar na léarscáileanna, 1630–1831, 31- 35.

Jackson, Robert Wyse: Irish glass: beginnings to mid-nineteenth century, 37-48.

Lysaght, Patrick B.: The Reverend Foster Archer’s visit to Limerick and Clare, 1801, 49-53.      

Murphy, Charlotte: Gleanings from the meetings of the Corporation of Limerick, 1809–1823, 55-60.

O’Flanagan, Patrick: Placenames as sources for cultural landscape studies, 61-70.

Ryan, Michael: Two flat bronze axeheads from Knockaninaun (note), Co. Clare, 71-73.

Sweetman, P. David & de Buitléir, Muiris: Souterrain in the townland of Ahenny. Co. Tipperary (note), 73-74.

Andersen, Jorgen: Sheela-na-gig at Cleenagh Castle, Co. Clare (note), 75-76.

Rynne, Etienne: Stone head from Killilagh, Co. Clare (note), 76-78.

Murphy, Ignatius: Some forgotten Clare finds (note), 78-80.

Barry, Patrick: St. Craven’s Well, near Ennistymon, Co. Clare (note), 80-81.

Murphy, Ignatius: Newmarket Farming Society, 1831-1833 (note), 81-82.



NMAJ Volume XIX (1977)

Wallace, Patrick F.: A prehistoric burial cairn at Ardcrony, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, 3-20.

Ryan, Michael: A Bronze Age burial at Moanmore, near Emly, Co. Tipperary, 21-26.

Shee-Twohig, Elizabeth: Excavation of a ringfort at Croom, Co. Limerick, 27-37.

Harbison, Peter: Some further sculpture in Ennis Friary, 39-42.

Conlan, Patrick: The Franciscan house in Thurles, 43-49.

Murphy, Charlotte: Building and related activities in Limerick, 1859–1899, 51-63.

Rynne, Etienne: John Daly and "The Bard of Thomond", 65-68.

Lucas, A.T.: A stone-laid trackway and wooden troughs Timoney, Co. Tipperary: a further note (note), 69.

Rynne, Etienne: Inscribed slab (1635) in Quinspool Bridge (note), 69-71.

Duffy, Paul: "Robart Prince of Cashell" (note), 71-72.

Duffy, Paul: An Ennis merchant’s token (note), 73.

Murphy, Ignatius: Coastguards at Kilkee (note), 74.

Murphy, Ignatius: Prophecy (note), 74-75.



NMAJ Volume XX (1978)

Doran Patrick F.: The Hunt Museum, 3-15.

Harbison Peter: The Antrim Cross in the Hunt Museum, 17-40.

Kelly John G.: The condition and treatment of a stone Madonna from the Hunt Collection, 41-45.

The Craggaunowen crannog: Gangway and gate-tower:

Rynne, Etienne: I: The Archaeological Evidence, 47-52

Mac Eoin, Gearóid: II: Some literary evidence, 52-56.

White James and Rynne Etienne: Irish Medieval sculpture, 1200–1600 — a review article, 57-61.

Hunt John: Heritage in stone, 63-79.

Harbison Peter: Published work of John Hunt, 81-83.



NMAJ Volume XXI (1979)

Flanagan, Laurence N.W.: A Western Pontic socketed axehead "from Limerick, Ireland", 3-6.

Rynne, Etienne: An early Celtic Spanish-North Munster connection, 7-10.

Bradley, John: An inscribed stone axehead from Gorteen, Co. Clare, 11-14.

Murphy, Ignatius: Kilkee and its neighbourhood during the first year of the Great Famine, 1845–1846, 15-24.

Marrinan, Seán: An election incident in Broad Street, Limerick, 1859, 25-29.

O’Callaghan, Edward P.: Fr. Edward Thomas O’Dwyer and the General Election of 1874, 31-38.

de hÓir, Nóra: Seán Ó Dálaigh—duine a mhair ar son na hÉireann, 39-49.

Murphy, Ignatius: Chimney-sweeps in Ennis in the 1830s (note), 51.

Murphy, Ignatius: Faction fighting at Kilkee (note), 51-52.

newspaper article (The Clare Champion10/3/78): "Death of Ryan—the Clare Informer" (note), 53.

Duffy, Paul: A coin-hoard from Fountain Hill, Ennis (note), 53-54.

Duffy, Paul: A ‘lost’ coin-hoard from Clarecastle (note), 54-55.

Ireland, Aideen: Monsell Papers (note), 55-56.



NMAJ Volume XXII (1980)

Cleary, Rose M. & Jones, Caimin: A cist-burial at Ballynagallagh, near Lough Gur, Co. Limerick, 3-7.

Ryan, Michael: An Early Christian hoard from Derrynaflan, Co. Tipperary, 9-26.

Rynne, Etienne: The round towers of Ireland—a review article, 27-32.

O’Farrell, Fergus: ‘Our Lord’s Pity’ in Ennis Friary, 33-37.

Duffy, Paul: The last coins struck at the Limerick mint, 39-42.

Murphy, Charlotte: The Limerick Navigation Company, 1697–1836, 43-61.

O’Farrell, Fergus: Tombslab (1626) at Lorrha, Co. Tipperary (note), 63-64.

Hewson, Michael: North-West Clare in 1841 (note), 64-66.

Ireland, Aideen: The church of St. Alphonsus Liguori, Limerick (note), 67-68.

Wallace, Patrick F.: The Southern Cross (1928-1937) (note), 68-69.



NMAJ Volume XXIII (1981)

Sheehan, John & Moore Fionnbar: An unrecorded ecclesiastical enclosure at Ballyallaban, Co. Clare, 5-8.

Fanning, Thomas: The British Museum catalogue of medieval tiles—a review, incorporating the Irish evidence, 9-16.

Mac Aodha, Breandán S.: Ainmneacha bhailte Luimnigh ar na léarscáileanna, 1573–1851, 17-24.

McNamara, Leo F. (ed.): The diary of an eighteenth century Clare gentleman, 25-65.

Hewson, Michael: Emigration to the ‘North American Colonies’ from the port of Limerick in 1841, 67-76.

Murphy, Ignatius: Kilkee and its neighbourhood during the second year of the Great Famine, 1846–1847, 77-87.

Costello, Con: A Kerry ‘Moonlighter’, 89-92.

Rynne, Etienne: Crannogs in Lough Atedaun, Corofin, Co. Clare (note), 93-94.

O’Farrell, Fergus: ‘Our Lord’s Pity’—corrigendum et addendum (note), 95.

Murphy, Ignatius: Projected railways to Limerick, 1825–1827 (note), 95-96.

Ireland, Aideen: Kilrush documents (note), 96-98.

Marrinan, Sean: Faction fighting in Co. Limerick, 1875 (note), 98.



NMAJ Volume XXIV (1982)

Rynne, Etienne: The Early Iron Age in County Clare, 4-18.

Wallace, Patrick F.: Irish Early Christian ‘wooden’ oratories—a suggestion, 19-28.

Sheehan, John: The Early Historic church-sites of North Clare, 29-47.

Ireland, Aideen: Holycross, 1730-1840, 48-54.

O’Mahony, S.C.: Gleanings from the Coote household accounts, 1776–1785, 55-60.

Tynan, Michael: Bishop Young’s Catechism, 61-73.

Murphy, Ignatius: Children in Kilrush Union during the Great Famine, 74-80.

Lucas, A.T.: Houses with decorative roof linings at Dunabrattin and Ballynakill, Co. Waterford, 81-91.

Ó Danachair, Caoimhín: Some aspects of social tradition, 92-98.

Brindley, A.L. & Lanting, J.N.: A radiocarbon date for a Burial at Ardcrony, Co. Tipperary (note), 99.

Cahill, Mary: A Roman-type fibula from the Rock of Cashel (note), 99-101.

Sheehan, John: A Viking-age silver hoard from the River Shannon, Co. Clare (note), 102-103.

Murphy, Ignatius: Postal services in Clare in the late 18th and early 19th centuries (note), 104-105.

Marrinan, Sean: Dickens in Limerick, 1858 (note), 105.



NMAJ Volume XXV (1983)

Ó Floinn, Raghnall: A gold band found near Rathkeale, Co. Limerick, 3-8.

Lynch, Ann: Excavations at the base of St. Patrick’s Cross, Cashel, 9-18.

Irwin, Liam: The historiography of the twelfth century reform in Ireland, 19-29.

Buckley, Ann: A note on the history and archaeology of Jew’s Harps in Ireland, 30-36.

Ireland, Aideen: An eighteenth century map of Ash Hill, Kilmallock, 37-42.

de h-Óir, Siobhán: The Mount Callan ogham stone and its context, 43-57.

Marrinan, Sean: An additional list of Limerick shop-signs, 58-62.

Murphy, Ignatius: The appointment of Catholic bishops to Killaloe Diocese, l819–l851, 63-68.

Tankard, Peter M.: The Unidentified Arms at St. Mary’s Cathedral (note), 69-71.

Duffy, Paul: A Numismatic Portrait of Brian Boru (note), 71-72.

Duffy, Paul: A Limerick Pawnshop Farthing (note), 73-74.

Harrison, John M.: A Bed Outshot in County Clare (note), 74-76.

Rynne, Etienne: A Baptismal Font-cover: Caput Johannis in Disco? (note), 77-78.



NMAJ Volume XXVI (1984)

Coles, John M.: Irish bogs: the time is now, 3-7.

O’Farrell, Fergus: ‘The Cross in the Field’, Kilfenora—part of a ‘Founder’s Tomb’? 8-13.

Bradley, John: The sarcophagus at Cormac’s Chapel, Cashel, Co. Tipperary, 14-35.

Sweetman, P. D.: Archaeological excavations at Kilcash Church, Co. Tipperary, 36-43.

Clyne, Miriam: Romanesque carvings at Killodiernan, Co. Tipperary, 44-53.

MacAodha, Breandán S.: Ainmneacha bhailte Tiobraid Árann ar na Léarscáileanna, 1573–1864, 54-64.

Murphy, Ignatius: Re-organisation of the Diocese of Kilfenora, Kilmacduagh, Galway and Killaloe, 1852–1883, 65-74.

Higgins, Jim: An example of The Nine Irons from County Clare, 75-83.

Rynne, Etienne & de Búrca Marcus: The Croke All Ireland Football Challenge Cup, 84-92.

Walsh, Larry: A Flint Javelin-head from Kilmacow Wedge-Tomb, Knockfeerina, Co. Limerick (note), 93-94.

Manning, Conleth: A Neolithic Burial at Ashleypark, Co. Tipperary—a         summary account (note), 94-96.

Kelly, E. P.: Medieval metal objects from Baunkyle, Co. Clare (note), 96-99.

de hÓir, Siobhán: The Mount Callan ogham stone—a footnote (note), 99.

Tynan, Michael: Silvester Goonan’s sermons (note), 100-102.

Murphy, Ignatius: Proposed canal in West Clare (note), 102-103.

Murphy, Ignatius: Longevity in County Clare (note), 103-104.

Duffy, Paul: Three minor numismatic finds from County Clare (note), 105-106.

Marrinan, Sean: The Ball at Roxborough House, 1895 (note), 106-108.

Harrison, John M.: Smokehole experiments at Craggaunowen (note), 108-109.



NMAJ Volume XXVII (1985)

Cleary, R.M.: Archaeological investigation of a ringfort at Ballyduff, Co. Limerick, 3-7.

Stalley, Roger: The original site of St. Patrick’s Cross, Cashel, 8-10.

Tankard, Peter M.: The Tankards of Tankardstown: Flemish or Norman? 11-14.

Lyne, G.J. & Mitchell, M.E.: A scientific tour through Munster: the travels of Joseph Woods, architect and botanist, in 1809, 15-61.

Kerrigan, Colm: Father Mathew in Limerick, 62-69.

Ó Cathaoir, Brendan: Smith O’Brien’s retribution, 70-74.

O’Donovan, Patrick: A henge at Garryard (note), 75-77.

Rynne, Etienne: Face Carved on a Boulder at Clonroad More, Ennis (note), 78-80.

O’Farrell, Fergus: Incised slab at Athassel Priory, Co. Tipperary (note), 81-83.

Marrinan, Sean: A Presbyterian communion token from Limerick (note), 83-84.

Duffy, Paul: The Stein Brown and Company distillery tokens (note), 85-87.

de hÓir, Siobhán: Jew’s harp makers in Ireland (note), 87.

Murphy, Ignatius: Ennis Temperance Society, 1835–1839 (note), 88-89.



NMAJ Volume XXVIII (1986)

Cahill, Mary: A dentist’s dilemma, 3-6.

Kilbride-Jones, H. F.: Early ecclesiastical art in Chorca Dhuibhne and its implications abroad, 7-15.

Lucas, A.T.: A two-chute horizontal mill at Newtown, Co. Tipperary, 16-27.

Bradley, John: The medieval towns of Kerry, 28-39.

Rynne, Etienne: A 16th or 17th century skean from the River Shannon at Corbally, Limerick, 40-45.

Mac Aodha, Breandán: Ainmneacha bhailte Chiarraí: an fhianaise cartagrafach, 46-57.

Murphy, Ignatius: Two early eighteenth century Bishops of Killaloe, 58-61.

McNamara, Leo F.: Some Matters Touching Dromoland: letters of father and son, 1758–59, 62-70.

Murphy, Ignatius: Balloon flights in North Munster, 71-73.

Fallon, Brian: William Mulready, Ennis-born artist, 1786–1863, 74-76.

Ó Madagáin, Breandán: Limerick’s heritage of Irish song, 77-102.

Marrinan, Sean: A relic of the past (note), 103.

Rimbault, Edward F.: Origin of the Jews harp (note), 103-104.

Fox, Edward: A preventative against milk-stealing (note), 104.



NMAJ Volume XXIX (1987)

Rynne, Etienne: Evidence for a tympanum at Aghadoe, Co. Kerry, 3-6.

Harbison, Peter: Two Romanesque carvings from Rath Blathmaic and Dysert O’Dea, Co. Clare, 7-11.

Kilbride-Jones H. E.: Giving credit where credit is due—a review article, 12-15.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: History of an O’Brien stronghold: Clonroad c.1210–1626, 16-31.

Marrinan, Seán: Limerick tokens of the 17th century, 32-40.

Murphy, Ignatius: Sylvester Lloyd, O.F.M., Bishop of Killaloe, 1728–1739, 41-48.

Kelly, James: A tour in the South of Ireland in 1782, 49-67.

Duffy, Paul: Ardnacrusha: birthplace of the E.S.B., 68-92.

Kelly, Eamonn P.: A log-boat from Clenagh, Co. Clare (note), 93-94.

O’Regan, Donal J.: A note on a destroyed ringfort near Drom, Templemore, Co. Tipperary (note), 94.

Murphy, Ignatius: Sending a telegram in North Munster (note), 94-95.

Cussen, John: Note on the murder of John O’Connell Curtin (note), 95-96.

Lysaght, P.: Some Gaelic words still used in the Listowel district (note), 96.

Rynne, Etienne: Two May Day customs in North Clare (note), 96.



NMAJ Volume XXX (1988)

Sheehan, John: A bronze bell-crest from the Rock of Cashel, Co. Tipperary, 3-13.

Holland, Patrick: A carving in Cahir Castle, County Tipperary, 14-18.

Bradley, John: The medieval borough of Bunratty, 19-25.

Marrinan, Seán: Castles and schools in the Roxborough area, 26-28.

Coonerty, Paula: The Presentation Order and the National School system in Limerick, 1837–1870, 29-34.

de hÓir, Siobhán: A Welsh quarryman’s grave at Castletown Arra, Co. Tipperary, 35-38.

Kilfeather, Annaba: The Water Horse legends in Ireland, 39-45.

Mac Conghail, Muiris: Kerry tales of Italian origin—a review article, 46-49.

Shee Twohig, Elizabeth: A wedge-tomb at Garranbane, Murroe, Co. Limerick (note), 50-52.

Rynne, Etienne: A gilt-bronze brooch from near Kilshanny, Co. Clare (note), 52-54.

Holland, Patrick: A find from the other Clare castle (note), 54-55.

Robinson, Dick: The Loop Head lighthouse (note), 55-57.

Hodkinson, B.J.: A note on the placename Rathurd in the Liberties of Limerick (note), 57.


 NMAJ Volume XXXI (1989)

General Index, Volumes I–XXX (1938–1988)

List of illustrations, vii.

Rynne, Etienne: Editorial, ix-xi.

Gleeson, Carol: Introduction, xiii-xiv.

Identification of Authors using initials only, xv.

I.       Index of authors, 1-24.

II.      Index of articles and notes, 25-48.

III.     Index of subjects, names and places, 49-76.

IV.     Index of books reviewed, 77-101.

V.      Index of illustrations, 103-118.

VI.     Index of obituary notices, 119-120.

VII.    Index of Proceedings, 121-150.

VIII.  Officers of the Thomond Archaeological Society, 1929–1989, 151-154.

Illustrations of an artifact and a monument from each of the counties in North Munster, 155-164.

Appendix: Reprint of the Index to The Journal of The Limerick Field Club (1897–1908) and The Journal of the North Munster Archaeological Society (1909–1919), 165; 1-26.



NMAJ Volume XXXII (1990)

Rynne, Etienne: The swastika at Ennis—symbol of the Resurrection, 3-18.

Ó Floinn, Raghnall: Two ancient bronze bells from Rath Blathmach, Co. Clare, 19-31.

Fisher, Ian: A 13th-century architectural fragment at Killinaboy, Co. Clare, 32-34.

Maher, Denise: Masons marks at the Augustinian abbey, Fethard, Co. Tipperary, 35-40.

Hodkinson, Brian: "The Priory of the Hospital of Sts Mary and Edward, King and Martyr, Known as Holy Cross, O.S.A., near the Bridge of Limerick", 41-49.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Mistress, mother and abbess: Renalda Ní Bhriain (c.1447-1510), 50-63.

Sheehan, John: A seventeenth-century dried cat from Ennis Friary, Co. Clare, 64-69.

Lysaght, P.B.: The House of Industry: a register 1774-1793, 70-74.

Hannan, Kevin: The Theatre in Limerick, 75-82.

Potterton, Robert and O’Mara Carton, E.: Joseph O’Meara, 83-95.

McNabb, S.: A note on the reconstructed High Cross at Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, 96-97.

McMahon, J. and Rynne, E.: A destroyed rath at Kilscannell, near Ardagh, Co. Limerick, 98.

Hodkinson, Brian: Burials at Stradbally North, Castleconnell, Co. Limerick, 99.

Hodkinson, Brian: A missing history of Limerick Cathedral, 99-100.

Lysaght, P.: Some Irish plant names used until recently in North Kerry, 101.


NMAJ Volume XXXIII (1991)

Ó Drisceoil, Diarmuid: Fulachta fiadh: a general statement, 3-6.

McCarthy, Caron: The excavation of Clonrush Church, near Whitegate, Co. Clare, 7-15.

Bradley, John and King, Heather: Archaeological trial excavations at Bunratty, Co. Clare, 16-21.

Hanley, Mary: The story of Máire Ruadh, 22-28.

Beggan, Gerard: Land-fraud in Seventeenth Century Limerick: a unique case, 29-40.

Ó Madagáin, Breandan: Dáibhí Ó Bruadair and Irish culture in Limerick, 1691, 41-54.

Dudley-Edwards, Owen: Who was Mac An Cheannuidhe? A mystery of the birth of the Aisling, 55-77.

Thomas P. O’Neill: Religion, land and laws in eighteenth century Thomond, 78-83.

Murphy, Charlotte: Baron Monteagle of Brandon and the Famine, 1845-1847, 84-93.

Rynne, Etienne: Observations arising from comments on the social conditions in Clare a hundred years ago, 94-98.

Cahill, M.: Notes on the re-provenancing of two gold dress-fasteners from Counties Tipperary and Limerick, 99-100.

Walsh, L.: Two new Limerick silversmiths, 101.

Walsh, L.: A Limerick silver freedom box, 1693, 101-103.

Duffy, P.: The Peter Tait token, 104-105.


NMAJ Volume XXXIV (1992)

O’Carroll, Finola and Ryan, Michael: A Late Bronze Age hoard from Enagh East, Co. Clare, 3-12.

Newman, Jeremiah: Scattery: an unknown part of the Diocese of Limerick, 13-29.

Maher, Denise: A medieval grave-slab at Lisronagh, County Tipperary, 30-36.

Hodkinson, Brian: Serious crime in 14th century Co. Limerick, 37-43.

Ellis, Steven G.: ‘Civilizing’ Tudor Ireland: a review article, 44-47.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: A comparative study of the wills of the first and fourth Earls of Thomond, 48-63.

Hannan, Kevin: The cat with two tails, 64-66.

Cowman, Des: The mid-nineteenth century lead mines of County Clare, 67-78.

Ballard M., Linda: Dressing for death, 79-91.

Prendergast, Frank: The Limerick Soviet—a review article, 92-96.

Rynne, E.: Adare, Athenry and the Isle of Man—coincidence or a Late Neolithic connection? 97-99.

McMahon, J.: Dug-out canoe from near Ardagh, Co. Limerick, 99-100.

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