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anonymous: Medical school in Kilkenny - a note, 47.


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anon: John Bourke O'Flaherty, Castlefield, 22.

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newspaper report 1855: Rail junction, 15.

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newspaper report 1855: Auxiliary workhouse burned down, 20.

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newspaper report 1855: The city lamps, 31.

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anonymous, after Helen Roe: Maddoxtown font, 51-52.

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O Ceallaigh, E. (Owen O'Kelly): Field names in the Civil Parish of Derrynahinch, 20-26.

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anonymous: Catalogue of articles in Old Kilkenny Review, Nos. 1-12, 35

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Clohosey, T.J.: St. John's Churchyard, 41-47.

Maher, Edward: St. Fiacre, 48-56.                

Phelan, Mrs. W.J.: High Street (continued). From the Post Office to Parliament Street, 57-64.   

Grattan-Bellew, Mrs.: Powerstown church, 65-       67.              


Old Kilkenny Review, No. 14 (1962)

Clohosey, T.J.: John O'Donovan, 5-17.

Lyng, T.P.: Grinding stones or culm brushers [recte crushers], 17.

Prendergast, Ellen: Prehistoric grave near Gowran, 18-21.

Phelan, Mrs. W.J.: A visit to South Kilkenny, 21-24.

paragraph and photograph: St. John's Bridge probably belongs to the following article, 24.

Finn, John & Murphy, Mrs. J. C. J.: John Street-north and south sides, 25-39.

O Ceallaigh, E.: Sean-chill Chiaráin Naofa, 42-44.

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O Ceallaigh, E.: The Heburn Stream, 55.

anonymous: St. Francis' Abbey, 56-58.

St. J. Brooks, Eric: Irish possessions of St. Thomas of Acre [extract from article in Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 1956], 59-60.


Old Kilkenny Review, No. 15 (1963)

Kenealy, C. J.: Patrick Street, 5-13.

Walsh, F.R.: Callan "Olde" Parish Church, 14-18.

Jordan, Michael: John McWalter Walsh. Interesting data on Kilkenny poet, 19-22.

O Ceallaigh, E.: Bluirc Bealoidis: Leigheas ar Buiochan, 22

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Hegarty, Maureen: Dr. Richard Pococke, 48-54.

anonymous: The Rower (note), (65).


Old Kilkenny Review, No. 16 (1964)

Prendergast, Ellen: A new High Cross at Leggettsrath, 5-16.

O'Brien, Sean: The Butlers of Lower Grange, Viscounts Galmoy, 16-23.

Smithwick, Peter: The Sullivans-A Notable 19th Century Kilkenny Family, 23-32.

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O Ceallaigh, Eoin: Focal Comhairle o'n Iar-Runai, 50-51.

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newspaper article: An Inn or Tavern for over 100 Years -?1860s, 58.

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anonymous: '98 Pike (note), 74.

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Old Kilkenny Review, No. 17 (1965)

Phelan, Margaret: Ballylarkin and the Shortall family, 5-8.

Hegarty, Maureen: Clara Castle, 9-14.

Delaney, Michael: Land agitator jailed in Kilkenny, 15-18.

anonymous: The changing face, 18.

Hurley, Sean: The Tudor mansion house becomes a monument to past glories, 19-21.

Kenealy, Mary: St. Kieran Street (east side), 22-31.

Lanigan, Katherine M.: Ormonde Castle, Carrick-on-Suir, 31-37.

Walsh, Pat: Eighteenth century Kilkenny, 38-44.

Gaffney, Henry: Treasures of the Black Abbey, 44-47.

Jackson, A.M. [notes on a lecture by]: St. Canice's library is 300 years old, 47-48.

Prendergast, Ellen: Carved stone head from County Kilkenny, 49-52.

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Clohosey, T. J.: A visit to South Kilkenny, 64-66.

Bligh, Nin: Kilkenny Corporation regalia, 67-70.

Doyle, Gerard: Co. Kilkenny MSS in British Museum, 70-78.


Old Kilkenny Review, No. 18 (1966)

?Rae, E.C.: Mensa of the tomb of Piers Rua Ormond and Mairead Ní Ghearoid, daughter of the Great Earl of Kildare, 2.

Birthistle, Dorcas: Gateways of the walls of Kilkenny, 5-9.

De Loughry, Mrs. Richard: Rose-Inn Street, its history, business associations and family links, 9-16.

Lyng, T.P.: Kilkenny Gaelic, 17-25.

Fitzmaurice, Mrs. S. A.: Cloghrennan and the Butlers, 25-35.

Lord Dunboyne: The Butlers, 35-57.

Leahy, Sheila: St. Canice's Cottage, 58-61.

Rae E.C.: An O'Tunney masterpiece reconstituted, 62-71.

Walsh, F.R.: Edmund Ignatius Rice, 71-76.

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reprint: Kilkenny Castle (by a Broth of a Boy in Dublin University Magazine of 1846), 79-80.

anonymous: Kilkenny postmasters, 80.

Walsh, Pat: As others saw us, 81-82.

anonymous: Catalogue of Old Kilkenny Review, 5 years; Nos 13-17. Continued from No. 13, 85-87.

Walsh, R.A.: Kyteler's Inn, 94-96.


Old Kilkenny Review, No. 19 (1967)

Lord Dunboyne: The Butlers (continued), 5-13.

Hegarty, Maureen: April 17, 1966 [official opening of Rothe House], 14-20.

newspaper article: Kilkenny Journal, 4.3.1807: To Be Let ('Foundary' in Magdalen Street), 20.

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newspaper article: Finn's Leinster Journal, 22-25 April 1801, 25.

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newspaper article: Kilkenny Journal, 25.3.1807: To Be Let (Abbeyview, near Thomastown), 28.

Murphy, C.: The Bryan-Bellews of Jenkinstown and Bawnmore, 29-39.       

Hoyne, Tom: The Jenkinstown bridges, 39-40.

Clohosey, T.J.: The Ponsonbys and Fiddown Church, 41-44.

Document, 17 July 1810: Hat Stamps, 44.

McAdams, J. Leo: Captain Gafney goes to war, 45-51.

?newspaper article: Otter hunting in1865, 51.

Walsh, Pat: Kilkenny in the 19th century, 52-58.

?newspaper article: Otter trapping, 1865 (invention of trap), 58.

Bryan, Dan: Dunbell, 59-60.

?newspaper article: Malicious damage to machines (reaping machines at Dunbel, September 1866), 60.

document: Letter from Fr. Richard J. Whyte S.J. to John J. A. Prim, 61-63.

Air remarkably good (advertisement for house and land to let at Tullabrin, 1805), 63.

?newspaper report (Kilkenny People): Archbishop John Ireland, 64-68.

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Hadden, Dr.: St. Mullins, 75-78.

newspaper article: Kilkenny Journal, 21.2.1807: 72 marries 19 and £2000 fortune (John Cahill & Miss Carth, Tallow, 81.

newspaper advertisement: Kilkenny Journal, 14.3.1807: To be sold (large travelling coach), 93.

Le Clerc, Percy: letter pointing out that he was misquoted in the 1966 number, 94.


Old Kilkenny Review, No. 20 (1968)

newspaper article: New Junctions-1867 [new railway line Kilkenny to Maryborough], 4.

Phelan, Margaret: High Street, Kilkenny: west side, from William Street to James's Street, 5-27.

Gwynn, D.R.: James Stephens and the Fenian Rising, 27-44.

Petrie, Sir Charles: The Rothes in Irish and French history, 45-53.

newspaper article: Dublin Weekly Journal, 15 May 1725: advertisement re letting of Swan Inn, 53.

Hoyne, Tom: Murphy of Gragara and Castle Annaghs, 54-61.

Hughes, E.W.: The Rathgeran stone, 62-63.

newspaper article: Pikes discovered-1867 [Garrynaman, Kells], 66.

newspaper article: Kilkenny Journal, 1892: Death of a '48 man, 67.

newspaper article: Petty Concessions-1867, 69.

newspaper article: Robbery of butter-1867, 69.

newspaper article (no date): Watery milk at Urlingford, 69.

newspaper article (no date): The Kilkenny Hunt, 71.

newspaper article (no date): 'Comer woman's sudden death, 78.

newspaper article (no date): Local improvements (seen while travelling from Kilkenny to Carrick), 78.


Old Kilkenny Review, No. 21 (1969)

Lanigan, Katherine M.: Freshford doorway, 5-10.

Wray, Kathleen: Maudlin Street, 11-14.

Buggy, Madge: A note on Three Castles cemetery, 15-16.

Coyle, Tom: Inistioge district, 17-31.

Birthistle, Dorcas: Inistioge, 31-47.

Gwynn, Denis: A rebel priest, 48-50.

Johnston, W.S.: In search of John Rothe Fitzpiers, 51-60.

Phelan, Margaret M.: An amateur looks at the Ossory tombs with apostolic surrounds, 60-75.

Mac Carthaigh, Padraig: Achadh Ur agus seadchomharta Lachtin Naomhtha, 78-80.

newspaper article: Battle at Inishtioge-1922, 82.

newspaper article: Train Raided-1922, 82.

Maher, James: The Butlers of Kilcash, 83-84.

Maher, James: James Hoban, 84-85.

newspaper article: Release of Prisoners-1916, 85.

P[helan], M[argaret] M.: St. Leger-Comerford Tomb at Grove, near Grange, Co. Kilkenny, 86-88.

newspaper article: Holiday-August 1916, 92.

Lanigan, Katherine M.: Collection of antiquities at Rothe House Museum, 1960-1966, 100-106.

newspaper article: [Police raid on brewery, searching for James Stephens]-1866, 95.

newspaper article: The Recent Thaw-1867, 95.


Old Kilkenny Review, No. 22 (1970)

Woodworth, David: St. Canice's library, 5-10.

Gwynn, Denis: Standish O'Grady, 11-14.

Prendergast, Ellen: Smithstown axe-head, 14-16.

McCracken, Eileen: Notes on Kilkenny woods and nurserymen, 17-23.

Springfield, Rose: Night ride, 24-27.

Holmes, William J.: New investigations at Liathmore-Mochoemog (Leigh), 29-31.

Glasscock, R.E.: Excavations, 1968-69, 31-34.

Prendergast, Richard: The faithful Norman, 34-41.

Murphy, William: The pattern of Mullinakill, 42-44.

Kenealy, Mary: The Parade, 44-54.

Hughes, Edward: Ullard, 58-61.

Prendergast, Ellen: Burials at Gallowshill, 64.

Lanigan, Katherine M.: The Museum in 1969 [including a continuation of the catalogue, 66/51-68/34], 65-69.

Butler, George: Psalter of MacRichard, 70-80.


Old Kilkenny Review, No. 23 (1971)

Hegarty, Maureen: Jerpoint, 4-14.

document (extract from Liber Primus Kilkenniensis): Tidy Towns-1335 A.D., 14.

Woodworth, David: St. Canice's Library (continued), 15-22.

Grattan-Bellew, Bettina: The Loftuses of Mount Loftus, 23-35.

anonymous: A rotary quern still in use, 35.

Barrow, Lennox: Kilkenny private banks 36-40.

Glassock R.E.: Excavations at Liathmore-Mochoemog, Co. Tipperary, 1970, 45-46.

anonymous (but quotes Spencer's The Fairie Queen): The Three Sisters, 46.

Phelan, Margaret M.: Clashacro, 47-52.

Lanigan, Katherine M.: Report on the Museum for 1970 [including a continuation of the catalogue, 69/1-70/22], 63-65.


Old Kilkenny Review, No. 24 (1972)

Phelan, Margaret M.: St. Mary's Cathedral, a personal approach, 4-17.

De Loughry, Richard J.: Edmond O'Donovan, 18-28.

Comerford, P. J. M.: The Comerford family. How origins became confused, 29-32.

Roe Helen M.: A medieval alabaster figure, Black Abbey, Kilkenny, 33-36.

Mac Cárthaigh, Padraig: Ireland versus England, the first battle-Clais an Chro, 37-41

Dowling, Daniel: Glenmore brickyards, a forgotten industry, 42-51.

O'Carroll, Joseph: The forgotten market house, 51.

Lanigan, K. M.: Pilgrimage to Meaux, 52-54.

Walsh, Pat: Linen weaving in Kilkenny in 18th century, 56-57.

Prendergast, Ellen & Ryan, Michael FitzG.: Excavations in Ballyoskill townland, 58-59.

Kenealy, John W.: Query re Sir Cornelius Gregg; reply by the Editor, 59.

Ryan, Michael Fitz G.: Tumulus in Jerpoint West, preliminary note, 60-61.

Lanigan, Katherine M.: Museum Report 1971, including 1971/1-16, 64-65.

anonymous note: First Roman Catholic Mayor (Redmond Reade, 1836) , 66.

Ryan, John: Rotary querns, 68.


Old Kilkenny Review, No. 25 (1973)

Lanigan, Katherine M.: The Banim brothers-a reassessment, 2-12.

Harbison, Peter: An illustration of the lost Walsh knight from the Jerpoint Cloister arcade, 13-15.

Phelan, Margaret M.: Kilree, 16-28.

O'Connell, John J.: Castletown House, Piltown, Co. Kilkenny, home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blaque, 29-33.

Harbison, Peter: Three decorated wooden beams of the thirteenth century in Rothe House Museum, Kilkenny, 34-41.

Gillespie, Martin: Uppercourt Manor, 42-47.

Walsh, Patrick: The Walsh flag, 48-49.

Brennan, Martin: Letters of Nell Gwin, 49-50.

Tyler, Gerald: The glass house at Gurteens and glass developments in Ireland before its establishment, 51-60.

newspaper article (Finn's Leinster Journal, April 1801): 50gns. reward for trees cut down and stolen from Jenkinstown and Graigacraw [already quoted in O.K.R. 1967, p25], 60.

Fanning, Thomas: Excavations at Kells Priory, Co. Kilkenny, Preliminary report, 61-64.

Origin of firm D. Smithwick & Co. [quoted from O.K.R. 26, p19], 64.

Kealy P. & Ryan J.: Souterrain at Garryvoone, Co. Waterford 65-67.

Comerford, Patrick: The early Society of Friends and their history in Kilkenny, 68-75.

Hayburn, Edmund Langton: Langton portraits, 76-78.

newspaper article (Waterford Mirror 1835): Reduction of rents at Aylwardstown, Glenmore, 87.

?Lanigan, Katherine M.: [Museum] loans and donations, November 1971 to October 1972, 90-91.

?O'Doherty, Sean: Table of contents-Old Kilkenny Review, numbers 16-21 inclusive, 91-92.


Old Kilkenny Review, Vol 6 No 1. (1974) [should be Vol 1 No 1]

Hughes, E.W.: Duiske Abbey, Graignamanagh, 4-6.

anonymous: Fifteenth-century window uncovered in High Street (note), 6.

Hegarty, Maureen: Kilfane, 7-20.

Mauresceaux, G.: Desart Court and its occupants, 21-25.

Harbison, Peter: Carved stone of the twelfth-century predecessor of St. Canice's Cathedral, 26-29.

Hayburn, Edmund Langton: Langton houses, 30-32.

de Loughry, Richard: Castles of North Kilkenny, 33-37.

Corrigenda, excavations at Kells Priory, Thomas Fanning, O.K.R. 1973, 37.

Dowling, Daniel: Cardinal Wiseman and his association with South Kilkenny, 38-44.

Buggy, Madge: Upper John Street, 45-51.

Prendergast, Ellen: A burial of the Bronze Age at Moyne, Co. Laois, 52-54.

O'Carroll, Joseph: St. Rioch's churchyard (note), 57.

anonymous: Ennisnag slab (note), 58.

O'Doherty, Sean: Dysert Moon tomb, 59.

?Lanigan, Katherine M.: [Museum] donations and loans, 1973, 63-64.


Old Kilkenny Review, N.S. Vol 1 No 2 (1975)

Dolley, Michael: The 1973 Viking-age coin-find from Dunmore Cave,70-79.

Conlon, Patrick: Notes on St. Francis Abbey, Kilkenny, 80-84.

Bradley, John: The town wall of Kilkenny-part I, 85-103.

Foley, Clair: The discovery of a portion of 13th Century wall at Kilkenny Castle, 103.

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