The Proceedings are generally not listed, except where they contain extensive descriptions of places visited on excursions. Similarly, Notices of Books and obituaries are only listed if they include more substantial articles. However, everything in the Miscellanea section is listed, including reviews and announcements.


JRSAI I (1849-1851)


Vol. I (1849-51)

Part I 1849


Moore, Philip: Giants’ Graves. No. I., 11-14.

Prim, John G.A.: Giants’ Graves. No. II., 14-22.

Moore, Philip: Observations on raths, 22-26.

The Editors (information from various members): Sepulchral remains [John Dunn – tumulus covering a cromlech levelled at Frankfort, near Windgap; Rev. Philip Moore – Cromlech and stone circles at Dangan, 36 barrows at Dangan, Columbkill and Kilmurry, gold torc found nearby, 1846, urn found at Kilmurry in 1833, Cromlech at Gleann-na-cloiche-leithe near Rosbercon, pillar stone at Ballynoony near Mullinavat, stone row ‘the three friars’ 3 miles to the east, another ‘three friars’ 3 miles from Waterford in County Kilkenny, large pillar stone in parish of Owning; Rev James Mease – large cairn in hills known as The Seven Sisters, part of Clomantagh range of hills; Rev J M Pearson – tumulus near RC chapel of Muckalee, large quantity of human bones found nearby; Mr T Jekylle – cist with urn found at Ballygub (and rumour of two similar urns found nearby earlier); Dr Anderson – cists near Eskerty Bridge, parish of Mothell, also cist with urns found on Bradley’s farm at Coan West (parish of Dysert)],  26-29.

The Editors (information from various members): Implements and ornaments [Rev J M Pearson – stone spearhead, stone and bronze axeheads, from neighbourhood of Greenvale (Mr Kinchela’s house) near Kilkenny; Rev S C Harpur – bronze swords and iron spearheads near Shanagoonah bridge near Borris-in-Ossory, Rev James Mease – 2 stone arrowheads and bronze spearhead from County Meath, stone axehead from near Lodge Park, Freshford, bronze sword found near Drakeham Castle near Kilkenny; Rev Luke Fowler – bronze object of unknown date, possibly an archer’s finger-guard; Rev J Graves – a bronze pin from a field at the back of Drysdale’s Lane near St Canice’s, two more bronze pins and a pair of iron shears found among stones under a barrow as Seskin, Co Kilkenny (Edmund Staunton’s land), no cist; Mr Shearman junior – 10 jet beads (there were originally 20) found six feet deep in Main Bog near Cullohill, Queen’s County, when the foundation of a bridge was being built], 30-32.

The Editors (information from the Rev. James Graves): Ancient timber structures [timber plank structure, possible mill, found on Mr Phelan’s land at Ballymartin, near Ballyragget (similar ones had been found at Timahoe and Lodge Park], 33.

The Editors (information from Mr. J.R. Phayer): The Irish Elk [found in a bog on Kelly’s land at Rathard, near Tory Hill], 33.



Prim, John G.A.: The builder of the walls of Kilkenny, 34-37.

Prim, John G.A.: Ancient Flemish colony in Kilkenny, 37-40.

Graves, J.: Ancient street architecture in Kilkenny, 41-47.

Graves, J.: Ancient Corporation by-laws, 47-50.

Prim, John G.A.: Observations on sedilia in Irish churches, 51-58.

Cooke, T.L.: Observations on Holy Cross Abbey, and its celebrated monument, 59-75.

Prim, John G.A.: Reply to Mr. Cooke’s objections to the sedilia theory, 75-83.

Graves, J.: Ancient encaustic flooring tiles, 83-88.

Graves, J.: Ancient seals and seal rings, 88-91.

The Editors (information from various members): Miscellaneous antiquities [Rev Mr Graves showed an ecclesiastical banner found in the wall at Rothe House, also a gold ring and a 1690 lead penny with copper plug of James II, Also a portrait of Bishop Rothe and some 17th-century church plate, and a painting of the RC Dean of Ossory; Dr Cane exhibited an ecclesiastical pennant originally from the Black Abbey, and a bronze spur found in the Bregagh River near the old High-town Gate, found 1847; Lady Elizabeth Butler – coin of Edward I, bridle pendant and ivory tube (part of musical instrument?) from Castle of Garryricken; Rev P Moore – steel battle-axe with iron handle, dug up at the Ridhia near Thomastown (skeletons & Confederate coins often found nearby). 91-94.

Appendix.-Hints and queries intended to promote the preservation of antiquities, and the collection and arrangement of information on the subject of local history and traditions, 97-110.

Enactment for the preservation of monuments, 111.


Part II 1850



Graves, James: Crom-leac, 129-132.

Byrne, D.: The retreat of the Momonians, A.D. 138, illustrated by local tradition, 133-136.

The Editors (information from various members): Sepulchral remains [Richard Cooke – ?Food Vessel in urn found in cist with bones on Andrew Kennedy’s land, Mayhora, Castlecomer, Mr John G A Prim – nearly 100 skeletons found when railway being built, 500 yards from Jerpoint Abbey; Mr D Byrne – cist found in Richard Lawler’s Clash Field at Grange, c. 2 miles west of Stradbally; another urn in a cist at Aghoany, Timahoe, and another on a high hill nearby called the Commons of Fossy; another vessel with bones found  near the castleof Timahoe (not the round tower)], 136-139.

The Editors (information from various members): Miscellaneous antiquities [R Hitchcock – yew ‘comm-an-air’ (arrows) from a mountaintop near Dingle, Co Kerry; rude monument, the Giants’ Table, nearby at Ballyhoneen; Mr D Byrne – slate axehead from Esker, near Timahoe; Mrs Purcell – two chalice-shaped stone articles from between Jerpoint House and the Nore; Rev P Moore – stone amulet to protect against fairies], 140-141.



Windele, John: Ogham inscriptions, 142-145.

O’Kearney, Nicholas: Folk-lore. No. I., 145-148.

Byrne, D.: Folk-lore. No. II., 149-154.

The Editors (information from various members): Ancient Irish water-mills [Mr Graves on the timber structure from Ballymartin near Ballyragget (above, p33); Mr Thomas Jekylle – Bramblestown estate, near Gowran (Mr Tighe’s land); Godfrey Greene – ancient oak structure found at Smithstown, Co Kilkenny; Mr Graves – similar one found on James Butler’s land at Kilmagar; John Windele – County Cork examples: mill, with flume, found on Sullivan’s land at Inchidony, near Clonakilty; another in boundary rivulet between Knocksgeach and Garane-ard, parish of Kilnagross, County Cork, another at Shannacashel, County Cork], 154-164.

Cane, Robert: The gigantic Irish fossil deer, 164-167.



Prim, John G.A.: The way-side crosses of Kilkenny, 168-185.

Hitchcock, Richard: Athcarne way-side cross, 185-186.

Graves, James: The bay and town of Bannow. No. I., 187-194.

Tuomey, J.C.: The bay and town of Bannow. No. II., 194-210.

Graves, James: Ancient Irish stained glass, 210-214.

Cooke, T.L.: Discovery of the ruins of Killyon, 215-217.

Prim, John G.A.: Suggestions for the proper arrangement and preservation of the ancient monuments in St. Canice’s Cathedral, 217-221.

Browne, John: Kilkenny College, 221-229.

Graves, James: The ancient tribes and territories of Ossory. No. I., 230-247.

O’Donovan, John: The ancient tribes and territories of Ossory. No. II., 247-257.

The Editors (information from various members): Miscellaneous antiquities [Lord James Butler: diamond ring with relic of blood of James II, found under foundation of house in Cowley Place, Circular Road, Dublin; Dean of Ossory – three swords, one found in the Boyne near the battlefield, another brought back from Fontenoy; Mr T Jekylle – sword brought from the Battle of Aughrim; Rev Philip Moore on a story of that battle; Rev James Mease exhibited a crotal found in a bog near Urlingford; Rev Mr Graves exhibited a 14th century manuscript Missal; Mr John F Shearman – antiquities found in the Breagagh River, including a hawk’s bell, several bronze pins and a gold ring; Mr J G Robertson exhibited 2 Kilkenny tokens], 258-260.

document: Original Documents. No. I.-Grant of Arms to the Smiths, of Damagh, 260-264.

document: Original Documents. No. II.-Charter of Geoffrey de Turville, Bishop of Ossory, to the Friars Preachers of Kilkenny, 264-267.

Browne, John: Addendum (for page 229), 270.

The Editors: Corrigenda, 270.


Part III 1851



Graves, James: Observations on the excavation of a carn at Cloghmanty Hill, 289-294.

Cooke, T.L.: On some subterraneous chambers in the County of Clare, 294-298.

Byrne, Daniel: On the duns of Cloch-an-Phuca and Log-an-Chorain, 298-300.

Graves, James: On the supposed Pelasgian inscription of Tory Hill, 300-304.

Graves, Charles: On the age of ogham writing. No. I., 305-307.

Windele, John: On the age of ogham writing. No. II., 307-311.

Graves, Charles: On the age of ogham writing. No. III., 312-317.

Windele, John: On the age of ogham writing. No. IV., 317- 321.

Cane, Robert: On the ring-money of ancient Ireland. No. I., 322-328.

Windele, John: On the ring-money of ancient Ireland. No. II., 328-333.

Dunne, John: Folk-lore. No. I., The Fenian traditions of Sliabh-na-m-ban, 333-362.

O’Donovan, John: Folk-lore. No. II., On the traditions of the County of Kilkenny, 362-372.

O’Kearney, N.: Folk-lore. No. III., May-day and Midsummer, 373-382.

The Editors (information from various members): Miscellaneous antiquities [Rev James Mease reported finding of ?long cist with cremations near Foulksrath Castle; Mr Richard Caulfield reported finding of souterrain in churchyard of Dunbullogue, about 4 miles from Cork; Mr Patrick Cody reported on souterrains near Mullinavat, at Ballynoony, at Scart, Killenaspig and Rahard; Also on the find of the skull of a Giant Irish Deer near Toryhill; Mr W.R. Blackett reported on a ringfort in Besborough Park, Fiddown, which had foundations of mortared stone buildings inside; also two pillar-stones as Garryduff, Fiddown], 382-389.



Prendergast, John P.: On the projected plantation of Ormond by King Charles I, 390-409.

Cooke, T.L.: On an ancient monumental slab at Athlone, 409-412.

Hoare, Edward Newenham: Description of an ancient crypt beneath the Deanery House, Waterford, 413-415.

Graves, James: Extracts from the household expenses of James Earl of Ossory, 415-419.

Prendergast, John P.: Missing Records. No. I.-Records of the Kilkenny Confederate Assembly, A.D. 1642-1650, 420-427.

Prim, John G.A.: Missing Records. No. II.-Muniments of the Corporation of Kilkenny, 427-432.

Robertson, James G.: Architectural remains of the Priory of St. John, Kilkenny, 433-436.

Prim, John G.A.: Ancient civic enactments for restraining gossipping and feasting, 436-441.

Cane, Robert: On the Ormonde Coin and Confederate Money, 442-453.

Prim, John G.A.: On the discovery of ancient sepulchral monuments at the Dominican Abbey, Kilkenny, 453-462.

Mease, James: Notes on the castles in the Freshford district, 462-469.

O’Daly, John (trans & ed., notes by John O’Donovan, Esq., LL.D.): Original Irish poetry. Panegyric on Thomas Butler, the tenth Earl of Ormonde, 470-485.

The Editors (information from various members): Miscellaneous antiquities [Rev James Graves – ancient corporation seal of Irishtown, Kilkenny; Mr. John  F. Shearman – ancient crosier found in a bog near Prosperous; Mr. W.R. Blackett – the high crosses at Kilkieran; Ballymoon Castle, Co Carlow; Tibraghney Stone, abbey and holy well of Mothel (with supplemental observations by Mr Hitchcock; Rev. P. Moore – the Fitzgeralds of Brownsford; Rev. J. M. Pearson – gold medal struck by Bishop Pearson; Mr. Patrick Cody – the castle of Curluddy; Archdeacon Cotton – list of 17th-century printed tracts in the diocesan library of Cashel; list of varieties of ‘Gun-money’ of James II; Mr. R. Hitchcock – hoard of Henry VIII coins found at Cloonsharragh, near Cloghane, County Kerry; Charles E.R. Rosse – Dutch copper tobacco box from ?Castlecomer (descriptions of such a box here and here)], 486-500.

The Editors: Original Documents [Rev. James Graves – charter and seal of Strongbow; Patrick Watters – excerpts from the municipal archives of Kilkenny; James F. Ferguson – the “mere English” and the “mere Irish” (extracts from mediaeval documents)], 501-512.

The Editors: Corrigenda, 529.

Appendix: O’Donovan, John (ed. and trans.): The tribes and territories of ancient Ossory; comprising the portions of O’Heerin’s and O’Dugan’s topographical poems which relate to the families of that district, 1-16.



JRSAI II (1852-1853)


Vol. II (1852-53)

Part I 1852

Graves, James: Ancient tapestry of Kilkenny Castle, 3-9.

Prendergast, Francis: An authentic account of the death of Wallenstein, with a vindication of the motives of Colonel Walter Butler, 9-32.

O’Kearney, Nicholas: Folk-lore. No. I., 32-39.

O’Neill, Henry: The rock monuments of the County of Dublin, 40-46.

Cooke, T.L.: On ancient Irish bells, 47-63.

Graves, James: On the cross-legged effigies of the County of Kilkenny, 63-70.

Cooke, T.L.: Observations on an ancient Irish boat, 71-75.

Graves, James: The ancient fabric, plate, and furniture of the Cathedral of Christ Church, Waterford; illustrated by original documents supplied by the Very Rev. Edward Newenham Hoare, D.D., Dean of Waterford, 75-83.

Brash, Richard R.: The local antiquities of Buttevant, 83-96.

Cody, Patrick: Folk-lore. No. II., 97-102.

Prim, John G.A.: Some notice of the family of Cowley of Kilkenny, 102-114.

Robertson, James G.: Architectural notes on Kilkenny Castle, 115-119.

Prim, John G.A.: Notes on the excavation of a rath at Dunbel, County of Kilkenny, 119-127.

Hitchcock, Richard: Gleanings from country church-yards, 127-133.

Hitchcock, Richard: Dingle in the sixteenth century, with an introduction and notes, 133-143.

Prendergast, John P.: Of hawks and hounds in Ireland, 144-155.

Smith, Aquilla: Kilkenny tradesmen’s tokens, 155-159.

Prim, John G.A.: An attempt to identify the persons who issued tradesmen’s tokens in Kilkenny, 159-176.


Part II 1853

Prim, John G.A.: The Market Cross of Kilkenny, 219-230.

Windele, John: On an ancient cemetery at Ballymacus, County of Cork, 230-239.

Hitchcock, Richard: Gleanings from country church-yards. No. II. Notice of a sculptured stone in the old church of Annagh, County of Kerry, 239-242.

Hitchcock, Richard: Notes on the round towers of the County of Kerry, 242-254.

O’Shaughnessy, Mark S.: On certain obsolete modes of inflicting punishment, with some account of the ancient court to which they belonged, 254-264.

Brash, Richard R.: An account of some antiquities in the neighbourhood of Buttevant, in the County of Cork, 265-276.

Cooke, Thomas L.: The ancient cross of Banagher, King’s County, 277-280.

Hitchcock, Richard: Notes made in the Archæological Court of the Great Exhibition of 1853, 280-295.

Graves, James: The pagan cemetery at Ballon-Hill, County of Carlow, 295-303.

Hackett, William: Folk-lore.-No. I., porcine legends, 303-310.

Hacket, William: Folk-lore.-No. II., bovine legends, 311-319.

Prim, John G.A.: Olden popular pastimes in Kilkenny, 319-335.

O’Daly, John (trans., with notes by John O’Donovan, Esq., LL.D., M.R.I.A.): Inauguration of Cathal Crobhdearg O’Conor, King of Connaught, 335-347.




JRSAI III (1854-1855)


Vol. III (1854-55)

Part I 1854

Smith, Aquilla: On the Ormonde money, 16-24.

Prendergast, John P.: The surrender of Ross Castle, Killarney, 22nd June, 1652, 24-35.

Ferguson, James Frederick: A calendar of the contents of the Red Book of the Irish Exchequer, 35-52.
Smith, Aquilla: On the copper coin commonly called St. Patrick’s, 67-76.

O’Daly, John: On tulachs as places of sepulture, 87-96.

Hayman, Samuel: The ecclesiastical antiquities of Youghal.-No. I. St Mary’s Collegiate Church, 96-119.

Malcomson, Robert: Cromwell at Carlow, 119-128.

Smith, Aquilla: On the Irish pewter coins of James II, 141-146.

Rowan, A.B.: Notes on the surrender of Ross Castle, as read by John P. Prendergast, Esq., barrister-at-law, at the meeting of January, 1854, 146-151.

Windele, John: On the runic crosses of the Isle of Man, 151-160.

Graves, James: Extracts from the private memorandum book of Captain George Gafney, of Kilkenny, an officer in the army of James II, 161-172. On-line text at

Tuomey, J.C.: Description of a cromleac and ogham Monument near Castletimon church, County of Wicklow, 187-194.

Graves, James: Notes on the topography and history of the parish of Hook, County of Wexford.-Part I, 194-199.

Fitzgerald, E.: On some early Irish monumental remains, 199-202.


Part II 1855

Fitzgerald E.: On St. Declan’s Oratory at Ardmore, County of Waterford, and the

Old Irish inscription built into its east end, 223-231.

Prim John G.A.: Documents connected with the City of Kilkenny Militia in the

seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, 231-274.

Graves James: A list of the ancient Irish monumental stones at present existing

at Clonmacnoise, 293-303.

Fitzgerald, E.: On acoustic vases and other relics discovered in restorations lately

made in the church of St. Mary, Youghal, 303-310.

Hayman, Samuel: The ecclesiastical antiquities of Youghal.-No. II. The Nunnery, or

Chapel of Saint Anne’s. The Franciscan Friary, commonly called the

South Abbey. The Dominican Friary, commonly called the North Abbey, 326-336.

Hitchcock, Richard: The castles of Corkaguiny, County of Kerry.-No. I, 345-356.

Smith, Aquilla: On the Irish coins of Mary, 357-363.

Smith, Aquilla: Catalogue of silver tokens issued in Ireland, 364-363.

Hitchcock, Richard: The castles of Corkaguiny, County of Kerry.-No. II, 384-397.

Prim, John G.A.: On the discovery of Ogham Monuments and other antiquities in the

Raths of Dunbel, County of Kilkenny, 397-408.

Prendergast, John P.: The Ulster Creaghts, 420-430.



JRSAI IV (1856-1857)



Vol. I, NEW SERIES (1856-57)

Part I 1856

Hayman, Samuel: The ecclesiastical antiquities of Youghal.-No. III. [conclusion] Saint John’s house of Benedictines, Youghal. The College of Youghal. Sir Walter Raleigh’s house, Youghal, 14-28.

Brash, Richard R.: The Franciscan friary at Adare, 61-70.

Graves, James: The records of the ancient borough towns of the County of Kilkenny, 84-93.

anonymous: Extracts from the Irish correspondence in H. M. State Paper Office, 94-102.

Graves, James: The surrender, in March 1649-50, of Ballysonan, in the County of Kildare, to the Parliamentary forces, 110-117.

O’Donovan, John (ed.): Elegy on the death of the Rev. Edmond Kavanagh, by the Rev. James O’Lalor, 118-143.

Shirley, Evelyn Philip (ed.): Extracts from the journal of Thomas Dineley, Esquire, giving some account of his visit to Ireland in the reign of Charles II. (continued), 143-146.

Shirley, Evelyn Philip (ed., with notes by John P. Prendergast, Esq.): Extracts from the journal of Thomas Dineley, Esquire, giving some account of his visit to Ireland in the reign of Charles II. (continued), 170-188.

Windele, John: The round tower of Ardmore, and its siege in 1642, 196-202.

O’Donovan, John (ed.): Letter of Florence Mac Carthy to the Earl of Thomond, on the ancient history of Ireland, 203-229.

Hore, Herbert F.: Woods and fastnesses, and their denizens, in ancient Leinster, 229-240


Part II 1857

Mac Carthy, Daniel: The “Jorney” of the Blackwater. From the State Papers of Queen Elizabeth, 256-282.

Mac Carthy, Daniel: “On the Takeing awaie of a Gentlewoman, the Youngest Daughter of Sir Nicholas Bagenall, late Marshall of her Majestie’s Armie, by the Erle of Tirowen;” as revealed by the documents preserved in Her Majesty’s State Paper Office, 298-311.

O’Donovan, John: A letter from Sir Charles O’Carroll to Lord Mountjoy, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, 311-314.

Reade, George H.: The pillar stone of Kilnasaggart, 315-318.

Williams, W.: Ocham readings; with an account of an Ocham monument recently discovered in the ruins of the church of Kilrush, near Dungarvan, in the County of Waterford, 324-340.

O’Donovan, John: Elegy of Erard Mac Coise, chief chronicler of the Gaels, pronounced over the tomb of Fergal O’Ruairc, Chief of Brefny, at Clonmacnoise, 341-356.

Mac Carthy, Daniel: Notes on Irish dress and armour in the sixteenth century. From Her Majesty’s State Paper Office, 364-370.

Windele, John: The book of Mac Carthy Reagh, 370-380.

Cooke, T.L.: Wayside ancient monument at Drisoge, King’s County, 380-385.

Graves, James: On the landing-place of Henry II. in the harbour of Waterford, 385-388.

Mac Carthy, Daniel: State-craft in the sixteenth century, as illustrated by a series of documents from Her Majesty’s State Paper Office, 398-420.

Hore, Herbert Francis: The Scandinavians in Leinster, 430-444.

O’Donovan, John: The Registry of Clonmacnoise; with notes and introductory remarks, 444-460.



JRSAI V (1858-1859)



Vol. II, NEW SERIES (1858-59)

Part I 1858

Hore, Herbert F. (ed.): A chorographic account of the southern part of the County of Wexford, written anno 1684: by Robert Leigh, Esq., of Rosegarland, in that County, 17-21.

Shirley, Evelyn Philip (ed., with notes by John O’Donovan): Extracts from the journal of Thomas Dineley, Esquire, giving some account of his visit to Ireland in the reign of Charles II. (continued), 22-32.

Reade, George H.: Gleanings in Northern churchyards, 48-54.

Shirley, Evelyn Philip (ed.): Extracts from the journal of Thomas Dineley, Esquire, giving some account of his visit to Ireland in the reign of Charles II. (continued), 55-56.

Fitzgerald, E.: On ancient mason marks at Youghal and elsewhere; and the secret language of the craftsmen of the Middle Ages in Ireland, 67-73.

Hore, Herbert Francis: The Clan Cavanagh, temp. Henry VIII, 73-92.

Graves, James: What we learn from Wilde’s “Catalogue of the Antiquities in the Museum of the Royal Irish Academy”, 110-139.

Mac Carthy (Glas), Daniel: The life and letters of Florence Mac Carthy, 139-148.

Mac Carthy (Glas), Daniel: The life and letters of Florence Mac Carthy (continued), 156-169.

Haigh, D.H.: Cryptic inscriptions on the cross at Hackness, in Yorkshire, 170-194.

Hayman, Samuel: The local coinage of Youghal. No. I.-Money of necessity, 195-198.

Smith, Aquilla: Catalogue of leaden and pewter tokens issued in Ireland, 215-221.

Hayman, Samuel: The local coinage of Youghal. No. II.-Tradesmen’s Tokens, 222-232.

Graves, James: Register of historical portraits, 232-238.


Part II 1859

Brash, Richard Rolt: The Antiquities of Cloyne, 253-266.

Hore, Herbert Francis: The Rental Book of Gerald FitzGerald, Ninth Earl of Kildare. Begun in the year 1518, 266-280.

Du Noyer, George V.: Notes on sculptures and an inscription carved on a chimney-piece preserved in the building attached to Dunkerron Castle, 290-292.

Windele, John: Dunkerron Castle, 292-301.

Hore, Herbert Francis: The rental book of Gerald FitzGerald, Ninth Earl of Kildare. Begun in the year 1518, (continued), 301-310.

Hore, Herbert F.: Notice of a rare book, entitled, “Beware the Cat.”, 310-312.

White, John Davis: Extracts from original wills formerly preserved in the Consistorial Office, Cashel, but now removed to the Court of Probate, Waterford, 317-322.

Graves, James & Prim, John G.A.: The history, architecture, and antiquities of the city of Kilkenny, 322-331.

Hore, Herbert F.: Extracts from the Irish correspondence in H.M. State Paper Office, 331-348.

O’Donovan, John (ed.): The Irish correspondence of James Fitz Maurice of Desmond, 354-369

Mac Carthy (Glas), Daniel: The life and letters of Florence Mac Carthy (continued) 370-384.

FitzGerald, E.: On ancient mason-marks at Youghal and elsewhere; and the secret language of the craftsmen of the Middle Ages in Ireland (concluded). 384-396.

Prendergast, John P.: The plantation of the Barony of Idrone, in the County of Carlow, 400-428.

Mac Carthy, Daniel: The disaster of Wicklow, 428-440.

Hore, Herbert F. (ed.): A chorographic account of the southern part of the County of Wexford, written anno 1684: by Robert Leigh, Esq., of Rosegarland, in that County, (concluded), 451-467.

Hogan, John: Topographical illustrations of the southern and western suburbs of Kilkenny, 468-480.



JRSAI VI (1860-1861)


Part I 1860


        Donation of a MS treatise on dogmatic theology, written in Kilkenny in 1648, 7.

Donation of plan of the Nore from Kilkenny to Innistioge, from a Parliamentary paper of the 1760s, 7.

Donation of a sheela-na-gig from Ballylarkin church, near Freshford, a silver penny of Edward I, and a Waterford penny token, 7.

Donation of a London silver penny of Edward I dug up at Webbsboro’, 7.

Encaustic tile from St. Mary’s, Kilkenny, 7.

Exhibited: Waterford silver penny of Edward I found at Kilrush, 7.

Exhibited: Byzantine coin of Justinus II and Sophia, and the original copper-plate of a map of Ireland, temp. Elizabeth, 7.

Blackett, W.R.: Ogham inscription at Templeanoach, Co. Waterford (note), 7-9.

Graves, James (exhibited): Early 18th-century document from Kilkenny Castle relating to Colonel Thomas Dongan, claimant to Earldom of Limerick (note), 9-11


Smith, Aquilla: Money of necessity issued in Ireland in the reign of Charles the First, 11-20.

Prendergast, John P.: The plantation of the Barony of Idrone, in the County of Carlow (continued), 20-44.


Donation of two London groats of Edward I, an Irish groat of Philip and Mary, an Irish farthing of Elizabeth, 1601 and a copper penny token, 46.

Donation of a groat of Edw. II and a small French baronial coin, 46.

Donation of a London shilling of Edward IV, 46.

Donation of MS commission appointing Sir Gregory Byrne, of the Queen’s County, captain of a company of foot guards, temp. James II, 46.

Donation of copper token of Kilbeggan and farthing of Elizabeth, both found on the removal of the old bridge of Athlone, 46.

Donation of transcript of inscription from an O’Brien monument on Holy Island, Co. Clare, 46-47.

French, Gilbert J.: addendum to O’Kelly seal engraved in previous volume, 47.


Fitzgerald, E.: On Lugud’s Leacht, and the “Duivhin-Deglain”, 47-53.

Tenison, Thomas Joseph: On methers and other ancient drinking vessels, 54-61.

Du Noyer, George V.: Remarks on ancient Irish effigies sculptured on the walls of the ancient church on White Island, Lough Erne, Parish of Magheraculmoney, County of Fermanagh, 62-69.

Prendergast, John P.: The plantation of the Barony of Idrone, in the County of Carlow (continued), 69-80.


Donation of brass seal matrix of V. Rev. James Verschoyle, Dean of St. Patrick’s, 1790s, 82.

Donation of fragment of cannon ball found under the curtain wall of the Black Battery of Limerick. Also Roman coin of Galba and three Limerick tokens, all four dug up in Co. Limerick, 82.

Donation of piece of Irish ‘money of necessity’ found at St. Canice’s cathedral, Co. Kilkenny, 82.

Donation of coins dug up in the grounds of Swift’s Asylum, including a shilling of Elizabeth a gun-money half-crown of James II, and a St. Patrick half-penny, 82.

Donation of unusually small gun-money half-crown of James II, 82.

Donation: (i) gold ring with inscription “King and Constitution, 1798”; (ii) Document: commission of Theobald Wolfe Tone as a General of Division in the United Irishmen, ?1795; (iii) six coins: a shilling of James I, two groats of Elizabeth, a gun-money shilling of James II, a silver shilling of William III, and a half-penny of George III. 82-83.

Exhibited: two tokens of Youghal, 83-84.

Donation of transcript of document from Kilkenny Castle: accounts from the time of the first Duke, 84-86.

Benn, Edward: Observations on Irish crannogs (note), 86-90.


O’Donovan, John: The Family of Gall Burke, of Gallstown, in the County of Kilkenny, 97-120.


Donation of a gun-money half-crown of James II, 122.

Graves, James: Corrigenda re coins described on p46 supra, 122.

The Secretary: Corrigendum re the Duivin Deglain, pp51–53 supra, 122.

The Secretary: Removal of encroachments at Jerpoint Abbey, 122.

Graves, J.: Restoration of the Fitzpatrick tomb in the Abbey of Fertagh, 122-123.

Hoare, Edward: A Hiberno-Danish coin, 123.

Madden, R.R.: In re document purporting to be an original certificate of appointment of Theobald Wolfe Tone to the rank of General of Division in the forces of the United Irishmen, 124-127.

Elliot, Dr.: Petition of the Roman Catholic inhabitants of Waterford to the Corporation re the rebuilding of a church, 1692, and elegy on Robert Elliott of Clonmore (with music), 1747, 127-133.


Smith, Aquilla: Money of necessity issued in Ireland in the reign of Charles the First (concluded), 134-144.

Prendergast, John P.: The plantation of the Barony of Idrone, in the County of Carlow (continued), 144-164.


Donation of original commission of Oyer and Terminer to the Mayor of Kilkenny etc., in the second year of the reign of George III, 166.

Donation of a large wooden drinking cup with stem and foot, 166.

Mease, James: An ancient atlas, title wanting, and short note, 166-168.

Donation of gun metal shilling of James II, 168.

Donation of two Dublin tokens of the 19th century, 168.

Graves, James: Three urns from Danesfort (by the road to Stoneyford), 168-169.

Cotton, Henry: Notices of Irish typography in the 17th century, relating to Kilkenny, 170-171.

Magennis, J.P.: Note on incised primeval scorings in “The Lettered Cave”, near Derrygonnely, County Fermanagh, 171.


Prendergast, John P.: The plantation of the Barony of Idrone, in the County of Carlow (concluded), 171-188.


Donation of a number of objects of antiquity from Ballylarkin churchyard, three specimens of copper Irish ‘money of necessity’, a silver sixpence of James I, and a copper tag of a strap of an ancient book, apparently 15th century, 191.

Graves, James: donation of encaustic floor tile from Netley Abbey near Southampton, identical to some of those in Saint Canice’s, 192.

Donation of an English groat of Queen Elizabeth, found with others in the date range 1561–93 in a leather bag at Glasmullagh, Co. Tyrone, 192.

Donation of a copper Nuremberg jetton found in a garden near the Church of St. Mary, New Ross, 192.

Donation of a tradesman’s token, of Jonah Woodman of ‘Donlavan’, 192.

Donation of a Nuremberg jetton found in Clonmel, 192.

Donation of an ancient illuminated patent: a grant of English liberty from Henry VI to Thomas O’Neill, and a copy of the Impartial Inquirer, 24 December 1814, 192.

Donation of a copy of Saunders’ Newsletter and Daily Advertiser, 1 September 1798, 192.

Donation of a copy of a newspaper, the True-born Irishman, 13 March 1804, and a three-guinea bank post-bill, Ballinakill Bank, 1804, 192.

Donation of a fac-simile of the writing of Addison, 192.

Donation of a deed relating to Kilkenny College, 1792, 192-193.

Saul, M.: Present location of silver matrix and counter-seal of the O’Neills of Ulster (query), 193.

O’Hanlon, John: Account of the topographical collection made by the Ordnance Survey for the County of Westmeath (note), 193-195.

Graves, J.: Purcell family tradition re King James I’s levee at Kilkenny Castle (note), 195.

Mease, James: Ancient churches usually found in the neighbourhood of castles in the district round Freshford (note), 195-196.


Prendergast, John P.: Appendix to the Plantation of Idrone, 196-208.


Part II - 1861


Foot, Charles H.: An account of the exploration of a remarkable series of subterranean chambers situated on the estate of Robert J.E. Mooney, Esq., J.P., The Doon, Townland of Doon, Parish of Lis, Barony of Garrycastle, King’s County, 222-229.

Jones, H. Longueville: The Ogham “Rosetta” Stone, 229-234.

Mac Carthy (Glas), Daniel: The life and letters of Florence Mac Carthy (continued), 234-246.

Graves, James: What we learn from Wilde’s “Catalogue of Antiquities in the Museum of the Royal Irish Academy”, 247-256.


Donation of architectural drawing of the outer arch of St. James’s Gate, Kilkenny, 259.

Archdeacon Cotton: Rent Roll of the Mayor and Citizens of the City of Kilkenny for two years, ending Lady Day, 1772 (note), 259-261.

Donation of a Waterford token of Edmond Russell, 261.

Ellacombe, H.T.: The Arms of Our Saviour in Ireland (query), 262.

Hayman, Samuel: Two inedited Youghal tradesmen’s tokens (note), 262-264.

Graves, James: An ancient incised slab existing at Jerpoint Abbey (note), 264-266.


Graves, James: What we learn from Wilde’s “Catalogue of Antiquities in the Museum of the Royal Irish Academy”, 267-272.

Mac Carthy (Glas), Daniel: The life and letters of Florence Mac Carthy (continued), 272-295.

Graves, James (ed.): A journey to Kilkenny in the year 1709. From the MS. notes of Dr. Thomas Molyneux, 296-303.

Jones, H. Longueville: Ogham stone, with bilingual inscription, at Llanfechan, Cardiganshire, 303-304.


Donation of two copies of the Wexford Herald, 9 May 1796 and 1 May 1797, and a large copper Turkish coin of Sultan Selim III, 1794, 307.

Donation of an Irish farthing of Queen Elizabeth, 307.

Donation of a gun money shilling of James II, 307.

Donation of a ‘fairy millstone’ (spindle whorl) from Jenkinstown, 307.

Prim, J.G.A.: donated several antiquities, excavated at Dunbel Rath, discovered in trenching the small rath lying south of the great rath of Dunbel (note), 307-308.

Graves, James: A bronze tag of a book-strap, from Dunbel, 308.

Donation of a stone mould for crucifix and ?tokens, from Mullinahone, 308.

Donation of rubbing of inscribed stone, 1593, from Clonmel, and copy of inscription on pommel of Corporation Sword of Clonmel (commentary by James Graves), 308-309.

Graves, James: The O’Shee Alms-house, Kilkenny: charter and rules in the time of James I, 309-320.

O’Hanlon, John: Ordnance collections for Co. Longford (note), 321-323.

Tenison, Thomas J.: Peghts’ pipes [i.e. ‘Picts’ pipes’—clay-pipes in Scotland] and the history of smoking in Ireland, 323-325.


Prendergast, John F.: The clearing of Kilkenny, anno 1654, 326-344.


Donation of silver penny of Edward I, Dunbel, 347.

Donation of Dublin tradesman’s token, 1666, 347.

Donation of Clonmel token, 1657, 347.

Robertson, James G.: Remains of horizontal mill found in the grounds of Kilkenny Castle; (exhibited) Waterford penny of Edward I and a bronze javelin head, 347-348.

Vignoles, Charles: No truth in newspaper reports of cavern with ten ogham stones found at Clonmacnoise, 348.

Conway, M.E.: Single-piece shoes still used in the Shetlands, 348-349.

V. Rev. the Dean of Leighlin: Two grave-slabs from Hartlepool, Co. Durham (note), 349-350.


Hogan, John: Map of the City of Kilkenny, constructed from Rocque’s survey, 1757, the Ordnance Survey, 1841, and from personal inspection of the respective localities, 350-355.

Hogan, John: Topographical and historical illustrations of the suburbs of Kilkenny (continued), 355-387.

Graves, James: The taking of the Earl of Ormonde, A.D. 1600, 388-432.




JRSAI VII (1862-1863)


Part I 1862


Donation of hilt and pommel of Viking sword found at Cool, Castlebridge, near Wexford, 8.

Donation of silver sixpence and copper farthing of Queen Elizabeth; former from Balief, latter from Ballinakill, 8.

Donation of copper coin of the East India Company, 1834, found at Greenridge, 8.

Donation of stone holy water stoup, 1675, from the Butts, Kilkenny, 8-9.

Blacket, John: Preservation of old monuments in Fiddown Church, 9.

Blackett, William Russell: Tomb in church of Ballyneale, near Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary, with inscription referring to fosterage, 9-11.

Graves, James (with comments by Mr. Magennis & Prof. George Stephens): Runic inscription in the Lettered Cave at Knockmore, County Fermanagh, 12.

Magennis, Mr.: Discovery of a quern-stone near Derrygonnelly, Co. Fermanagh, 12.

Malcolmson, R.: Food vessel found at Ballybit, Lisnevagh, Co. Carlow, 12-14.

Delaney, Barry (exhibited): Newspaper of August 1649, The Moderate Intelligencer, including account of Rinnucini in Ireland, and a silver race-bowl, 14.

O’Hanlon, John: Ordnance Survey collection for County Down, 14-36.

Benn, Edward: Twenty-nine articles found in crannoges (illustrated note), 36-38.


Shirley, Evelyn Philip: Extracts from the journal of Thomas Dineley, Esquire, giving some account of his visit to Ireland in the reign of Charles II (continued), 38-52.

Hore, Herbert F.: An account of the Barony of Forth, in the County of Wexford, written at the close of the seventeenth century, 53-84.

Hore, Herbert F.: Particulars relative to Wexford and the Barony of Forth: by Colonel Solomon Richards, 1682, 84-92.


Donation of a London groat of Edward IV, 2 English groats and an Irish farthing of Elizabeth, a Nova Scotia halfpenny and a half anna, 95.

Donation of a gun money half crown of James II, found with others in a leather purse, Tullaroan, Cartstown, 95.

Donation of a brass medal in honour of James, Earl of Kildare, 1754, 95.

Donation of a fragment of an effigial monument originally from the Franciscan Abbey, Co. Kildare, 95.

Donation of a small pitcher-shaped vessel, with red fabric, glazed, one of six found at Ballylarkin, near Freshford, 95-96.

Donation of a granite quernstone found in a bog along with a stone celt, Cool, Castlebridge, Wexford, 96.

Donation of a piece of bog butter, found with the skeleton of a horse in Claremont Bog, near Nenagh, 96.

Delaney, Barry (exhibited): Small clog with leather upper, gun money shilling of James II nailed to heel, 96.

Reade, George H. (exhibited): Bronze twisted armlet, 96-97.

Prim, John G.A.: Fifty-eight halfpennies of ‘St. Patrick’s money’ found in a leather purse, and four halfpennies of Charles II, in the parish of Ullard, near Graigue (note), 97.

Graves, James: Corraneduffe, near Ballyragget [corrigendum to 1861 article], 97-99.

Graves, James: Corrigendum, p409,Vol.III, re ‘old style’ dates, 99

Prim, John G.A.: Carved stone, 1588, in wall of old church of Monksgrange, Queen’s County (note), 99-100.

Hayman, Samuel: Bond, Youghal, 1665, re issue of tradesman’s tokens (note), 100-101.

Benn, Edward: Find of urn burial, Ballynacraigy, Ballyclug, Co. Antrim, and urn in cist at Craigdunloof, Dunaghy, Co. Antrim (note), 101-102.


Shirley, Evelyn Philip (with notes by the Rev. James Graves, A.B., M.R.I.A.): Extracts from the journal of Thomas Dineley, Esquire, giving some account of his visit to Ireland in the reign of Charles II (continued), 103-109.

Hore, Herbert F.: The rental book of Gerald Fitzgerald, ninth Earl of Kildare. Begun in the year 1518 (continued), 110-137.

Graves, James: Register of historical portraits, 138-140.


Donation of a bone pin, bronze pin, and part of a bone comb, found in Jenkinstown Demesne, 144.

Donation of an oak pillar from the old Shee house in the Coal Market, recently removed, 144.

Donation of a penny token of Knocktopher, George Robbins, 144.

Donation of several photographs of Kilkenny antiquities, 144.

Earl of Courtown: Fragment of a decorated pottery vessel found near a cist in Kiltennel parish. Discussion mentions similar finds in a cist at Cornahir, Co. Westmeath, 144-145.

Donation of a Manx halfpenny, 145.

Donation of a silver penny of Edward I, 145.

Donation of some current Japanese and other coins, 145.

Donation of a Roman brass coin of Aurelian, 145.

Graves, J. (exhibited): Gilt etui, French, probably Louis XIV, XV, 145.

Robertson, J.G. (exhibited): Brass Dutch tobacco box and some coins, including a Mountrath token of Nicholas Raget and a jetton said to have been found in the Castle Lawn, Kilkenny, 145.

Skehan, W.: Silver chalice, 1621, Fethard, Co. Tipperary (note), 145-146.

Brennan, James: Inscriptions from 17th century monuments in the Abbey of Fethard, Co. Tipperary, 146-148.

O’Hanlon, John: Burials found on site for new Augustinian church, Thomas Street, Dublin (including some with bullet-wounds and one with broken bones in a barrel), 148-149.

Hayman, S.: Youghal Mayors’ accounts. 1623–1703; mentions licences for issuing tokens. Also, illustrated note on token of Edward Lawndey of Youghal, late 17th century, 149-151.


Prim, John G.A.: Notes on Kilkenny inns and taverns, 152-180.


Donation of a transcript of Patent re Defective Title: title to Friary of Stradbally regranted to Richard Cosby, time of James I. Also some Roman coins and some gun money of James II, 185.

Donation of finds from Dooey, Co. Donegal: glass bead and small stone, flint arrowhead and spearhead. Also a Norwegian sailor’s knife and a wax impression of an ancient thumb ring found at Mullaghadda, 185-186.

James, Albert B.: Rubbing from monumental slab, 1665, from Rathlin Island, 186.

Donation of a penny token of Peter Knaresborough, Waterford, 1671, 187.

Donation of a gun money half crown of James II, 187.

Donation of a silver groat of Elizabeth, and a penny token struck by Michael Wilson, Dublin, 187.

Donation of an old bill and receipt for a subscription to the Leinster Journal, 1780, 187.

Donation of three playbills for the Kilkenny amateur theatricals, 1805–1810, 187.

Robertson, J.G.: St. Michael’s church, Damagh: peasant custom of ‘dressing’ the graves with sand, 187.

Cooke, T.L. (exhibited): Manuscript pocket book of Garett Moore, 1699, 187-190.

Westropp, Hodder T.: More on Fanaux de Cimetière in France and their relationship to Irish round towers, 190-195.

Campion, John: Old schools and seminaries of Kilkenny City, 195-198.

Graves, James: Meaning of the name of the parish of Kiltennel, near Courtown Harbour, County Wexford, 198-199.

Reade, George H.: Ancient interment recently discovered at Dromiskin, Co. Louth, with wooden box and ring pin, with comment by James Graves, 199-206.

Graves, James: Ogham stone at Trallong, near Brecon, Wales, Brecknockshire, 206-209.


Mac Carthy (Glas), Daniel: The life and letters of Florence Mac Carthy (continued), 210-224.


Part II 1863


Donation of a box ticket for the Gentlemen’s Plays, Kilkenny, 1818, 231.

Donation of photographs of monuments in Cashel and Cahir, 232.

Donation of photographs of the Lismore Crozier, and tombstones and cross at Lismore, 232.

Currey, Francis: Inscription on the Lismore Crozier (note), 232.

Donation of a silver six shilling piece of George III, 232.

Donation of a London penny of Edward I, 232,

Donation of a Waterford tradesman’s token, 1659, 232-233.

Bower, John: Bronze brooch, iron door key and very small iron horseshoe, the ruined castle of Castlescreen, Dunsfort, Co. Down (note), 233.

Donation of a specimen of encaustic floor tiles from the abbey of Graiguenamanagh, 233.

Donation of a gun money shilling of James II found at Garryricken, an iron horseshoe dug up at Pollagh, near Poulcapple, and two very small clay-pipes found at Rathculbin, 233.

Mease, James (exhibited): Roman brass coin of Tiberius, probably a fake, and a bond of Queen Elizabeth, 1569, 234.

Prim, John G.A.: Find of two urns and a food vessel in a cist at Upper Grange, Co. Kilkenny (note), 234.

Robertson, J.G.: Land in Ballinaboula, parish of Tullaherin, Co. Kilkenny: how it came to form part of the glebe of Kirkby Lonsdale, in Westmoreland, with comment by J.G.A. Prim, 234-236.

Prendergast, J.P: Anecdote concerning a Bar dinner at the Wheat Sheaf Inn, Kilkenny (note), 236-237.

Hoare, Edward: Token of Peter Godwin of Youghal (note), 237-238.

O’Hanlon, John: Note on the papers of the Ordnance Survey of Ireland, illustrative of the topography of County Antrim, 238-245.

Graves, James: Frankish gold coin of the Merovingian era found near Maryborough (note), 245-246.

Brennan, James: Ancient inscriptions on tombs in the Abbey of Fethard (note), 246-251.


Hogan, John: Topographical and historical illustrations of the suburbs of Kilkenny (continued), 251-267.

Stephens, George: On an ancient Runic casket now preserved in the Ducal Museum, Brunswick, 267-276.

Graves, James (ed.): Anonymous account of the early life and marriage of James, first Duke of Ormonde, 276-292.


Donation of a vellum map of the manor of Formoyle in the barony of Upper Ossory, Queen’s County, 1748, 302-303.

Donation of a specimen of Gaulish ‘wheel-money’ from France, 303-304.

‘Geoghegan, Arthur Gerald: Urns from the townland of Mackrackens, Co. Tyrone and a bronze dagger from Muff, Co. Donegal, a bronze mould for a small spoon (found with three brazen pots), and a Russian brass triptych found in a grave on Devenish Island, Lough Erne (note), 304-306.

Donation of a brass breastplate of one of the Kilkenny Volunteer Corps, 1798, 306.

Donation of a bronze celt found at Begerin, Co. Wexford, and coins dug up as the site of West-gate, Wexford. 307.

Donation of a Rose penny of Edward VI struck at York; a French billon coin of c1607, a George III halfpenny, and a tradesman’s token from Ferrycarrick, Co. Wexford, 307.

Donation of a carved stone, possibly from St. John’s Abbey, found built into a house at St. John’s Green demolished for railway construction, 307.

Exhibition of a bridle Y-shaped piece, 307.

Cody, Patrick: a two-piece mould for a socketed bronze axehead from Ballydagh, Barony of Iverk (note), 307-308.

Prim, John G.A.: The Private Theatre of Kilkenny, note (from book by Richard Power, 1825), 308-309.

Tenison, Thomas Joseph: The cromleac of Leac-an-Scall at Kilmogue, barony of Knocktopher, Co. Kilkenny, 309-310.

O’Hanlon, John: Note on the papers of the Ordnance Survey of Ireland, illustrative of the topography of Counties Armagh, Londonderry and Donegal, 310-317.

Phillips, Michael: The Castle of Ballyhaly, Co. Wexford, 319.

Barnwell, E.L.: Observations relating to the paper on the analogy between Irish Round Towers and French Fanaux de Cimetière, 317-319.


Shirley, Evelyn Philip (with notes by the Rev. Samuel Hayman, B.A.): Extracts from the journal of Thomas Dineley, Esquire, giving some account of his visit to Ireland in the reign of Charles II (continued), 320-338.


Donation of a stone box enclosing a yew box with bronze pin, and cranium, from Dromiskin, Co. Louth, 430-341.

Reade, G.H.: Long cist found at Dromiskin near the previous finds (note, with report on the skull by Dr. Thurnham), 341-342.

Donation of three crania, 342.

Donation of part of a stone escutcheon of the Rothe family, 1629, found at S. Francis’ Abbey [discussion by Prim], 342-343

Donation of a Dublin charity token, beginning of the 19th century, 343.

Prim, John G.A.: Engravings of plan and elevations of locks and lock keepers’ houses on the canal between Kilkenny and Inistioge, 18th century, 343.

‘Geoghegan, Arthur Gerald: Skulls found near the town of Blackwater, border of Counties Tyrone and Armagh; ancient Irish ecclesiastical bells, Lower Budooney, Co. Tyrone, found with other srtifacts in a bog at Parsonstown; harp found in bog at Taughboyne, Co. Donegal (note, and presented photos). 343.


Hore, Herbert F.: Notes on a facsimile of an ancient map of Leix, Ofaly, Irry, Clanmalier, Iregan and Slieve Margy, preserved in the British Museum, 345-372.


Donation of back issues of Faulkner’s Dublin Journal, 1752, including note on the celebration of the birthday of King George II in Dublin, 375-376.

Meany, J.: Documents concerned with the family of Kirwan, 376.

Donation of a large spindle-whorl found near Jenkinstown, 376.

Donation of an old transcript of a charter of James I, 376-377.

Vignoles, Charles: Rubbings of two recently-discovered slabs from Clonmacnoise. Comment by Graves. Also two ring-pins found near Clonmacnoise, 377.

Malcolmson,, Robert: Seal matrix, bronze, of Bishop Hugh O’Reilly, found in the parish of Kilmore, Co. Cavan, 377-378.

Robertson, J.G.: Flooring tile from Black Abbey (note; comment by Prim), 378-379.

Morant, George, junior: Find of bronze ornament like watch key, and oval rock crystal in silver setting, in Moynalty Lake, near Carrickmacross; further finds in Rahans Lake nearby: five Queen Mary shillings fused into a mass, a bronze pin, a spearhead and a stone celt, 379.

du Noyer, G.V.: Stone moulds (with reference to the stone mould described on p307), 380.

Graves, James: Old bells in Ireland, desirability of cataloguing, 380.

Graves, James: Rock art in Scotland, 380-383.

Graves, James: Discovery of a sepulchral chamber near Sleabh-Keiltha hill, Co. Wexford, 384.

Wilson, ?Andrew: Monument of the Galmoy family in the Abbey of Graigue, Co. Kilkenny, 384-386.


‘Geoghegan, Arthur Gerald: A notice of the early settlement, in A.D. 1596, of the city of Derry by the English, to its burning by Sir Cahir O’Doherty, in A.D. 1608, 386-404.

White, John Davis: Some account of the tradesmen’s tokens issued in the city of Cashel and of the families of the persons by whom they were issued, 404-412.




JRSAI VIII (1864-1866)


Part I 1864


Donation of lithograph of a figure which had probably been attached to an ancient Irish shrine, said to have been found at Clonmacnoise in January 1861, and a Masonic emblem found in Tyrone, 1863, 6.

Donation of two stereoscopic photographs of the doorway and crosses at Ullard, Co. Kilkenny, 6.

Donation of rubbings of an ancient inscription round one of the windows of Clontuskert Abbey, Co. Galway, 6.

Donation of a silver seal of the 17th or early 18th century, dug up in Kilkenny, 6.

Donation of a plain bronze finger-ring found near Loughboy, near Kilkenny, 7.

Donation of a St. Patrick halfpenny, 7.

‘Geoghegan, A.G.: manuscript copy of the Bible, probably French, 1350, in the possesion of Right Rev. Dr. O’Kelly. Quotes report by Dr. Reeves, 8-13.

Nesbitt, Alexander: Observations on Professor Stephen’s reading of the Runic inscription on the casket preserved in the museum at Brunswick, 13-16.

Mullally, Michael, & Brennan, James: Monumental inscriptions in the churches of Fethard and Callan, 16-18.

Westropp, Hodder: Analogy between round towers and fanaux, or ‘lanternes de morts’, 18-20.

O’Hanlon, John: Irish Ordnance Survey documents relating to Counties Tyrone, Fermanagh, Monaghan and Cavan, 20-27.


Du Noyer, George Victor: Notes on some peculiarities in ancient and mediæval Irish ecclesiastical architecture, 27-40.

Shirley, Evelyn Philip (with notes by John Windele, and Richard Caulfield, Esqrs.): Extracts from the journal of Thomas Dineley, Esquire, giving some account of his visit to Ireland in the reign of Charles II (continued), 40-48.


Donation of four photographs of Jerpoint Abbey, and one of the castle and bridge of Thomastown, 51.

Donation of photographs of Carlow Castle and the castle and bridge of Leighlinbridge, 51.

Donation of a photograph of the round tower of Clones, 51.

Donation of a silver seal of the Murphy and Shee families found at Warrington, near Kilkenny [note by Mr. Prim], 51.

Donation of a glass bead found at Ballynooney, near Mullinavat, 51.

Donation of a flint arrowhead found in Roebuck Bog, Co. Cavan, and silver coin (Dublin halfpenny) of King John, also from Co. Cavan, 51.

Donation of 5 silver coins found when digging a railway cutting at Carrowen, Burt, Co. Donegal; Anglo-Saxon pennies of Edgar, 959–975, 51-52.

Mr. Rowe: A number of foreign coins and some artifacts, including a rebel pike of 1798, and arquebus barrel and wheel lock found on the old bed of the River Burren, a pistol tinder box and an iron-mounted pistol with silver-inlaid stock, 52-53.

‘Geoghegan, A.G.: Note on some finds, illustrated with photographs: broadsword found in a stone fort at Coe, Lettermacanard, Co. Donegal; cut-and-thrust sword found at Meenanaloby, Crickamore, Co. Donegal; pipkin found in a bog at Innis Free, Templecrone, Co Donegal, 53-54.

Prim, John G.A. (exhibited): The “Cartulary of Sir Richard Shee”, 54-55.

Graves, James: The illuminations of an ancient charter roll of the Corporation of Wexford (note), 55-56.

Reade, G.H.: Ancient ecclesiastical bell (note), 56.

‘Geoghegan, A.G.: Note with reference to manuscript copy of bible (addendum), 56-57.

Lenihan, Maurice: Old Thomond Bridge & St. John’s Castle, Limerick (note), 57-58.

Feltus, B.B.: Similarity of Irish and Indian death customs (note), 58.


Prim, John G.A.: Memorials of the family of Langton, of Kilkenny, 59-108.


Graves, James: Recent vandalism at Clonmacnoise (note), 109-112.

Donation of a brass Dutch tobacco box of the period of William III, and two silver pennies of Edward I found in the Carlow locality, 114.

Donation of a side-socketed palstave, 114.

Donation of a silver penny of Edward I, a gun money shilling of James II, November 1689, a photograph of Carlow Castle and two views of Burton Hall, 114.

Donation of a copper jetton found on the lands of Anamult, 114.

Donation of a copper buckle with iron tongue, found in an old house in Kilkenny, 114.

Donation of a rubbing of an ancient coffin-shaped tombstone in Kilmacow churchyard, 114.

Lenihan, Maurice: Inscription in Limerick Cathedral (tombstone of Galfridus Arthur), 114-117.

Malcolmson, Robert: Collection of stone, bone, iron and pottery found at Ardnehue, Killerig, Co. Carlow, with note on animal bones by Mr. William Pallin, veterinary surgeon; also further bone and pottery from the same site by Mr. Prim, and comments by Mr. Graves, 117-122.

‘Geoghegan, A.G.: Ogham inscription at Corrody, Co. Londonderry (note), 122.

Donation of triangular stone (possible gaming piece) stone celt and flint celt or spearhead from Cor, Co. Donegal, 123.

‘Geoghegan, A.G.: Games in ancient Greece (note), 123-124.

Donation of photographs of Jerpont Abbey, Kells Priory and Kilree, 124.

Donation of photograph of St. Patrick’s Gate, Kilkenny and view of the Cathedral and round tower of St. Canice, 124.

Dean of Ossory (exhibited): A ‘scratch-back’ of ivory and cane, 124.

O’Hanlon, John: Irish Ordnance Survey documents relating to County Tipperary, 124-131.

Du Noyer, G.V.: Reply to Hodder Westropp’s observations on the analogy between Irish Round Towers and Fanaux de Cimitiere (note), 131-133.

Benn, Edward: Find of urn burial at Belsallagh, County Antrim (note), 133-134.

Stephens, George: Rejoinder to Mr. Alexander Nesbitt’s observations on the Brunswick Coffer (note), 134-137.

Morant, George, jun.: Elizabethan sword found at Nicholstown, Co. Louth (note), 137.

Way, Albert: Letter to William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke, c1216, by the Archbishops of Tuam and Dublin (note), 137-139.


Prendergast, Thomas P.: An ancient record relating to the families into which were married the co-heiresses of Thomas Fitz Anthony, Seneschal of Leinster, 139-153.

‘Geoghegan, Arthur Gerald: A notice of the early settlement of Londonderry by the English, &c., 153-172.


Graves, James: Vandalism at Clonmacnoise, 174-179.

Donation of a collection of coins and antiquities: 7 bronze celts; 2 flint arrowheads from the Antrim coast; a boat-shaped vessel for holding incense and an accompanying spoon (said to have been found in Queen’s County, not far from Carlow); a token of William Joy, Waterford, 1667; a silver groat of Edward IV found at Staplestown, County Carlow; another groat of similar type; a groat of Henry VIII and a rudely struck Spanish dollar, 180.

Donation of a polished stone axehead and four silver coins found at Shrule Castle (a penny of one of the early Edwards, a groat of Philip and Mary, 2 groats of Elizabeth, 180.

Donation of antiquities recently found in St. Canice’s Cathedral: three iron keys, a very small clay-pipe from the time of Charles II, an iron stamp bearing the figure 1, and a number of encaustic floor tiles, 180-181.

Donation of a token of Anthony Hall, Carrickfergus. Also, four flint arrowheads and a French jetton exhibited, 181.

Donation of a penny of one of the early Edwards. Also, a number of Mexican coins exhibited, 181.

Donation of a shilling of Queen Anne, 181.

Donation of a brass Dutch tobacco box originally brought from the East Indies, like those brought into Ireland by the troops of William III, and a cattle horn found in a bog at Poulacapple, 181.

Donation of a stone carved with the Virgin and Child found in the wall of a cabin near the Black Abbey, 181.

Donation of a large unfinished spindle whorl found at Rogerstown, near Piltown.

Exhibited: a brass Dutch tobacco box, brought from abroad by a sailor, 181.

Graves, James: Excavation of a kitchen midden at Clare Island, Bannow, County Wexford (note), 181-182.

Spong, F.: The kitchen midden at Ardnahue (note, and comments by J.G.A. Prim and R. Malcolmson), 182.

Lymbery, John: Inscription found at Bannow, Co. Wexford (note), 182-183.

Lenihan, Maurice: Manuscript listing fees received by Dr. Arthure of Limerick (note), 183.

Tipping, Edward: A souterrain at Bellurgan, Co. Louth (note), 183-184.

O’Gorman, Thomas: Ogham inscription on a cromleac at Castlederg, Co. Tyrone (note, with comment by Graves), 184-185.

Graves, James: Monumental sculptures at Kells, County Kilkenny (note), 185-187.

‘Geoghegan, A.G.: Gold sleeve-fastener from the River Roe, Co. Londonderry and a silver fibula from Omagh, Co. Tyrone (note, with comment by J. Graves), 189-189.


Hogan, John: Topographical and historical illustrations of the County of Kilkenny (continued), 189-214.


Part II 1865


Donation of some pieces of carved oak from the roof of St. Canice’s Cathedral; some specimens of the old cathedral flooring tiles; an iron spring lock; a carved stone belonging to the parish church of St. Canice which had preceded the present cathedral, 224.

Donation of a leaden bulla of Innocent IV (1243–1254), dug up in the cemetery of St. Canice’s, 225.

Donation of an encaustic floor tile found in the Black Abbey, Kilkenny and a London groat of Edward I found there, 225.

Donation of a stone mould for casting small cross and four copper coins, including a half crown of James II, 225.

Donation of a bronze spearhead, unfinished spindle whorl, 225.

Donation of a Kilkenny token, “For the Poor”, 1659, 225.

Donation of an anti-Defoe engraving, 1711, 225.

Donation of a photograph of page of manuscript bible described on p 232 infra, 225.

Donation of a stone cresset from Castle Ellis, County Wexford, 225-226.

Wilson, Andrew: A piece of the St. Patrick money (note), 226.

Day, Robert: 18 flint implements from Toome Bay, 226-228.

Graves, James: Discovery of a crannoge in Grantstown Lake, Queen’s County, 228-229.

Graves, James: Corrigendum re inscription at Kells Priory (p 186), 229.

Reade, George H.: Discovery of a crannoge on the Glebe Island, Aghnamullen, Monaghan, 229.

Marquis of Kildare: The surrender of Maynooth Castle in 1535, 229-230.

Prim, John G.A.: Discovery of and Edwardian tomb at the Black Abbey, 230.

‘Geoghegan A.G.: The library of Foyle College, Londonderry, and its 14th-century manuscript bible, 230-234.


Hogan, John: Topographical and historical illustrations of the County and City of Kilkenny (continued), 234-251.

Mac Carthy (Glas), Daniel: The life and letters of Florence Mac Carthy, (continued), 251-267.

Shirley, Evelyn Philip (with notes by Rev. James Graves, A.B., M.R.I.A.: George V. Du Noyer, M.R.I.A., F.G.S.D.; John Davis White; John Windele; Hubert F. Hore; and William R. Le Fanu, Esqrs.): Extracts from the journal of Thomas Dineley, Esquire, giving some account of his visit to Ireland in the reign of Charles II (continued), 268-290.


Donation of a specimen of original wall-painting from the Cathedral of St. Canice, 293.

Donation of a scold’s bridle, probably from the old gaol at Down, 293-294.

Donation of a collection of modern copper tokens and foreign coins, 294.

Benn, Edward: Flint implements found in the County of Antrim, 294-300.

‘Geoghegan A.G.: Coin/medal found at the foot of Mullyash Mountain, County Monaghan, and medal to celebrate the birth of Charles II found embedded in plaster in an old house in Kinsale, 300-301.

‘Geoghegan A.G.: Megalithic tombs near Saumur in France, 301-302.

Malcolmson, Robert: Manuscript recording demolition of Killeshin Round Tower, 1703/2 (and listing Galbraith and Rossell births), 302-304.

Prim John G.A.: Discovery of two sepulchral monuments in the parish church of St. Mary, Kilkenny, 304-306.


Windele, John: Irish medical superstition, 306-326.


Donation of a gun money half crown of James II, a Patrick’s Penny with the arms of the City of Dublin, and a collection of modern penny and halfpenny tokens, 328.

Donation of two inscribed oak beams from the roof of St. Canice’s, one dated 1597, 328.

Donation of a silver reliquary to be worn round the neck, found near the Black Abbey, and some ancient coins, 328.

Donation of a silver groat of Edward IV ad sixpence of Queen Elizabeth, 328.

Moore, John: Urn recently discovered at Columbkill, near Thomastown, 328-329.

Donation of the remains of leather shoes found in a grave in St. Canice’s Cathedral, 329-330.

Donation of the skull of a Great Irish Deer, found at Tinnekelly, near Kilnamanagh, 330.

‘Geoghegan, A.G.: Silver chalice formerly belonging to the abbey of Donegal, 330-331.

‘Geoghegan, A.G.: Find of a medal impression of 1704 of a piece of horn, in a garden in Londonderry, 331.

Graves James: Recent works at Clonmacnoise, 331-332.

Robertson, J.G.: Deterioration of the church of Ullard, near Graigue, County Kilkenny, 332.

Harpur, S.C.: Monumental inscription in Ballyburly, King’s County, 332-333.

Graves, James: Capture of the Earl of Ormonde by O’More (Vol VI, 388), a letter patent of 1601, 333-334.

du Noyer, G.V.: Corrigendum, p 273 supra, 334.

Reade, G.H.: Corrigendum, p 229 supra, 334.


Mac Carthy (Glas), Daniel: The life and letters of Florence Mac Carthy, (continued), 334-353

Graves, James: On a boulder with presumed pagan carvings at Clonfinlough, King’s County, 354-362.


Graves, James: Description of repairs recently completed at Clonmacnoise, 364-371.

Donation of a brass ring-dial and a specimen of oak from the roof of the Cathedral of Old Leighlin, 372.

Donation of a jet bead fund near Killinick, Co. Wexford, 372.

Donation of a Roman brass of Hadrian found in Jenkinstown Demesne, County Kilkenny, 372.

Donation of a gable-stone with cross-base, built into a house in High Street, Kilkenny, 372.

Donation of some bones dug up in the Moat at Kells, 372.

Donation of a grotesque metal casting of a matrimonial squabble, found at Silverspring, Rathcurby, 372-373.

Donation of some potsherds, iron knife blades, antler tines, boars’ tusks, a dog skull and wedge-shaped stone, all from explorations at Ardnahue, 373.

exhibited: Gold noble of Henry IV or V found near Shankill, 373.

Armstrong, Robert Bruce: exhibited a bronze leaf-shaped spearhead and communicated the discovery of a carving of one of the Apostles in the churchyard at Burnchurch, 373.

Reade, G.H.: Tenth-century Saxon coins from Killincoole Castle, Co. Louth, 373-376.

Nesbit, Alexander: Observations on the subject of the Brunswick Casket, 376-379.


Du Noyer, George V.: Remarks on a carved rock at Ryefield, County of Cavan, 379-385.

Mac Carthy (Glas), Daniel: The life and letters of Florence Mac Carthy (continued), 386-402.


Part III 1866


M. d’Alamand: Carved stone, 1588, from Monksgrange, Queen’s County, 411.

Donation of an engraved plan of Dublin, 1610, and an old brass ring dial, 411.

Robertson, J.G.: Donated fragments of encaustic floor tiles and antler tines, found in the cemetery of St. Canice’s. Discussion with Graves whether hartshorn cold be used to produce the flux for a glaze. Also donated ‘a mass of vitrified matter, amongst which was a good deal of the dross of brass’—mention of similar material found in the ruins on the Rock of Cashel, 411-412.

White, Newport B.: Licence from a Bishop of Ossory to a midwife, 412-413.

Hardinge, W.H.: Transcript of the County and City of Kilkenny parts of a census of Ireland made in 1659, 413-416.

‘Geoghegan, A.G.: Letter of 1807 re attack on Lord Clare by the mob, 416-417.

Prendergast, John P.: Lord Clare’s house in Ely Place, 417-418.

O’Hanlon, John: Irish Ordnance Survey documents relating to County Clare, 418-424.


Shirley, Evelyn Philip (with notes by Maurice Lenihan, Esq.): Extracts from the journal of Thomas Dineley, Esquire, giving some account of his visit to Ireland in the reign of Charles II (continued), 425-446.


Kelly, Maurice F.: A silver groat of Queen Elizabeth and three pieces of late 18th-century painted glass from the Abbey of Graigue, 448.

Donation of a gun money half crown of James II, 448.

Malcolmson, Robert (& comment by John G. A. Prim): A curious semi-globular shaped stone, having a cup-like hollow formed artificially on one surface—possibly a lamp. From Russelstown Park, co. Carlow, 448-449.

donation: drawing of a lancet window of the old church of Clonmantagh, between Freshford and Johnstown, 449.

Graves, James: Brass ring and piece of mortar with leaf of old prayer book embedded in it, from St. Canice’s, 449.

Prim, John G.A.: The Hermit’s Cell, St. Canice’s, 449-451.

Jervise, Andrew: Observations relative to the Clonfinlough Stone; Irish & Scottish parallels in archaeology and history, 451-452.

O’Hanlon, John: Irish Ordnance Survey documents relating to County Cork, 452-457.

M. de la Ponce: Genealogical and biographical notice of the descendants of Hugh O’Neill, Prince of Ulster and Earl of Tyrone, 457-464.


Mac Carthy (Glas), Daniel: The life and letters of Florence Mac Carthy (concluded), 464-473.

Du Noyer, George V.: On cromleacs near Tramore in the County of Waterford; with remarks on the classification of ancient Irish earthen and megalithic structures, 474-482.


Clibborn, E.: How the ancients moved the great covering stones of the cromlechs, 484-486.

O’Hanlon, John: Irish Ordnance Survey documents relating to County Kerry, 486-490.

Impression of the seal of the Friars Observants of East Greenwich found in the Society’s museum, 490-491.

Ancient font in the parish church of Kells (Co. Kilkenny), 491-492.

Ludlow, Beamish L.: Query re the history of Mourne Abbey, near Mallow, 492.

Lukis, W.C.: Observation to Mr. M. Du Noyer’s paper “On cromleacs near Tramore”, 492-496.

du Noyer, G.V.: Reply to W.C. Lukis, 496-497.

Du Noyer, George V.: Remarks on a kistvaen, and on some carvings on an “earth-fast” rock, in the County of Louth, 497-501.


Hore, Herbert Francis (ed.): The rental book of Gerald, ninth Earl of Kildare. A.D., 1518 (continued), 501-518.


Donation of a bronze celt, 520.

Donation of a modern tradesman’s token: a farthing of Joseph Helen of Cork, 520.

Galvin, Richard: Old bell in Rathdrum Church said to be from Glendalough. Discussion on tradition of bells having been moved from abbeys, etc., 520-521.

Shearman, John F.: 460 coins found in an earthenware jar near Kilgorman Church, near Courtown Harbour, Co. Wexford, 521-523.

Atkinson, George M.: Notice of the ogham cave at Dunloe, Co. Kerry, 523-524.


Hore, Herbert Francis (ed.): The rental book of Gerald, ninth Earl of Kildare. A.D., 1518 (continued), 525-546.

O’Gorman, Thomas: Some remarks on O’Connor’s tomb at Roscommon, 546-554.




JRSAI IX (1867)


[Delayed: actually published in 1871]

Not divided into numbered parts


Donation of a silver fourpence of Charles I (“money of necessity”) found near the seven churches of Clonmacnoise, 3.

Donation of a banknote for three shillings and ninepence, Bank of Cottrell and Kellett, Cork, 3.

Donation of a plan of a square earthwork on Garrandina hill, near Castlecomer, 3-4.

Donation of ten rubbings of sundials cut on the stone steps of the old tower of Ballogh, near Lisduff, 4-5.

Robertson, J.G. (exhibited): Copper siege-piece’ struck in Youghal, 5.

Graves, James: Inscribed boundary-stone, early 16th century, at Killeney, near Kells, 5-7.

Lawler, John: Cist burial with pottery, Cuffsborough, Queen’s County, 7-8.

Morant, George: Discovery of flint implements at lake of Ballyhoe, 5 miles from Carrickmacross. Also other finds—coins, bullet, bronze pins, etc., 8-10.


Lenihan, Maurice: Ancient liags and ollamhs; The fee-book of a physician of the seventeenth century, 10-33.

Prendergast, John P.: The Tory wars of Ulster, with the history of the three Brennans of the County of Kilkenny; descriptive of Ireland from the Restoration to the Revolution, 33-68.


Robertson, J.G: Damage to the tower of the Franciscan Abbey, Kilkenny, 70-71.

Donation of stone with cup-shaped hollow and traces of vitrification, from cemetery of St. Canice’s Cathedral, 71.

Donation of boars’ tusks found at Newtown, County Waterford, 71.

Donation of a Cronabane halfpenny, 1789 and a gilt medal of the Regency, of the same year. 71.

Donation of a copper counterfeit six shilling Bank of Ireland token of 1804.

Donation of rubbings of two decorative tiles from St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, 71.

Donation of a rubbing of a small altar stone, inscribed with 5 crosses, 71.

Robertson, J.G.: exhibited a silver medal commemorative of one of the French refuges in England, of the period of the Commonwealth, 71-72.

Day, Robert, junior (sent): model of a bronze leaf-shaped sword with bone handle, 72.

Brash, R.R.: description of capstone of Ardmore round tower, blown off in a storm, 72.

Drapes. V.R.: Saxon silver coin (Offa) dug up near Rathdowney, Queen’s County, 72-73.


Shirley, Evelyn Philip (with notes by the Hon. Robert O’Brien, and the Rev. James Graves): Extracts from the journal of Thomas Dineley, Esquire, giving some account of his visit to Ireland in the reign of Charles II (continued), 73-91.

Pinkerton, William: The last of the O’Neills, Earls of Tyrone, 91-100.


Donation of an Irish shilling of James I, 102.

Donation of a Japanese letter, in its envelope, 102.

Reade, G.H.: Ancient Irish handbell found at Gartan, Co. Donegal, 102.

Robertson, J.G. (exhibited): Leaf of old MS. memorandum book with late 17th century note re a Mrs. Munford of ‘Athey’ and her 19 soldier sons.

Lord Gort: Custom of hunting the ‘Hare of Rone’ (Earl of Tyrome) at Combmartin, Devonshire, 102-103.

O’Hanlon, John: Irish Ordnance Survey documents relating to Counties Sligo and Roscommon, 103-109.


Hogan, John: Topographical and historical illustrations of the County and City of Kilkenny, 109-138.

Lenihan, Maurice: Ancient liaghs and ollamhs; The fee-book of a physician of the seventeenth century, 139-176.

Shirley, Evelyn Philip (with notes by the Hon. Robert O’Brien, and the Rev. James Graves): Extracts from the journal of Thomas Dineley, Esquire, giving some account of his visit to Ireland in the reign of Charles II (Concluded), 176-204.


Donation of two encaustic floor tiles from the abbey of Great Connell, Co. Kildare, 205.

Donation of an ancient iron key from Webbsborough and part of a metal buckle from Crossybrennan (Brennan’s Cross), and a silver sixpence of Charles II, 205-206.

Donation of modern ‘ring-money’ from Bonny, West Africa, 206.

Donation of photographs of buildings in Kilkenny, 206.

Donation of a groat of Elizabeth found near Burnchurch, 206.

Donation of a copper farthing of Queen Anne, 1711, 206.

Donation of the Irish sixpence of James I exhibited at the last meeting, 206.

Donation by Mr. Prim of a metal casting of a Highlander, of rather modern workmanship, 206.

Donation of a number of silver and copper coins inclusing a penny of Edward I, a sixpence of Elizabeth, a groat of Charles II and several tradesmen’s tokens, 206.

Graves, James: Damage by lightning to tower of Jerpoint Abbey, 207-208.

Robertson, J.G. (exhibited): Bronze medal found at Mooncoin; discussion about whether it was Cufic, Hebrew or pagan, 208.

Robertson, J.G. (exhibited): Unusual bronze pin, 208.

White, Newport B.: Ancient bell found in Auburn Lake, near the ruins of the Abbey of Kilkenny West, 209.

Shaw, Samuel: Gold penannular ring, similar to those frequenly found in Ireland, found near Andover, Hants., 209.

Mr. Lecky: further cists found at Ballon Hill, Ballykealy, Co. Carlow, 209-210.

Lord Gort: addendum to note on the Kildare Rent Roll, Volume V new series p518, 210-211.

Prim, John G.A.: Petition to Duke of Ormonde, Lord Lieutenant, 1663, by one Will. Collowe, offering to kill wolves, 211-212.

O’Hanlon, John: Irish Ordnance Survey documents relating to the counties of Mayo, Galway and Leitrim, 212-220.


Lawrence-Archer, J.H.: An inquiry into the origin of the family of Archer in Kilkenny, with notices of other families of the name in Ireland, 220-232.

Graves, James: Some additional facts as to the marriage of James, Viscount Thurles, afterwards Duke of Ormonde, and the Lady Elizabeth Preston, 232-238.

Lenihan, Maurice: Ancient liaghs and ollamhs; The fee-book of a physician of the seventeenth century, 239-248.




JRSAI X (1868-1869)




Part I 1868


Drew, Thomas, et al: Report on the repairs of Francis’ Abbey Tower, Kilkenny, 5, 7-10.

Donation of ancient Chinese porcelain seal, found in Ireland, 11.

Donation of floor tile, fragment of glass bottle, and piece of window glass from the extinct town of Jerpoint, 11.

Graves, James: The extinct town of Jerpoint, 12-14.

Donation of flint implements from France, 14-15.

Donation of transcription: Contract for erecting a bridge over the River Slaney at Enniscorthy, A.D. 1581, 15-16.

Donation of transcription: Letter of Queen Elizabeth on the murder of Robert Browne of Mulrancan, A.D. 1572, 16-17.

Purdon, Charles Delacherois: The establishment of the linen trade at Dundalk, 17-20.

Benn, Edward (described): Bronze knives and other antiquities from Co. Antrim, 20-22.

Atkinson, George M.: Notice of stone circle, stone fort and ancient inscribed stones near Macroom, 22-23.

Lane, T.R. (exhibited): Photographs of Kilcrea Abbey, 23.

Day, Robert, junior (exhibited photographs), and comment by James Graves: Bronze leaf-shaped sword, with bone handle, illustrated by engravings, 24-25.

O’Daly, John (communicated by): Original letters of the late John O’Donovan, LL.D., on the territories of Dalriada and Dalradia, in Ulster, 25-35.


Williams, William: On an ogham chamber at Drumloghan, in the County of Waterford, 35-39.

Du Noyer, George V.: Remarks on a class of Cromleacs for which the name “Primary,” or “Earth-fast,” is proposed, 40-46.


Donation of silver groat of Edward IV and silver dollar of King John IV of Portugal, found at Ferns Castle, 50.

Donation of flint arrowhead from North Co. Antrim, 50.

Donation of photographs of St. Canice’s Cathedral, Kilkenny, 50.

Donation of drawing of Roman coin (brass, of Gallienus) found at Brugh na Boinne, 50.

Graves, James: Bronze pin found at Kilree, Co. Kilkenny, 50-51.

Kinahan, [?G.H.]: Damage to St. McDara’s Church, Co. Galway,

Williams, William (described): finds from beside Drumloghan ‘ogham chamber’, 52.

Inscription on wayside cross between Knockbridge and Louth (drawing presented by G.H. Reade), 52.

Graves, James: Description of sculptures from Jerpoint Abbey, Co. Kilkenny, 52-54.


Brash, Richard Rolt: The round tower and church of Dysert, County of Limerick, 54-61.

Hughes, James: The Butlers of Duiske Abbey, 62-75.

Kinahan, G. Henry: Cyclopean churches in the vicinity of Loughs Corrib, Mask, and Carra.-Part I., 76-80.


Graves, James et al. (report and discussion):Dangerous condition of the tower of St. Francis’ Abbey, Kilkenny, 82-83.

Donation of bronze pin found near Clonmacnoise, 84.

Donation of drawing of round-headed window discovered under dashing in the parish church of Clonmacnoise, 84.

Lane, Thomas R.: Mac Carthy monument at Kilcrea Abbey, 84-85.

Graves, James: Bullyn monument at Clonoony, King’s County, 85-87.

‘Geoghegan, A.G.: Supposed builders of the raths and earthworks of Ireland, 87-88.

Lindsay, John: Observations on the battle of Gortnapishy, 88-89.

Kinahan, G.H.: Report on the condition of the ancient church in Illaundara, Co. Galway, 89-91.

Day, Robert, junior: Notice of rock carvings, Ballybawn, Co. Cork, 91-92.


Reade, George H.: Cill Sliebhe Cuillinn, founded by St. Darerca, alias Moninne, about A.D. 518, 93-102.

Kilbride, William: Notes of some antiquities on Aranmore, in the Bay of Galway: No. I. Iarárna, 102-118.

Brash, Richard R.: On the Seskinan ogham inscriptions, County of Waterford, 118-131.

Kinahan, G. Henry: Cyclopean churches in the vicinity of Loughs Corrib, Mask, and Carra.-Part II., 131-138.


Graves, J.: Report on works effected for the safety of the tower of St. Francis’ Abbey, Kilkenny, 140-141.

Graves, J.: Report on the repairs of the cap of the Lesser Round Tower at Clonmacnoise, 141-142.

Hardman, J.W.: National petition to Parliament on the subject of Irish antiquities, suggested, 142-143.

Prim, John G.A.: Preservation of remains in ancient burial grounds, suggested, 143-144.

Graves, J.: Peculiar mode of hanging external shutters in the windows of the lesser round tower at Clonmacnoise [iron hinge-hook presented], 145-147.

Day, Robert, jun.: Communication on flint flakes from the neighbourhood of Belfast, 147-148.

Donation of impressions of corporate seals of Tralee, Co. Kerry, 148.

Donation of a specimen of ‘money of necessity’ of Charles I, found near Fethard, Co. Wexford, 148.

Donation of a New Ross token of 1673, 148.

Donation of an original lease of lands in the Barony of Rathvilly, Co. Carlow, 148-149.

Donation of photographs of Kilkieran and Ardmore, 149.

Donation of photograph of Browne’s Hill dolmen, 149.

Graves, J.: Artifacts found during the construction of the new iron bridge at New Ross, including a silver half-crown of William III, 149.

Donation of copies of two documents concerning the Siege of Londonderry: the petition of James Roch, who swam from the Fleet to Londonderry, to announce the arrival of relief and the petition of Col. Murray, governor of Londonderry, during the siege, recording his services, 149-153.

Original views of Kilkenny, drawn by O’Keeffe, the actor, exhibited. With a note from his Recollections. 153-154.

Dunne, D.L.; Graves, James & Stanley, Thomas: Notices of a crannog in Lough Annagh, King’s County, 154-157.

Riggs, Ledlie: Notice of the Vicar’s Cairn, near Armagh, 157-158.

documents: Order of the Marquis of Ormonde to erect a mint at Kilkenny in 1649, 159.

Reade, George H.: Notice of an ancient pagan sepulchre at Carrick-a-Dhirra, near Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, 160-162.

Malcomson, Robert: Notice of the Old Bridge of Carlow, 162-163.


O’Gorman, Thomas: On the contents of a sepulchre of the Bronze Period, 164-168.

Brash, Richard R.: Ogham readings.-No. I, 168-186.

Malcomson, Robert (with notes by the Rev. James Graves): Notice of a book entitled “Beware the Cat”, 187-192.


Part II.-1869


Graves, J.: Repairs of St. Francis Abbey, Kilkenny, and of Clonmacnoise, 213-214.

Correspondence with the Poor Law Commissioners about the preservation of National Monuments and ancient remains in graveyards, 214-215.

Donation of silver groat of Edward IV, Waterford Mint, 216.

Donation of a St. Patrick’s halfpenny made entirely of copper, 216.

Donation of a silver penny of Edward III, London mint, found near Danesfort, Kilkenny, 216.

Donation of three silver pennies of Edward III, found at Tyroe or Lackan, near Mount Loftus, 216-217.

Moore, Philip: Historical portraits exhibited, 217-219.

Day, Robert, jun.: Gold fibula exhibited, 219.

Kilbride, W.: Etymology of “Crannog” and “Rath”, 219-221.

Crowe, O’Beirne, J.: Etymology of “Crannog” and “Rath”, 221-223.

Day, Robert, jun; comments by Rev. James Graves and Mr. Clibborn: Bronze figure found at Clonmacnoise, supposed to be a portion of the ornaments of the shrine of St. Manchan, 224-226.

Reade, George H.: Rathwhelan, Co. Waterford, and the O’Faolans, lords of Decies, 226-231.

Prim, John G.A.: Ancient documents relative to the town of Gowran, Co. Kilkenny, 231-234.

Prim, John G.A.: Original deposition relative to the duel between Harry Flood and Agar, 234-241.

Macray, W.D.: Dr. Rawlinson [re Londonderry documents, pp149-153], 241.

Marquess of Kildare: The O’Neill pedigree [re Pinkerton article in Vol IX], and reply by W. Pinkerton, 241.

Graves, James: Treasure trove at Waterford, 241-243.


Malcolmson, Robert: On merchants’ tokens struck in the towns of Carlow, Bagenalstown, and Tullow, 244-254.

Brash, Richard R.: On two ogham inscribed stones from the County of Cork, 254-264.


Graves, J.: State supervision of National Monuments, 266.

Graves, J.: Repairs of the tower of St Francis’ Abbey, Kilkenny, 266-267.

Donation of bronze axehead found at Kilcullen, and Castlewarren, Co. Kilkenny, including horns of the primæval short-horned ox, 268-269.

Donation of penny token of Commonswealth period found in garden in Maudlin St., Kilkenny, 269.

Morant, George: Donation of drawings of pillar stone with sculptured cup-circles at Muff, near Londonderry, 269.

Remains of ancient oak structure found beneath a peat bog at Cargaghoge, near Carrickmacross, 269-270.

O’Gorman, Thomas: On the pedigree of O’Neill [re Pinkerton article, Vol. IX], 270-273.

Graves, J.: Non-existence of runic inscriptions in Ireland accounted for, 273.

Robert, George C. [& note from Beauchamp Colclough]: Old bridge at Enniscorthy, 275.

Graves, J.: Earliest known speculation on the round towers of Ireland, from an unpublished work of Bishop Rothe, 275-278.

Stanley, Thomas: Notice of megalithic monuments on the Slieve Bloom mountains, 278-279.

Westropp, Hodder W.: On ancient Irish metallic art [including illustration and description of a bronze penannular brooch from Ridgemount, near Frankfort, King’s County], 279-281.

Prim, John G.A.: Discovery of an ogham monument built into the east end of Claragh Church, Co. Kilkenny, 281-282.

Kinahan, George H.: Notice of a cromleac-like entrance to a rath near Rinvyle, Co. Galway, and classification of megalithic structures, 282-284.

Moore, Philip: Discovery of ancient Irish bell at Foulkscourt, Co. Kilkenny, 284.


Crowe, J. O’Beirne (trans. & ed.): The Fáeth Fíada (guardsman’s cry) of St. Patric, with the ancient preface: printed from the original Irish in the Liber Hymnorum, a manuscript in the library of Trinity College, Dublin, 285-307.

Crowe, J. O’Beirne: Religious beliefs of the pagan Irish, 307-334.

Day, Robert, jun.: On some ancient personal ornaments of glass found in Ireland, 335-338.


Graves, James: Letter of the Right Hon. H.A. Layard, on the formation of a State Department of National Antiquities, 340-341.

Atkinson, George M.: Regulations for the sale of antiquities in connexion with the Association, 341-342.

Graves, James: Repairs of the tower of St. Francis’ Abbey, Kilkenny, 342-343.

Donation of iron axehead from Ballynemona, Co. Kilkenny, 345.

Donation of encaustic floor tile from St. Francis’ Abbey, Kilkenny, 345.

Donation of shilling of William III found at Clonmacnoise, 345.

Donation of silver coin of Edward IV found at Stoneyford, 345.

Donation of halfpenny of William and Mary, 1693, 345.

Donation of photograph of carved stone in Pembrokeshire with inscription and ornament of Irish form, 345.

Loan of alabaster carving from Freshford, 345-346.

Graves, James, & Mr. Hely: Loan of ancient Irish ecclesiastical bell found at Foulkscourt, Co. Kilkenny, 346.

Graves, James: Ancient Irish ecclesiastical bell found near Ferbane, King’s County, exhibited, 347-348.

Kinahan, G.H.: Report on the ancient remains on the islands off the coast of Iar Connaught, 348.

Brash, Richard R.: Ogham stones in the Tramore area, 348-349.

Stanley, Thomas: The Nine-hole Stone at Meelahans, near Tullamore, King’s County, 349-350.

Holden, J. Sinclair: Description of a tumulus at Topping, parish of Inver, Co. Antrim [a cist], 350-352.


Reeves, William: On an ancient inscribed shrine-arch, 353-356.

Hayman, Samuel (ed.): Unpublished Geraldine documents.-No. I. Russell’s “Relation of the FitzGeralds of Ireland” 356-416.

Smith, Aquilla: On the copper tokens issued in Ireland from 1728 to 1761, 417-434.


Donation of ring found in the cathedral of St. Canice, 436.

Donation of flint flakes from the drift in the North of Ireland, 436.

Items exhibited: polished stone axehead from Tristia, Co. Mayo, seal of a Dublin notary public, dated 1671, and an ancient ?Russian cross found at Thurles, 436.

Dunne, D.L. & Dunne, Richard: Implements of wood found in a bog on the property of General Dunne, 436-437.

Graves, James: Difficulty of felling trees by fire, 437-438.

Brash, Richard R.: Ogham inscriptions at Ardmore and Aghaliskey, 438-439.

Stoney, Charles Butler: Plank road through bog near Portland, Co. Tipperary, 439.

Drew, Thomas: Concentric markings on stones in the Counties of Dublin and Wicklow, 439-442.

Kinahan, G. Henry: Megalithic structures near Cleggan Bay, Co. Galway, 442-445.

Kilbride, William: Critical remarks on the Faeth Fiedha, or St. Patrick’s Hymn, as edited by Mr. O’Beirne Crowe, 445-434.


Graves, James (ed.): Unpublished Geraldine documents.-No. II. The Earls of Desmond, with an appendix by Mac Carthy (Glas), Daniel, 459-559.

Hill, Arthur: Kilmalkedar, 560-564.




JRSAI XI (1870-1871)



ASSOCIATION OF IRELAND: Vol. I, Fourth Series, 1870–71.


Part I 1870


Donation of fragment of stone bowl or mortar, Paulstown, Co. Kilkenny, 12.

Donation of two 17th-century tradesmen’s tokens, one from Kilkenny, 12.

Document donated by the Earl of Charlemont: Flood and Agar duel, 13-14.

Caulfield, ?Richard (trans. & ed.): Expedition of Lord Deputy Sydney into Ulster, including an assault on a crannog, 14-25.

Patterson, William H., with comment by the Rev. James Graves: On an ancient stone coffer found at Movilla, Co. Down, 25-27.

Stanley, Thomas: On megalithic monuments in the King’s County, 27--29.

‘Geoghegan, A.G.: On a fictile vessel found at Mackrackens, parish of Leckpatrick, Co. Tyrone, 29-30.

Graves, James: Analogy between pre-historic and modern modes of producing rude pottery, 30-32.


Wilde, Sir W.R.: Memoir of Gabriel Beranger, and his labours in the cause of Irish art, literature, and antiquities, from 1760 to 1780, with illustrations, 33-64.

Foot, Arthur Wynne: An account of a visit to the Cave of Dunmore, Co. Kilkenny, with some remarks on human remains found therein, 65-94.

Crowe, J. O’Brien (trans. & ed.): Ancient lake legends of Ireland.-No. I. Aided Echac Maic Mairedo. The destruction of Eochad, son of Mairid; from the original Irish in Lebor na h-Uidre, a manuscript preserved in the library of the Royal Irish Academy, 94-112.


Donation, by Henry Lover, of sketch-book of drawings from 1791 of several ancient buildings in Ireland, 117-118.

Donation of impression of ancient Irish ecclesiastical seal, 118.

Donation of bronze mould for casting spoons, found at Pollough Hill, near Kilmanagh, 118.

Colles, J.A. Purefoy: Plunket monument at Dunsoghly, County Dublin, 118-119.

Malcolmson, Robert: Effigy of Sir Robert Hartpole in Carlow, 119-120.

Day, Robert: Hoard of bronze artifacts from County Roscommon, 120.


Wilde, Sir W.R.: Memoir of Gabriel Beranger, and his labours in the cause of Irish art, literature, and antiquities, from 1760 to 1780, with illustrations (continued), 121-152.

Hughes, James: Sir Edmund Butler of the Dullogh, Knight, 153-192.


Graves, James: Purchase of ancient Irish cross, and deposit of same at Clonmacnois, 201.

Donation of jet armlet, 202.

Donation of ancient lead cramp from Cathedral of St. Canice, Kilkenny, 202.

Donation of three stone axeheads, an Elizabethan iron stone-cutting punch, and a halfpenny of William & Mary, all from the Lough Gur area, 202-203.

Kinahan, G.H.: Notice of remains on the island of Inishark, Co. Mayo, 203-204.

Kinahan, G.H.: Observations on Bulláns, 204-205.

‘Geoghegan, A.G.: On the correct pronunciation of the word Ogham, 205.

Benn, E.: Notice of stone antiques in the museum of Mr. E. Benn, 205-207.

Graves, James: Account of the exploration of a rath souterrein near Ardfinnan, Co. Tipperary, 207-208.

Colles, J.A. Purefoy: Note on some inscribed stones at Dalkey and Tullagh, Co. Dublin, 208-211.


Hughes, James: Sir Edmund Butler of the Dullogh, Knight (concluded), 211-231.

Wakeman, W.F.: Remarks upon three hitherto unnoticed crannogs in Drumgay Lake, near Enniskillen, 232-235.

Wilde, Sir W.R.: Memoir of Gabriel Beranger, and his labours in the cause of Irish art, literature, and antiquities from 1760 to 1780, with illustrations (continued), 236-260.


Donation of bronze axehead and Dublin token, 263.

Donation of gun-money shilling of James II from Annagh Castle, Co. Tipperary, 263.

Donation of gun-money sixpence found at Bennetsbridge, 263.

Donation of photographs of cromleacs in County Waterford, 263.

Donation of drawing of signet ring found at Mullaghadu, Co. Donegal, 263.

Appeal for funds to repair O’Connor tomb at Roscommon Abbey and Ardmore round tower, Co. Waterford, 264.

Lang, J.: On the age of the stone and bronze antiquities in the Shannon, 264-267.

Colles, J.A. Purefoy: Ogham stone at Ross Hill, Co. Galway, 268.

Bold, John: Bronze ring found at Mullaghadu, Co. Donegal, 268.

Atkinson, George M.: Congress of pre-historic archæology at Copenhagen, 268-269.

Watters, Patrick: Original documents from the archives of the Corporation of Kilkenny, from 1579. Order from the Lord Lieutenant and Council to the Sovereign of Kilkenny re provision of postal services; account of expenses claimed by Pierse Shee, sovereign of Kilkenny; document authorising payment for the hire of a horse to convey the Earl of Desmond’s son to Loghlin, 269-278.

Alderdice, T.: Monument of the Harvey family of Ballynasaggart, Co. Tyrone, 278.

Robertson, James G.: Report on quern and timbers from Ballydoolough Crannog, presented to the Society’s museum, 278.

Molloy, Kyran: Notice of discovery of timber structure in bog near Clonmacnois, 279.

Reade, George H.: Discovery of runic inscription at Greenmount, near Dundalk, 279-280.


Prim, John G. A.: The Corporation insignia and olden civic state of Kilkenny, 280-305.

Wakeman, W.F.: Further remarks upon the hitherto unnoticed crannogs in Drumgay Lake, near Enniskillen, 305-314.


Part II 1871


‘Geoghegan, A.G.: Fibula of Roman design, said to have been found in Ireland, donated, 326.

Prim, John G. A.: Silver cup presented to Barry Colles, Esq., 326-327.

Long, Richard: Charter under the Great Seal of Charles II., including text of the will of John Hansard, 1664, 327-328.

Crowe, John O’Beirne: On the origin and meaning of the word clochan, 328-330.

Watters, Patrick: Original documents from the archives of the Corporation of Kilkenny, 330-333.

Lefroy, J.H.: Runic inscription on bronze plate from sword-belt, found at Greenmount, County Louth, 333-334.

MacCarthy, Daniel (trans. & ed.): The “Spanish Letter” to Florence MacCarthy, 334-346.

Glascott, J.H. (trans. & ed.): Foundation charter of Dunbrody Abbey, 346-348.

Nolan, Joseph: Church and well of Toberkeelagh, Co. Galway, 348-350.

Kinahan, G.H.: Ancient settlements in West Galway, 350-351.


Stokes, M.: Irish art in Bavaria, 352-359.

Wakeman, W.F.: Remarks on the Crannog at Ballydoolough, Co. Fermanagh, 360-371.

Crowe, J. O’Beirne (trans. & ed.): Siabur-Charpat Con Culaind: from “Lebor na h-Uidre” (fol. 37, et seqq.), a manuscript of the Royal Irish Academy, 371-448.


Donation of spindle-whorl found in excavations in St. Canice’s Cathedral, Kilkenny, 450-451.

Graves, James (described): Works of reparation at St. Francis’ Abbey, Kilkenny, 451.

Graves, James (described): Proposed conservation of the remains at Monasterboice, Co. Louth, 451-453.

Watters, Patrick (exhibited): Original documents from the Corporation Archives, Kilkenny, 453-458.

Graves, James (described): Seal of the Supreme Council of the Confederate Catholics, 458-459.

Kinahan, G.H.: Observations on the exploration of crannogs (note), 459-461.

Wakeman, W.F.: Iron tools and canoe discovered at the Crannog of Cornagall, Co. Cavan (note), 461-465.

Patterson, W.H.: Cross, relig, and holy well of St. Conall, Co. Donegal, 466-470 (note).


Lefroy, J.H.: On a bronze object bearing a runic inscription found at Greenmount, Castle-Bellingham, Co. Louth, 471-502.


Donation of (modern) MS compilation of pedigrees of Co. Wexford families, 505.

Comments on site for new Synod Hall, Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, 505.

Donation of cannonball found at Newbawn Castle, near Carrigburn, Co. Wexford, 505.

Donation of stone axe from South Sea islands (comparandum), 505.

Donation of finds from test pit at St. John’s Bridge, Kilkenny, and drawing of last remaining arch of the pre-1763 bridge, 506.

Donation of photograph of Food Vessel from Altegarron, near Belfast, 506.

Graves, James (communicated): Report of partial collapse of the round tower at Kilmacduagh, 506.

Mr. Courtenaye: Legend of Ardfinnan, 507.

Watters, Patrick (exhibited; seal described by James Graves): Document, with seal of the City of Antwerp (safe conduct for Fr. Patrick Brophy, 1690), 507-508.


Brash, Richard Rolt: The precious metals and ancient mining in Ireland, 509-534.

Watters Patrick (ed. John G.A. Prim): Documents connected with the ancient corporation of Gowran-No. I., 535-552.

Wakeman, W.F.: The crannogs in Lough Eyes, Co. Fermanagh, 553-564.


Graham, Mr.: Preservation of remains at Monasterboice, 566.

Graves, James: Death of Lord Dunraven, 567-568.

Donation of finds fromBallydoulough Crannogs, County Fermanagh, 569.

Donation of ‘grinding stone’ found in “The Miracles” crannog near Monea, 569.

Donation of part of jet bracelet from Lough Eyes, 569.

Donation of four tradesmen’s tokens from near Fermanagh, 569.

Donation of javelin head from Crover Castle, Lough Sheelin, County Cavan, 569.

Donation of ancient bridle bit and key from Ross Castle, Meath, 569.

Donation of leaden bolts for fastening roofing-slates, part of guard of sword, buckle, from the old Castle of Annagh, County Tipperary, 569.

Donation of Kilkenny theatre ticket, 1818, 569.

Donation of photographs of the Knockgraffon Moat, near Cahir, and the Black Prince’s tomb in Canterbury Cathedral, 570.

Donation of blunderbuss barrel on swivel, from Kilkenny Castle, 570.

Donation of sketch of ?stone axehead recently found in graveyard at Omey Island (with legend re women-only graveyard), 570.

Donation of Tradesman’s token of Tullowphelan, Co. Carlow, halfpenny of Queen Elizabeth, a Cronanbane halfpenny, and some modern coins, all found in the garden of the Butler House, Kilkenny, 570.

Lenehan, Maurice: The Triumphalia, a MS. relating to Holycross Abbey (exhibited, along with a modern copy, and a silver pectoral reliquary cross of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cashel, 570-571.

Langtry, George: The church of Killeena, and the Goban Saer’s Cave, Co. Antrim, 571-574.

Adams, Benjamin W.: Notice of remains at Moylagh, Co. Meath [& list of some coins found in Counties Dublin & Wicklow], 574-576.

Galvin, Richard: Note on the landing-place of Palladius, 576-577.

Mode of manufacture of flint implements [from Nature], 577.

Norreys, Sir Denham Jephson: Stone doors and shutters of the “Priest’s House”, Kilmalkedar, 577-579.


Wakeman, W.F.: Remarks on the exploration of a prehistoric carn near Trillick, County Tyrone, 579-590.

Graves, James (ed.): Unpublished Geraldine documents. The Whyte Knight, 591-616.




JRSAI XII (1872-1873)




Part I 1872


Smith, Aquilla: Tradesmen’s tokens, 10.

Kinahan, George H.: Some unrecorded antiquities in Yar Connaught, 10-13.

Shearman, J.F.: Discovery of Carlovingian coins at Mullaboden, Ballymore Eustace, 13-16.

Wakeman, W.F.: Some antiquities of oak in the possession of J.G.V. Porter, Esq., of Bellisle, Lisbellaw, County Fermanagh [2 boats and a ‘chariot yoke’], 16-17.

Graves, James (exhibited; & historical note by J.P. Prendergast): Original letter and cipher of Owen Roe O’Neill, 18-25.


Crowe, J. O’Beirne (trans. & ed.): Ancient lake legends of Ireland, No. II.-The vision of Cathair Mor, King of Leinster, and afterwards Monarch of Ireland, foreboding the origin of Loch Garman (Wexford Haven) [from the books of Lecan and Leinster], 26-49.

Watters, Patrick: The approaches to Kilkenny in olden times, as compared with the present, 50-59.

Whitty, M.J.: The Whitty monument in the ruined church of Kilmore, County of Wexford, 59-64.


Dillon, L.G.: Injury to the round tower of Kilmacduach (letter), 66.

Moore, Philip (donated): Cannon ball and two musket bullets from Aughrim, and a rubbing of the arms of the De Fraynes from a monument in Ballyneal church, 69.

Donation of ancient buckles, part of a shoe and coins from near Athlone, and a stone carved with a human figure from Ballinderry Lake, 69.

Donation of photographs of monuments in the Franciscan Abbey, Galway, 69.

Donation of small silver brooch, 69.

Prim, John G.A.: Sword of Gowran Yeoman Cavalry & uniform coat of the Kilkenny Legion (donated and described), 69-70.

Exhibited: Silk embroidery, 69. [donated, 127].

Moore, Philip: Historical portraits exhibited, 70-71.

Graves, James (exhibited): Seal of Octavian, Primate of Ireland, 71-72.

Nolan, Joseph: Ancient ecclesiastical bell, found near the ruined church of Drumrath, Co. Tyrone (note), 72-74.

Patterson, W.H.: Silver brooch found at Aghaloughan, near Randalstown, County of Antrim (note), 74.

Wakeman, W.F.: The last curachs used on the Boyne (note), 74-76.

MacCormac, Henry: The Irish harp (note), 76-77.

Malone, Michael: The ancient church of Donaghmore, near Limerick (note), 77-81.

Stanley, Thomas: Entrenched pass over the river at Kileigh, King’s County (note), 81-82.

Graves, James: Silver brooch found near Kileigh, King’s County (note), 82.


Watters, Patrick: The history of the Kilkenny Canal, 82-98.

Brash, Richard Rolt: The sculptured crosses of Ireland, what we learn from them, 98-112.


Graves, James: Preservation of National Monuments, 113.

Neary, P.: Sepulchral Urn discovered at Ballyouskill, Co. Kilkenny, 115-116.

Prim, John G.A.: Seal of the Corporation of Gowran, 116-118.

Lenihan, Maurice: Bronze shield found in the County of Limerick, 118-121.

Donation of Afghan Chárá [type of sword] (with note by James Graves), 121-22.

Donation of silver sixpence of George II, silver twopence of William & Mary, 123.

Donation of privy seal, 1815, programme, 1868, 123.

Grey, William: Counterfeit antiquities, 122-123.

Stanley, Thomas (donated and described): Stone inkstand, dated 1677, found near Clara, bronze object, flint scraper from Geashill, piece of bog butter from Killevalley near Tyrrelspass, and photo of Shragh-a-kern castle, Tullamore, 123-124.

Donation of Inscribed stone found near Drumscara Castle, Co. Cork, 127.

Prim, John G.A.: Leaden proof of modern copy of the seal of the Corporation of Kilkenny, found in Boston, U.S., p124-127.

Donation of Stone with Ogham inscription, found in a cranoge in Ballydoolough, Co. Tyrone, 127.

Hogan, John (with comment by James Graves): Silver monstrance preserved in the chapel of Ballycallan, Co. Kilkenny, 127-128.

Watson, Mr.: penannular gold antique found at Pollen Strand, Innishowen, and apparently purchased by R. Day [dress-fastener], 128.

Day, Robert: Gold reliquary found near the Lower Bann [bulla], 128-129.

Patterson, William H.: Notice of a monumental slab found at Ballysaggart, Co. Donegal, 129-134.

Wakeman, W.F.: “Giant’s Grave” at the “Bar” of Fintona, Co. Fermanagh, 134-138.

Gray, William: Stone Celts found near Belfast, and gold torque discovered near Bushmills, Co. Antrim, 138.


Crowe, J. O’Beirne (trans. & ed.): The Dind-Senchus of Eriu. Partly from the Book of Ballymote, and partly from the Book of Lecan, two vellum manuscripts of the Royal Irish Academy, 139-190.


Prim, John G.A.: Repairs to St. Francis Abbey, Kilkenny, 192-193.

Donation of paper moulds of 6 ogham stones in County Kilkenny, 194.

Donation of plaster cast of sculpture of Durrow Cross (& copper tokens, & silver coin), 194.

Donation of Kilkenny token of Lucas Wale, 194.

Gray, W.: Bronze pin with enamelled ring, from Crannog of Loughravel, County Antrim, (note), 194-195.

Donation of rubbing of standing stone, parish of Muff, County Londonderry, 195.

Exhibited: small copper gilt cruet with screw stopper, apparently 15th century, from near Newtownbutler, 195.

Wakeman, W.F.: note on the hafting of Irish bronze weapons, 195-198.

Hewson, G.J.: Condition of the remains of the Parish Church of St. Mary, New Ross (note), 199-200.

Watters, P. (exhibited): Document: Corporation of Kilkenny—agreement to make Nore navigable between Durrow and Inistiogue, 1581, 200-201.

Kinahan, George H.: notes on some megalithic structures and other ancient ruins in the Manor of Loughrey, Co. Tyrone, 201-205.


Watters, P.: An account of the fortifications and defences of Kilkenny from 1527 to 1691; with some particulars relative to the Black Abbey and the encampment of William III. with his army at Bennet’s Bridge, from original documents and other authentic manuscripts, 205-222.

Ferguson, Samuel (with some introductory observations by John G.A. Prim): The Ogham monuments of Kilkenny (letter), 222-238.

Brash, Richard Rolt: The Dunbel ogham inscriptions, 238-246.


Part II 1873


anonymous (from report of the Committee): Progress in repairs at St. Francis’ Abbey, Kilkenny, 248.

Donation of a specimen of fused substance from a vitrified fort of Knock Fanell, Strathfefer, Dingwall, Ross-shire, 251.

Donation of bronze weight, knife blade, and portion of book clasp, 251-252.

Donation (by W.F. Wakeman) of specimens of pottery and other antiquities from various crannogs in Fremanagh, 252.

Donation of two photographs of portions of the Bayeaux Tapestry, 252.

Donation of silver penny of one of the early Edwards, 252.

Malcolmson, R. (exhibited): fictile vessel found at Killerrig, County Carlow, and miniatures painted by Bishop Digby, 252-253.

Prim, John G.A. (exhibited): Regimentals of the Kilkenny Volunteers, Irish Directory of 1788, stone celt with human bones from Greenville, near Kilkenny, and bronze celt from the banks of Lough Neagh, 254-255.

Watters, P. (exhibited): Ancient deeds and charters of the Corporation of Kilkenny, 255.

Harpur, S.C.: Ancient silver chalice of Aghaboe church, 1663 (note), 255.

Cooper, J.S.: Wexford funeral custom (note), 255.

Robertson, James G.: The Gores of Barrowmount, Co. Kilkenny, 255-257.

Graves, James: Bone-hafted bronze sword found in Co. Armagh (note), 257-258.

Atkinson, George M.: Kitchen middens in Cork Harbour (note), 258-261.


Hogan, John: Patron days and holy wells in Ossory, 261-281.

Hughes, James: The fall of the Clan Kavanagh, 282-305.

Wakeman, W.F.: Observations on the principal crannogs of Fermanagh, 305-324.


Donation of photographs of Dover Castle, Kit’s Coty House, etc., 327-328.

Donation of a silver groat of Mary, 328.

Donation (by W.J. Knowles) of drawing of bronze axe, 328.

Caulfield, Richard: Possessions of the Templars in Ireland, 328-334.

Graves, James: Sheriff’s list returned by the judges in 1644, 334-336.

Wakeman, W.F.: O’Neill monument at Kilskerry, Co. Tyrone, 336-338.

Prendergast, John P.: Petition of Edward Plunkett, son of the Earl of Fingall, A.D., 1656, 338.

Ferguson, Samuel: Discovery of Ogham inscriptions, 338-339.


Shearman, John Francis: Loca Patriciana.—No. I. Killeen Cormac, 339-352.

Shearman, John Francis: Loca Patriciana.—No. II. The Fine or Tribes of Leinster, 353-361.

Conwell, Eugene Alfred: A ramble round Trim, 361-430.


Donation of bronze axehead found at Crosspatrick, Co. Kilkenny, 432.

Ogham stone at Ballyboodan, Co. Kilkenny (note), 432-434.

Wakeman, W.F.: Chambered Carn at Cavancarrogh, County Fermanagh (note), 434-435.

Kinahan, George H.: Remains at Begerin, Co. Wexford (note), 435-436.


Brash, Richard Rolt: County of Kilkenny inscribed pillar stones: Gowran, 437-444.

Wilde, Sir W.R.: Memoir of Gabriel Beranger, and his labours in the cause of Irish art, literature, and antiquities, from 1760 to 1780, with illustrations (continued), 445-485.

Shearman, John Francis: Loca Patriciana.—No. III. The Palladian churches-Teach na Roman, Domnach Arda, Cell Fínè, 486-498.

Wakeman, W.F.: On a pagan cemetery at Drumnakilly, near Omagh, County of Tyrone, 499-513.


Graves, James: Injury to monuments at Clonmacnois (note), 515-516.

Graves, James: Repairs at Monasterboice (note), 516.

Graves, James: Condition of remains at Glendalough (note), 516-518.

Donation of thumb-scraper from Valley of the Braid, Antrim, 519.

Donation of blade of bronze dagger from Pollen Strand, Enishowen; flint arrowhead from Dunluce, Co. Antrim; 17th-century clay-pipes from near Inch Castle, Co. Donegal and Somersetshire, 519.

Donation of fragment of fictile vessel, specimens of charcoal and burnt bones, and piece of variegated polished stone, found in the round tower of Monasterboice, 519.

Donation of gun-money crown piece, 519.

Donation of a relic of the Kilkenny Plays (two buttons), 519-520.

Donation of a pair of shoe-buckles, found when digging in lane between St. Patrick’s Churchyard and the Upper Parade, Kilkenny, 520.

Donation (by W.F. Wakeman) of fragments of fictile vessels, excavated at Dromakilly, County Fermanagh, 520

Donation of a Peruvian burial vase, 520.

Donation of specimans of mortar and plaster from Mellifont Abbey, 520.

Lenihan, Maurice (exhibited): Bronze spearhead found in dredging the Patent Slip on the North Strand of the River Shannon at Limerick, 1867; bronze object (?sword-pommel) found at Lough Gur; smaller bronze spearhead found in a rath in the County of Wexford; Dublin Volunteer buckle, 1792, 520.

Andrews, Michael: Underground chamber at Labadye Bridge, Co. Tipperary (note), 521-522.

Graves, James: Fictile vessels found at Danesfort (note), 522-523.

Donation of bronze spearhead from Carrowkeel Bog, Clonmacnoise, 523

Ferguson, Samuel: Inscribed cromlechs in Ireland (note), 523-531.


Watters, Patrick: Original documents connected with Kilkenny, 532-543.

Shearman, John Francis: Loca Patriciana.—No. IV. Bilingual ogham inscriptions at Killeen Cormac, 544-560.

Graves, James: Notes on an autograph of the Fair Geraldine, 561-570.




JRSAI XIII (1874-1875)




Part I.—1874


Donation of large stone celt from Newlands near Danesfort, 9.

Donation of eight ancient coins and a weight, 9.

Donation of photograph of a Bellarmine jug, 9.

Donation of rubbing of a 17th-century monument at Gallen Priory, King’s County, 9.

Graves, James: Repair of top of round tower of St. Canice, Kilkenny, 9-11.

Rowan, J.: Excavations at Glendalough, 11-12.

Palmer, Henry: Works of repair at Tubrid church, Co. Tipperary, which bears a contemporary inscription to the memory of Dr. Geoffrey Keating, author of “The History of Ireland”, 12.

Graves, James: Cross slab, Kildrinagh churchyard, Co. Kilkenny [rubbing sent by Rev. Philip Moore, P.P.], 12-13.

Martin, James: Ancient churches near Lisdoonvarna, 13-15.

Wakeman, W.F.: Inscription at Newtown, Trim, 15.

The honourable Luke Gerald Dillon: The pedigree of Dillon, Lord Clonbrock, 15-16.

Donation of sketches of Sheelanagigs and animal carvings, Croom area, 17.

Knowles, W.J.: Ornamented bronze celt, 17.

Patterson, William H.: Bronze badge found at Maghera, Co. Down, 17-18.

Cantwell, J.W.: Ancient carvings at Fethard, Co. Tipperary, 18-20.

Langtry, George: Ancient bronze cauldron and carved timber dish, from Armoy, County Antrim, 20-23.


Shearman, John Francis: Loca Patriciana.—No. V. The druids, Dubhtach Mac Ui Lugair and his sons, 24-59.

Wakeman, W.F.: The antiquities of Devenish, 59-94.


document: Address of the Mayor and citizens of Kilkenny to Cornet Euseby Stratford, 1718, 100-101.

Brash, Richard R. (& comment by Rev. James Graves): Inscribed cromlechs, 101-103.

Crowe, James O’Beirne: “Cothraige” as a name of St. Patrick, 103-105.


Malone, Sylvester: Iniscathay since the twelfth century.-section I, 106-117.

Crowe, James O’Beirne: Mythological legends of ancient Ireland.—No. I. The adventures of Condla Ruad, 118-133.

Graves, James: The church and shrine of St. Manchán, 134-150.


Donation of wooden beetle and antique glass bottle found near Enniskillen, 152.

Robertson, James G.: samples of burnt stones and earth from primitive cooking place, Foulksrath Castle, 153.

Donation of drawing of bronze axehead from Stoneyford, Co. Antrim, 153.

Donation of drawing of silver shilling of Charles I, found near New Ross, 153.

Donation of English silver shilling of James I and French copper coin of Louis XIII found in Dundalk, 153.

Donation of bronze sunflower pin found near Tullamore, 153-154.

Prim, John G.A.: Deed establishing four perpetual plates to be run for in the Park of Dunmore or within the Liberties of Kilkenny, 1731, 154.

Graves, J.: Templar effigies at Hospital, County Limerick, 154-155.

Wakeman, W.F. (with comment by W.S.W. Vaux): Penannular brooch pins, and a pin made with a Hiberno-Scandinavian coin, 155-160.

White, Patrick: Excavation of a cairn at Shallee, near Ennis, Co. Clare, 160-161.

Dunne, Robert Hedges (with comments by Rev. James Graves & John G.A. Prim): Carving of the Arms of Christ at Ballylin, King’s County, 161-165.

Brash, Richard R.: On the ogham-inscribed stones at Killeen Cormac, 165-182.


Shearman, John Francis: Loca Patriciana.—No. VI. The poems of Dubhtach Mac Ui Lugair: prayer of Ninnius: prayer of St. Mugent, 183-202.

Atkinson, George Mouncey: Some account of ancient Irish treatises on Ogham writing, illustrated by tracings from the original MSS., 202-236.


Donation of silver groat of Henry III, 239.

Donation of deed of sale of 29 acre debenture in Liberties of Kilkenny, 1655, by Ensign John Fry to Captain Arthur Helsham, 239-240.

Donation of human bones from cist near Portlaw, stone axeheads from Giant’s Causeway and Cahir, drawing of cromleac at Tunaculla, County Cork, 240.

Donation of processional cross found near the Abbey of Ballylaghton, 240.

Donation of human bones from cairn at Shalee, near Ennis, with note from Luke MacRedmond on a curious tradition 240.

Donation of finds from the sandhills at Port-Stewart, 240.

Donation of ivory sheela-na-gig, apparently from head of pin, found near Annagh Castle, Co. Tipperary, 241.

Hewson, George James: Battle of Colloony, 1798, 241-243.

Lenihan, Maurice (exhibited): Seal of the Barber-surgeons’ Guild of Limerick, seal of the Tholsel Court of Limerick, leaden ink-bottle shaped like satyr’s head from ChristChurch, Dublin, old bronze tobacco-pipe, wooden pipe-case in shape of shoe (1672), stone axe-head, and iron battle-axe head found in Lough Gur, 243-244.

Delaney, Barry (exhibited): silver ring from Thomastown (also two other silver rings and a silver seal), 244.

Langrishe, R. (exhibited): tracing of 13th-century fresco discovered in St. Canice’s Cathedral, 244.

newspaper article (The Universal Advertiser, March 1761) (with comment by John G.A. Prim): First boats from Waterford have sailed up the Kilkenny Canal, 244-245.

Watters, P: Reference to the Black Quarry (stone for repairs to St. John’s Bridge, Kilkenny) in 1618, 245-246.

MacCarthy, Bartholomew: On the word “Cothraige,” as an appellation of St. Patrick, 246-247.

MacCarthy, Bartholomew: Monumental inscription of Lady Kingston, Brigown Church, near Mitchelstown, Co. Cork, 247.

Martin, James: Notes on old churches in Co. Waterford, 247-250.

MacCarthy, Bartholomew: Original correspondence relative to Colgan’s Acta SS. Hiberniæ, 250-252.

Graves, James: Autograph of the Fair Geraldine (addendum), 253-254.


Malone, Sylvester: Iniscathay since the twelfth century.—Section II, 255-278.

Shearman, John Francis: Loca Patriciana.—No. VII. St. Patrick’s visitation of Leinster, Druim Urchaille, Naas. Baptism of Iollan, and Oilill, &c. Forach Patrick. The sons of Laighis Find. The Ui-Ercan, &c. Visits Hy-Cinnselach. Baptism of Crimthan at Rathvilly, &c. Visits Dubhtach at Domnachmore Magh Criathair. His churches, &c., 279-306.


Part II 1875


Donation of two bronze celts, and also the printed return of fifteen days’ polling at the City of Dublin Election, 1773, 313.

Donation of a small bronze celt and a very fine bronze dagger with original rivets, found in a bog near Down-hill, Co. Londonderry, 313-314.

Donation of pair of bronze rings, found near Barnaboy House, near Frankford, ?Tullamore, 314.

Donation of rent-roll of Kilkenny City for 1794, 314.

Donation of illuminated manuscript from Abyssinia, 314.

Donation of jaws of Great Irish Deer found in the Bog of Allen, near Mullinahone, 314.

Donation of oak paddle from Drumdarragh crannog, near Enniskillen, 314-315.

Watson, Thomas (exhibited): Bronze spearhead found in a bog at Tubermore, Co. Londonderry, 315.

Delaney, Barry (exhibited): Print on satin dedicated to Bishop Rothe, 315.

Hewson, G.J. (exhibited): Two bronze spear-heads, one of rare form, found in the Shannon near Athlone (illustrated), 315.

Hewson, G.J.: Correction of mistake relative to supposed Scandinavian brooch, 315-318.

Hewson, G.J.: Exhibition of supposed Danish weapon, 318.

Watters, P: Original documents connected with Kilkenny (1756 inventory of Kilkenny Court House furniture, and indenture of 1753 nominating Michael Holmes as gaoler for the county), 318-320.

Brash, Richard Rolt: The Camp or Glenfais, Ogham-inscribed stone (note), 320-322.

Reade, George H.: On a prick-spur of bronze-gilt, found in the Mound of Ash, Co. Louth (note), 322-326.

Donation (by W.F. Wakeman) of two bronze pins, 326.

Donation of photograph of carving, 326.


Wakeman, W.F.: On the ecclesiastical antiquities of Cluain Eois, now Clones, County of Monaghan, 327-340.

Reeves, William: Octavianus del Palacio, Archbishop of Armagh, 341-366.


Egan, ?Richard & Graves, J.: Resolution on the importance of teaching the Irish language in National Schools, 367.

Donation of stone celt from White Fort, Co. Wexford, 369.

Donation of silver 3d of George III, 1763, 369.

Donation of cast of bronze carving representing griffins, Lough Fea, barony of Farney, County Monaghan, 369.

Donation of drawing of elaborate ornamented fictile vessel found in the parish of St. Mary’s Ring, near Dungarvan, County Waterford, 369.

Watters, P.: Town clerkship of Kilkenny, 1772, 1794, 1834, 369-370.

Dean Vignoles (exhibited): MS. history of Ireland from the earliest times to the reign of Elizabeth (for sale), 370.

Elizabethan cup, an heir-loom of the Bishops of Ossory, 370-371.

Graves, J.: Seal and mace of Athenry (note, illustrated), 371-373.

Graves, J.: Seal of the Customs of the Port of Carrickfergus (note, illustrated), 373.

Day, Robert: Bronze cross found in Co. Longford (note, illustrated), 373-374.

Kinahan, George H.: Antiquities in the neighbourhood of Drumdarragh, Co. Antrim, 374-380.


Shearman, John Francis: Loca Patriciana.—No. VIII. Patrician missionaries in Leinster.—Isserninus, Auxilius. Mac Tail of Kilcullen. St. Fortchern of Ui-Drona. Elloc or Malach Brit. Mochonoc. Bishop Cairpre. Dabeoc. Erdith. Dubhan of Rin Dubhain. St. Mantan of Wicklow. Bishop Ibhar of Beg Erin. St. German, first bishop of the Isle of Man. Appendix.—St. Coemghin, or Kevin, of Glendaloch, 381-421.

Day, Robert, junior: Irish bronze war trumpets, 422-432.


Graves, James, et al.:Deer antlers and offcuts found at the Episcopal Palace, Kilkenny, and St. Canice’s Cathedral, and evidence for a tile kiln at St. Canice’s, 434-435.

Donation of a copper penny token of Edward Rothe, merchant, of Kilkenny, 1663, 435.

Donation of a copper farthing of Charles I, and other finds, from Seven Churches, Clonmacnoise, 435-436

Donation of a terra-cotta ‘tear-bottle’ said to have been found at Athens 436

Donation of an urn found in the parish of St. Mary’s Ring, near Dungarvan, County Wexford (see p369), 436-437.

Donation of bronze dagger exhibited in Vol. 12, p195 and oval ‘shield brooch’ from Inchicore, near Dublin, 437.

Donation of snuff box said to have been brought from the Society Islands by one of Captain Cook’s crew, 437.

Martin, James: Sepulchral urns found at Kilbeg, parish of Kilbarry-Meadan, Co. Waterford (note), 437.

Moore, Philip: Historical portraits (General Vallancey & Sir Christopher Wandesforde), 437-438.

Richardson, C.W.: Particulars of discovery of flat-headed bronze pin on the Island of Inisconra, Lough Erne (note), 438.

Martin, James (& comment by Rev. James Graves): “Bullawns”, nature and object of, 438-439.

Wakeman, W.F.: Brooch exhibited on p158 lost in shipwreck, 439.


Atkinson, G.M.: On a stone known as “The Imokilly Amulet”, 440-444.

Wakeman, W.F.: On certain markings in rocks, pillar-stones, and other monuments, observed chiefly in the County Fermanagh, 445-474.


Graves, James: Teaching Irish in National Schools refused by the Commissioners as not expedient, 475.

Donation of thumb-ring found near Dunbrody Abbey, County Wexford, 478-479.

Donation: English groat of Elizabeth, 1569, Whiteford, near Enniscorthy, 479.

Donation of ogham stone, Kilbarry Meaden parish, Co. Waterford (see p 437), 479.

Martin, James: Monuments in Fiddown Churchyard (note), 479-480.

Robertson, J.G. (exhibited): Gold armlet with cup-shaped ends, found near Claragh, Co. Kilkenny, 480-481.

Lenihan, Maurice (exhibited): Fifteenth-century crucifix attached to a set of beads, and some ancient silver signets, 481.

Martin, James: Sepulchral cists and fictile vessels found near Ring, Co. Waterford (note), 481.

Langrishe, R.: Discovery of Ogham stone at Hacketstown Glebe, Co. Carlow (note), 482.

Coogan, P.J.: Collectanea relative to Ballyragget and its neighbourhood, Co. Kilkenny, 482-486.


Shearman, John Francis: Loca Patriciana.—Part IX. St. Fiacc Bishop of Sleibhte. Domnach Fiacc, Minbeg. The foundation of the church of Sleibhte. Duma Gaibhla. Bishop Fiachra, son of Fiacc. His churches, &c. Appendix I.—The Ui Bairrche; an account of their dispersion, the history of some of their remarkable kings, &c., &c. Appendix II.—St. Edan, or Moedoc, first Bishop of Ferns, 487-529.

Wakeman, W.F.: On an ogham, from the carn on Topped Mountain, Co. Fermanagh, 529-542.




JRSAI XIV (1876-1877)




Part I.-1876


Donation of items connected with the Kilkenny Legion, and a stone celt found embedded in a human skull at Greenvale, near Kilkenny, 10.

Donation of an iron javelin head found in Crover Castle, Lough Sheelan, County Cavan, 10.

Donation of ogham stone found in the carn on Topped Mountain (see Vol XIII, p 529), 10.

Armstrong, Robert B. (donation): Print on linen, of review of the Irish Volunteers; book of infantry instruction and drill, and a cartridge box plate (with explanatory letter), 10-11.

Exhibited: Bone pins and stone amulets, with ogham and runic inscriptions, from Ballinderry Crannoge, Co. Westmeath, 11.

O’Leary, Denis A.: Bronze celt and sword, Charleville, Co. Cork, 11-12.

Graves, James (with report on bones by Charles James, MB, LRCSI): Chambered cairn at Ballyneilan, Co. Clare, 12-13.


Graves, James: Unpublished Geraldine documents (continued), including Down Survey map, and plans & engravings of castles, 14-52.


Donation of copy of Irish poem on the countries of Walshes (in County Kilkenny) and Powers (in County Waterford), 54.


Shearman, John Francis: Loca Patriciana.—Part X.—The companiona of Saint Fiacc: Muchatoc; Augustin; Tagan; Diarmaid; Nainnidh, identified with Nennius and Gildas; Paul and Fidlimidh.—Appendix: the monastery of Kilnamanagh: Bishop Eoghan of Ardstra, 55-95.

Wakeman, W.F.: The megalithic sepulchral chamber of Knockmany, County Tyrone. With some remarks on dolmens in Fermanagh and its borders, 95-106.


Donation of two flint arrowheads from the State of Michigan, and a stone tobacco-pipe head of Indian manufacture, 109.

Donation of an iron knife near Foulkscourt, County Kilkenny, 109.

Donation of a small ancient bayonet 109,

Donation of a London groat of Edward IV, 109,

O’Leary, Dennis A.: Inscription, at the Franciscan Abbey, Buttevant, on the monument of Maurice Fitzgerald of Castle Ishen (note), 109-110.

Church of Dunmore, 110-

Robertson, James G.: Bell presented by Duke of Ormonde to the church of Dunmore (note), 110.

Robertson, James G.: Inscription on gold brooch exhibited at last meeting, 110.


Wilde, Sir William, with an introduction by Lady Wilde: Memoir of Gabriel Beranger, and his labours in the cause of Irish art, literature, and antiquities from 1760 to 1780, with illustrations, 111-156.

Graves, James: Unpublished Geraldine documents (continued), 157-166.


 Part II.—1877


Lynam, James: National Monuments of Ireland, 173-174

Donation of the capital and base of a pillar which had belonged to the cloister of St. John’s Abbey, Kilkenny, 175.

Donation of an oval silver school token, Kilkenny, 1801, 175.

Donation of fragment of ogham stone from Hacketstown, Co. Carlow, 175.

Donation of brass cap plate, Kilkenny Legion, 175

Donation of medallet of Louis XV, and a letter by J.H. Connellan with an account of its discovery at Coolmore, 175-176.

document: Letter relative to Portadown, Lough Neagh, and the Barony of O’Nealand, A.D., 1682, 176-177.

Kelly, Dillon: Chambered tumulus at Dysert, Co. Westmeath, 178-183.

Ffrench, J.F.M.: Megalithic sepulchral chamber at Melitia, Co. Wicklow, 183-184

Adams, Benjamin W.: Galway tradesman’s token, 184-185

Adams, Benjamin W.: Early engraving of the Battle of the Boyne, 185-186.

Graves, James: Bronze dagger-haft from Piltown, Co. Kilkenny (illustrated note), 186-187.


Loca Patriciana.—Part XI.—St. Patrick’s progress into Ossory-Disertum Patricii, Martartech in Magh Roighne-Patrician missionaries in Ossory, their churches, Killamorey—St. Ciaran, first Bishop and Patron of Ossory: his period, &c., &c.—Notice of some saints of the race of the Ossorians, &c., &c., 188-245.

FitzGibbon, A.: Appendix to the unpublished Geraldine documents-the Gherardini of Tuscany, 246-264.


Wakeman, W.F. (sent): Rubbings of ancient Irish inscribed tombstones at Kilcoo, on the borders of Fermanagh and Monaghan, 266.

Wakeman, W.F.: Destruction of Cromleac at Coolmore, Co. Donegal, 266-267.

O’Leary, Denis A.: Monumental inscription of John M’Donnell, the Jacobite poet, 267-268.

documents: Petitions from the Corporation of Kilkenny to Oliver Lord Protector, and the President of the Council in England, 1654, 268-270.

Martin, J.: The route taken by James II to Duncannon after the Battle of the Boyne, 270-271.

Murray, Rev. Dr.: Notes on the ecclesiastical antiquities of Clones, 271-273.

Scott, James: The original MS. of the “Excidium Macariæ sive Cypri Ruina”, 273.

O’Gorman, Thomas: Notice of an effigial monument of O’More of Leix, at Abbeyleix, 273-277.

Norreys, Sir Denham Jephson: On the mode of rivetting Celtic trumpets, 277-279.

Hogan, John: The round tower and church of St. Finghan, Clonmacnois, 279-282.


Graves, James: On cup and circle sculpture as occurring in Ireland, 283-296.


Picture of Irish knights and their attendants; their arms, armour and dress, in Ireland, A.D. 1521 (Photograph in British Museum of drawing by Dürer in Vienna), 297 & plate.

Hickson, Mary Agnes: Appendix: The Sept of the Old Knight (26 documents: Chancery Inquisitions, Exchequer Inquisitions, Equity Exchequer Bills, wills, etc.), 299-335.


Graves, James: Bronze shields, 487-488.


McCarthy, Rev. Dr.: Inscription on the tomb of the White Knight in Dominican Abbey, Kilmallock, 492-493.

Donation of Youghal money of necessity, 1646, and some interesting old MSS and Cork newspapers, 493.

Wakeman, W.F.: Dolmens in the Deerpark at Castle Archdall, 493.


Shearman, John Francis: Loca Patriciana—Part XII. The early Kings of Ossory—The seven Kings of Cashel usurpers in Ossory—The Kings of Silmaelodra—Of the Clan Maelaithgen—Maelduin Mac Cumiscagh—Cearbhall Mac Dungal—The Anglo-Norman invasion of Ossory, &c. &c.—Appendix. No. I.—Martin the Elder, a Patrician missionary in Ossory—his churches, No.II.—The Kings of Ossory, 336-408.

Shearman, John Francis: Loca Patriciana—Part XIII.—Conclusion. An inquiry into the history of the three Patricks, apostles of Ireland in the fifth century, viz., Palladius, “alio nomine Patricius,” his connexion with Britain and the College of Theodosius, in South Wales; his Disciple, “Patricius Secundus,” Sen, or Old Patrick, a Cambro-Briton; and Patrick the son of Calphurn, son of Potitus of Ailclyde, the daltha or pupil of Sen Patrick. Appendices: No. I. The Kingdom of Strathclyde. No. III. Note on the arrival of Patrick Mac Calphurn, A.D. 440. No. IV. Note on the Feis Temrach, A.D. 455. No. V. A catalogue of the Kings of Ireland, from the Christian era. No. VI. Names of saints, ecclesiastics, and virgins in the genealogies, corrigenda, 409-485.

Day, Robert: On a hauberk of chain mail, and silvered badge found in the Phoenix Park, Dublin, 494-498.

Wakeman, W.F.: On certain lines of stones, and other antiquities, at Cavancarragh, Co. Fermanagh, 499-512.

Shearman, John Francis: Loca Patriciana.—Part XIV. Additional notes on SS. Patrick and Paladius, 513-526.





JRSAI XV (1879-1882)




Part I.—1879


Day, Robert (exhibited): Bronze axehead and stone hammer found at Kilcully near Cork; Fibula (‘sleeve-fastener?’) found near Downpatrick; portrait on ivory of Eliza Farren, born in Cork, afterwards Countess of Derby; medal of one of the Royal Irish Volunteers who fought in the American War of Independence; old cream-ware Wedgwood jug inscribed ‘Success to the Volunteers of Ireland’, 6-7.

donated: Sketch of an ancient gold torque; newspaper cuttings & prints; lead ?cloth seal, apparently 17th-century, found half-a-mile from Kilkenny; flints from Scotland (exhibited only), 7-8.

donated: Photograph of gold torque found near the Castle of Dover, 8.

Hayman, Samuel (exhibited): Photograph of an ogham stone found in Youghal, and transcription of the catalogue of the library of the Youghal Franciscan Friary, 1491, 8-10.

Macray, W.D.: Notice of a manuscript in the Bodleian Library comprising an account by a Dutchman of his residence in Co. Mayo, 1689–90, 10.

Reade, George H.: Tomb of the Good Woman’s Son, Holycross Abbey, 10-11.

O’Leary, Denis: Fitz Gerald of Castle Ishen (note), 11-13.

Graves, James (& discussion): Tumulus of Dowth, destruction of, 13-14.

Raymond, Philip: Brigowne Church (note), 14-15. 


Caulfield, ?Richard., Harkness, Professor, Haines, J.: Examination and measurements of the round tower of Kineigh, Barony of West Carbery, Co. Cork, 16-24.

Wakeman, W.F.: Kilcoo, 24-34.

Hayman, Samuel: Youghal money of necessity, 35-37.

Hayman, Samuel: On an ogham stone found built into the wall of a house close to St. John’s Priory, Youghal, 38-40.

Hogan, John: The early birth,and pre-Patrician mission of St. Ciaran, of Saighir, vindicated, 41-52. 


donated: Old key found in a garden at Maudlin Street, Kilkenny, 53.

Boyd, Lucius J.: Pin of ancient disc brooch, & “Michael Wilson” Dublin halfpenny, both found at Archersfield, County Kilkenny, 55.

donated: Stone mould for casting studs or buttons, & whetstone, found at Newlands, County Kilkenny, 55.

Martin, James: Cinerary urn from Fiddown, County Kilkenny, found in a field adjoining the Rath of Dowling (note), 55-56.

Hickson, Mary Agnes: Note on Fitz Gerald of Castle Ishin, 56. 


Hardman, Edward T.: On a remarkable megalithic structure near Sligo, 57-65.

Wakeman, W.F.: White Island, Lough Erne, 66-69. 


Hartrick, E.J.: Connor—its history and antiquities (note), 80.

Patterson, W.H.: Grave-slab at Holywood, Co. Down (note), 80-81.

J.G. Robertson exhibited several objects from the Society’s Museum (this was a meeting in Belfast), 81-

Scott, Charles (exhibited): Early 19th-century Irish manuscripts written by the Sullivan family of East Carbery, Cork, 81.

Hewson, G.J.: Abbey of Rathkeale, Co. Limerick, 86-90.

Phillips, J.J.: Architectural remains of Downpatrick Abbey, 90-97.

Wakeman, W.F.: Bronze pin and carved wooden vessel, Co. Fermanagh, 97-99.

McIlwaine, William: On a passage in the “Confession” of St. Patrick, 99-102. 


O’Laverty, James: Notes on pagan monuments in the immediate vicinity of ancient churches in the Diocese of Down, and on peculiar forms of Christian interments observed in some of the ancient graveyards, 103-108.

Gray, William: The character and distribution of the rudely-worked flints of the North of Ireland, chiefly in Antrim and Down, 109-143.

Young, R.M.: The Priory of St. Columba, Newtownards, County Down, 144-152 (plan 144, text 145-152). 


Kinahan, J.H.: Destruction of ancient remains at Devenish, and also near Bundoran, 153-154.

Hayman, Samuel: Cranoge in the submarine peat at Ardmore Bay, 154-155.

Hayman, Samuel: Seal of the Dean and Chapter of Ross, 155.

Cooper, Edward H.: Report on megalithic remains at Carrowmore, Co. Sligo, 155-157.

Day, Robert: Bronze pectoral cross found at Armagh, comparing it with similar crosses from Youghal and Guernsey (note), 157-159.

Westropp, T.J.: Bronze religious medal found at Glanmire (note), 159.

Hewson, G.J.: Irish silver penny of Edward IV (note), 159-160. 


Hickson, Mary: Notes on Kerry topography, ancient and modern, 161-168

O’Gorman, Thomas: On the site of the Battle of Clontarf, 169-182.

Wakeman: W.F.: On some recent antiquarian discoveries at Toam and Killicarney, near Blacklion, in the County of Cavan, 183-200.


Part II.—1880


Robertson, J.G.: Anchorite’s cell, St. Canice’s Cathedral, Kilkenny (note), 203-205.

Graves, J.: Destruction of tumulus at Dowth (note), 205-209.

Adams, B.W.: Seventeenth-century tradesmen’s tokens of Killucan and Londonderry (note), 209-210. 


Hayman, Samuel (ed.): The Geraldines of Desmond, from Michael O’Clery’s Book of Pedigrees, 211-235.

Hogan, John: The three tholsels of Kilkenny, 236-252.

Kinahan, Gerrard H.: Megalithic structure.—Mongnacool Lower, Co. Wicklow, 253-257.

Wakeman, W.F.: Notice of a flint knife and ornamented bronze celt found in the County Tyrone, 257-260. 


Lenihan, Maurice (exhibited): Gold ornaments found in Co. Clare, and counterfeit coin of Nero, 262-263.

Hayman, Samuel (exhibited.): Flag of Youghal Volunteers, 1782, 263.

Gregg, R.S. (exhibited): Original letter of Dean Swift, 1725, 263-264.

Caulfield, Richard (exhibited): Silver Oar of Office of the Harbours of Castletown and Castlehaven, 264-265.

Day, Robert: Find of broken bronze things, including fragment of sword scabbard (note), 265-266.

Hewson, George James: Account of Dunlicky Castle, Co. Clare, 266-268.

Caulfield, Richard (exhibited): Collection of several hundred original documentsrelating to the city and county of Cork, including the will of Sir John fitz Edmond Gerald, of Ballymaloe, 268-273.

document: Account of apparitions in the air, at Poinstown, Co. Tipperary, in 1679, 273-275. 


Wakeman, W.F.: The church on White Island, Lough Erne, parish of Magheraculmoney, County of Fermanagh, 276-292. 


Patterson, William H.: The Benn Collection, Belfast Museum, 294-303.

Lett, Henry W.: Megalithic structures near Killeavy, Co. Armagh, 303.

McIlwaine, William: The skull of Carolan, 304-307.

Young, Robert: Worked oaken structure in the boulder-clay drift, Belfast (on the site of Dover Street), 307-309.

Waddell, Hateley: The connexion of Ossian with Ireland, 313-315. 


MacIlwaine, William: Notice of a jade celt, discovered in Co Antrim, 316-323.

Wakeman, W.F.: On certain recent discoveries of ancient crannog structures, chiefly in the County Fermanagh, 324-339. 


Caulfield, Richard: Stone celts found in ancient mine in at Ballyrizard, Co. Cork, 341-342.

Hayman, Samuel (exhibited): drawing by Grose of lost cross-legged effigy in the Dominican Abbey, Youghal, 342.

Hayman, Samuel (exhibited): dumb-bell-shaped stone found at Ballynoe [?near Lismoe Castle?]

Rearden, J.T. (exhibited): stone axe found in his garden near Douglas, Cork, 342.

Westropp, T.J. (exhibited): stone mould found near Five-mile Bridge, 342.

Atkins, William Ringrose: rubbing of marble tobmbstone found in the crypt of Christ Church, Cork, 342-343.

Day, Robert: Ancient town seal of Mullingar, pommel of ancient Irish saddle, and silver armlet and torque (note), 343-347.

Caulfield, Richard: Amulet of crystal set in bronze, gilt (note), 347.

Woods, Cecil (exhibited): Saddle, holster cloth and standard of Samuel Maylor, Mayor of Cork 1766, and standard of Cork Cavalry Volunteers c. 1775, 347-348.

Hill, Arthur (exhibited): 5 architectural plates, 348. 


Hickson, Mary: Notes on Kerry Topography, ancient and modern, with extracts from the unpublished Desmond Survey and Inquisition (continued), 349-364.

Wakeman, W.F.: On certain wells situate in the North-West of Ireland; with remarks on the occurrence of the Croix Grammée, or Swastica, as found at St. Brigid’s Well, near Cliffony, Co. Sligo, 365-384.



Part III.—1881.


Martin, James: Ancient Irish Bell (note), 388.

Donation of portion of bronze shrine found at Clonmacnoise, 389.

Donation of English shilling of Elizabeth, 1564, and sixpence of William III, 1696.  


Hogan, John: Did the ecclesiastics of ancient Ireland engage in mutual military warfare, 390-409.

Hayman, Samuel (ed.): The Geraldines of Desmond (continued), 410- 440.



Col. Abbott exhibited two celts found at Lough Gur, 443.

O’Donovan of Lissard exhibited a 16th-century dadagh (dagger) and shield, and a ?17th-century silver tankard, 443-444.

Smyth, J.J. (exhibited): grant of arms, 1494, 444.

Hurly, P. (exhibited): Monstrance belonging to the Dominican Friary, Cork, 1669, 444-446.

Lalor, M.W.: Discovery of kists and human remains at Luggacurran, Queen’s Co., 446-447.

McCormack, James: Discovery of human skeletons near Dundalk, 447-449.

Kinahan, G.H.: On the discovery of worked timber in boulder clay, at Belfast (Dover Street), 449-450.

Brash, Richard Rolt: “The ogham-inscribed monuments of the Gaedhil in the British Islands”, 450-452.

Day, Robert: Notice of silver plate made and marked at Cork, 452-454. 


Langrishe, Richard: Irish church bells, 455-459.

Shearman, John Francis: The Celtic races of Great and Lesser Britain or Armorica, deduced from the ancient Gael of Ireland. Illustrated by pedigrees and genealogies, 460-481.

Adams, Benjamin W.: Antiquarian notes, etc., of the parishes of Santry and Cloghran, County Dublin, 482-498.  


Donation of three stone celts and a flint arrowhead found in County Fermanagh, 499.

Knowles, Robert J. (exhibited): collection of beads, whorls and amulets, 499.

Hewson, G.J. (exhibited): photograph of a processional cross of the fifteenth century, found in County Kerry, 500.

Atthill, Edward: Pottery from burial mounds in Canada, a Roman bronze strainer, and an Enniskillen tradesman’s token, 500.

Dr. Mahood exhibited a quern from China,

Bannon, Bernard: Stakes found twenty-five feet below the surface of bog at the base of Toppid Mountain, 500-501.

Bannon, Bernard: Mace and seal of the Corporation of Enniskillen, 501.

Browne, John: Skeleton found wrapped in woollen cloth beneath bog at Dunmore, not far from Cookstown, and human figure of gigantic size cut on sward in a wood on the Ballinderry River, three miles from Cookstown (note),


Young, Robert: Holy well at Rhoscolyn, Holyhead, Anglesea (note), 502-505.

Ward, Marcus: Ornament on doorway of Maghera Church, Co. Londonderry (note), 505-506.

Wakeman, W.F.: Ancient yokes of timber (note), 507-510. 


Hewson, George J.: On a processional cross, of the fifteenth century, found near Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, 511- 521.

Knowles, W.J.: Ancient Irish beads and amulets, 522-537.

Wakeman, W.F.: On several sepulchral scribings and rock markings, found in the north-west of Ireland; with suggestions for their classification, 538-560. 


Young, Robert: Timber structures found in boulder clay, Belfast (Dover Street) (note), 561-562.

Rylands, J. Paul: Pedigree of Ryland of Dungarvan and Waterford, 562-565.

Graves, James: Bronze bovine mask, said to have been found in a bog near the Galtee Mountains (note) [suggests it is Indian], 566-570. 


Hickson, Mary: Notes on Kerry Topography, ancient and modern, with extracts from the unpublished Desmond Survey and Inquisition (continued), 571-586.



Part IV.—1882



Donation of small jetton found near Durrow, 590.

Donation of a collection of ancient coins found near Emly, 590.

Donation of several Roman and Greek coins, 590.

Hogan, John: Site of the New Tholsel, Kilkenny, 590-592.

Nesbitt, Alexander: The probable origin of beads of glass in Ireland, 592-596. 


Shearman, John Francis: The Celtic races of Great and Lesser Britain or Armorica, deduced from the ancient Gael of Ireland. Illustrated by pedigrees and genealogies. No. II.—The Celto-Britons of Armorica—Maximus Clemens, Emperor of Britain, Gaul and Spain; the British Legions; Conan of Merladog, his Descendants Kings of Britagne: continued intercourse with the Mother-country. Armorican saints and ecclesiastics; their connexion with Great Britain and Ireland in the fifth and sixth centuries, 597-630.


Day, Robert: Cork trade tokens and siege pieces, and notices of stones carved with the human face, 632-635.

Woods, Cecil: Ancient walls of Cork, 636-637.

Broderick, T.: Exploration of a cave at Greenville, Co. Galway, 637-638.

Atkinson, George M.: Bronze ring found in a Kist, with urns, at Ballenluig, Co. Cork, 638-640.

FitzGibbon, A.: Notes on the pedigree of the White Knight, continued from Vol. I., Fourth Series, 640-730. 


Graves, James: Ancient crucifix and rosary, 731.

Mr. O’Shea: Stone object resembling a saltcellar found at Tullaghany, Co. Kilkenny, 731.

Donation of coin weights, ‘money of necessity’, and 16 Hiberno-Danish coins near Baltinglas, 731-732.

Caulfield, Richard: Lord Mount Cashell’s Elegy, 732-739.

Wakeman, W.F.: Prehistoric remains, Broughderg, Co. Tyrone, 740-743.

Kinahan, George H.: Urn found at Ballykale, Co. Wexford, 744.

Hickson, Mary: Documents from the Commonwealth Council Books relative to Gibbon Fitz Maurice Fitz Gibbon and John Fitz Gerald, commonly called the Knight of Kerry, 745-746. 


Donation of two sculptures found at Kilcreen (from Rothe monument?), 747.

Donation of an amber bead found at Baleen, Co. Down, 747.

Browne, J. Blair: Pillar-stone at Brownstown, Co. Kilkenny, 747-748.

Donation of coin found at St. Mullins, Co. Carlow, 748.

Day, Robert: Irish-made silver chalice and patten, and Galway plate-mark, 748-750.

Ogham stone at Aughnascribbagh, Co. Tyrone, and the Doonfeany cross-inscribed pillar-stone, near Ballycastle, Co. Mayo, 750-756.

Daubrée: Mode of formation of vitrified forts in France (from the Chemical Society’s Journal, 1881), 756-757.

Day, Robert: Contemporary account of a great thunderstorm at Athlone in 1697, 757-759.

Kinahan, George H.: On some peculiarities in sepulchral urns, 759-780.




JRSAI XVI (1883–1884)




Part I.—1883



Donation of a large number of coins and tokens, including a lead Communion token, 1811, 6.

Donation of an Irish halfpenny of Charles II, found in St. Patrick’s Churchyard, Kilkenny, 6.

Donation of an old clay pipe found when cleaning the roof-gutters at Rothe House, Kilkenny, 6-7.

Wakeman, W.F.: Ancient cast-iron pot found at Ederney, Co. Fermanagh, 7-10.

Martin, James: Ancient altar bell, 10.

Adams, B.W.: Token struck at Swords, Co. Dublin, 10-11.

Kinahan, George H.: Luscas [souterrains] in raths, 11-14.

Graves, James: Ancient deed relating to Drumdelgyn, 14-15.

Dillon, the Hon. L. Gerald: Megalithic monument at Scregg, Co. Roscommon, 16-18 photographs, 19 text.

Dillon, the Hon. L. Gerald: Bronze sword discovered at Clonbrock, 19-20.

Patterson, W.H.: Ancient sculptured stones at Maghera, Co. Down, 20-22.

Graves, James: Original documents of the MacMurroghs, 22-36. 

Notes and Queries:

Carmichael-Ferrall, J.: Documents: Sacramental Certificate and Lappers’ Certificate, 37.

Carmichael-Ferrall, J.: Andrew and Samuel Carmichael (query), 37.

Kinahan, G.H.: Some stone monuments in Co. Wexford (crosses, standing-stones, stone circles), 37-41. 


Graves, James: On a sepulchral slab, found at the Reefert, Glendalough, bearing an Irish inscription, and also one in Greek letters, 42-48. 


Caulfield, Richard: Ancient seal of the Mac Carthy family, 51.

Major Lunham: Ancient iron gate or grille at Ballea Castle, Co. Cork, 51-52.

Westropp, T.J.: Silver torque found near Rathcormack, Co. Cork, 52.

O’Gorman, Thomas: Notice of Owen O’Connolly (1641), 52-60. 

Notes and Queries:

Woods, Cecil C.: The town wall of Cork, 61.

Day, Robert: Posey rings, 61-64.

Banon, Bernard: Need fire, 64-65.

Hewson, George G.: Notes on the pedigree of the White Knight, 65-67.

Hewson, J.G.: Bronze pins found near Askeaton, Co. Limerick, 67-68.

O’Hart, John: Cleburne of Ballycolliton, Co. Tipperary, 68-69.

White, J. Grove: Grants of wardships of heirs of White Knight, 69.

Atkinson, George M.: Glass beads and jet ornaments, 69-71. 


Graves, James: The damhliag of Achadhabhall, 72-85.

Shearman, John Francis: On the Celtic races of Great and Lesser Britain (continued): Trade and commerce of Primæval Britain; Roman invasion and conquest; incursions of the Picts, Scots, and Saxons; Scottish settlements on the south-western seaboard; Saxons, Jutes, Frisons, and Angles invade the north-eastern coasts; decline of the Roman power; withdrawal of the legions; uprise of Brito-Celtic dynasties; Guletics or Imperatores; Vortighern and the Saxons; St. Germanus and the Pelagians; early British church; saints and ecclesiastics, etc., etc.; Kings of Britain, to the ninth century, 86-114. 


Earl of Enniskillen (donated): a bronze leaf-shaped sword from Portora Stream, Lough Erne, just below Enniskillen, 116.

Day, Robert (exhibited): bronze leaf-shaped sword found west of Innishowen, County of Donegal, 117.

O’Laverty, P. (exhibited): grain rubber, stone weapons, portions of bronze swords and ring found at Dundermot, 117.

Patterson, W.H.: Ancient Irish altar slabs, 117-120.

Buick, G. Raphael: Flint workshop sites at Glenhue, Co. Antrim, 120-126.

Dawson, Abraham: The Clog Ban, 126-130.

Carmichael Ferrall, J.: Augher and its environs, 130-138.

Wakeman, W.F.: The Plantation castles of Fermanagh, 138-153.

Phillips, J.J.: Early military architecture in Ireland, 154-162.

Wakeman, W.F.: The sepulchral chambers of Doohat and Bighy, Co. Fermanagh, 162-171.

Lord Waveney: Ballymena and its history, 171-173. 

Notes and Queries:

Kinahan, G.H.: Bullâns or stone basins, 174.

Day, Robert: Original letter of Lord Nelson’s father, 174-175.

Graves, James: Preservation of National Monuments, 175.

Wood Martin, W.G.: Strafford’s survey of Connaught, 176-177.

Lockwood, F. (abstract by William Gray): The crannogs of Lough Mourne, 177.

anonymous: Excursion through the Valley of the Braid, 177-178. 


Barry, E.: Bronze leaf-shaped sword found in the Womanagh River, parish of Clonmult, Co. Cork, 179-282.

Day, R. (exhibited): Stone celts found in Co. Cork, 181.

O’Donovan of Lissard: Chess-piece of ivory and bronze found near Castletown, Berehaven, 181-182.

Caulfield, Richard: Site of Tubber-na-Vrianah, at Wise’s Hill, in Cork, 182.

Day, R.: Find of gold torques in Inishowen, Co. Donegal, 182-185.

Prendergast, J.P.: The Mountgarrett Monument in St. Canice’s Cathedral, 185-187.

O’Carroll, Frederick John: True version of the pedigree of Carroll of Carrollton, Maryland, 187-194.

Lockwood, W.J.: The crannogs in Lough Mourne, near Carrickfergus, 194-195.

Hickson, Mary: The military round tower or donjon of Barrow, Co. Kerry, 195-196.

Graves, James: Description of amulets and pins found in the crannog in Ballinderry Lough, Co. Westmeath, 196-202. 

Notes and Queries:

Vinycomb, J.: La Belle Marguerite. An historic emblem-flower—the daisy, 203-210.

Day, Robert, jun.: Note on the antiquities at the Cork Industrial Exhibition of 1883, 210-213.

?Graves, James: Note on the church of Seir Kyran in 1777 from the records of the See of Ossory, 213.

Graves, James: Note on the value of stock and corn in 1724, 213-214.

Ball, Valentine: Note on the use of Bullâns in India, 14.


Part II.—1884


Graves, James et al.: Ancient Monuments Protection Act, 1883, 220-222.

Kinahan, G.H.: On cup-marked and inscribed stones in the counties of Wicklow and Wexford, 222-237. 

Notes and Queries:

Note of particulars extracted from the Kilkenny Corporation Records relating to the miracle plays as performed from the year 1580 to the year 1639, 238-242.

Note of entries in the Corporation Records, Kilkenny, relating to a visit of Lord Viscount Wentworth to Kilkenny in the year 1637, 242-249.


Shearman, John Francis: On the Celtic races of Great and Lesser Britain (continued). St. Ninian or Nynia, apostle of the Southern Picts; his suggested descent from the British reguli of Cumbria. Candida Casa, Whitherne or Futerna, its monastic school where probably St. Patrick Mac Calphurn was consecrated bishop, A.D. 455. The seminary of the Patrician Missionaries SS. Ibhar, Benignus etc., Ninnio, Moninine or Manchan Magister abbot of Rosnat or Futerna at the close of the fifth and beginning of the sixth century; his monastery at Cloncurry, Kildare etc; his pupils SS. Finnian of Moville, Enda of Arran, St. Brignat Virgin, Meigant and Pawl Hen, Abbots of Futerna; Carnech Moel Bishop of Candida or the House of Martin. Its decadence and subsequent revival under the Saxons, etc. Its early history and antiquity attributed to Glastonbury, etc. Chronicle of the three Gildases; Hibernicus, Cambrius and Badonicus, 250-278. 


Langrishe, Richard: Preservation of Ancient Monuments, 280.

Atkinson, George M.: System of noting Ogamic scores, 281.

Day, Robert: Stone, copper and bronze antiquities, found near Killarney, silver pyx connected with Tralee, and 14th-century gold finger-ring (not from Kerry), 281-282.

Prendergast, John P.: Col. Cornelius O’Driscol’s statement of his services against the Nuncio Party, 282-291.

Hill, Arthur: Paper on the cathedral and other churches at Ardfert, 291-295.

Hickson, Mary: Notes on Kerry topography, ancient and modern (continued), 295-305. 

Notes and Queries:

Warren, Michael: Caher and ancient site near the Paps of Kerry, 306.

Atkinson, G.M.: The Cuairt or stone circle at Liosavigeen, 306-307.

Atkinson, G.M.: Cil-caet-iairn and ogham stones at Lisgenan and Glenawillen, 307-310.

Graves, James: Note of excursions to Muckross Abbey and Innisfallen; Ardfert and Barrow-nEanach; Aghadoe and Dunloe, 310-314.

Rhys, John: Query as to Killarney oghams, 314-315.

O’Donoghue, Denis: Note on Barrow n-Eanach, 315-316. 


Buick, G.R. (exhibited): Earthen lamp, of unglazed pottery, from the primeval sites, sand-dunes, Portstewart, 318.

Elliot, J, (exhibited): a stone with prehistoric scribings from rath-cave near Donaghmore, Co. Down, 318.

Graves, James: Earth-houses and rath-souterraines, their probable uses, 318-319.

Prendergast, John P.: On Charlemont Fort, in connexion with Sir Toby Caulfeild and some of his descendants, 319-344.

Phillips, J.J.: Wrought-iron grille-work in Armagh and its vicinity, 345-347.

Phillips, James J.: The carol of the Prior Claustralis in Irish abbeys, 347.

Reeves, William: Original letter in the autograph of the late John O’Donovan, LL.D., 347-349.

Patterson, W.H.: Notice of beggars’ badges in Ireland, 349-350.

Patterson, W.H.: Notice of an Irish Volunteer badge, 350-351.

Dawson, Abraham: Notes relating to the re-afforesting of Ireland, 351-353.

Gray, William: Cromlechs in the counties of Down and Antrim, 354-367.

V. Rev. the Dean of Armagh: Ogham-inscribed stone from Drumconwell, County Armagh, 367-370.

Elliott, John: Scribed stone from Lis at Donaghmore, County Down [from a souterrain], 370-371.

Gray, William: Crannoge canoe from Lough Mourne, County of Antrim, 371-372.

Young, Robert M.: The church of St. Columbkille at Knock, near Belfast, 372-374.

Grainger, Rev. Canon (exhibited): several implements, arms and ornaments, chiefly from the Neo Celtic period, when bronze and iron were used contemporaneously, 374-375.

Trouvaille of the Bronze and Iron Age from Crannog at Lisnacroghera, County Antrim, 375-406.

Graves, James: Note on the Bronze-iron period in reference to items exhibited by Canon Grainger, 406-408. 

Excursions and Reports:

Graves, James: Excursion to Emania, Tynan and its crosses, and Caledon Hill Demesne, 409-431.

Lett, H.W.: Report on ancient monuments in the County of Armagh, 431-434.

Kinahan, George H.: Report on some megalithic structures, Co. Donegal, 434-436.

Browne, John: Report, Co. Londonderry, 436-438. 

Notes and Queries:

Brenan, Samuel Arthur: Note on a supposed workshop of bronze articles, 439.

Graves, Charles: Note on ogams, 439-440. 


Wood-Martin, W.G.: The battle-ground and ancient monuments of Northern Moytirra, 442-470.

Langrishe, Richard: Notes on Sligo Abbey, 471-474.

Langrishe, Richard: Paper on Irish church bells, 474-482. 

Notes and Queries:

French, J. Allen: Note on souterraine at Drumcliffe, Co. Sligo, 483.




JRSAI XVII (1885-1886)



ASSOCIATION OF IRELAND: Vol VII, Fourth Series, 1885-1886.


Part I.—1885. 


Walsh, W. Pakenham (exhibited): Photograph of obelisk of Shalmaneser II and the Taylor Cylinder, ‘exhibited in order to show the great advantage of photography as an aid to archaeological study’, 9-10.

Martin, James: promised to donate stone with cupmarks and spirals from a carn at Bessborough, sculptured stones from Jerpoint Abbey and a quern, 10. 


Day, Robert: Notice of book-plates engraved by Cork artists, 10-14.

Browne, John: Paper on British war medals and decorations, 14-28. 

Notes and Queries:

Simson, W.J.: Note on the parish of Errigal Keerogue, Co. Tyrone, 29-30.

Browne, John: Note on a button connected with the expedition sent in search of Sir John Franklin, 30.

Carmichael-Ferrall, J.: Note on the Kennedy and Bailie pedigrees, 30-36.

Watters, Patrick: Notes relating to the fortifications of Kilkenny in the years 1690–91, 36-39.

Hume, Joseph Samuel: Query as to Porter family, 39.

anonymous: Two letters from Lord Wentworth to his wife, sent from Kilkenny, 1637, 40.  




Wakeman, W.F.: Notice of the architectural peculiarities of some ancient churches in the Co. Sligo, 43-54.

Smith, Aquilla: Answer to the question “Was ecclesiastical money coined at Clonmacnoise, A.D. 1170?”, 55-65.

Hayman, Samuel (ed.): The Geraldines of Desmond (continued), 66-92. 

Excursions, and Reports:

Reports from the Local Secretary of the Co. of Wicklow, 96. 

Quarterly notes from archæological publications:

Day, Robert: Scraps from booksellers’ catalogues, 97-99.

Graves, James: The Stone Age on the Nile, 99-100. 




Knowles, W.J.: Report on the prehistoric sites at White-park bay, Co. Antrim, 104-125.

Patterson, W.H.: On a bronze and gilt disc of a fibula, 125-126.

Knowles, W.J.: On a flint arrow-head, with portion of shaft, and ligature of sinew, found in Kanestown Bog, Co. Antrim, 126-128.

Buick, George Raphael: On some Indian burial urns, 128-132.

Young, Robert: Dunluce Castle, 133-146.

O’Laverty, James: Note on R. Young’s paper on Dunluce Castle, 146-148.

Milligan, Seaton F.: On some crannogs in County Cavan, and a sheet iron cauldron found at Drumlane, 148-152.

On a pure copper celt, found near Manorhamilton, 152.

Hassé, Leonard: A classification of flint flakes, found on the raised beach at Carnlough, Co. Antrim, 153-158.

Day, Robert (exhibited): Wrought-iron key of casket, 158-159.

Lockwood, F.W.: Notes on Ballywillan Church, Portrush, 159-161. 

Reports of Local Secretaries:

Gray, William: Summary of report… on the Glenny Collection, 162.

Browne, John: Report of the Local Secretary, Co. Londonderry, 163.

Lett, H.W.: Report of the Local Secretary, Co. Armagh, 164-165.

Kinahan, George H.: Report of the Local Secretary, Co.Donegal, 165-167. 

Excursions, 168:



Wakeman, W.F.: Inis Muiredaich, now Inismurray, and its antiquities; Notices of the history of Inis-muiredaich; The antiquities of Inis Muiredaich; The “Caiseal,” or Cashel; The churches; The Woman’s Church outside the Cashel; The altars within the Cashel.—”cursing stones”, etc.; The inscribed stones; The unlettered monumental stones, etc.; The holy wells on Inismurray; The leachta, stations, &c., with tiheir monuments; “Leachta Patraig” station; Concluding remarks, 175-332.


Part II.—1886




Martin, James: On the early structures of human origin in Co. Waterford, 336-337.

?Ffrench, J.F.M. (exhibited): Ancient sword, found near Castle Clonmellon, on the side of Mount Leinster, 337.

Graves, James: Observations regarding celts, 337-338.

anonymous: Inspection of the antiquities of the city of Waterford by members of the Association, 338-340.

Day, Robert & Atkinson, G.M.: On the silver mace of the Cork guilds, now in the South Kensington Museum, 341-361.

Ussher, R.J.: A description of objects found in the kitchen middens of raths, 362-368.

Redmond, Gabriel: Vestments and chalice of Dr. Richard Arthur, Bishop of Limerick, 369-371.

Wakeman, W.F.: The crannogs of Drumdarragh, otherwise Trillick, and Lankill, Co. Fermanagh, 372-389.

Quinlan, John: The cooking places of the Stone Age in Ireland, 390-392.

Mackesy, Vincent: Report on recent discoveries in Waterford, 392-394.

Redmond, Gabriel: History, antiquities, archæological, and legends connected with the western end of the County Waterford, 394-405.  


Day, Robert: Notes on further finger rings recently acquired, 406-407.

Kane, W. de V.: Notes on crannogs in Leitrim, 407-409.

Owen, Frederick: letter re repairs to the “Damhliag of Achadhabhall”, 409.

Wood-Martin, W.G.: Notes on Crannogs in Longford, 410.

Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of Ossory: presented four copper celts from near Graiguenamanagh, and a tobacco box, with inscriptions in Dutch, and knife, found in or near the Boyne, 416.

Gillespie, Mr.: paper on the local coins or tradesmen’s tokens of Wexford, 416.

Love, John: presented the top stone of a quern, a Dublin half-groat of Henry VII, found near Cloughjordan, 416.

Robertson, ?William J.: presented aquatint engraving of two cromlechs by George Miller, 1812, 416-417.

Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of Ossory: notice of original letters by Bishop Pocock found in the British Museum, 417.

Robertson, ?William J.: exhibited three casts of earlier door, Hiberno-Romanesque, of St. Canice’s, 417.  


Redmond, Gabriel: Remarks on an ogam stone lying in Salterbridge demesne, 418-419.

Ffrench, J.F.M.: On traces of an ancient glass manufactory, 420-423.

Kinahan, G.H.: A brief report on antiquities in the County Donegal, 424-429.

Knowles, W.J.: On counterfeit antiquities, 430-431.

Wright, William Ball: On Foulksrath Castle and Loghmoe, their founders and possessors, 432-439.

Redmond, Gabriel: On Castle Grace, Co. Tipperary, 440-442.

Frazer, William: The medallists of Ireland and their work, 443-466. 


anonymous: A sketch of the life and labours of the late Rev. James Graves in the cause of Irish history and archaeology, 467-469. 


Wood-Martin, W.G.: The rude stone monuments of Ireland, I, 470-487.

Barry, James G.: Aran of the Saints, 488-494.

Hickson, Mary: Notes on Kerry topography, ancient and modern (continued), 495-500.

Burtchaell, George Dames: The family of Rothe, of Kilkenny, with Pedigrees I., II., III., and IV, 501-537.  

Notes and Queries:

Milligan, Seaton F.: Bronze anvil and perforated hammer, found in the vicinity of Sligo, 538. 


Wood-Martin, W.G.: The rude stone monuments of Ireland, II, 539-595.

Prendergast, John P.: The Butlers, Lords Ikerrin, before the Court of Transplantation, at Athlone, a.d. 1656; and at the First and Second Court of Claims, King’s Inns, Dublin, 1662–1666, 596-602.

Wakeman, W.F.: On a monument exhibiting cup-markings and circles, from the neighbourhood of Youghal, 603-604.

Graves, Charles: Note on the ogam cave at Dunloe, 605-607.

Frazer, William: The medallists of Ireland and their work, 608-619.

Burtchaell, George Dames: The family of Rothe, of Kilkenny, 620-654.

Thunder, John M.: The holy wells of Meath, 655-658.

Lloyd Hardress J., The antiquity of chess in Ireland, 659-662. 

Notes and Queries:

Raphael, George: On the arrangements of collections of arrow-heads, 663.

Trench, M.L.: Ancient cooking-places, 663-664.

Trench, M.L.: Abbey of Clonkeen [Diocese of Ardfert], 664.

Wood-Martin, W.G.: Various references to crannogs, 665-667.

Carmichael-Ferrall, J: Brass farthing of 1738 from Augher Castle Demesne; also human bones and iron objects, 667-668.

Lyell, Sir Charles, Bart.: Account of the bursting of a peat moss near Bloomfield, Co. Sligo. (1831), from p511 of Principles of Geology, 12th edition, 1875, 668.




JRSAI XVIII (1887-1888)




Part I.—1887 


Vigors, P.D, (exhibited): Reprints, engravings, facsimiles and various artifacts of ethnographical interest, 6.

Delaney, Barry (exhibited): Beautiful gold breast-pin [time of Charles II], 6.

Robertson, ?W.J.: Copy of very ancient document [petition to the Duke of Ormond, 1703], 6-7. 


Foot, Arthur Wynne: In Piam Memoriam, James Graves, Secretary and Treasurer of the Royal Historical and Archæological Association of Ireland, formerly the Kilkenny Archæological Society, 8-27.

Langrishe, Richard: Irish church bells (No. III), 28-45.

Woods, Cecil C. (ed.): The Battle of ‘Agherim’ (contemporary letter), 46-49.

Wood-Martin, W.G.: The rude stone monuments of Ireland, III, 50-94. 

Notes and Queries:

anonymous: Red as colour of military uniforms, 94. 


Donation of medals of George IV, Dean Dawson and Dargan, an Irish shilling and sixpence of James I, eighteenth-century copper 2d tokens, and a silver 3d token of Ben Bowen, Dublin, 96-97.

Robertson J.G. (exhibited): Tradesman’s token of the 17th century: John Beaver, Kilkenny, 97.

Wood-Martin, W.G. (exhibited): Relics from the rude stone monuments of the County Sligo, and some from a crannog near Nobber, Co. Wetmeath, and seven Roman coins said to have been found in County Leitrim, 103.

Frazer, William: Discussion on Roman coins found in Ireland, 103-106. 


Wakeman, W.F.: On a cromleac-like altar or monument at Tumna, Co. Roscommon, 107-111.

Day, Robert, jun.: Ornaments in glass from Egypt to illustrate those found in Ireland, 112-114.

Day, Robert, jun.: On a bronze brooch, 115-117.

Wood-Martin, W.G.: The rude stone monuments of Ireland, IV, 118-159.

Robertson, J.G.: Notes upon Street, as a restorer—the Discoveries at Christ Church, 160-162.

MacEniry, J.: On the opening of a sepulshral mound near Newcastle, Co. Wicklow, 163-164.

Lunham, T.A.: Memoir of the late Canon Hayman, B.A., M.R.H.A.A.I., 165-170.

Lunham, T.A.: Memoir of the late Richard Caulfield, LL.D., F.S.A., M.R.H.A.A.I., 171-175.

White, John Davis: Some account of the church plate of the Diocese of Cashel and Emly, 176-182.

Thunder, John M.: Notices of the family of Lattin, 183-188.

Frazer, William: The medallists of Ireland and their work (continued), 189-208.

White, Captain J. Grove: Notes on the family of Grove of Ballyhymock and Kilbyrne, Co. Cork, 209. 

Notes and Queries:

?Redmond, Gabriel O’C.: On the scuttling of a treasure ship by mutineers near Duncannon, County Waterford: query re local survival of traditions, ‘dollars’ or missing papers, 210.

?Redmond, Gabriel O’C.: Bye-laws in Kilkenny to prevent gossiping, 211.


Redmond, Gabriel O’C.: ‘Flint Jack’, forger of flint implements, 211.

Redmond, Gabriel O’C.: Crannog-like fishing huts on the Bosphorus, 211-212.

Redmond, Gabriel O’C.: Origin of the saying ‘by hook or by crook’, 212.

Woods, Cyril C.: Transcripts of old documents: dancing master’s contract and indenture of apprenticeship, both 1718, account of funeral expenses, 1748, 212-214. 




Knowles, W.J.: The prehistoric remains of Portstewart, County Londonderry, 221-237.

Scott, Charles: The ancient precedence of the See of Meath, 238-240.

Buick, George R.: On the development of the knife in flint, as shown by specimens common in the County Antrim, 241-248.

Atkinson, G.M.: Description of antiquities under the conservation of the Board of Public Works, Ireland, 249-253.

Wood-Martin, W.G.: The rude stone monuments of Ireland, VI, 254-299.

Redmond, Gabriel O’C.: Sleady Castle and its tragedy, 300-312.

Frazer, William: The medallists of Ireland and their work (continued), 313-326.

Carmichael-Ferrall, J.: Tyrone history, 327-331.

Browne, John: Report for County Londonderry, 332-333.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Notes on the Franciscan Abbey, Manister Cuinche, or Quin, Co. Clare, 334-335.

 Notes and Queries:

?Buick, George R.: Jubilee offering to the Queen [flint arrowhead mounted in a shaft of gold, presented by the Ballymena Archaeological Society, 336.

Buick, George R.: Note on white stone in grave, 336-337.

Ball, V.: Indian Dolmens, 337.

Wethered, E.: Antiquarian discovery at Lochleven, 338.

Wethered, E.: Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, 338-339.

Hickson, Mary: Extracts from the “Salvetti Correspondence” [a newspaper], 1626, 339-340.

Hickson, Mary: The Seggerson or Seckerston family in Ireland, 340-341.

Chalmers, James & Gill, W. Wyatt: Pile dwellings in New Guinea, 341-342.

anonymous: Discoveries at Enniskillen Bridge, 342-343.

anonymous: Discoveries at Pompeii, 343.

anonymous: Counterfeit antiquities, 343-344.

anonymous: Vitrified forts, 344.

anonymous: Attack on a crannog (from letter of 1590 printed in Calendar of State Papers), 345.

Moysey, F.A.: Curious epitaphs copied in the Naval Cemetery at Malta; epitaphs copied in the Naval Cemetery at Bermuda, 345-346.



Part II.—1888 


Vigors, P.D. (exhibited): A number of Celtic antiquities and a collectin of arms and implements from Australia and elsewhere, 348.

Grainger, Rev. Canon (exhibited): Three urns found in a cist at Killmuckridge, Co. Wexford, 348.

O’Neill, Rev. Canon (exhibited): a specimen of ancient printing 1493 and a deed executed by 34 private soldiers of Cromwell’s army conveying their parcels in Tipperary to their officers, 348-349.

Butler, Lord James et al. (discussion): Removal of Museum to Dublin, 349-353.

Col Vigors, P.D. (exhibited): some curious rings and documents of 1691 and 1701, 355.

Wakeman, W.F. (exhibited): rubbings taken from bronze sword sheath from Lisnacroghera, Co. Antrim, 355-356. 


Vigors, P.D.: Slings and sling-stones, 357-366.

Wood-Martin, W.G.: The Rude Stone Monuments of Ireland, VIII. On certain stone monuments in the Island of Achill, 376-381.

Hassé, Leonard: Egyptian and Irish beads, 382-390.

Burtchaell, George D.: Theobald Wolfe Tone and the College Historical Society, 391-399.

Westropp, Thomas J.: A glimpse of Trinity Colledge, Dublin, under Provost Hely Hutchinson (from original letters), 400-403.

Robertson, J.G.: On ancient leaden-works, 404-406.

Power, Patrick: Casey’s Lios, Ballygunnermore, Co. Waterford, 407.

Redmond, Gabriel O’C.: On a unique memorial slab to Sir Nicholas Devereux, Knight, of Balmagir, Co. Wexford, and his wife, Dame Catherine Power, of Coroghmore, 408-413.

Notes and Queries:

Vigors, P.D.: Cases of mutilation and desecration of ancient monuments in churches and churchyards, 414.

Day, Robert: Folklore (“Paddy the Doctor”), 414-415.

White, George T.: Letter of 1767, illustrating the difficulty in transmitting money at the time, 416.

Ball, V.: Extracts from “Jungle Life in India”, 416-418.

Dutton, Captain: The volcano of Mauna Loa, on the island of Hawaii, 418.



Kinahan, G.H.: The Mevagh inscribed-stones and other antiquities, 427-437.

Ffrench, J.F.M.: On an inscribed monumental stone from the Isle of Man, and some customs of the Cree Indians, 438-441.

Hickson, Mary: Notes on Kerry topography, ancient and modern (continued), 442-448.

O’Gorman, Thomas: A notice of the career of Shane O’Neill (surnamed An Diomais, or “The Proud”), 449-462.

Wright, W. Ball: Notes on the sepulchral slab of Sir John Elliot, in Balsoon Graveyard, Co. Meath, 463-465.  

Notes and Queries:

Hewson, George J. and Redmond, Gabriel O’C.: Criticisms and counter-criticisms re Redmond’s article about the memorial slab to Sir Nicholas Devereux, 466-470.

Hewson, George J.: Folk-lore [Irish cures used in America], 470-471.

Wood-Martin, W.G.: “Holed-stone” in the County Carlow, 471-472.

anonymous: Extracts translated from Septima Vita S. Patricij, 472.


Redmond, Gabriel O’C: (donated): three copper coins: 1812 penny token, 1689 halfpenny, large copper token found in Ballintaylor, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford; (exhibited): silver brooch made from a Spanish coin of 1792, 474-475.

White J.D. (exhibited): 8 bronze celts, 7 arrowheads, bronze spearhead from Castlebar, bronze knife with worked handle and silver seal of the Corporation of Cashel, 1683, 477.

The Dean of Cashel (exhibited): Silver flagon, cup and paten, 1667, 477.

The Dean and Chapter of Cashel (exhibited): Silver seal of the Dean and Chapter, brass seal of the Vicars Choral, grant by James II to the Duke of Ormond, oak chair from 1668, 477.

The Town Commissioners of Cashel (exhibited): Charters of King Charles I and King James II, 477.

Vigors, P.D.: (exhibited): Decorated copper plate dug up in Roscommon, and five finger rings, one dug up at the Hill of Tara, 477.

Vigors, P.D.: Report on collapse of part of Black Castle, Leighlinbridge, 479-480.

White, J. Davis: The Rock of Cashel (note), 480-482.

Day, Robert (exhibited): an interesting collection of stone implements—examples from Ireland, and ethnographic comparisons, 482-483.


Wakeman, W.F.: Statement of services to Irish archaeology, 486-490.

Vigors, P.D.: On the ancient grave in the County Carlow, 491-494.

O’Gorman, Thomas: St. Grigoir of Corcaguiny, 495-496.

Knowles, W.J.: Tracked stones, 497-502.

Elcock, Charles: Notes on an ogam stone in County Cavan, 503-504.

Gray, William: Rough flint celts of the County Antrim, 505-506.

Thunder, John M.: The Kingdom of Meath, 507-525.

Milligan, Seaton F.: On some cup-marked cromleachs and rath cave in County Tyrone, 526-528.





JRSAI XIX (1889)




Part I.—1889


Kinahan, G.H.: Report on round tower, Tory Island, Co. Donegal, and also Clone Church, Ferns and St. Catherine’s Abbey, Churchtown, Co. Wexford, 9.

Hewson, George J.: Report on Kilmallock Castle, 9-10.

Lynch, P.J.: Kilmallock Castle (note), 10.

Donation of sketch of the south window of the old church of Kilmorgan, Co. Sligo, 11.

Robertson, J.G. (exhibited): Notice of assembly of the Corporation of Gowran, 1756; also a Scottish rush-light, 16-17

Murphy Denis (exhibited): Manuscript history of Holy Cross Abbey, dated 1640 (to be published), 16-19.


Ffrench, J.F.M.: Cinerary urns discovered at Adamstown, Co. Wexford, 19-20.

Sub-committee for preservation of the memorials of the dead: Report for the year 1888, 21-23.

the Right Hon. The O’Conor Don: Ballintubber Castle, County Roscommon, 24-30.

Mills, James: Notices of the Manor of St. Sepulchre, Dublin, in the fourteenth century (Part I), 31-41.

Batt, Narcissus G.: The priory and castle at Rathmullen [Co. Donegal], 42-43.

Westropp, Thomas J.: History of Ennis Abbey, Co. Clare, 1240-1693, 44-48.

Malone, Sylvester: Mistaken identity as to St. Patrick’s birth-place, 49-52.

O’Gorman, Thomas A.: Notice of the career of Shane O’Neill (surnamed An Diomais, or “The Proud”), Prince of Tirowen, 1520-1567 (continued), 53-58.

Brenan, Samuel Arthur: Folk lore [Co. Antrim], 59-63.

Notes and Queries:

Redmond, G. O’Conor: Sleady Castle and its tragedy (note), 64-66.

Redmond, Gabriel O’C.: Allotments by the undertakers in Munster, 21st February, 1586 (note), 66-67.

Thunder, John M.: Some remarkable cases of longevity in Ireland (note), 67-72.

Kinahan, G.H.: Folk-lore [‘doctor-stones’], (note), 72.

Kinahan, G.H.: Smooth-leaved holly (note), 72.

Ffrench, J.: Remains on the memorial slab to Sir Nicholas Devereaux (note), 73.

Browne, John: Moneymore (note), 73-74.

Gray, William: Ancient burial, County Antrim, 74.


Part II.—1889


Cochrane, Robert, et al.: Kilmallock Abbey, 80.

Vigors, Philip D., et al.: Report on the preservation of memorials of the dead, 81-83.


Wakeman, W.F.: The castle of Adamstown and the Devereux monument, Co. Wexford, 83.

Ffrench, J.F.M.: Report on same subject, 84-86.

Moore, Courtenay: Manuscript diary, 1699-1700, of Dr. Dive Downes, in T.C.D. (note), 86.

Milligan, Seaton F.: Notes on cist and urn, found at Woodburn, near Carrickfergus, and an urn discovered recently near Coleraine, 86-87.

Martin, James: 1. A liss (Portnascully Rath, Co. Kilkenny). 2. An ancient bronze object, 87-89.

Wakeman, W.F.: On the crannog and antiquities of Lisnacroghera, near Broughshane, Co. Antrim, 96-106.

Knowles, W.J.: Report on some recent “finds” in County Antrim, 107-113.

Hickson, Mary: Notes on Kerry topography, ancient and modern (continued), 114-118.

Lynch, P.J.: Kilelton Church, near Kilgobbin, Co. Kerry, 118.

Mills, James: Notices of the Manor of St. Sepulchre, Dublin, in the Fourteenth Century (Part II), 119-126.

Day, Robert: Notes on some early examples of Cork silver, 127-130.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Notes on the Armada ships lost on the coast of Clare, 1588, 131-132.

Vigors, Philip D.: An account of the reception of a new charter from King James II. to the town of New Ross, County Wexford, in March, 1687, 133-136.

Notes and Queries:

White, John Davis: Illustrations of national proverbs, common sayings, and obsolete words and customs (note), 137-140.

C.C.W.: The ox fly (note), 141.

Atkinson, George M.: “The font” in Cashel Cathedral (note), 141.

Atkinson, George M.: Cannons found at Passage West and Bandon, Co. Cork (note), 141-142.

Martin, James: Flûic-fiadh (note), 142.

Notices and News:

anonymous: ‘Skellig Lists’ (note), 144-145.

Mahaffy, J.P.: A precious Irish relic [gold cross of St. Cataldus], 145.

newspaper article (Manchester Guardian): Grattan’s unpublished speeches (note), 145-146.

anonymous: The old Black Friars [Waterford] (note on its future), 146.

anonymous: The ruins of Kilmallock (note on funds collected), 146-147.

anonymous: The ruin of Kil-na-Marbhan, parish of Brigown, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork (note on recent repair), 147.

Lynch, P.J.: Church of Kilelton, Co. Kerry (note re raising funds for excavation), 147.

Creighton, David H.: Discovery of ancient baptismal font as St. Ciaran’s Well, rere of Kyteler’s Inn, King Street, Kilkenny (from letter to Kilkenny Moderator, 27 July 1889), 148.


Part III.—1889


anonymous: Items exhibited: mitre and crozier of Bishop O’Dea; illuminated pedigree of the Grene family; several bronze spearheads found in the River Inny; manuscript history of the reign of George III, with notes by Henry Grattan; drawing of old Thomond Bridge before the siege, and part of the support of a fire-rocket from the siege; St. Senan’s bell; some old Limerick lace; a ‘metallic plate’; cast of axe-mould found on the Hill of Inyard in Co. Wexford. Also the followng items from the Society’s Museum: banner of the Confederate Catholics; sword; scold’s bridle; crozier; jet beads from Cullohill, Durrow, Queen’s County); seals, 154.

Donation of a specimen of bog butter from County Westmeath, 154-155.


Lenihan, Maurice: A visit to Iniscaltra, 162-167.

Hill, Arthur: Report on Kilmallock Abbey, 169.

Murphy, Denis: Mungret Abbey, County Limerick, 171-181.

Wakeman, W.F.: Dunnamoe cashel, or caher, County Mayo, 182-183.

Hickson, Mary: The Knights of St. John in Kerry and Limerick, 184-191.

Barry, James Grene: The Bourkes of Clanwilliam, 192-203.

Dowd, James: Kilmallock, County Limerick, 204-215.

Crowe, J.: Notice of the Kilmallock Chalice, 216-217.

Day, Robert: Additional notes on the Kilmallock Chalice, with notes on the Midleton Chalice, 217-220.

Moore, Courtenay: Ecclesiastical antiquities of the Parish of Brigown (Mitchelstown), diocese of Cloyne; the ruins of Kil-na-marbhan; the site of Brigown round tower, 221-226.

Lee, Timothy: The Northmen of Limerick, 227-231.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: History of the abbey and battles of Monasteranenagh, Croom, County Limerick, 1148-1603, 232-238.

Hewson, George J.: Ennis Abbey-the succession of the early Earls of Thomond, etc., 239-243.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Note on the foregoing, 243-244.

Archæological notes:

Milligan, Seaton F.: Archaeological notes from Ulster, 245-247.

Mulcahy, D.B.: Legend of St. Ciaran (note), 247-248.

Coleman, J.: Notes on Loughry, Co. Tyrone, 250-251.

newspaper article (Pall Mall Gazette): Monument to Bishop Berkeley, Cloyne Cathedral, County Cork, 251-252.

?Coleman, J.: The Heroine of the Collegians (from the Cork Examiner, 29 Sept.):, 252.


Part IV.—1889


Hewson, E.F. (exhibited): Mould of the ogham stone at Claragh, 260.

Welsh, R. (exhibited): Mounted views of round towers etc., printed by the new Blanchard process, suitable for book illustration, 260.

Frazer, W. (exhibited): Cross of St. Kieran of Clonmacnoise, 260, 262.

Ffrench, J.F.M. (exhibited): An ancient hammer stone, 260.

O’Gorman, Thomas (exhibited): A bronze cup found in a bog in County Antrim, 260.

Stokes, G.T.: Excursion to places of interest in Meath [Drogheda, Termonfeckin, Boyne, Slane], 263-267.


Milligan, Seaton F.: The ancient Irish hot-air bath, 268-270.

Stubbs, F.W.: Notes on the antiquities of Dromiskin, in the County of Louth, 271-276.

Kinahan, G.H.: Additional list of megalithic and other ancient structures, Barony of Kilmacrenan, County Donegal, 277-286.

Ffrench, J.F.M.: Notes on a small object in stone found at Wicklow Gap, 287-288.

Frazer, William: On a mould of micaceous sandstone for casting a celt with double loop, lately found in the South of Ireland, with observations, 289-292.

Frazer, William: Description of two small hammers of micaceous sandstone found at Fethard, in the same field with the stone celt mould, 293-294.

Wakeman, W.F.: On an ancient sculptured cross, and monumental slab, Devenish Island, Lough Erne, County Fermanagh, 295-299.

Day, Robert: One of the silver maces of Cork, 300-301.

Day, Robert: The silver mace of the Corporation of Castlemartyr, 302-303.

Coleman, James: Cork Harbour in the days of the convoys and privateers, 304-311.

Vigors, Philip D.: List of the “sovereigns” of the town of New Ross County Wexford, from 1584-1841, also the “recorders”, from 1658-1825; taken from the books of the old Corporation, 312-317.

Lett, H. W.: Drumgooland vestry-book, 318-324.

Archæological notes:

Bigger, Francis Joseph: A “Society of Art and Mystery” of Carrickfergus [boot- and shoemakers’ guild] (note), 325-326.

?Coleman, J.: The largest relief map in the world. Ireland, one-inch to a mile, Science and Art Museum,Dublin (note), 326.

?Coleman, J.: The two largest church bells in Ireland (note), 326-327.

Traynor, Patrick (& note by Mr. Milligan): Newgrange [very bad condition: graffiti etc.], 327-328.

Browne, John: Tullyhogue Fort near Loughry, Co. Tyrone (note), 328.

Lynch, P.J.: Crushed to death under an ogham stone (note), 328-329.

anonymous (original document): Tandragee church, 329.




JRSAI XX (Special Volume for 1898-1901)





Vol. X.—Fourth series; VOL XX Consecutive series.



Index, 1-204.

List of Presidents and officers of the Society, 1849–1889, 205-206.

Places of meeting of the Society and dates, 207-208.

Addenda and corrigenda (to index A–L), 209-210.

Index to the illustrations in the first nineteen volumes, 1849–1889, 213-258.

Appendix: index to the drawings of Irish antiquities in the sketch-books of George Victor du Noyer, in the library of the Society, 259-268.




JRSAI XXI (1890-1891)





Part I 1890


No. 1 Vol. I., Fifth Series. First Quarter 1890.




Stokes, George Thomas: Dudley Loftus: a Dublin antiquary of the seventeenth century, 17-30.

Robinson, John L.: Celtic remains in England, 31-35.

Drew, Thomas: the ancient chapter-house of the Priory of the Holy Trinity, Dublin, 36-43.

Hickson, Mary: Notes on Kerry topography (contd.), 44-49.

Barry, James Grene: Ancient mural inscriptions, County Limerick 50-53.

Mills, James: Tenants and agriculture near Dublin in the fourteenth century, 54-63.

Day, Robert: Memoirs of the town of Youghal, 64-67.

Westropp, Thomas Johnston: Notes on the sheriffs of County Clare, 1570-1700, 68-80.

Kane, Robert Romney: letter to Professor Stokes re land-holdings in County Dublin, and reply by Dr. Stokes (note) 81-82.

Connor, Rev. Canon: History of the area round Ballyhooley, Co. Cork (query), 82-83.

Batt, Narcissus G.: Flamboyant architecture (note), 83.

anonymous: Ancient lake dwelling at Lochavullin, Scotland (note), 83-85.

anonymous: An Irish archbishop’s grave in Spain (note), 85.

Plunkett, Thomas: Cross head at Devenish (note in reply to query), 85.

Halpin, J.: Rock art, Killanena, Co. Clare (note), 86.

Power, Patrick: Comments on Hardiman’s paper in PRIA about West Australian aborigines (note), 86.

Munro, Dr. (report on lecture by): The Rhind lectures in archaeology: The culture and civilisation of the early lake dwellers of Europe (note), 86-87.

Creaghe, Philip C.: The Holycross Chalice (note), 87.

Creaghe, Philip C.: The Archer-Butlers (query), 87.


No. 2 Vol I Fifth Series. Second Quarter 1890.


Day, Robert (sent for exhibition): stone axeheads from various parts of the world (including Cork & Antrim). Also glass beads from New York State, 103-104.

Frazer, William (exhibited): Stone axeheads and other implements from Scandinavia, 104.

anonymous: donations to the Museum. Stone implements found at Troyswood, Kilkenny, by Major Dickson; rushlight candlestick, Carlow, Col. Vigors; oak putlog, St. Francis Abbey, Kilkenny, by D.H. Creighton; coins, including Welsh 11th-century, by Mr. O’Sullivan; Irish agricultural placard, 1849; stone from Pompeii and two ancient tobacco-pipes; large limestone water-font found near St. Canice’s Cathedral, 108.

Egan, P.M.: a brass seal of the old Kilkenny Theatre, 108-109.

Langrishe, Richard (paper read on excursion): The Cathedral of St. Canice and its founders, 109-111.


Murphy, Denis: The Wogans of Rathcoffy, 111-129.

Hassé, Leonard: Objects from the sandhills at Portstewart and Grangemore, and their antiquity, 130-138.

Wright, William Ball: James Standish of the King’s Inns, Vice-Treasurer of Ireland, 1649-1661, 139-149.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Subterranean chambers at Clady, Co. Meath, 150-154.

Wakeman, W.F.: Some remarks on the subject of stone celts, as found in Ireland generally; and on two examples, from the County of Antrim, in particular (note), 155-157.

anonymous: Report on Kilmallock Abbey (note), 160-161.

Hickson, Mary: Kilmallock (note), 162-164.

Gray, William: Discovery of an ancient sepulchre at the Giant’s Ring, Belfast (note), 164-165.

Wakeman, W.F.: The hot-air bath (note), 165.

King, Henry: Bishop Leslie (note), 165-166.

Murphy, Denis: Inscription on the parish church of Churchtown, near Buttevant (note), 166.

Coleman, James: The Barbary corsairs in Ireland (note), 167-168.

Day, Robert: A Limerick medal (query), 168.

C.C.W.: The first Duke of Marlborough (query), 168.

Glover, Edward: Kildare Cathedral (note), 169.

Hickson, Mary: identification of placenames in leases, Counties Kildare/Kilkenny/Carlow/Dublin (query), 169.


No. 3 Vol I, Fifth Series. Third Quarter 1890.


anonymous: Athlone (excursion notes), 179-186.

anonymous: Lough Ree and islands (excursion notes), 187-191.

anonymous: Clonmacnoise (excursion notes), 192-197.


Stokes, George Thomas: Athlone in the seventeenth century, 198-215.

Healy, W.: The Cistercian abbey of Kilcooley, Co. Tipperary, 216-227.

Vinycomb, John: Some remarks on the seal of the Deanery of the Cathedral Church of St. Patrick, Dublin, 228-231.

Milligan, Seaton F.: Some cases of remarkable longevity, 232-239.

O’Laverty, James: The Wren Boys (note), 240-242.

Ffrench, J.F.M.: On an ancient still-worm discovered in the Co. Wicklow (note), 242-243.The Blackwater, Hickson, Mary: Cappoquin, and Barons of Burnchurch (note), 244-246.

Redmond, Gabriel O’C.: Raymond Le Gros and his son Hamon (note), 247.

anonymous, possibly ‘J.C.’: Col. Edward Jones, of Wexford (query), 247.

‘J.C.’ [James Coleman?]: The hand—an emblem of good luck in Ireland (note), 247.

Balfour, B.R.: Round tower at Proudfootstown, Co. Meath, 247-248.

Balfour, B.R.: State of New Grange (note), 248.

Kelly, P.: Inscribed stone found in Shancobane Fort, near Rocksavage (note), 248.

Ball Wright, W.: errata—James Standish, pp146–8, 248.

Hewson, George J.: errata—Standish Arms, p144, 248.

Hickson, Mary: errata—Kilmallock, p162, 248.


No. 4 Vol I, Fifth Series. Last Quarter 1890.


anonymous: excursion to Glencolmcille, 260-264.


Wakeman, W.F.: Glen Malin monument, Cloghanmore, 264-266.

Stokes, G.T.: St. Mary’s Abbey, Dublin [excursion to chapter house], 271-272.

Wakeman, W.F.: Two hitherto undescribed inscriptions at Clonmacnoise, 273-275.

Langrishe, R.: The walls of Athlone, 276-279.

Langrishe, R.: The sieges of Athlone in 1690 and 1691, 280-281.

Day, Robert: The O’Neill badge, 282-283.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: The Normans in Thomond.—Part I., 1275–1287.

Kirker, S. K.: Cloughoughter Castle, County Cavan, 294-297.

Vigors, P.D.: Alphabetical list of the fee burgesses of New Ross, Co. Wexford, from 1658 to 30th September, 1839. From H.L. Tottenham, Esq.’s, manuscripts, 298-309.

Hickson, Mary: Notes on Kerry topography [concluded], 310-317.

anonymous: The Clonmacnoise Brooch (note), 318-319.

Day, Robert: Query re silver medal inscribed ‘Children of the Shambrogue A.D. 1778’, 319.

Brenan, Sl. Arthur: Old stone Christian altar in Glendun, Co. Antrim (note), 320.

anonymous: Foundation of the Henry Bradshaw Society (for the purpose of editing liturgical manuscripts and rare editions of service-books, 320.

Hewson, George J.: The Wogans of Rathcoffy (query), 320-321.

anonymous (?George J Hewson): The Wogans of Rathcoffy (note), 321.

Hewson, George J.: Kilmallock &c. (note), 321-322.

Hewson, George J.: The Barbary Corsairs in Ireland (note), 322-323.

Hickson, Mary: Extract from the Blennerhassett pedigree, written between 1684 and 1736, 323-324.

Berry, H.F.: The Blackwater (note), 324.

Westropp, T.J.: “High Sheriffs of Clare”, errata, 324.

anonymous: Review of The Lake Dwellings of Europe by Robert Munro. Review inclused illustrations of objects from La Tène and Lisnacroghera, and a complete bibliography of Irish crannogs. -334



Part II 1891



No. 5 Vol I, Fifth Series. First Quarter 1891.



Limerick, Lord Bishop of: On similar forms of the Christian Cross, found on ancient monuments in Egypt and Ireland, 346-349.

Wakeman, W.F.: On the earlier forms of inscribed Christian crosses found in Ireland, 350-358.

Hassé, Leonard: Statistics of ornamented glass beads in Irish collections, 359-366.

Frazer, William: On Irish half-timbered houses.

Half timbered houses in Dublin and Drogheda, 367-369.

Langrishe, Richard: The sieges of Athlone in 1690 and 1691 (continued), 370-380.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: The Normans in Thomond.—Part II., 1287-1313, 381-387.

Gray, William: The antiquarian aspect of the County Antrim raised beaches, 388-390.

Frazer, William: A contribution to Irish anthropology, 391-404.

Wakeman, W.F.: The church of Kill-of-the-Grange (note), 405-406.

Milligan, Seaton F.: Witchcraft in County Tyrone, in the nineteenth century (note), 406-407.

Hickson, Mary: Ancient Dublin churches (note), 408.

Hickson, Mary: The late W.M. Hennessy, M.R.I.A., and Assistant Deputy Keeper of the Records in Ireland, on Kerry antiquities, 409.

Milligan, Seaton F.: Longevity, 409.

Owen, Edward; Welsh and Irish MSS, 409.

Westropp, Thomas J.: [Romanesque east window of the Augustinian convent of Killowen, near Ennis, in danger], 409-410.


No. 6 Vol I, Fifth Series. Second Quarter 1891.


Beveridge, John (ed.): (from Proceedings) Selection from records of the Corporation of Dublin, 421-425.


Drew, Thomas: Surroundings of the cathedral church of St. Patrick de Insula, Dublin, 426-432.

Buick, George R.: Fresh facts about prehistoric pottery, 433-442.

Stokes, G.T.: Killeger Church [Co. Dublin], 443-449.

Healy, John: The unfinished crosses of Kells, 450-455.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Description of the stone-roofed building called “St. Patrick’s Chapel,” at Ardrass, in the County Kildare, 456-458.

Day, Robert: On some medals of the Loyal Irish Volunteers, 459-461.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: The Normans in Thomond.—part III., 1313–1318, 462-472.

Vigors, Philip D.: Irish rush-light candlesticks, 473-474.

Power, Patrick: The ancient ruined churches of Co. Waterford, 475-482.

Frazer, W.: Description of a small bronze figure of a bird, found in recent excavations in Dublin, with observations, 483.

Hewson, G.J.: Rathkeale Abbey (note), 484.

Hewson, G.J.: Finds of bronze weapons (note), 484-485.

Hewson, G.J.: Finds of elkheads, &c. (note), 485.

Hewson, G.J.: Irish tradesmen’s tokens (note), 485.

ffrench, J.F.M.: Antiquarian finds in the Counties Wicklow, Wexford, Carlow, Kildare, King’s County and Westmeath (note), 485-486.

Moore, Joseph H.: Tomb of Sir Thomas Cusack (note), 486-487.

Moore, Joseph H.: Giant’s Grave (note), 487.

O’Callaghan, C.G.: Hitherto unnoticed crannogs in Lough Bridgid, Co. Clare (note), 487.

Dugan, C. Winston: Cromlech near Portadown (note), 488.

newspaper articles: The Antiquaries at the Mansion House (note), 488-489.

newspaper article—The Times: The Grave of St. Patrick (note), 489.

anonymous (the Editor?): County Antrim (note), 489-490.

Healy, W.: The Rath of Borrismore (note), 490.

anonymous (the Editor?): New Irish archæological society [note—Kildare archæological society to be set up], 490.

ffrench, J.F.M.: Rush-light candles (note), 490.

Robinson, Thomas: “Magdalene Tower,” Drogheda (note), 490.

anonymous (the Editor?): Archæological congress in London (note), 491.

Westropp, J. Johnson [sic: probably misprint for T.]: Milk folk-lore in Limerick and Clare (note), 491-492.


No. 7 Vol I, Fifth Series. Third Quarter 1891.


?Cochrane, Robert: (from Proceedings) Excursion to Kells, Kilree, Callan, Ballybur Castle, Tuesday, 19th May, 1891, 498-500.

Stokes, G.T.: Excursion to North Dublin, Wednesday 1st July, 1891, 501-513.


Barry, Edmond: On fifteen ogham inscriptions recently discovered at Ballyknock, in the Barony of Kinnatalloon, County of Cork, 514-535.

Buick, George R.: Notice of an ancient wooden trap, probably used for catching otters, 536-541.

Wakeman, W.F.: On the crannog and antiquities of Lisnacroghera, near Broughshane, Co. Antrim. (Third notice), 542-545.

Murphy, Denis: The Castle of Roscommon, 546-556.

Berry, Henry F.: The water supply of ancient Dublin, 557-573.

Milligan, Seaton F.: Ancient forts in County Sligo, 574-582.

Frazer, W.: I.—Bog butter: its history, with observations. II.—On a dish of wood found in a bog at Ballymoney. III.—On a primitive wooden milk churn, 583-588.

Mulcahy, D.B.: An ancient Irish hot-air bath, or sweat-house, on the island of Rathlin, 589-590.

Day, Robert: On an engraved medal of the Loyal Irish Callan Volunteers, 591-592.

?Cochrane, Robert (compiled by): Conference of archaeological societies (note), 593-594.

newspaper article—Pall Mall Gazette, 29 Aug.: Hanging in chains (note), 594.

Healy, John: Report [monuments found in County Meath] (note), 594-595.

Moore, Courtenay: Artificial Caves, Co. Antrim (note), 595.


No. 8 Vol I Fifth Series. Fourth Quarter 1891.


anonymous: [Description of excursions in County Kerry, and also Limerick and Cashel, August 1891], 609-631.


Rhys, John: The early Irish conquests of Wales and Dumnonia, 642-657.

Stokes, George Thomas: The island monasteries of Wales and Ireland, 658-664.

Graves, Charles: On the proper names occurring in the Ogam inscriptions found in the Cave of Dunloe, 665-672.

Wakeman, W.F.: On the crannog and antiquities of Lisnacroghera, near Broughshane, Co. Antrim (fourth notice), 673-675.

Olden, T.: The voyage of St. Brendan, 676-684.

Hickson, Mary: Names of places and surnames in Kerry, 685-696.

Wakeman, W.F.: Primitive churches in County Dublin, 697-702.

O’Donoghue, Denis: Mor, sister of St. David of Menevia, patron of Wales, the mother of Kerry saints, 703-711.

Butler, Julian G. Wandesford: Photographic collection, Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland (note), 712-714.

Westropp, T. Johnson: Kilmalkedar (note), 715.

Westropp, T. Johnson: “Normans in Thomond” (addendum, p290), 715-716.

Morgan, Arthur P.: Underground chambers, Co. Mayo (note), 716.

Dallow, W.: The Chester Archæological and Historic Society (note), 717.

Burtchaell, G.D.: Col. Edward Jones of Wexford (reply to query, p247), 717.



JRSAI Vol. XXII (1892)

Series V, Vol. II

Part I    First Quarter. April 1892.

Stokes, G.T.: St. Fechin of Fore and his monastery, 1-12.

document: A journey to Lough Derg, by Isaac Butler, 13-24.

Elliott, Anthony L.: The Abbey of St. Thomas the Martyr, near Dublin, 25-41.

ffrench, J.F.M.: On two rare stone implements found at Lough Gur, County Limerick, 42-45.

Knowles, William James: Recently discovered finds in the Co. Antrim, 46-49.

Mills, James: Accounts of the Earl of Norfolk’s estates in Ireland, 1279-1294, 50-62.

Day, Robert: On posey rings, 63-65.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The round tower of Castledermot, 66-69.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Carvings in St. Mary’s Cathedral, Limerick, 70-79.

Report of Mr. P.J. Lynch, M.R.I.A.I., Hon. Provincial Secretary, North Munster, 80-82.

Lynch, P.J.: Killelton Church, &c.: 82-83.

anonymous (the Editor?): County Kildare Archæological Society (note: new society founded), 83-84.


Part II    Second Quarter. June, 1892.

Wakeman, W.F.: Ante-Norman churches in the County of Dublin, 101-106.

Berry, Henry F.: On the use of signs in the ancient monasteries, with special reference to a code used by the Victorine canons at St. Thomas’s Abbey, Dublin, 107-125.

document: A journey to Lough Derg, by Isaac Butler, (continued), 126-136.

Hickson, Mary: Old place names and surnames, 137-144.

Hassé, Leonard: An urn-burial on the site of Monasterboice, Co. Louth, 145-150.

Murphy, Denis: The shrine of St. Caillin of Fenagh, 151-153.

Patterson, W.H.: On a newly discovered site for worked flints in the County of Down, 154-155.

Frazer, William: On the musical sounds employed in hunting game in the year 1676. (From a manuscript), 156-157.

Romilly Allen, J.: Notes on the antiquities in Co. Kerry visited by the Royal Society of Antiquaries on Ireland and the Cambrian Archæological Association, August, 1891, 158-170.

Vigors, Philip D.: Extracts from the books of the old Corporation of Ross, Co. Wexford, 171-176.

Rowan, A.M.: Further cases of remarkable longevity (note), 177-178.

Fowke, F.R.: Fowke family (note), 178.

Berry, H.F.: The epithet “Scorchvillein” (note),178-179.

Stock, Elliott: Notice of new book: The folk speech of Devonshire, 179.

Coleman, James: Throwing the dart, an ancient custom of Cork Harbour, 179-180.

Coleman, James: Spike Island, 180-181.

Dix, E.R.McC.: Report of the Hon. Local Secretary, North Dublin, 181-183.

Westropp, Thomas J.: note on ancient charters in Trinity College, 183-184.

Frazer, W.: Beeswax obtained near the ancient church of Killaspugbrone, Co. Sligo, with remarks, 184-185.

Frazer, W.: On rude crosses made from twigs, with interlaced straw or rushes, used in some country districts, 185-186.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Report of the Local Secretary for South Kildare, 186-188.

Stock, Elliott: Notice of new volume of Book Prices Current, 188.

anonymous (the Editor?): note on serial history of County Galway being published in the Tuam Herald, 188.


Part III    Third Quarter. Sept., 1892.

Healy, John: Prehistoric stone monuments of Brittany, 213-220.

Frazer, W.: On jet beads found in Ireland, 221-223.

Milligan, Seaton, F.: Some recent cases of remarkable longevity (Second Paper), 224-236.

O’Leary, Patrick & Cochrane, Robert: Notes on the Cistercian Abbey of Graignamanagh, 237-247.

Coleman, James: The graveyards of the Great Island, 248-254.

Romilly Allen, J.: Notes on the antiquities in Co. Kerry visited by the Royal Society of Antiquaries on Ireland and the Cambrian Archæological Association, August, 1891. Part II, 255-284.

Frazer, W.: On a wooden vessel obtained from a bog near Newry, 285-290.

Vigors, Philip D.: Extracts from the books of the old Corporation of Ross, Co. Wexford, 287-290.

White, John Davis: Sheela-na-Guira (query), 291.

Westropp, T. Johnson: Witchcraft in County Limerick (note), 291.

Wilson, J.M.: Ballinamore castle, chapel and burying-ground, Co. Longford (note), 291-292.

Rev. Canon Baillie: Account of the discovery of two stone graves in the County Donegal (note), 292-294

MacRitchie, David: Notes on Holed-stones (note), 294-297.

anonymous: A charm doctor at work (note), 297.

anonymous: The Treaty Stone of Limerick (note), 297.

Hickson, Mary: Longevity (note), 297-299.

Hickson, Mary Agnes: Report of the Hon. Local Secretary, Co. Kerry (note), 299-301.

O’Leary, P.: Tinnehinch Castle (note), 302-303.

White, J. Grove: Fowlke family (note), 303.

anonymous (the Editor?): Congress of Archæological Societies (note), 303-305.

newspaper article: New Ross Standard 23.7.1892: Vandalism (note): 305-306.

Fraser, W.: On crosses made of twigs, with interlaced straw or rushes, &c. (note), 306-307.

Browne, Dominick: [Query re Colonel Agmondasham Muschamp], 307.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Correction (to ‘Report of the Local Secretary for South Kildare’ in part III), 307.

anonymous (the Editor?): Excursion to Kells, Co. Meath, 311-315.

Vinycomb, John: Historical and descriptive account of the city of Belfast, 323-333.

Maguire, Edward: Descriptive paper about Down cathedral 336-339,


Part IV    Fourth Quarter. Dec., 1892.

Murphy, Denis: On the ornamentation of the Lough Erne Shrine, 349-355.

O’Laverty, James: The true reason why the Irish buried their butter in bog-banks, 356-357.

Burtchaell, George Dames: The Geraldines of County Kilkenny. Part I.-The Barons of Burntchurch, 358-376.

ffrench, J.F.M.: St. Mullins, Co. Carlow, 377-388.

Hickson, Mary: Old place names and surnames, 389-397.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Killaloe: its ancient palaces and cathedral. (Part I.), 398-410.

Cochrane, Robert: Notes on the “Ancient Monuments Protection (Ireland) Act, 1892,” and the previous legislation connected therewith, 411-429.

O’Laverty, James: Newgrange still called by its ancient name, Brugh-na-Boinne (note), 430.

Westropp, T. Johnson: Mervyn Archdall at Slane (note), 430-431.

S[tokes], G.T.: Isaac Butler (note), 431.

Barry, J. Grene: Innisfallen (note), 432.

Patterson, William Hugh: On some ancient sculptured slabs at Saul, County Down (note), 432-433.

Patterson, W. H.: “Forty-fourth Year of Issue” (note), 433-434.

Lett, H.W.: Disappearance of a relic of the past (note), 434-435.

Robertson, J.G.: Shee’s Almshouse, Kilkenny (note), 435-436.

Robertson, James G.: St. Francis’ Abbey, Kilkenny (note), 436-437.

Robertson, James G.: St. John’s Priory, Kilkenny (note), 437.

Hewson, George J.: Sheela-na-Guira (note), 437-438.

Hewson, George J.: Ancient Irish sundials (note), 438-439.

Hickson, Mary: Russell’s History of the Geraldines (note), 439-440.

C.M.S.: A journey to Lough Derg (note), 440.

anonymous (the Editor?): Honours to members of the Society (note), 440-441.

Barry, J.G.: Report of Hon. Local Secretary, Limerick, 441.

newspaper article: Clonmel Chronicle: Interesting find at Ballinacourte, Co. Tipperary, 441.

anonymous (the Editor?): The Society and the Ancient Monuments Act (note), 441-442.

Hickson, Mary: Ballinamore Castle, Co. Longford, and the Browns, baronets of that county in 1641-52 (note), 442.

Burtchaell, G.D.: Ballinamore Castle, Co. Longford, Browne, Baronet (note), 443.

Burtchaell, G.D.: Tinnehinch Castle, Co. Carlow (note), 443-445.

Warren, Thomas: Alleged discovery in Co. Clare (note), 445-446.

Brenan, S.A.: inscriptions in Ballintoy Church, Co. Antrim (note), 446-447.

anonymous (the Editor?): History of County Clare (about to be published), 447.

Appendix: Index of Archæological papers published in 1891. Published under the direction of the Congress of Archæological Societies in Union with the Society of Antiquaries, 1892, 1-40.

Appendix: Report on the transcription and publication of Parish registers &c. Published under the direction of the Congress of Archæological Societies in Union with the Society of Antiquaries, 1892, 1-16.


JRSAI Vol. XXIII (1893)

Series V, Vol. III

Part I    First Quarter. March 1893.

Healy, J.: “The baptism of Our Lord”, as represented at Kells and Monasterboice, 1-6.

Frazer, William: The medallists of Ireland and their work. No. 5-Isaac Parkes, 7-26.

Buick, G.R.: The crannog of Moylarg, 27-43.

O’Meagher, J. Casimir (ed.): Diary of Dr. Jones, Scout-Master-General to the Army of the Commonwealth, from 13th March, 1649-50, to July, 1650, 44-54.

Moore, Joseph H.: Notices of the town of Navan, 55-63.

Young, Robert M.: Notes on the ancient records of Carrickfergus, 64-68.

Vinycomb, John: Notes on an antique seal of Carrickfergus, 69-72.

Scott, W.R.: Members for Ireland in the parliaments of the Protectorate, 73-77.

Wynne, G.R.: Traces of ancient dwellings in the sandhills of West Kerry (note), 78-80.

Patterson, W.H.: Notice of a pre-historic site at Ballykinler, Dundrum Bay, County of Down (note), 80-81.

anonymous: Shee’s Almshouse, Kilkenny (note), 81-

Stokes, George T.: The Wolverstons of Stillorgan (note), 81-83.

Stokes, George T.: The Casaubons in Ireland (note), 83-84.

Scully, Rev. Canon: Ancient monuments [re ruined Knights Hospitaller church at Hospital, County Limerick] (note), 84.

Carter, H.B.: Maghera-Meen-Glas, County Tyrone (note), 84-86.

Vigors, Philip: Report of the Hon, Local Secretary of the County Carlow, for the year 1892 (note on monuments and finds), 86-87.

Stokes, G.T.: Knight’s charity (note: from Pue’s Occurrences, 1755), 87-88.

Stokes, G.T.: Aughrim Club (note: from Pue’s Occurrences, ?1755), 88.

?Stokes, G.T.: The origin of the Ballinasloe October Fair (query), 88-89.

Stokes, G.T.: Fishing on the Liffey (note: from Pue’s Occurrences, 1755), 89.

Hickson, Mary: John FitzThomas, son-in-law of Thomas FitzAnthony (corrigendum), 89-90.

Berry, Henry F.: Fumbally’s-lane, Dublin (note), 90.

Robinson, J.L.: Photographic Survey (note), 90-91.

anonymous (the Editor?): The Illustrated Archæologist (note on forthcoming new publication), 91-93.

anonymous (the Editor?): The Ex Libris Journal (review), 93.

anonymous: extended review, with photographs and woodcuts, of Wakeman’s Survey of the Antiquarian remains on the Island of Inish Murray, 1892, 98-102 (included in ‘Proceedings’, 114-122.)

Westropp, T.J.: statement describing the restoration works at Ennis Abbey, 121-122. Part of ‘Proceedings’, 114-122.


Part II    Second Quarter. June, 1893.

Donnelly, N.: Incumbents of Killadreenan and Archdeacons of Glendalough in the fifteenth century. With extracts from the Roman archives, 123-139.

Knowles, W.J.: Irish stone axes and chisels, 140-163.

Frazer, William: Recent unrecorded finds of James II.’s brass money near Dublin. With notes on this coinage, 164-167.

Lockwood, F.W.: Anglo-Norman castles of County Down, 168-178.

Burtchaell, George Dames: Geraldines of the County Kilkenny. Part II.-The Barons of Overk and the Barons of Knocktopher, 179-186.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Killaloe: its ancient palaces and cathedral. (Part II.), 187-201.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: “The Geraldine’s Throw.”-Identification of the spot referred to in a sixteenth century legend related by Holinshed, 202-206.

Hewson, E.F.: Churches of Claragh, Blanchvilleskill, and Tullaherin (note), 207-210.

anonymous (the Editor?): The Town Book of Belfast (note), 210.

anonymous: St. Mullins (note, re excavations by Mr. O’Leary), 211.

Robertson, J.G.: Kilkenny Cathedral (note), 211-212.

Robertson, J.G.: St. Francis Abbey, Kilkenny (note), 212.

Hickson, Mary: Labba Caillighe (note), 212.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Newgrange (note), 213.

anonymous (the Editor?): Hore MSS (note), 213.

Hickson, Mary: Kerry oghams and Giant’s Grave (note), 213-214.

Robertson, J.G.: Kilkenny Cathedral, Common Hall (note), 214-216.

Robertson, J.G.: A modern but little known inscription in the Irishtown, Kilkenny (note), 216-217.

Hamilton, Everard: Members for Ireland in the parliaments of the Protectorate (note), 217.


Part III    Third Quarter. Sept., 1893.

Murphy, Denis: The College of the Irish Franciscans at Louvain, 237-250.

Vigors, Philip D.: The antiquities of Ullard, County Kilkenny, 251-260.

Hickson, Mary: Old place-names and surnames, 261-267.

Le Fanu, T.P.: The Royal forest of Glencree, 268-280.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Prehistoric stone forts of Central Clare, 281-291.

Buick, George R.: Weavers’ candleholders, 292-294.

Robinson, John L.: Notes on the Photographic Survey, 295-297.

Evans, Sir John: Treasure Trove (note-abstract of paper in the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of London), 298.

Martyn, Edward: Corcomroe Abbey, Co. Clare (monument injured) (note), 298.

Walkington, L.A.: Bona Margy Abbey, Co. Antrim (note), 298-9.

Robertson, J.G.: Shee’s Almshouse. Kilkenny (note), 299-300.

Hewson, George J.: Date of creation of the Earldom of Kildare (note), 300.

Hickson, Mary: Date of creation of the Earldom of Kildare (note), 300-301.

Wilson, J.M.: Lough Ree and the Island of Inchcleraun (note), 301.

FitzGerald, R.G.: The Flemings, Barons of Slane (note), 302.

Burtchaell, G.D.: Fumbally’s-lane, Dublin (note), 302.

quotation from The Academy: Ogam at Silchester (note), 302.

Stokes, G.T.: Calendar of the “Liber Niger Alani”, 303-320.


Part IV    Fourth Quarter. Dec., 1893.

Stokes, G.T.: The antiquities from Kingstown to Dublin. Part I, 343-356.

Frazer, W.: Early pavement tiles in Ireland, 357-366.

Mac Ritchie, David: Notes on the word Sidh, 367-379.

Stokes, Margaret: St. Beoc of Wexford, and Lan Veoc in Brittany, June 15 (died 585), 380-385.

Cochrane, Robert: The ecclesiastical antiquities in the Parish of Howth, County of Dublin. Part I, 386-407.

Burtchaell, G.D.: The Geraldines of the County Kilkenny, Part III.-The Barons of Brownsford, 408-420.

Donnelly, N.: Diocese of Glendalough in the fifteenth century (note), 421-422.

Le Fanu, T.P.: Some seventeenth century recipes (note), 422-424.

Kirker, S.K.: Mediæval seal ring (note), 424-425.

anonymous (the Editor?): Conference of archæological societies (note), 426-427.

Stokes, G.T.: Iron works (note: from Pue’s Occurrences), 427.

Westropp, Thomas J.: An English round tower (note), 428-429.

FitzGerald-Uniacke, R.G.: Casaubons in Ireland (note), 429.

Longworth Dames, R.S.: Descent of the estate of Monkstown, Co. Dublin (note), 430-431.

Westropp, Thomas J.: “Prehistoric stone forts of central Clare.” Cahercalla, near Quin (note), 432.

McCarthy, W.P. Trant: Outrage on a ruined church (note), 432-433.

Hewson, George G.: The Flemings, Barons of Slane (note), 433.

Stoney, Sadleir: St. Fintan’s, Howth (note), 433.

McCready, C.T.: Howth: its objects of antiquarian and general interest, 445-454.


JRSAI Vol. XXIV (1894)

Series V, Vol. IV

Part I    First Quarter. Mar., 1894.

Hassé, Leonard: Objects from the Sandhills at Dundrum and their antiquity, 1-13.

Berry, Henry F.: The Manor of Mallow in the thirteenth century, 14-24.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Churches with round towers in Northern Clare. (Part I.), 25-34.

Fetherstonhaugh, A.J.: The true story of the two chiefs of Dunboy: an episode in Irish history [Part I], 35-43.

Gray, William: Notes on some County Down souterrains, 44-46 [drawings p 44, text pp 45-46].

Moore, J.H.: Notes on the history of Navan. Part II, 47-53.

Wakeman, W.F.: On a recently-discovered pagan sepulchral mound in the grounds of Old Connaught, near Bray, County Dublin, 54-64.

Swan, Joseph P.: The Justices of the Peace for the County of Wexford, 65-72.

Drew, Thomas: The Christchurch of Dublin (note), 73-74.

Westropp, T.J.: A “lost find” at Attyflin, Co. Limerick (note), 74-75.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Report of Local Secretary, Co. Kildare-the restoration of the High Cross at Moone (note), 75-76.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: An Archbold mural tablet in Timolin village, 76.

“F.R.S.A.I.”: Figures known as Hags of the Castle, Sheelas, or Sheela na gigs (note), 77-81.

Stokes, G.T.: Irish longevity (note: from Pues Occurrences, 12 January 1758), 81.

Westropp, Thomas J.: The last friars of Quin, Co. Clare (note), 82.

Latimer, W.T.: Ireland in 1641 (note), 82.

Milligan, S.F.: Old chair (note), 83.

Kelliher, D.P.: Muckross Abbey and Ross Castle, Killarney (note), 83-84.

abstract of article in the Illustrated Archæologist for March: The Board of Works and Irish antiquities (note), 84.


Part II    Second Quarter. June 1894.

Munro, Robert: The structural features of lake-dwellings, 105-114.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Ptolemy’s Map of Ireland, 115-128.

Currey, F.E.: St. Bridget’s Church, Britway parish, Co. Cork, 129-131.

Frazer, W.: The shamrock: its history, 132-135.

Frazer, W.: Early pavement tiles in Ireland. Part II. —Tiles displaying shamrocks and fleur-de-lis, 136-138.

Fetherstonhaugh, A.J.: The true story of the two chiefs of Dunboy: an episode in Irish history. Part II, 139-149.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Churches with round towers in northern Clare. (Part II.), 150-159.

Mills, James: The Norman settlement in Leinster—the cantreds near Dublin, 160-175 [map p160, text pp 161-175].

Vigors, Philip D.: Extracts from the books of the old Corporation of Ross, County Wexford, 176-179.

Latimer, W.T.: Sweat-house near Eglish, County Tyrone (note), 180.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Rathmichael Co. Dublin (note), 180-181.

Hewson, George J.: Report of Hon. Secretary for Co. Limerick (note), 181-184.

Coffey, George: Mr. Mac Ritchie’s notes on the word ‘Sidh’ (note), 184-187.

Hickson, M.: Ancient Thomond; the O’Neills and O’Connells in Clare (note), 187-189.

Vigors, P.D.: Notes on two recently-discovered sword-dirks from the County Carlow (note), 190-192.

Robertson, J.G.: Notes on places visited by the Society in County Kilkenny (note), 192-194.

Burtchaell, G.D.: Remarkable longevity (note: from Pue’s Occurrences, 12 December 1732, and Exshaw’s Magazine, 1762), 194.

anonymous (the Editor?): Caernarvon meeting, 194.


Part III    Third Quarter, Sept., 1894

Munro, Robert: The structural features of lake-dwellings. Part II, 209-221.

Westropp, Thomas J.: The churches of Dunsany and Skreen, Co. Meath, 222-231.

Murphy, Denis & Westropp, Thomas J.: Notes on the antiquities of Tara, 232-242.

Knowles, W.J.: Prehistoric pottery from the sandhills, and its antiquity, 243-255.

Hickson, Miss: Old place-names and surnames, 256-263.

Dagg, George M. Edwin: The old church of Aghalurcher, County Fermanagh, 264-270.

Kirker, S. Kerr: Points of resemblance between some recent discoveries in Greece and ancient remains in Ireland, 271-279.

Vigors, P.D.: Rathnageeragh Castle (note), 280-281.

Vigors, P.D.: Iron fetters and manacles found near Rathnageeragh Castle, Co. Carlow(note), 281-282.

Hewson, George J.: Badge on harp in the Museum of T.C.D. (note), 283.

Hewson, George J.: Iron sword-dirks found in Co. Carlow (note),

O’Connor, D.: Threatened destruction of the most ancient monument in Ireland (note), 285-286.

Carter, H.B.: Leaba Dhiarmada agus Grainne, Dunnamore, Kildress, Co. Tyrone (note), 286-7.

Westropp, T.J.: Report of Hon. Local Secretary on northern Clare (note), 287-289.

Westropp, T.J.: Ancient Thomond &c. (note), 289-290.

Salmon, John: The Shamrock (note), 290-291.

Dix, E.R. McC.: Rathmichael (note), 291.

Lynch, P.J.: Discovery of an ogham-stone in County Kerry, 291-292 (note),

F[razer], W.: Ogham-stone Gortatlea, Kerry (note), 292.

Hewson, George James: Coin of James II struck in Limerick (note), 292-293.

Fitz Gerald-Uniacke, R.G.: Fitz Geralds of Castle Dodd (note), 293-294.

F[razer], W.: Iona of the Castle, Sheelahs, &c, 294.

Kennan, Williams R: Photographs, Dunsany and Glendalough excursions, 294.

anonymous (the Editor?): “Ulster Journal of Archaeology” (note: about to be revived), 294.

Murphy, Denis; Westropp, T.J. & Dix, R.McC.: Excursion to Glendalough, County Wicklow. Saturday, September 1st, 1894, 302-314 (part of ‘Proceedings’, 296-314).


Part IV    Fourth Quarter. Dec., 1894.

Buick, George R.: The crannog of Moylarg, 315-331.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Churches with round towers in northern Clare. (Part III.), 332-340.

Knowles, W.J.: Irish flint saws, 341-348.

Coffey, George: The origins of prehistoric ornament in Ireland, 349-379.

Stokes, Margaret: Funeral custom in the Baronies of Bargy and Forth, County Wexford, 380-385.

W[estropp], T.J.: Irish history in Kingsley’s novels (note), 386.

Barry, James G.: Report from the Hon. Local Secretary for Limerick (note), 386-389.

anonymous (the Editor?): Sepulchral chamber near Ballyhaunis (note), 390.

Smyth, Owen: Discovery of an ancient bone comb and tracked stone, in a prehistoric mound, at Kilmessan, Co. Meath (note), 390-392.

‘F.R.S.A.I.’: Carved female figures found in early churches, castles &c. (supplemental list from pp. 77-81), 392-394.

C.M.S.: Celtic and Byzantine interlaced work (note), 394.

Hickson, Mary: The Lords of Dunsany and St. Nicholas’ Church: (note), 395.

anonymous (the Editor?): Excursion to North Wales, July, 1894, 400-423 (part of ‘Proceedings’, 400-423).


JRSAI Vol. XXV (1895)

Series V, Vol. V

Part I    First Quarter. March, 1895.

Graves, Charles: On an ogam inscription lately discovered near Gortatlea, County Kerry, 1-4.

Stokes, G.T.: The antiquities from Kingstown to Dublin, 5-15.

Coffey, George: The origins of prehistoric ornament in Ireland (continued), 16-29.

Hickson, Miss: Ardfert Friary and the Fitz Maurices, Lords of Kerry, 30-40.

Buick, G. Raphael: Irish flint arrow-heads, 41-63.

Frazer, William: On cup-markings on megalithic monuments, due to Echinus lividus, 64-71.

Egan, P.M.: The Keteller monument, Kilkenny, 72-78.

Vigors, P.D.: Keteller Stone, Kilkenny, 79-81.

Vigors, P.D.: On an ancient ecclesiastical brass seal of the Diocese of Leighlin (note), 82-84.

Colgan, Nathaniel: Witchcraft in the Aran Islands (note), 85-85.

Fahey, J.: The church of St. John Baptist, at Kilmacduagh (note), 85-86.

O’Brien, Rev. Fr.: An ancient seal (note), 86.

anonymous: Discovery of an artificial cave at Oldbridge, County Meath (note), 86.

A.P.: Funeral customs, 86-87

Lord Annesley: Cromlech near Castlewellan (note), 87.

document: Social life in Dublin Society a hundred years ago (extracts from diary of Alexander Hamilton of Rutland Square, 1797), 88-89.

anonymous: “Old Belfast” (review of book by R.M. Young), 89.


Part II    Second Quarter, June 1895.

Rhys, J.: Notes of an ogam hunt in the north of Ireland, 101-105.

Wakeman, W.F.: On a recently-discovered pagan sepulchral mound in the grounds of Old Connaught, Co. Dublin, 106-114.

Hore, Herbert (with notes by David Mac Ritchie):Origin of the Irish superstitions regarding banshees and fairies, 115-129.

Latimer, W.T.: The old session-book of Templepatrick Presbyterian Church, 130-134.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Ennis Abbey and the O’Brien tombs, 135-154.

Moore, Joseph H.: Notes on the history of Navan, 155-162.

Fitz Gerald-Uniacke, R.G.: The Fitz Geralds of Rostellane, in the County of Cork, 163-170.

Frazer, W.: Early pavement tiles in Ireland. Part III, 171-175.

Day, Robert: Danish spear-head (note), 176.

W[estropp], T.J.: The seal of Emly (note), 176-177.

Bardan, Patrick: The shamrock (note), 178-179.

W[estropp], T.J.: A “find” in Coolasluasty Lough, Co. Clare (note), 179.

Olden, T.: Irish Kingdom of Dublin (note), 179-180.

Kelly, George A.P.: “Find” in Co. Roscommon (note), 180.

Balfour, B.R.: The Boyne Obelisk (note), 180-181.


Part III    Third Quarter. Sept., 1895,

Coffey, George: Origins of Prehistoric Ornament in Ireland-(continued), 196-211.

ffrench, J.F.M.: Notes on a goad-spur found in Co. Wicklow, 212-217.

Woods, Cecil C.: The goldsmiths of Cork, 218-223.

Dugan, C. Winston: Notice of an Ancient Irish Cott found at Maghery, County Armagh, 224-226.

W[estropp], T.J.: The Cow Legend of Corofin, Co. Clare (note), 227-229.

anonymous: “Archæologia Cambrensis” (review of latest number), 229.

anonymous: Fethard and Baginbun inscriptions (note on paper by Professor J. Rhys in Archæologia Cambrensis), 229.

anonymous (the Editor?): Antiquarian handbook series (note), 230.

Fairholme, C.G: Ancient smelting works (note), 230.

?Frazer, W.: Recent find of silver coins of Elizabeth (note), 230.

W[estropp], T.J.: Ennis Friary in 1306 (note), 231.

anonymous (the Editor?): Photographs of the excursions, 231.

anonymous (the Editor?): Excursion to Aran Islands, Galway &c, July, 1895, 239-249 (in ‘Proceedings’, 235-249).

Westropp, T.J.: Aran Islands, 250-278.

Westropp, T.J.: Barony of Burren, Co. Clare, 279-284.

Wakeman, W.F.: Roscam Round Tower, near Galway, 284-285.

Kelly, R.J. & Westropp, T.J.: Clare Galway, 287-279.

Cooke, John: Galway, 290-296.

Westropp, T.J.: Athenry, 297-302.

anonymous (the Editor?): Excursion to the Loughcrew Hills, Monday, 5th August, 1895, 303-204.

Frazer, William: Loughcrew Hills, 305-310.

Rotheram, E. Crofton: On the excavation of a cairn on Slieve-na-Caillighe, Loughcrew, 311-316.


Part IV    Fourth Quarter, Dec., 1895.

Murphy, Denis: The De Verdons of Louth, 317-328.

Hickson, Miss: Ardfert Friary and the Fitz Maurices, Lords of Kerry-(continued), 329-337.

Frazer, W.: On the Irish “St. Patrick” or “Floreat Rex” coinage, subsequently circulated in New Jersey by Mark Newbie, with reasons for connecting it with Lord Glamorgan’s attempts to levy troops in Ireland for Charles I, 338-347

Barry, E.: On ogham-stones seen in Kilkenny County, 348-368.

Cullen, John B.: The ancient churches of the town of Wexford, 369-377.

Barry, James G.: Report of Hon. Local Secretary, Limerick City (note), 378-379.

Macalister, R.A.S.: Clare Island fresco (note), 379.

Macalister, R.A.S.: Crosses at Kilbrecan, Aran (note), 379-380.

Fitz Gerald, William: Killeen Cormac inscribed stones (note), 380-382.

C.M.S.: Ancient Irish cott found at Maghery (note), 382.

Kelly, Richard J.: Some old Galway laws (note),

Perceval, J.J. & ffrench, J.F.M.: Cinerary urn found near Wexford (note), 384-386.

anonymous: Gold fibulæ discovered in Ireland (note), 386.

anonymous: “Archæologia Cambrensis” (review of Oct 1995 number), 386.

W[estropp], T.J.: Report on photographic survey (note), 387-390.

anonymous: Index of archæological papers published 1894 (note), 390

anonymous (the Editor?): Excursions in County Wexford, 9th, 10th and 11th September, 1895; with notes of places visited compiled by J.F.M. ffrench, 403-411.


JRSAI Vol. XXVI (1896)

Series V, Vol. VI

Part I    First Quarter. March, 1896.

Cochrane, Robert: The ecclesiastical antiquities in the parish of Howth-County of Dublin. IV-the church of St. Mary, commonly called the “Abbey” of Howth, 1-21.1-

Hewson, E.F.: On ogams, including three recently discovered in the County Kilkenny, and one in the County Waterford, 22-28.

Latimer, W.T.: The Battle of Benburb, 29-33.

Coffey, George: Origins of prehistoric ornament in Ireland, 34-69.

Kelly, Richard J.: The wardens of Galway, 70-80.

Salazar, L.S.: A curious description of Ireland and its inhabitants (note), 81.

Macalister, R.A.Stewart: The Killeen Cormaic stones (note), 81-83.

note from the Graphic, February 1: Antiquities in France (note), 83.

anonymous: The “Annals of Clonmacnoise” (note: being published), 83.

Dix, E.R.McC: New Grange, Co. Meath (from Hibernian Magazine, 1771), 83-84.

Walkington, L.A.: A Bundoran Legend (note), 84.

correspondence between Robert Cochrane (RSAI) and Henry Jellett (St. Patrick’s Cathedral): St. Patrick’s Bells (note), 85.


Part II    Second Quarter July, 1896

Bigger, Francis Joseph: Cruach Mac Dara, off the coast of Connamara: with a notice of its church, crosses, and antiquities, 101-112.

Le Fanu, T.P.: Dean Swift’s library, 113-121.

Barry, E.: On ogham-stones seen in Kilkenny County (concluded), 122-135.

Mills, James: The journal of Sir Peter Lewys, 1564-1565, 136-141.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Prehistoric stone forts of northern Clare, 142-157.

Frazer, W.: On “holed” and perforated stones in Ireland, 158-169.

Cooper, Austin Damer: Old Dublin (notes from Austin Cooper’s manuscript journal), 170.

Rotheram, E. Crofton: Remarkable stone spear-head (note), 171.

Westropp, T. Johnson: Vestry book of Slane, Co. Meath (note), 171-173.

Hickson, Mary: The River Lee of Kerry: its true course, and its identity with the Dur of Ptolemy (note), 173-175.

Macalister, R.A.S.: Do ogham inscriptions contain Latin words? (note), 175-177.

?Hewson, Mr.: Oghams (note), 177.

Barry, E.: Ballyboodan ogham-stone (note), 177-178.

anonymous (the Editor?): Prehistoric remains in Connemara (note), 178-179.

Cuffe, Otway Wheeler: Japanese burial customs (from Wandering Words by Sir Edwin Arnold, 1894),

Hart, H. Chichester: Bundoran legend (note),


Part III    Third Quarter. Sept., 1896.

Macalister, R.A.S.: The antiquities of Ardoileán, County Galway, 197-210.

Colgan, Nathaniel: The shamrock in literature: a critical chronology, 211-226.

Hickson, Miss: Ardfert Friary and the Fitz Maurices, Lords of Kerry, 227-239.

Buckley, Michael J.C.: The ancient stained glass of St. Canice’s Cathedral, Kilkenny, 240-244.

Warren, Thomas: Maréchal-de-Camp Richard de Warren, of Corduff, 245-252.

Macalister, R.A.S.: Omey, County Galway (note), 253.

Borlase, William C.: Similarity of the forts and traditions of Ireland and Central Europe (note), 254-256.

W[estropp], T.J.: Weasel folk-lore in Munster (note), 256-257.

Rotheram, E. Crofton: Ornamented bone flake from Slieve-na-Caillighe (note), 257-258.

Milligan, Seaton F.: Descriptive sketch of places visited in connexion with the Ulster meeting, County Tyrone, 276-278.

Wakeman, W.F.: Lough Erne and Ballyshannon excursion, 279-300.

Milligan, Seaton F.: County Sligo, 301-310.

Stokes, George Thomas: Descriptive sketch of places visited during excursion to King’s County on 3rd August, 311-324.


Part IV    Fourth Quarter. Dec., 1896.

Stokes, George Thomas: St. Hugh of Rahue: his church, his life, and his times, 325-335.

ffrench, J.F.M.: Dunbrody and its history, 336-348.

Colgan, Nathaniel: The shamrock in literature: a critical chronology, Part II, 349-361.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Prehistoric stone forts of northern Clare. Part II, 362-369 [362 map, 363-9 text].

Langrishe, R.: The Priory of Inistioge, 370-378.

Allingham, Hugh: Wooden objects found in peat bogs, supposed to have been otter-traps (note), 379-382

McNulty, R.: Recent finds in County Donegal (note), 382-383.

Patterson, W.H.: On a find of worked flints in submerged peat at Portrush, Co. Antrim (note), 383-384.

G.H.O. [Goddard H. Orpen?]: Blackstairs, or Knock Branduff? (note), 384-387.

Upton, Henry A.S.: On some prehistoric graves (note), 387-389.

Upton, Henry A.S.: Site of an unrecorded battle in Westmeath (note), 389-390.

Dix, E.R.McC.: Old Dublin guild chest (note), 390.

Westropp, T.J.: Report on Photographic Survey (note), 390-392.

Macalister, R.A.S.: The ogham retrospect of 1896 (note), 392-393.

M[acalister], R.A.S.Query [re multiple clochán], 393.

Macalister, R.A.S.: Descriptive sketch of places visited. Dalkey &c. 403-418.

Wakeman, W.F.: Lucan and Leixlip. Notes on the places visited, 419-425.


JRSAI Vol. XXVII (1897)

Series V, Vol. VII

Part I    For Quarter ending 31st March 1897.

Knowles, W.J.: Survivals from the Palæolithic Age among Irish Neolithic Implements, 1-18.

Fahey, J.: The flight of the O’Flahertys, Lords of Moy Soela, to Iar-Connaught, 19- 27.

Coffey, George: Origins of prehistoric ornament in Ireland, 28-52.

Frazer, William: On gold lunulæ, with descriptions of those contained in the Royal Irish Academy’s museum, and other collections; and on the source of the gold employed to make Irish gold ornaments, 53-66.

Mr. Wakeman: Monument at Clonkeen, Co. Galway (note), 71.

anonymous (the Editor?): Proposed destruction of Kilmallock Castle (note), 71-72.

anonymous (the Editor?): Inismurray, 72.

Dugan, C. Winstan: Notes on the Irish Monasticons and the Rev. Mervyn Archdall (note), 72-74.

Kenny, P.T.: Principal gateway, Merrion-square (note), 74.

Dugan, C.W.: Marble box (note), 74.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Monumental inscriptions from the Cathedral, Jamaica (note), 75-76.

Dugan, C.W.: Old Latin poem (note), 77.

Macnamara, George U.: Identification of “The Ascetic’s church”, Leana, Co. Clare (note), 77-79

Barry, Edmond: Ogham inscription in Co. Cork (note), 79-80.

V[igors], P.D.: Recent find of early silver coins, Co. Mayo (note), 80.

Vigors, Philip D.: Irish church plate (note), 81.

anonymous (the Editor?): The Finner cairn (note), 81-82.

anonymous (the Editor?): Archæology in Limerick (note), 83.


Part II    For Quarter ending 30th June, 1897.

Stubbs, Francis William: Early monastic history of Dromiskin, in the County of Louth, 101-103.

Knowles, W.J.: Portion of a harp and other objects found in the crannoge of Carncoagh, Co. Antrim, 114-115.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Prehistoric stone forts of northern Clare, 116-127.

Williams, Sterling de Courcy: The old graveyards in Durrow parish, 128-149.

Vigors, Philip D.: Notes on three inscribed-stones: (1) at Baginbun Bay, Co. Wexford; (2) at Fethard Castle, Co. Wexford; (3) At Carew Castle, Pembrokeshire, South Wales, 150-163.

Stokes, G.T.: Calendar of the “Liber Niger Alani”, 164-176.

Macalister, R.A.S.: Siobhán na “Geela” (note), 177-178.

Mr. McNulty: Cup-and-ring sculptured stones from the County Donegal (note), 178.

Westropp, T. Johnson: Primitive burial at Rylane, County Clare (note), 178-179.

Drew, Thomas: The stolen fountain and Rutland Monument of Merrion-square, Dublin (note), 179-181.

Carroll, Anthony R.: The fountain at Merrion-square (note), 181.

Carroll, Anthony R.: Prussia-street, Dublin (note), 181.

anonymous (the Editor?): Mr. Samuel Guilbride (obituary), 182.

Mrs. Tarleton: Wooden vessel found at “The Doon,” near Athlone (note), 182.

newspaper article (New York Sun): The Duke of Tetuan (note), 182-183.

Wilson, J. Mackay: Kenagh (Co. Longford) old church (note), 183-184.

Macalister, R.A.S.: The Currans ogham (note), 184.

Kinahan, [G.H.]: Ancient otter-traps (note), 184-185.

Kelly, W.E.: Inscribed pillar-stones, County Mayo (note), 185-187.

Frazer, W.: Holed stones found in France (note), 187.

extract from The Irish Builder, 15 April: “The Kilkenny Museum” (note), 187-188.

abstract of paper by Romilly Allen: Celtic crosses (note), 189.

anonymous (the Editor?): Prehistoric burial [Co. Wicklow] (note), 189-190.

newspaper article: Derry Journal, 21 May: Carns in Co. Tyrone (note), 190.

Drew, Thomas: “Spanish Armada Chests” (note), 190-191.

newspaper article: Belfast News Letter: Interesting find in Moyntaghs, Co. Armagh (note), 191.

Kelly, Richard J.: An old school in Galway (note), 191-192.

Ball, F. Elrington: St. Patrick’s bells (note, based on article in Trellan’s Dublin Journal, 1751), 192-193.

Ball, F. Elrington: Milk adulteration (note, based on article in Pue’s Occurrences, 1732), 193.

M.B.: An Irish Easter legend (note), 193-194.


Part III    For Quarter ending 30th Sept., 1897

D’Arcy, S.A.: A crannoge near Clones, 205-220.

Macalister, R.A.S.: Notes on some of the Kilkenny Oghams, 221-231.

Hickson, Mary: Ardfert Friary and the Fitzmaurices, Lords of Kerry (concluded), 232-242.

Joly, P.: Observations on the history of “holed stones” in France and Ireland (note), 243-245.

Hewson, George J.: Monumental inscriptions from the Cathedral, Jamaica (note), 245.

anonymous (the Editor?): High Cross, Downpatrick (note), 245-246.

Macalister, R.A.S.: The Baginbun Stone (note), 246-247.

Hickson, Mary Agnes: The “Dolmens of Ireland,” by Mr. Borlase, F.S.A. (note), 247-248.

Coffey, George: Note on the derivation of the New Grange spirals (note), 248-253.

W[estropp], T.J.: Battle of Dysert O’Dea (note), 253.

Latimer, W.T.: Currin Crannoge, Co. Tyrone (note), 254.

Waring, W.: Baginbun inscribed stone (note), 254.

letter in the Irish Builder: “The Kilkenny Museum” (note), 254-255.

anonymous (the Editor?): Cruise in connexion with the Munster meeting, Whitsuntide, 1892, 265-272.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Descriptive sketch of places visited: Part.I-Scattery Island and Canon’s Island, Co. Clare, 273-290.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Part.II-Kerry Coast, 290-318.

Coleman, James: Part.III-The coast from Kenmare Bay to Cork Harbour, 318-321.

Coleman, James: Part.IV-Cork Harbour, 321-333.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Part.V-Cloyne, 334-342.

Power, Patrick: Part.VI-From the Blackwater to Waterford Harbour, 343-348.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Part.VII-Lismore, 349-358.


Part IV    for Quarter ending 31st Dec., 1897.

Frazer, William: On Irish gold ornaments-whence came the gold and when?-Article No. 2, 359-370.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Rangers of the Curragh of Kildare, 371-372.

Layard, Edgar L.: Fortified Stone Lake-Dwellings on Islands in Lough Skannive, Connemara, 373-378.

Kelly, Richard J.: The Islands of the Corrib, 379-388.

D’Arcy: S.A.: A crannoge near Clones (Part II.), 389-403.

Stokes, G.T.: Calendar of the “Liber Niger Alani.” Part III., 404-422.

extract from The Reliquary & Illustrated Archæologist, October 1896: Bronze dagger, with original handle, found near Castleisland, Co. Kerry (note), 423-424.

Rotheram, E. Crofton: Ironstone chopper (note), 423-424.

Rotheram, E. Crofton: Find of scrapers (note), 425.

Rotheram, E. Crofton: Slieve-na-Caillighe (note), 426-427.

Rotheram, E. Crofton: On a cave recently discovered near Oldcastle (note), 427-429.

Ball, F. Elrington: Irish harvestmen in England (note), 429.

Ball, F. Elrington: The fountain in Merrion-square (note), 430.

Knox, H.T.: Note on the dolmen at Ballina, in the County of Mayo (note), 430.

anonymous: Canoe find, Co. Cork (note), 431.

anonymous: Canoe find, Co. Roscommon (note), 432.

FitzGerald, R.G.: Colpoys of Ballycarr (note), 431-432.

Wilson, J.M.: Find of coins in Co. Longford (note), 432.

O’Donoghue, D.: Priory, Kilcolman, Co. Kerry (note), 433.

Kinahan, G.H.: The Rocking-stone, Dalkey Island (note), 433.

Wilson, J. Mackay: The Abbey of Shrule, Co. Longford (note), 433-434.

Langrishe, Richard: A refutation (note), 434-436.

Hickson, Mary Agnes: Fethard Castle, in Wexford (note), 436-437.

Dugan, C.W.: Interesting “find” in the Montiaghs, Co. Armagh (note), 437-438.

Kinahan, G.H.: Stone crannog in Lough Bola (note), 438.

Stubbs, William C.: Excursions in County Dublin. Descriptive sketch of places visited, 446-459.


JRSAI Vol. XXVIII (1898)

Series V, Vol. VIII

Part I    For Quarter ending 31st March, 1898.

Lett, Henry W.: The Dun at Dorsey, Co. Armagh, 1-14.

Macalister R. A. S.: Ballywiheen Church, Ballyneanig, Co. Kerry. 15-20.

Ball, Francis Elrington: Stillorgan Park and its history, 21-34.

Westropp, Thomas J.: St. Mary’s Cathedral, Limerick: its plan and growth, 35-48.

Frazer, W.: Find of cist with human remains, Dunfanaghy, Co. Donegal (Reported by Archdeacon Baillie), 49-52.

Cochrane, Robert & Rhys, J.: Notes on the Newly-discovered ogam-stones in Co. Meath, 53-60.

Frazer, W.: Ulcerative disease of bronze or “Bronze Cancroid” (note), 61-62.

Rotheram, E Crofton: The Moat of Patrickstown (note), 62-63.

Westropp, T. J.: The Photographic Survey (note), 64-65.

Hickson, Mary Agnes: Historic Truth and Sham legends (note), 65-66.

Hewson, George G: Malay Weapon supposed to be Danish (note), 66-67.

Macalister, R.A.S.: The ogham retrospect of 1897, 67.

Williams, Sterling De Courcy: Tombstone near Geashill (note), 68.

Rice, R.J.: Kerry ogham finds, 1896 (note), 69.

newspaper article: Dublin Evening Post, 3 Sept. 1973: Dublin Castle-threatened demolition of the Record Tower in 1793, 69-70.

ffrench, J.F.M.: Cinerary urn found in the parish of Adamstown (note), Co. Wexford, 1897, 70.

Macalister, R.A.S.: A lake legend in the Dingle district (note), 71.

Westropp, T. J.: Colpoys of Ballycarr (note), 71-72.

Barry, J. Grene: Admiral Sir John Colpoys (note), 72-73.

anonymous (the Editor?): Celtic Art and its developments [forthcoming course of lectures in London] (note), 73.


Part II    For Quarter ending 30th June 1898.

Coffey, George: Knockmany, 93-111.

Westropp, Thomas J.: St. Mary’s Cathedral, Limerick: its plan and growth (continued), 112-125.

ffrench, J.F.M.: A notice of some County Wexford and other chalices, 126-136.

Stokes, Margaret: The Instruments of the Passion. 137-140.

Berry, H.F.: Notes from the diary of a Dublin lady in the reign of George II, 141-154.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Site of Raymond’s Fort, Dundunnolf, Baginbun, 155-160.

Macalister, R.A. Stewart: The Galláns near Dingle, 161-164.

Dix, E.R.M’C.: Kil-Ma-Huddrick, near Clondalkin, Co. Dublin, 165-166.

Coleman, J.: Irish bells in Brittany (note), 167-170.

Hickson, Mary Agnes: Legend of Molaga’s Well, Co. Kerry (note), 170-171.

Rotheram, E Crofton: Inscribed stones [in Cairn W. of the Slieve-na-Caillighe series] (note), 171-172.

Wakeman, W.F.: Dalkey (note), 172-173.

Waterford and South-East of Ireland Archæological Society (note), 173.

Briley, W.P.: The Gallán at Tallaght (note), 173-174.

Secretary, Board of Works: King John’s Castle, Kilmallock (note), 175.

anonymous: Irish Texts Society [inaugural meeting] (note), 175-176.

Rice R.J.: Kerry ogham finds (note), 176.

Mooney, W. Enraght: Wooden bowl found at The Doon, King’s County (note), 176.

Macalister, R.A. S.: Archæological mistakes (note), 176.

Rotherham, E. Crofton: Remains of urn found in a Cavan bog (note), 177.

Macalister, R.A. Stewart: Clonmacnoise (note), 178.


Part III    For Quarter ending 30th September, 1898.

Vigors: P.D. On notarial signs-manual, 203-229.

Rhys, J.: Some ogam-stones in Connaught, 230-236.

Wakeman, W.F.: On       the antiquity of iron as used in the manufacture of certain weapons, implements, and ornaments found in Ireland, 237-244.

Munro, Robert: Some further notes on otter- and beaver-traps, 245-249.

Buckley, Michael J.C.: The “Bambino” of New Ross, 250-253.

Frazer, W.: The Clandeboy O’Neills’ stone inauguration chair, now preserved in the Belfast Museum, 254-257.

O’Hara, John M.: Rosserk and Moyne, Co. Mayo, 258-263.

Pentland, G.H.: The Great Cross at Monasterboice (note), 264-265.

Secretary of the Board of Works (two letters): Monasterboice Cross, 266.

anonymous (the Editor?): Preliminary programme of the excursion to the Western Islands and Northern and Coast Highlands of Scotland, June or July, 1899, 266-268.

document: Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1898, 268.

anonymous (the Editor?): Congress of Archæological Societies (note), 268-271.

Lynch, P.J.: Ballywiheen Church, Co. Kerry (note), 272-272.

Knox, H.T.: Note in reference to the Breastagh ogam-stone (note), 272-273.

Kelly, George A.P.: Downpatrick Head (note), 273.

Burke, W.P.: “Wexford and other Chalices” (note), 273-274.

Knox, H.T.: Downpatrick Head (note), 274.

Hanley, John: Dunmoe Castle (note), 274-275.

Baillie, Richard E.: Oratory of St. Columkille at Gartan (note), 275.

Fox, Maxwell: Ancient wooden vessel (note), 275.

Bardan, P.: White Lough Crannoge, Co. Westmeath (note), 275-276.

Bardan, P.: Lough-a-trim Crannoge, Co. Westmeath (note), 276.

Latimer, W.T.: Discovery of coins in Dungannon (note), 276.

anonymous (the Editor?): The Excursions [Co. Mayo], 283-298 [in “Proceedings”, 281-298].


Part IV    For Quarter ending 31st December, 1898.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Walter Reagh Fitz Gerald, a noted outlaw of the sixteenth century, 299-305.

Hickson, Mary Agnes: Kilelton in Glenfas, 306-313.

Bigger, Francis Joseph (with a note by P.J. Lynch): The lake and church of Kilmakilloge, the ancient church, holy well, and bullán-stone of Temple Feaghna, and the holy well and shrine at St. Finan’s, County Kerry, 314-324.

Lynch, P.J.: Notes on Dunbeg Fort, County Kerry, with special reference to the drawings and description by George V. Du Noyer, 325-328.

Ball, Francis Elrington: Mount Merrion and its history, 329-344.

Frazer, W. List of (Presbytcrian) Marriages copied from “The Session-book of the Congregation of Armagh”, 345-351.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Prehistoric remains in the Burren, County Clare (Carran, and Kilcorney), 352-366 [p 352 map, pp 353-366 text].

Knowles, W. J.: Irish flint scrapers, 367-391.

Buick, George R.: The recent discoveries of ogams in the County of Antrim, 392-395.

Rhys, J.: Newly-discovered ogams in Mayo and Antrim, with Readings of some hitherto undescribed in Cork and Waterford, 396-398.

Cochrane, Robert: Ogam inscriptions discovered in Ireland in the year 1898, 399-408.

Rhys, J.: The Rathcroghan ogams (note), 409.

Westropp, T.J.: Forts near Loop Head, Co. Clare (note), 409-412.

Lynch, P.J.: Kilmakilloge, Co. Kerry (note), 412-413.

Knox, H.T.: Attacotti and Aithechtuatha (note), 413.

Knox, H.T.: Notes on the marriages and successions of the De Burgo Lords of Connaught, and the acquisition of the Earldom of Ulster (note), 414-415.

Knox, H.T.: Ruins on Inishrobe, Co. Mayo (note), 415-416.

Baillie, J.R.: Stone chalice (note), 416.

Buckley, M.J.C.: Altar tombs (note), 416-417.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: An ancient footway of wooden planks across the Monavullagh Bog, (note), 417-418.


JRSAI Vol. XXIX (1899)

Series V, Vol. IX

Part I    for Quarter ending 31st March, 1899.

Drew, Thomas: A further note on the surroundings of Saint Patrick’s de Insula, Dublin. The restoration of the North Close, 1899. The possibility of recovery of the ancient well of St. Patrick, 1-4.

Lynch, P.J.: Caherconree, County Kerry, 5-17.

Hickson, Mary: Kilmakilloge, County Kerry, 18-20.

Westropp, T.J.: Notes and folklore from the Rennes copy of the “Dindsenchas”, 21-27.

Robertson, James G.: Notes referring to the Archer Chalice, 28-31.

Layard, Edgar D.: On a fortified stone lake-dwelling on an island in Lough Cullen, County Mayo, 32-34.

Frazer, William: On “Patrick’s Crosses”-stone, bronze and gold, 35-43.

Williams, Sterling de Courcy: The termon of Durrow, 44-51.

Macalister, R.A. Stewart: The cryptic element alleged to exist in ogham inscriptions, 52-55.

Cosgrave, H.A. (communicated by): The Irish Channel and Dublin in 1735. Extracts from the Diary of William Bulkely, of Bryndda, near Amlwch, Anglesey, a Grand Juror of that County, 56-60.

Westropp, T.J.: Report on the Photographic Survey Collection (note), 61-63.

Knox, H.T.: Tobernahalthora, near Louisburg (note), 63-64.

Hickson, Mary Agnes: Kilelton in Glenfas (note), 64-65.

Williams, Sterling de Courcy: Tihilly, parish of Durrow, King’s County (note), 65-66.

Westropp, T.J.: Dun Aenghus, Aran (note), 66-67.

Westropp, T.J.: Rathmichael (note), 67.

Wilson, J. Mackay: Earthwork fort or rath in County Longford (note), 67-68.

Monasterboice Cross (correspondence with G.T. Plunkett, Science and Art Museum and H Williams, O.P.W.), 68-69.

Pentland, G.H.: The cross of Monasterboice (note), 70.

anonymous (the Editor?) Monasterboice Great Cross (note), 70-71.


Part II    for Quarter ending 30th June, 1899.

Ball, F. Elrington: Descriptive sketch of Clondalkin, Tallaght, and other places in west County Dublin, 93-108.

Wakeman, W.F.: The mace of the ancient Corporation of Athenry, County Galway, 109-110.

Stokes, G.T.: Swiftiana, 111-112.

Stokes, G.T.: Moira House, 113-115.

Macalister, R.A. Stewart: The Monuments of Clonmacnoise, 116-120.

Kirker, S.K.: Armoy round tower, Co. Antrim (note), 121-125.

Dix, E.R. McC: The Gallan near Saggart (note), 125-127.

Tenison, C.: Chess in Ireland (query), 127.

Westropp, T.J.: Tobernahalthora and Tobergrania (note), 127-128.

Westropp, T.J.: Photographic survey (note), 128.

Anonymous (the Editor?): Scottish archæological tour of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland in conjunction with the Cambrian Archæological Association, 134-128.


Part III    for Quarter ending 30th September, 1899.

Williams, Sterling de Courcy: The termon of Durrow, 219-232.

Ball, Francis Elrington: Some residents of Monkstown in the eighteenth century, 233-243.

Macnamara, George U.: The ancient stone crosses of Ui-Fearmaic, County Clare, 244-255.

Upton, Henry A.S.: Bronze caldron at Milkernagh Bog, near Granard, Co. Longford (note), 256-257.

Thomas, W.J.: Ancient Caldron, 257-258.

Smith, G. Nuttall: Holy well and antiquities near Cahir, Co. Tipperary (note), 258-259.

Christie, R.W.: “Chief Rents belonging to the ‘Earle’ of Kildare in the Manor of Adare” (note), 259.

Rotheram, E. Crofton: A cashel on Sliabh na Caillighe (note), 259-260.

W[estropp], T.J.: “Chief Rent” a rose (note), 262.

Rotheram, E. Crofton: Note on Sliabh na Caillighe, 260-261.

anonymous: Suidhe Mochuda ogam inscription (note), 262.

anonymous: Scottish archæological tour of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland in conjunction with the Cambrian Archæological Association-Sections IV.-VII.; Supplementary, Parts I. And II., 266-350.

anonymous: The Excursions [including the “Giant’s Ring” & Drumbo Round Tower, Co. Down], 353-366.


Part IV    for Quarter ending 31st December, 1899.

Westropp, T.J: Prehistoric remains in the Burren, County Clare. (Part II. Kilcorney and the Eastern Valleys.), 367-384.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: On a holed cross at Moone, 385-389.

Rhys, J.: The Drumlohan ogams, 390-403.

Esmonde, Sir Thomas H. Grattan: Notes on crannog and other finds in North County Wexford, 404-406.

Latimer, William T.: The minutes of the Presbytery of Laggan, 407-412.

Day, Robert: Gold plates and discs found near Cloyne, County Cork, 413-416.

Grattan Flood, W.H.: The De Verdons of Louth, 417-419.

Buckley, M.J.C.: Notes ecclesiological, 420-423.

The preservation and custody of local records (correspondence with Malcolm G. Ramsey, local records committee, the Treasury, 424-425.

anonymous (the Editor?): Congress of the Royal Archæological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (notice of next year’s congress), 425-426.

Langrishe, Richard: Clonfert Cathedral (note), 426.

Rhys, J.: The Cairan ogam stone (note), 426-427.

Rotheram, E. Crofton: Throwing-stones or hammer-stones (?) (note), 428-429.

Westropp, T.J.: Commonplace book relating to Ireland (note), 429.

Morgan, A.P.: Ballynilard Cross (note), 430.

Grattan Flood, W.H.: Tombstone in Ardfert Friary (note), 430-431.

Grattan Flood, W.H.: Blackstairs or Knock Branduff (?) (note), 431-432.

Tenison, C.M.: Barry O’Meara (query), 432.


JRSAI Vol. XXX (1900)

Series V, Vol. X

Part I    For Quarter ending 31st March, 1900

Wright, E. Perceval: Address delivered at the Annual General Meeting, 30th January, 1900, 1-21.

Macnamara, George U.: The ancient stone crosses of Ui Fearmaic, County Clare. Part II, 22-33.

Latimer, William T.: The Battle of the Yellow Ford, 34-39.

Wright, E. Perceval: On the Bell of Kilmainham, 40-43.

Berry, Henry F.: The records of the Dublin Gild of Merchants, known as the Gild of the Holy Trinity, 1438-1671, 44-68.

Bigger, Francis Joseph: Inis Chlothrann (Inis Cleraun), Lough Ree: its history and antiquities, 69-90.

Kelly, Richard J.: Old Dublin landmarks (Swift’s House, Dorset Street) (note), 91.

O’Hanlon, John: Napoleon III. and Barry O’Meara’s family (note), 91-92.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The tombstone at Ballintemple near Geashill (note), 92.

Westropp, T.J.: Relics of the Spanish Armada in Clare and Sligo (note), 92-95.

Westropp, T. Johnson: Report on the Photographic Collection, 95-97.


Part II    For Quarter ending 30th June, 1900.

Ball, Francis Elrington: Monkstown Castle and its history, 109-117.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: The Augustinian houses of the County Clare: Clare, Killone and Inchicronan, 118-135.

Keatinge, Charles T.: The Guild of Cutlers, Painter-stainers, and Stationers, better known as the Guild of St. Luke the Evangelist, Dublin, 136-147.

Baillie, R.Æ.: Portnoo: a corner in the Donegal Highlands, 148-150.

Beeby, E.M.: St. Malachy of Armagh, 151-154.

Lynch, P. J.: Church Island, Valentia Harbour, Co. Kerry, 155-160.

R.S.A.I.: Address to the Queen [on the occasion of her visit to Ireland], 162.

anonymous: Sir Thomas Drew [his knighthood], 163.

anonymous: The Tulloghane Ogam, County Mayo, 164.

Knox, H.T.: The belfry church of Iniscleraun, and the church of Kinlough, 164-165.

MacRitchie, David: A note on St. Patrick’s Purgatory, 165-167.

Hewson, George J.: Inis Clotherann (note), 167-168.

Ball, F. Elrington: Fassaroe Cross, near Bray, 169-170.

Berry, Henry F.: Record of the Dublin Gild of Merchants (note), 170.

newspaper article: Daily Express: The Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society (tour in Ireland), 170.

anonymous: Galway Archæological and Historical Society [has been formed], 170-175.

Leighton, Stanley & Nevill, Ralph: Congress of Archæological Societies in Union with the Society of Antiquaries, 172-175.

anonymous: The Royal Archæological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland,

Healy, John: Tara, 176.

Healy, John: Crucifix found at Trim, 176.

Harman, Marion: A County Kilkenny centenarian, 176-177.

Ball, F. Elrington: Excursion-Tully, Rathmichael, Kilternan, and other places in South County Dublin-descriptive guide, 181-194.


Part III    For Quarter ending 30th September, 1900.

Mills James: Sixteenth century notices of the chapels and crypts of the Church of the Holy Trinity, Dublin, 195-203.

D’Arcy, S.A.: An account of the excavation of two lake-dwellings in the neighbourhood of Clones, 204-236.

Westropp, T.J.: The Clog an oir, or Bell Shrine of Scattery. Exhibited by Mr. Marcus Keane, July 31, 1900, 237-244.

Fitzgerald, Lord Walter: Inscriptions at St. John’s Well, Killone Abbey, County Clare, 245-246.

Buckley, Michael J.C.: Notes on boundary crosses, 247-252.

anonymous (the Editor?) quoting Meredith J. Hughes & P. Power: Newly-discovered ogam-stones (note), 253.

Magan, Michael: Crannog, Co. Longford (note), 253.

Rotheram, E. Crofton: Find of tenth century coins in Co. Meath (note), 253-254.

Hewson, Rev. Canon: An alleged County Kilkenny centenarian (note), 254-255.

Berry, Henry F.: Alleged centenarians in Ireland (note), 255.

The origin of the Forfeada (note), Macalister, R.A. Stewart: 255-256.

Bigger, F.J.: Inis Chlothrann, Lough Ree (Teampul Mór) (note), 256-257.

Hewson, George G.: Inis Chlothrann, Lough Ree (note), 257-259.

anonymous (the Editor?): Royal Archæological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (note), 233-261.

Westropp, T.J.: Descriptive account of the places visited on the Summer Excursion of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 1900, sections I. and II. 273-306.


Part IV    For Quarter ending 30st December, 1900.

Ball, Francis Elrington: The antiquities from Blackrock to Dublin, 307-318.

Langrishe, Richard: Origin of the Grace family of Courtstown, County Kilkenny, and of their title to the Tullaroan Estate, 319-324.

Day, Robert: On three gold medals of the Irish Volunteers, 325-329.

Burtchaell, George Dames: The Butlers of Dangan-Spidogue, 330-333.

O’Reilly, Patrick J.: The site of Columb’s monastery of Iona, 334-342.

Knox, H.T.: The early tribes of Connaught, 343-356.

Rolleston, T.W.: The church of St. Patrick on Caher Island, County Mayo, 357-363.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The effigy of King Felim O’Conor in Roscommon Abbey, and the altar-tomb it rests on, 364-367.

Knox, F. Blake: Cabinteely (note), 368.

Joyce, P.W.: Cabinteely (note), 368.

Latimer, W.T.: Interesting find at Ballygawley, 368.

Macnamara, G.U.: Cross of Kilnaboy, 368-369.

anonymous: Congress of Archæological Societies, July, 1900, 369-370.

Williams, Sterling de Courcy: Bronze brooch, Durrow, 371.

Ball, F. Elrington: (ante p.113 note 1) Sir John Travers, 371-372.

Cuffe, O. Wheeler: The Badge of St. John, 372-373.

Moore, Courtenay: Antiquities near Glanworth, 373-374.

Barry, James Grene: Report from the Hon. Secretary, East County Limerick, 374-375.

Westropp, T.J.: (ante, page 251) The cross of Dysert O’Dea, 375-377.

Macnamara, G.U.: The cross of Dysert O’Dea, 377-378.

James George Robertson,

William Frederick Wakeman,

Westropp, T.J.: Summer Excursions of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 1900, Sections III. and IV., 392-445.


JRSAI Vol. XXXI (1901)

Series V, Vol. XI

Part I    31st March 1901

Westropp, Thomas J.: Prehistoric remains in north-western Clare, 1-17.

Rhys, J.: The Gigha ogam, 18-23.

Knox, H.T.: The identification of places named in Tirechan’s Collections, 24-39.

Wright, E. Perceval: Notes on the Cross of Cong, 40-47.

Vigors, Philip D.: Extracts from the old corporation books of New Ross, County Wexford, 48-64.

Linn, Richard: Extracts from the diary of Lieutenant David Thomas Powell, 14th Light Dragoons, 1790-1795, 65-67.

Ball, Francis Elrington: Loughlinstown and its history, 68-84.

MacRitchie, David: An additional note on St. Patrick’s Purgatory, 85-86.

Westropp, T.J.: Fassaroe and Tully crosses (note), 86.

Westropp, T.J.: The badge of St. John (note), 86.

Cosgrave, E. MacDowel: “Swift’s House”, Dorset Street (note), 86-87.

Westropp, T.J.: The name “Buttevant “ (note), 87.

ffrench, J.F.M.: Ryland Castle (note), 87-88.

Browne, Dominick: Inscription on the tomb of the Moore family of Brize Castle, Mayo (note), 88.


Part II    30th June 1901

Mills, James: Peter Lewys: his work and workmen, 99-108.

Knox, H. T.: The early tribes of Connaught, 109-118

Berry, Henry F.: The Goldsmith’s Company of Dublin (Gild of All Saints), 119-133.

O’Reilly, Patrick J.: The Christian sepulchral leacs and free-standing crosses of the half-barony of Rathdown. Part I, 134-161.

Latimer, William T.: The old session-book of Templepatrick Presbyterian Church, Co. Antrim. Part II, 162-175.

Rhys, J.: The Tullaghane ogam-stone, County Kerry, 176-178.

Manning, Percy: New Ross fair (note), 179.

Wardell, John: Extracts from old Dublin newspapers: 1. Hawks; 2. Eighteenth century rats, 179-180.

Moore, Courtenay: Metal stirrups and silver cup (mementoes of the Boyne) (note), 180-181.

Knowles, W.J.: Stirrups used by the Duke of Schomberg at the Battle of the Boyne (note), 181-182.

anonymous (the Editor?): Glendalough excursion, 186-194.


Part III    30th September 1901

Ball, Francis Elrington: The Castle of Carrickmines and its history, 195-203.

Macnamara, George U.: Inchiquin, County Clare. Part I, 204-227.

Fahey, Jerome: Some antiquities in the neighbourhood of Oranmore and Kilcolgan, County Galway, 228-235.

Fahey, Jerome: The shrines of Inis-an-Ghoill, Lough Corrib, 236-245.

O’Reilly, Patrick J.: The Christian sepulchral leacs and free-standing crosses of the half-barony of Rathdown. Part II, 246-258.

Latimer, William T.: The old session-book of Templepatrick Presbyterian Church, Co. Antrim. Part III, 259-272.

R.S.A.I.: Address to King Edward VII on his accession, 292.

Sir Thomas Drew: St. Patrick’s Cathedral (note), 293-296.

Sir Thomas Drew: Further antiquarian discoveries at St. Patrick’s Cathedral (note), 296.

ffrench, J.F.M.: Inscriptions at Crosspatrick (note), 296-297.

Kelly, Richard J.: The manor courts of the County of Galway, their jurisdiction (note), 297-298.

Latimer, W. T: Discovery of relics in County Tyrone (note), 298-299.

Galt-Gamble, T.E.: Diary of Lieutenant Powell (note), 299.

quotations from Sir Samuel Ferguson and Miss Stokes: Inscriptions at Inchagoill, 299.

Cochrane, Robert: Galway excursion, 305-340.


Part IV    31st December 1901

Macnamara, George U.: Inchiquin, County Clare. Part II, 341-364.

Knox, H.T.: Occupation of the County of Galway by the Anglo-Normans after 1237, 365-370.

Scott, W.R.: The King’s and Queen’s corporation for the linen manufacture in Ireland, 371-378.

Kelly, Richard J.: Notes on the round tower of Kilbannon, and on Kilcreevanty, County Galway, 379-384.

O’Reilly, Patrick J.: The Christian sepulchral leacs and free-standing crosses of the half-barony of Rathdown. Part III, 385-403.

Westropp, T. J.: “Slane in Bregia”, County Meath: its friary and hermitage, 404-430 (p 404 map, pp 405-430 text).

Williams, Sterling de Courcy: Bronze celts (note), 431-432.

Knox, H.T.: An identification of places named in Tirechan’s Collections (corrigenda), 432-433.

Westropp, T. J.: Crannoge at Mountcashel, County Clare (note), 433-434.

Burtchaell, G.D.: Moore family of Brize Castle, Mayo (note), 434-435.

Macnamara, George U.: Torlough O’Brien of Fomerla (note), 435-436.

Moore, Courtenay: A tour in Ireland, 1807 (note), 436.

Moore, Courtenay: The Fleury Cup (note), 437.

Parkinson, Diana C.: Cromlech near Lehinch, County Clare (note), 437.

Westropp, T. J.: Levalley Dolmen, County Galway (note), 438.

Wall, Walter Saunders: St. Flannan (note), 438-439.

Macalister, R.A.S.: The ogam word for “daughter” (note), 439-440.

Macalister, R.A.S.: The Gigha Ogam (note), 440.


JRSAI Vol. XXXII (1902)

Series V, Vol. XII

Part I    31st March 1902

Rhys, J.: The ogam-inscribed stones of the Royal Irish Academy, and of Trinity College, Dublin, 1-41.

Lynch, P.J.: Some of the antiquities around St. Finan’s Bay, County Kerry, 42-63.

Langrishe, Richard: The origin of the Grace family of Courtstown, County Kilkenny (No 2.), 64-67.

Esmonde, Sir Thomas H. Grattan: Some further finds in North Wexford, 68-70.

Coffey, George: A pair of brooches and chains of the Viking period recently found in Ireland, 71-73.

Cuffe, Major Otway Wheeler: King John’s badge, “star and crescent”, 74-76.

O’Reilly, P.J.: Notes on the Coronation Stone at Westminster, and the Lia Fail at Tara, 77-92.

anonymous (secretary of Society of Antiquaries?): Congress of Archæological Societies, July 10, 1901, 93-96.

Vigors, P.D.: “Merry Gallons” (query), 96.

Vigors, P.D.: Chronicle of Caradoc (note), 96.

anonymous (the Editor?): The “restoration” of Iona Cathedral (note), 96-97.

Welch, Robert: Charter of Belfast (note), 97.


Part II    30th June 1902

Ball, Francis Elrington: Rathmichael and its neighbourhood, 113-127.

Burtchaell, George Dames: The Geraldines of the County Kilkenny.-Part IV. Additional note on the Barons of Brownsford, 128-131.

Knox, H.T.: Occupation of Connaught by the Anglo-Normans after A.D. 1237, 132-138.

Rotheram, E.Crofton: On stone implements found in Meath, 139-152.

ffrench, J.F.M: Notes on three bone pins found at the bottom of Ballinderry Lake, in the County Westmeath, 153-157.

Berry, Henry F.: Some remarks on a notice in Revue Celtique of Maurice O’Gibellan, a fourteenth-century canonist, in connexion with his knowledge of ogam, 158-162.

Buick, George R.: The “Giant’s Grave”, Loughloughan, Broughshane, County Antrim, 163-172,

Cochrane, Robert: On some monuments and inscriptions in Bath relating to Irish persons, 173-177.

O’Reilly, P.J.: Tobernea holy well, Blackrock, County Dublin, 178-186.

Ball, F. Elrington: Irish harvestmen in England (note), 187.

Ball, F. Elrington: St. Patrick’s well (note), 187.

Knox, H.T.: The two saints Benen (note), 187-188.

Knox, H.T.: Bullauns, forming two of St. Patrick’s wells in Connaught (note), 188-190.

Westropp, T.J.: Bullaun-wells in Clare (note), 190.

Westropp, T.J.: The Bridgmans of County Clare (note), 190-192.

W[estropp], T.J.: Slane (corrigenda), 192.

based on an article by C.S, Greaves in Archæological Journal, Volume 36 (1879), p38: Cannibalism among the Scoti (note), 192-193.

Malone, Sylvester: Merry Gallons (note), 194.

Macray, W.D.: Kiltevenan, County Roscommon (note), 194.


Part III    30th September 1902

Cochrane, Robert: On Broighter, Limavady, County Londonderry, and on the find of gold ornaments there in 1896, 211-224.

Welch, Robert: Rosguil and the old Kingdom of Fanad-the country of Mac Swyne-na-Doe and Mac Swyne-na-Fanait, 225-231.

McKeefry, J.: Shane Crossagh, the County Derry Rapparee, 232-238.

Buick, George R.: A further notice of the Connor ogams, and on a cross at Connor, 239-245.

Ball, Francis Elrington: The Battle of Rathmines, 246-256.

Doherty, William: 257-260.

Patterson, William Hugh: The Cronebane halfpenny tokens, 261-263.

Day, Robert: Silver medal of the Londonderry volunteers (note), 264.

Westropp, T.J.: Burial of Dorothea Stacpoole in Bath Abbey (note), 264-265.

anonymous: “Bewitching”, 265.

Westropp, T.J.: A literary coincidence in the records of Cork, 265-266.

Ball, H. Houston: (note), Stawell of Kilbrittain, County Cork, 266.

McKeefry, Joseph: “The Irish gold ornaments”, 266-267.

Fitzgerald, Lord Walter: (note), Discovery of an Ogham stone near Maynooth, Co. Kildare, 267-268.

partly anonymous but contributions by Joseph McKeefry and S.F. Milligan: Londonderry excursions [in Proceedings], 279-320.


Part IV    31st December 1902

Lynch, P.J.: Some of the antiquities around Ballinskelligs bay, County Kerry, 321-352.

Johnston, Swift Paine (with notes by T.A. Lunham): On a manuscript description of the City and County of Cork, cir. 1685, written by Sir Richard Cox, 353-376.

O’Reilly, Patrick J.: Taney and its patron, 377-384 (photo p377, text 378-384).

Latimer, W.T.: Ulster emigration to America, 385-392.

Knox, H.T.: Occupation of Connaught by the Anglo-Normans after A.D. 1237, 393-406.

Knox, H.T.: Crannogs in Lough Carra, County Mayo (note), 407.

Macray, W.D.: Kiltevenan, Co. Roscommon (note), 408-409.

Lett, H.W.: Burial cist near Dromore, County Down (note), 409.

Vigors, P.D.: Irish monumental inscription in England (note), 409-410.

Moore, Courtenay: Antiquities at Geashill Castle, King’s County (note), 410-411.

Vigors, P.D.: Curious custom in old leases (note), 411.

Moore, Courtenay: Facsimile of permit issued by General Humbert at Castlebar (note), 411-413.

Bigger, F.J.: Irish gold coin weights in the reign of Queen Anne (note), 413.

anonymous note of book: Social history of Ireland (note), 414.

Costello, T.B.: Temple Jarlath, Tuam, County Galway (note), 414-415.

Burtchaell, G.D.: Badge of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland (note), 415-418.

Reynolds, Kate J.: The Reynolds pedigree, County Leitrim (note), 418.

anonymous (the Editor?): Maghera, County Londonderry [‘A note on the derivation of this name is held over for next issue’], 418.


JRSAI Vol. XXXIII (1903)

Series V, Vol. XIII

Part I    31st March 1903

Garstin, John Ribton: Address delivered at the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 27th January, 1903, 1-24.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Notes on Askeaton, County Limerick. Part I.-the history, A.D. 900 to 1579, 25-40.

Buick, George Raphael: On a double cross at Duncrun, County Derry, 41-45.

Milligan, Seaton F.: Ancient ecclesiastical bells in Ulster, 46-57.

Knox, H.T.: Occupation of Connaught by the Anglo-Normans after A.D. 1237. Part III, 58-74.

Rhys, John: Notes on the ogam-inscribed stones of Donaghmore, Co. Kildare, and Inisvickillane, Co. Kerry, 75-87.

Milligan, S.F.: Note on Maghera, Co. Derry [note], 88-89.

Vigors, P.D.: Irish seals in the British Museum [note], 89-90.

Westropp, T.J.: Finds at Edenvale, County Clare [note], 90-91.

Stubbs, William C.: Copyhold tenure in Ireland [note], 91.

Wardell, J.: Rapparees [newspaper article: Dublin Intelligence, 19-26 May 1691], 91.

Wardell, J.: Forcible abduction [newspaper article: Dublin Intelligence, 27 May 1707], 91.


Part II    30th June 1903

Rhys, John: Notes on ogam inscriptions-1. The Oldmills Piper Stone, County Wicklow. 2. The Carncomb Ogam, Connor, County Antrim, 113-118.

Lawlor, Hugh Jackson (edited, with introduction, notes and appendix): Diary of William King, D.D., Archbishop of Dublin, during his imprisonment in Dublin Castle, 119-152.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Notes on Askeaton, County Limerick. Part II.-The history after 1579, 153-174.

Macalister, R.A. Stewart: The ogham monument at Kilbonane, 175-178.

Knox, H.T.: Occupation of Connaught by the Anglo-Normans after A.D. 1237. Part IV, 179-189.

Knox, H.T.: Kiltevenan, County Roscommon (note), 190.

Brown, William: Irish wills and administrations from the registers at York prior to 1660 (note), 190-191.

Houston, T.G.: Subterranean chamber at Ballywillan, County Derry (note), 191-193.

Hanan, Denis: Bullaun-stone, Glen of Aherlow, County Tipperary (note), 193.

Milligan, S.F.: Ancient ecclesiastical bells in Ulster (note), 193-194.

Barry, J. Grene: Note on Bourchier Castle and New Church, Loughgur (note), 194-197.

Westropp, T.J.: Eschluen or Eschluona Church, near Limerick (note), 197-200.

Clark, J.: Kilree church and round tower, Kilkenny, 213-216.


Part III    30th September 1903

Berry, Henry F.: The Ancient Corporation of Barber-Surgeons, of Gild of St. Mary Magdalene, Dublin, 217-238.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Notes on Askeaton, County Limerick. Part III.-The “Abbey”, 239-254.

Lawlor, Hugh Jackson (edited, with introduction, notes and appendix): Diary of William King, D.D., Archbishop of Dublin, during his imprisonment in Dublin Castle, 255-283.

Knox, H.T.: Occupation of Connaught by the Anglo-Normans after A.D. 1237. Part V, 284-294.

Moore, Courtenay: Silver presentation cup recording Cambrian hospitality (note), 295.

Grattan Flood, William H.: Kiltevenan, County Roscommon (note), 296-297.

Westropp, T.J.: Temple-na-Caille and the churches near Kilkeedy, County Limerick (note), 297.

Grattan Flood, W.H.: Escloon (note), 297.

Vigors, P.D.: Inscription of monument of Lord Wyndham of Finglass, in Salisbury Cathedral (note), 298.

Notes on places visited in Youghal:

Buckley. M.J.C.: Youghal, 307-309.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Ralegh’s House, Youghal, 310-312.

Buckley. M.J.C.: Rincrew Preceptory, Temple Michael Castle, the Abbey of Molana, 312-314.

Buckley. M.J.C.: Kilnatoora Castle, Youghal, 315-318.

Day, Robert: Notes on Youghal, 319-325.

Buckley. M.J.C.: The Burgh or Ville of Youghal, 326-332.

Buckley. M.J.C.: Notes on St. Mary’s Church, Youghal, 333-344.


Part IV    31st December 1903

Orpen, Goddard H.: Ralegh’s House at Youghal, 345-352.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Notes on the antiquities of Ardmore, 353-380.

Rhys, John: The Ardmore ogam stones, 381-386.

Ussher, Richard J.: The crannog at Ardmore, County Waterford, 387-388.

Lawlor, Hugh Jackson (edited, with introduction, notes and appendix): Diary of William King, D.D., Archbishop of Dublin, during his imprisonment in Dublin Castle. Part III, 389-416.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Franciscan seal, Youghal (note), 417-418.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Place where Dermot M’Morrough embarked when driven from Ireland in 1166 (note), 418-419.

Barry, J. Grene: The age of Gerald, Earl of Desmond, at his death in 1583 (note), 419-420.

Ronayne, Charles: Some ancient pipes found in Youghal (note), 421-422.

Reynolds, Henry FitxGerald: Reynolds family of County Leitrim (note), 422.

Wardell, John: Reynolds family of County Leitrim (note), 422-423.

Macray, W.D.: Kilteienan or Kiltinan (note: see Journal, vol. xxxiii., 1903), 423.

Patterson, W.H.: Find of silver coins near Carrickfergus (note), 423-424.

Westropp, T.J.: Island Molana Abbey, County Waterford (note), 425.

Westropp, T.J.: “Raleigh’s House”, Youghal (note), 425.

W[estropp], T.J.: Askeaton and the Sugan Earl (note), 425.

anonymous (the Editor?): The Royal Military Hospital, Kilainham [report on restoration of ceiling, with photograph], 434-437.

Lawlor, Hugh Jackson: Diary of William King, D.D., addenda, 439-441.


JRSAI Vol. XXXIV (1904)

Series V, Vol. XIV

Part I    31st March 1904

Ball, Francis Elrington: Some notes on the judges of Ireland in the year 1739, 1-19.

Kelly, Richard J.: The courts, judges, and legal office-holders of Ireland in 1739, 20-29.

Laffan, Thomas: Abstracts from the ancient records of the Corporation of Cashel, 30-40.

Wardell, John: The history and antiquities of St. Catherine’s, Old Abbey, County Limerick, 41-53.

Westropp, Thomas J.: [The history and antiquities of St. Catherine’s, Old Abbey, County Limerick]. The conventual buildings, 53-64.

Lunham, T.A.: Some historical notices of Cork in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, 65-69.

Knox, H.T., & note by W.E. Kelly: Carved stone in Knappaghmanagh, County Mayo (note), 70-71.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Clontygora cromlech, County Armagh (note), 71-73.

Grattan Flood, William H.: The Warden’s House, Youghal (note: see Journal, vol. xxxiii, p.345), 74-74.

Moore, Courtenay: “An old Dublin remembrancer” (note), 74-75.

Westropp, T. J.: Forts near Bodyke, County Clare (note), 75-77.


Part II    30th June 1904

Berry, Henry F.: The antiquities of the parish of Kilcomenty, near Birdhill, County Tiperary, 99-110.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Notes on Askeaton, County Limerick. Part IV.-The church and the castle (with appendices), 111-132.

Wood, Herbert: Addison’s connexion with Ireland, 133-158.

Buick, George R.: “The Daff Stone”, Moneydig, County Derry, 159-162.

M’Enery, M.J.: A diary of the siege of Limerick Castle, 1642, 163-187.

anonymous (the Editor?): Congress of Archæological Societies, 1903 (note), 188-189.

Reynolds, Kate J.: An Irish Parish Register Society (note), 189.

Stacpoole, G.C.: “Doughnambraher Font”, Kyleane, County Clare (note), 190.

Westropp, T.J.: Bullaun stones in County Clare (note), 191.

Grattan Flood, W.H. & reply by Goddard H. Orpen: The place where Dermot Mac Murrough embarked in 1166 (note), 191-193.


Part III    30th September 1903

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: “Barnaglitty”: identification of the locality which was the scene of the fight known as “The Pass of the Plumes”, 17th May, 1599, 199-210.

Fahey, Jerome: Some places of interest near Gort visited by the Society, August 11th, 1904, 211-219.

Fahey, Jerome: Kilmacduagh and its ecclesiastical monuments, 220-233.

Cochrane, Robert: Note on the round tower, &c., of Kilmacduagh, 234-238.

Glynn, J.A.: Knockmoy Abbey, County Galway, 239-243.

Cochrane, Robert: Abbey Knockmoy, County Galway: notes on the building and “frescoes”, 244-253.

Costello, T.B.: Some antiquities of Tuam district, 254-256.

Kelly, Richard J.: Antiquities of Tuam and district, 257-260.

Orpen, Goddard H.: The Carew, Baginbun and Fethard Castle inscriptions, 261-270.

Moore, Courtenay: The Ballindangan gallaun, County Cork (note), 271.

Coffey, George: Stone celts and a food vessel found in the County Monaghan (note), 271-272.

Brunskill, K.C.: Church of the Daughter of “Zola” (Ecclesie filie Zole) (note), 272-274.

Cochrane, Robert: The archæological cruise around the Irish coast, 281-286.


Part IV    31st December 1904

Garstin, John Ribton: On the M’Cragh tomb in Lismore Cathedral, 295-312.

Westropp, Thomas J.: On Irish motes and early Norman castles, 313-345.

ffrench, J.F.M.: Clonegal, its valley and its battle, 346-353.

Orpen, Goddard H.: The Battle of Dundonnell (Baginbun), A.D. 1170, 354, 360.

Cosgrave, Dillon: Clonliffe, 361-364.

Langrishe, Richard: The Bourchier Tablet in the Cathedral Church of St. Canice, Kilkenny, with some account of that family, 365-379.

Grattan Flood, William H.: Enniscorthy in the thirteenth century-who built the castle? 380-383.

Grattan Flood, William H.: Iniscathay, part of the Diocese of Killaloe (note), 384, and reply by T.J. Westropp, 384-385.

Westropp, T.J.: Kiltoola church, County Clare (note), 385-386.

Falkiner, W.: Bog butter (note), 386-387.

Lynn, W.H.: The inscribed stones at Fethard Castle and Baginbun (note), 387-388.


JRSAI Vol. XXXV (1905)

Series V, Vol. XV

Part I    31st March 1905

Healy, John: Two royal abbeys by the western lakes-Cong and Inismaine, 1-20.

Langrishe, Richard: The Bourchier Tablet in the Cathedral Church of St. Canice, Kilkenny, with some account of that family. Part II, 365-379.

Costello, Thomas B.: On a prehistoric burial in a cairn near Knockma, County Galway, 34-38.

Berry, Henry F.: Sheriffs of the County Cork-Henry III. to 1660, 39-52.

Bewley, Sir Edmond T.: Notes on an old pedigree of the O’More family of Leix, 53-59.

Cosgrave, E. Mac Dowel: A note on an Irish Volunteer curtain, 60-63.

Bewley, Sir Edmond T.: Notes on a gallaun, or pillar-stone, at Leighlinbridge, County Carlow, 64-66.

Costello, T.B.: Bronze spear-head [found near St. Jarlath’s College, Tuam] (note), 67.

Orpen, Goddard H.: The inscribed stones at Fethard Castle and Baginbun (note), 67-71.

Garstin, J.R.: The M’Cragh tomb at Lismore (note), 71.

Doyle, Alice F.: The M’Cragh tomb (note), 71-72.

Clark, J.: “The Daff Stone”, Moneydig, County Derry (note), 72-73.

Higgins, Michael: Bridgetown Priory, County Cork (note), 73-74.

Hore, Philip M.: Enniscorthy Castle (notes on the ancient and present buildings), 74-76.


Part II    30th June 1905

Cosgrave, E. Mac Dowel: A contribution towards a catalogue of engravings of Dublin up to 1800, 95-109.

Power, P.: The “Rian Bó Phádruig” (the ancient highway of the Decies), 110-129.

Blake, Martin J.: An old rental of Cong Abbey, 130-138.

Meehan, Joseph: Notes on the Mac Rannals of Leitrim and their country: being introductory to a diary of James Reynolds, Lough Scur, County Leitrim, for the years 1658-1660, 131-151.

Malone, Sylvester: Iniscathy after ceasing to be a see, 152-160.

Macnamara, George U.: The Lisdoonvarna bronze pot, 161-163.

Grattan Flood, William H.: Glascarrig Priory, County Wexford, 164-170.

Meehan, Joseph: Find of bog-butter, canoe, and bronze sword in County Leitrim (note), 171.

Crawford, Henry S.: Stone circle, &c., near Castletown Bere, County Cork (note), 171-173.

anonymous (the Editor?): Preservation of ancient monuments (note), 173.

Cosgrave, E. Mac Dowel: Irish Volunteer curtain (note), 173-174.

Lynch, P.J.: Well of St. Patrick, at Patrick’s Well, County Limerick (note), 174-175.

Hudd, Alfred E.: Wooden effigies (note), 176.

Lynn, W.H.: Inscribed stones at Fethard Castle and Baginbun (note), 176-177.

Grattan Flood, William H.: Enniscorthy Castle (note), 177-178.


Part III    30th September 1905

O’Shaughnessy, Richard: The Jacobite tract: “A Light to the Blind”, 195-204.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Prehistoric remains (forts and dolmens) along the borders of Burren, in the County of Clare. Part I.-The eastern border, 205-229.

Lett, H.W.: Slieve Donard, in the County of Down, 230-233.

ffrench, J.F.M.: The Arms of Ireland and Celtic tribal heraldry, 234-248.

Lett, H.W.: The island in Lough Briclan (Loughbrickland, County Down), 249-254.

Molony, Henry: Ancient churches and topography of Ballingarry parish, County Limerick, 255-263.

Howard, Stanley: Kilfeaghan Cromlech, County Down (note), 264-266.

Kirker, S.K.: Souterrain at Slidderyford, near Dundrum, County Down (note), 266-268.

Westropp, T.J.: Kilshane Abbey, County Limerick (note: see p.259, ante), 268.

Crawford, Henry S.: Taghmon Cross (note), 269.

Kirker, S.K.: Souterrain at Markstown, County Antrim (note), 269-271.

Notes on places visited in Ulster:

Gray, William: “The Giant’s Ring”, County Down, 286-287.

Bigger, F.J.: Drive to Templepatrick and Antrim, visiting Molusk, Carn-Greine, Donegore and Rathmore (July 4th 1905), 288-293.

Phillips, J.J.: Dundrum, Newcastle, Ballynoe, and Downpatrick (July 5th 1905), 302-311.

Lett, H.W.: The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Downpatrick, 302-306.

?Phillips, J.J.: Down Abbey, 306-310.

Lett, H.W.: Downpatrick Fort, 310-311.

Young, R.M.: Description of the Castle of Dunluce, Co. Antrim (July 6th 1905), 312-314.

Fennell, W.J.: Carrickfergus, Ballygally and Larne (July 7th, 1905), 315-319.


Part IV    31st December 1905

Berry, Henry F.: The Dublin Gild of Carpenters, Millers, Masons and Heliers, in the sixteenth century, 321-337.

Berry, Henry F.: Existing records and properties of the old Dublin City Gilds, 338-341.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Prehistoric remains (forts and dolmens) along the borders of Burren, in the County of Clare. Part II.-West Corcomroe, 342-361.

Cosgrave, E. Mac Dowel: A contribution towards a catalogue of engravings of Dublin up to 1800. Part II, 362-376 (362 picture, 363-376 text).

Young, R.M.: Old times in Belfast, 377-382.

May, Robert: Ulster rushlight, and candle, holders, 383-390.

Parkinson, Diana: Some notes on the Clare crannogs of Drumcliff and Claureen, 391-401.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Irish motes and alleged Norman castles: note on some recent contributions to their study, 402-406.

Joyce, P.W.: The old Irish blacksmith’s furnace (note), 407-408.

Seymour, St. John: The Cock and Pot on the M’Cragh Tomb (note: see Journal, vol. xxxiv., p.311), 408-409.

Westropp, T.J.: Iniscatha (1188-1420) (note), 412.

Lett, H.W.: “Crucifixion Stone”, Inch, County Down (note), 412.

newspaper article (Tuam Herald): Doonbally Castle, 412-413.

Knox, H.T.: Templenagalliaghdoo (note), 413.

Moore, Courtenay: The cromlech, popularly known as the “Broad Stone”, near Ballymoney, County Antrim (note), 413-414.

Crawford, Henry S.: Ancient monuments, County Clare (note), 414.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Ancient monuments, County Clare (note), 415.

extract from report of the Estates Commissioners: Ancient monuments (Estates Comissioners) (note), 415.

Strangways, Leonard R.: The Volunteers in College Green (note), 415-416.

Crawford, Henry S.: The round tower of Aghagower [County Mayo] (note), 416-418.

Cochrane, Robert: The frescoes, Abbey Knockmoy, County Galway (note), 419-420.

Brenan, James: A note on Abbey Knockmoy, County Galway (note), 420-421.


JRSAI Vol. XXXVI (1906)

Series V, Vol. XVI

Part I    31st March 1906

Joyce, Patrick Weston: On the headstone of Lugna, or Lugnaed, St. Patrick’s nephew, in the island of Inchnagoill, in Lough Corrib, 1-10.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Aenach Carman: its site, 11-41.

Milligan, Seaton F.: On an urn cemetery in the townland of Gortnacor, near Broomhedge, County Antrim, 42-46.

Crawford, Henry S.: On an ogham stone in County Limerick, (with notes by Professor Rhys and R.A.S. Macalister), 47-50.

Latimer, William T.: The M’Cracken correspondence, 47-50.

Howard, Stanley: Faughart, County Louth, and its surroundings, 59-75.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Liamhain, now represented by Lyons, near Newcastle-Lyons (note), 76-78.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Site of the Battle of Glen-Mama (note), 78-80.

Howard, Stanley: Bullauns at Burren, County Down (note), 80-82.

Westropp, T.J.: Ancient place-names, Brugh of the Boyne and others (note), 82-83.

Crawford, Henry S.: The Broadstone [and Finvoy] Cromlech[s], County Antrim (note), 83-85.

Welch, R.: Kitchen-midden at Cranfield Point, County Down (whelk and limpet) (note), 85.

Welch, R.: Greencastle, County Down (note), 85-86.

Berry, H.F.: Gild records of Dublin (note), 86.

Westropp, T.J.: Demolition of Templenaraha Church, County Clare (note), 86-87.

Milligan, Seaton F.: Pin found at Clontarf, Dublin (note), 87.

O’Brien Smyth, R.: Sheela-na-gig, Ballyfinboy Castle, near Borrisokane (note), 88.


Part II    30th June 1906

O’Shaughnessy, Richard: The Jacobite tract: “A light to the blind”. Part II, 113-122.

Meehan, Joseph: The Arms of the O’Rourkes: a metal casting from County Leitrim seventeenth-century foundries, 123-142.

Laffan, Thomas: Fethard, County Tipperary: its charters and Corporation rcords, with some notice of the Fethard Everards, 143-153.

Burtchaell, G.D.: The Manor of Erley, or Erlestown, County Kilkenny, 154-165.

Macalister, R.A. Stewart: On some County Cork ogham stones in English museums, 166-178.

Langrishe Richard: Notes on Jerpoint Abbey, County Kilkenny, 179-197.

Fitz Gerald, Lord Walter: Place-names at the Seven Churches, Glendalough, County Wicklow, 198-201

Westropp, T. Johnson: Cromwellian account books, Limerick (note), 202-204.

Crowley, James (& note by Editor): Newly-discovered ogam stones, County Cork (note), 204.

Paterson, M.S.: Querns (note), 204-205.

Berry, H.F.: The Gild of St. Loy, Dublin (note), 205.

Milligan, S.F.: Danish finds in Ireland (note), 205-206.

?Cochrane, R.: Exhibit-Bronze pin found at Clontarf (Hiberno-Danish), 218-219 [in the Proceedings].


Part III    30th September 1906

Blake, Martin: Sir Thomas More: his descendants in the male line, 223-230.

Grattan Flood, William H.: The Dublin “City Music” from 1560 to 1780.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Notes on certain promontory forts in the Counties of Waterford and Wexford, 239-258.

Macalister, R.A. Stewart: Eight newly-discovered ogham inscriptions in County Cork, 259-261.

Crawford, Henry F.: Stone circle at Temple Bryan, County Cork, 262-264.

Commins, John: Notes on the places of antiquarian interest visited by the Society, 265-275.

Lynch, P.J.: The antiquities of Caherlehillan, Iveragh, County Kerry, 276-284.

Carmody, James: The Abbey of Killagha, Parish of Kilcoleman, County Kerry, 285-296.

Macalister, R.A. Stewart: The Inchagoill inscription, Lough Corrib, County Galway, 297-302.

Macalister, R.A. Stewart: The inscriptions of Iniscaltra, Lough Derg, County Galway, 303-310.

Westropp, T.J.: Ennis Abbey-the Kilclaran Chalice (note), 311.

Lynch, P.J.: Inscribed stone at Poulacopple, County Kerry (note), 311-313.

anonymous ( the Editor?): Congress of Archæological Societies, July 4th, 1906 (note), 313-318.

Burtchaell, G.D.: (p.123 ante) The Arms of the O’Rourkes (note), 318-319.

Burtchaell, G.D.: (antea, p.156) The Manor of Erley (note), 319.

anonymous: Notes descriptive of the places visited [sites in the Killarney area], (includes note by John Cooke on: ‘Liosavigeen stone circle, near Killarney)’, 334-347.


Part IV    31st December 1906

Butler, W.F.: The Lordship of Mac Carthy Mór. Part I, 349-367.

Orpen, Goddard, H.: The castle of Raymond Le Gros at Fodredunolan, 368-382.

Knowles, W.J.: Stone axe factories near Cushendall, 383-394.

Macalister, R.A. Stewart: A German view of Ireland, 1720, 395-399.

Cosgrave, E. Mac Dowel: A contribution towards a catalogue of nineteenth-century engravings of Dublin. Part I, 400-419.

Falkiner, W.F.: Bullaun (note), 420-421.

Falkiner, W.F.: Earthworks, Rathnarrow, County Westmeath (note), 421-422.

Bellewes, G.O.: Robert Goodwin, of Derry (note), 422-423.

Westropp, T.J.: Inscriptions of Iniscaltra, Lough Derg (note), 423.

Crawford, Henry S.: Ballynahinch Castle, County Tipperary (note), 423-424.

Meehan, Joseph: (antea, p.304) The Arms of the O’Rourkes: a reply (note), 424-427.

Burtchaell, G.D.: Heraldry (note), 427-428.

Garstin, J.R.: The Hewetsons or Hewsons in Ireland (note), 428-429.

Hewetson, John: Colonel John Hewson, the Cromwellian (note), 429-432.

M.J. M’Enery: Notes on the Arbutus at Killarney (note), 433-435.

Everard, John: (antea, p.143) “The Fethard Everards” (note), 435.

anonymous: An archæological society for the County Roscommon, (note), 435-436.

West, Erskine E.: (antea, p.126, 127) Swandlingbar, (note), 436.

Wilkinson, Nevile R.: Old lead pipe at Mount Merrion, (note), 436.

?Cochrane, R.: Exhibit and description of bronze [tortoise] brooches and bowl found at Ballyholme, County Down, 450-454.


JRSAI Vol. XXXVII (1907)

Series V, Vol. XVII

Part I    31st March 1907

Butler, W.F.: The Lordship of Mac Carthy Mór. Part II, 1-23.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: The principal ancient castles of the County Limerick, 24-40.

Cosgrave, E. Mac Dowel: A contribution towards a catalogue of nineteenth-century engravings of Dublin. Part II, 41-60.

Rhys, John: The Kilmannin Ogam, County Mayo, 61-68.

Seymour, St. John: Old Dublin caricatures, 69-73.

Everard, John: Everard’s Castle, now Burntcourt Castle, near Cahir, County Tipperary, 74-85.

Coffey, George: Find of bronze implements at Kilfeakle, County Tipperary, 86-89.

ffrench, J.F.M: Pillar-stone and holed-stone, County Carlow (note), 90.

ffrench, J.F.M: Remarkable find at Ballyduffbeg, County Wexford, in a field belongong to Mr. William Howell (note), 90.

Westropp, T.J.: Earthworks of the “Rathnarrow type” in County Clare (note), 90-91.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Church plate in Lismore Cathedral (note), 91-92.

Steele, W.B.: Robert Goodwin, of Derry (note), 92.

Kelly, R.J.: A forgotten Irishman, Patrick Kelly, LL.D., F.R.A.S. (note), 92-94.

Bernau, Charles: A genealogical directory (note), 94.


Part II    30th June, 1907

Orpen, Goddard H.: Motes and Norman castles in Ireland, 123-152.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: The principal ancient castles of the County Limerick, 153-164.

Seymour, St. John: Abbey Owney, County Limerick, 165-180.

Coffey, George: Moulds for primitive spear-heads found in the County Tyrone, 181-186.

Crawford, Henry S.: The descriptive list of the Early Irish crosses, 187-239.

Hall, Thomas: Crannoge near Belturbet (note), 240-241.

Falkiner, William: Sculptured stone, or mural tablet (note), 241-242.

Westropp, T.J.: The “Knockfierna” ogham stone, County Limerick (note), 242-245.


Part III    30th September, 1907

Orpen, Goddard H.: Athlone Castle: its early history, with notes on some neighbouring castles, 257-276.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: A description of the ancient buildings and crosses at Clonmacnois, King’s County, 277-306.

Crawford, Henry S.: The Burke effigy at Glinsk, Co. Galway (note), 307-308.

Crawford, Henry S.: Ancient monuments on the new Ordnance Maps (note), 308.

Forde, George H.: Doorway, Kilbarron church, County Donegal (note), 309.

Milligan, Seaton F.: Urn find, Donaghadee, County Down (note), 310.

Proceedings, 314-348: Descriptive particulars of places visited, 320-348:

Crawford, Henry S.: Bealin Cross, Twyford, County Westmeath, 320-322.

        ?Crawford, Henry S.: Lough Ree and its islands, 323-328.

Westropp, T.J.: Clonmacnois, 329-340.

?Westropp, T.J.: Roscommon, 341-348.


Part IV    31st December 1907

Fitz Gerald, Lord Walter: Notes on the St. Lawrences, Lords of Howth, from the end of the twelfth to the middle of the sixteenth century, with a description of the family altar-tomb in St. Mary’s Church in Howth, 349-359.

Seymour, St. John: Abbey Owney, County Limerick, 360-373.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Carrigogunnell Castle and the O’Briens of Pubblebrian, in the County of Limerick. Part I.-the history of the place, 473-392.

Berry, Henry F.: Notes on a statement dated 1634, regarding St. Thomas Court and St. Katherine’s Churchyard, Dublin, 393-396.

Cavenagh, W.O.: Irish institutions and memorials in the Low Countries, 397-398.

Cochrane, Robert: Cromlech at Barons Court, County Tyrone, 399-403.

Orpen, Goddard H.: The round tower at Glendalough-an unnoticed feature (note), 404.

Latimer, W.T.: Dungannon Castle-underground passage discovered (note), 404-405.

Westropp, T.J.: Turlough Hill fort, Co. Clare (note), 404-405.

Macnamara, George U.: Kilnaboy (recte, Cill Inghin-Bha’ith), Co. Clare (note), 406.

Macnamara, George U.: Tomfinlough Church, Co. Clare (note), 406-408.

anonymous (the Editor?): Note on the Congress of Prehistoric Anthropology and Archæology, to be held in Dublin in 1909, 408.

Moore, Courtenay: Discovery of a lipped stone basin or bullaun in the townland of Ballinamona, near Mitchelstown, Co. Cork (note), 409-410.

Everard, John: (antea, p.82)The Everard Family (note), 410-411.

Westropp, T.J.: Lemeneagh Castle, County Clare (note), 411.

Crawford, Henry S.: Rubbings of two early tombstones at Fuerty, Co. Roscommon [part of Proceedings], 414-419.



Series V, Vol. XVIII

Part I    31st March 1908

Macalister, R.A. Stewart: The legendary Kings of Ireland, 1-16.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Castrum Keyvini: Castlekevin, 17-27.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Promontory forts in the “Irrus,” County Clare. Part I.-The Kilkee group, 28-47.

Fahey, J.: The crests of the chieftains of Hy Fiachrach Aidhne, 48-51.

Crawford, Henry S.: Description of an ogam stone at Mountrussell, County Limerick, with a reading of the inscription by Professor Sir John Rhys, D.Litt.; and a note by R.A.S. Macalister, M.A., F.S.A., 52-60.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: An account of some Early Christian monuments discovered at Gallen Priory, 61-66.

Everard, J.: Shanrahan: church, castle and see, 67-72.

Moore, Courtenay: St. Findchu (note), 73.

Barry, J. Grene: Abington (note), 73-74.

Curran, John: An ancient quern, or millstone, County Kerry (note), 74-75.

Crawford, Henry S.: Ardpatrick, County Limerick (note), 75-76.

Westropp, T.J.: Property of Robert Lord Clive in County Clare (note), 76-77.

Westropp, T.J.: Molony family ring in County Clare (note), 77-78.

Bate, E.R.: Inscription on old Dublin house (note), 78.

anonymous: The Architectural and Topographical Society (note), 78-79.

anonymous: The Georgian Society (note), 79-80.


Part II    30th June 1908

Bewley, Sir Edmund T.: The Fleetwoods of the County Cork, 103-125.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Novum Castrum McKynegan, Newcastle, County Wicklow, 126-140.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Carrigogunnell Castle and the O’Briens of Pubblebrian, in the County of Limerick. Part II.-the ruins and the later families, 141-159.

Coffey, George: Manufacture of flint implements, 160-172.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: An inscribed cross-slab from Gallen Priory, Ferbane, King’s County: 173-174.

Cavenagh, W.O.: The Irish Franciscan College at Louvain, Belgium, 175-178.

Cavenagh, W.O.: The Irish Benedictine nunnery at Ypres, Belgium, 179-180.

Macalister, R.A. Stewart: The legendary Kings of Ireland (corrigenda), 181.

Crawford, Henry S.: Some crosses not mentioned in the List of Irish Crosses (addenda), 181-182.

Macalister, R.A.S.: An anecdote of Sir James Ware (note), 182-183.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Brittas Castle, County Limerick, with the original “bretesche” (note), 183-184.

Laffan, Thomas: A note on certain Irish public records (note), 185-186.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Note on a guidon exhibited to the Society at the meeting of April 28th (note), 186-188.

Latimer, W.T.: Find of urns in Tyrone, 188.


Part III    30th September 1908

Rhys, Sir John: Another Greenhill ogam, County Cork, 201-204.

Dolan, Joseph T.: Notes on Ardee, County Louth, 205-214.

Baddeley, St. Clair: The Cistercian day, 215-220.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Promontory forts in the “Irrus,” County Clare. Part II.-Loop Head and Cross group, 221-231.

Moynagh, S.G.: Notes on some of the old Dundalk charters, 232-235.

Grattan Flood, W.H.: Music-printing in Dublin from 1700 to 1750, 236-240.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Motes and Norman castles in County Louth, 241-269.

Crawford, Henry S.: Description of a carved stone at Tybroughney, Co. Kilkenny, 270-277.

Lynch, P.J.: Ogam stone at Lackareigh, County Kerry (note), 278-280.

Westropp, T.J.: The mote of Knockgraffan, Tipperary (its legend) (note), 280.

Knox, H.T.: Carved stone found in a crannog (note), 280-281.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Correction (“An account of some Early Christian Monuments discovered at Gallen Priory”), 281.

Fleming, J.S.: Ancient merchant mansions of Kilkenny, 281-283.

Gun Mahony, Peirce: Mahony or Ô Mahony family, 283.

Proceedings (284-322): excursions from Drogheda and Dundalk:

anonymous: Drogheda anon 294-297

anonymous: Termonfeckin etc., 297-298.

anonymous: Beaulieu, 299.

anonymous: Dundalk 300.

Miss Comerford: St. Leonard’s, 300-302.

Miss Comerford: The Franciscan or Grey Friary, Commonly Called Seatown Castle, 302-304.

anonymous: Castletown etc 305-309

anonymous: Carlingford 310-316

anonymous: The Proleek Cromlech 316-318


Part IV    31st December 1908

Macalister, R.A. Stewart: Some notes on the sculptured slabs at Gallen Priory, 323-327.

Seymour, St. John D.: A list of procurations for the Diocese of Cashel and Emly, A.D. 1437, 328-333.

Hall, Thomas: Killan old church, County Cavan, 334-343.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Ring-forts in the Barony of Moyarta, Co. Clare, and their legends. Part I.-From Loop Head to Carrigaholt, 344-361.

Cavenagh, W.O.: Colonel Daniel O’Neill, circa 1612-1664, 362-367.

Lynch, P.J.: Some notes on Church Island, Lough Currane, Iveragh, County Kerry, 368-381.

Meehan, Joseph (ed.): Catalogue of the High Sheriffs of the County of Leitrim from the year 1605 to the year 1800, 382-389.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: A cross-slab and fragment from Gallen Priory, 390-393.

Crawford, Henry S.: Crosses of straw and twigs from County Roscommon, 394-396.

Rotheram, E. Crofton: Notes on some Meath antiquities (note), 379-399.

O’Morchoe, T.A.: Missing genealogical compilations, 399.

Westropp, T.J.: Pattern at Scattery Island, Co. Clare, 399-400.

Westropp, T.J.: O’Briens of Carrigogunnell, 400.


JRSAI Vol. XXXIX (1909)

Series V, Vol. XIX

Part I    31st March 1909

Cochrane, Robert: Address delivered at the Annual General Meeting of the Society on Tuesday, 26th January, 1909, 1-22.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Dundrum Castle, County Down. Identified with the ‘Castrum de Rath’, 23-29.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Notes on some County Limerick castles, 30-41.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: The Desmonds’ castle at Newcastle Oconyll, Co. Limerick. Part I, 42-58.

Crawford, Henry S.: Some early monuments in the Glen of Aherlow. With notes on the inscriptions bat Kilpeacan by R.A.S. Macalister, F.S.A., Member, 59-69.

Seymour, St. John D.: Loughmoe Castle and its legends, 70-74.

Linn, Richard: Marriage register of the Presbyterian congregation of Banbridge, County Down, 1756-1794. With foreword by the Rev. W.T. Latimer, B.A., Fellow, 75-84.

Westropp, T.J.: The termon cross of Kilnaboy, County Clare, sketched in 1854, 85-88.

Meehan, Joseph: The Loughduff cromlech, County Cavan, 88-91.

Crawford, Henry S.: Part of a carved slab recently found at Clonmacnois, 91-92.

Millner, J.K.: Bog path made of wood, at Robertstown, Co. Kildare, 93.

Gosselin, J.H.P.: Stone cist at Craig, Muff, Co. Donegal, 93.


Part II    30th June 1909

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Ring-forts in the Barony of Moyarta, County Clare, and their legends. Part II.-Kilkee to Carrigaholt, 113-126.

Crawford, Henry S.: Notes on the crosses and carved doorways at Lorrha, in North Tipperary, 127-131.

Mac Neill, John: Ogham inscription at Cloonmorris, County Leitrim, 132-136.

Grattan Flood, W.H.: Dublin harpsichord and pianoforte makers of the eighteenth century, 137-145.

Hewetson, John: The Hewetsons of the County of Kildare, 146-163.

Lynch, P.J.: Ogham stone in Cloghanecarhan, County Kerry (with note by R.A.S. Macalister, M.A., F.S.A.), 164-169.

Cavenagh, W.O.: Daniel O’Connor memorial, A.D. 1662, Domus Dei, Portsmouth, 170-173.

Fleming, J.S.: Irish and Scottish castles and keeps contrasted, 174-191.

Somerville, H. Boyle: Ancient stone monuments near Lough Swilly, County Donegal, Ireland. Part I, 192-202.

Ashby, Thomas: Destruction of ancient monuments (note), 203.


Part III    30th September 1909

Somerville, H. Boyle: Ancient stone monuments near Lough Swilly, County Donegal, Ireland. Part II, 215-233.

Crawford, Henry S.: The ruins of Loughmoe Castle, County Tipperary, 234-241.

Notes on the places visited during the Summer Excursion of the Society to Clonmel, 1909:

Morrissey, James F.: Clonmel, 242-254.

Crawford, Henry S.: Carrick Castle, 255.

Crawford, Henry S.: The crosses of Kilkieran and Ahenny, 256-260.

Crawford, Henry S.: Donaghmore Church, County Tipperary, 261-264.

Morrissey, Thomas J.: St. Patrick’s Well, 265-266.

Bagwell, Richard: Innislonagh Abbey, 267-268.

Morrissey, T.J.: Tickencor and Derrinlaur Castle, 269-270.

Count de la Poer: Gurteen-le-Poer, 271.

Burke, W.P.: Cahir Castle, 272-274.

Orpen, Goddard H.: The Mote of Knockgraffon, 275-277.

Cooke, R.: Kiltinane, 278.

Cochrane, Robert: Notes on the Augustinian Priory of Athassel, County Tipperary, 279-289.

Morrissey, T.J.: Fethard, 290-293.

Macalister, R.A. S.: The ogham stones near Clonmel and Carrick-on-Suir, 294-296.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Note on a bronze ring-pin (note), 297.

Grattan Flood, W.H.: Dundrum Castle (note, re ante, Vol. xxxix p26), 297-296.

Grattan Flood, W.H.: Derivation of Kiltealy, 298.


Part IV    31st December 1909

Orpen, Goddard H.: Motes and Norman Castles in Ossory, 313-342.

Somerville, H. Boyle: Ancient stone monuments near Lough Swilly, County Donegal, Ireland. Part III, 343-349.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: The Desmonds’ castle at Newcastle O Conyll, Co. Limerick. Part II, 350-368.

Hewetson, John: The Hewetsons of the County Kilkenny, 369-392.

Crawford, Henry S.: Some types of quern, or hand-mill, 393-396.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Ancient Irish tombstones, Tomgraney, County Clare (note), 397.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Dundrum Castle (note, re ante, p297-reply to W.H. Grattan Flood), 398.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Derivation of Kiltealy (note), 398-399.

Westropp, T.J.: Tomb of an Irish Bishop (note), 399.

Crawford, Henry S.: Crosses of rushes, &c. from Kilkee, County Clare (note), 399-400.

Crawford, Henry S.: A rushlight-holder of unusual design (note), 400.

Bigger, Francis Joseph: Old Dublin signs (note), 400-401.


JRSAI Volume XL (1910)

Series V, Vol. XX

Part I    31st March 1910

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The duel between two of the O’Connors of Offaly in Dublin Castle on the 12th of September, 1583, 1-5.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Promontory forts and allied structures in Northern County Kerry. Part I.-Iraghticonnor, 6-31.

Macalister, R.A.S.: The charter and statutes of Kilkenny College, 32-37.

Crawford, Henry S.: The dolmens of Tipperary, 38-51.

Wilkinson, N.S.: Heraldry in its relation to archæology, 52-55.

Cochrane, Robert: Ballycarbery Castle, County Kerry, 56-57.

Cochrane, Robert: Quin Abbey, County Clare, 57.

McEnery, M.J.: Destruction of Castle Mervyn, County Tyrone, 58.

Cochrane, Robert: Ancient Monuments Protection Bill, 59.

Note on interlaced ornament by Professor Flinders Petrie, 59-60.

Crawford, Henry S.: Bullaun stones in the Glen of Aherlow, 60-61.

Cochrane, Robert: Castletimon Ogam Stone, County Wicklow, 61-63.

ffrench, J.F.M.: Discovery of a dug-out canoe on the banks of the Barrow, in the County Wexford, 63.

Fitzgerald, Lord Walter: The patron saint of Malahide, 64.

Fitzgerald, Lord Walter: The inauguration-place of Magennis (or Mac Guinness), chief of Iveagh, in the County Down, 64.

Macalister, R.A.S.: Halley’s and other comets in the Irish annals, 64-66.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Tomb of an Irish bishop, 66.


Part II    30th June 1910

Berry, Henry F.: House and shop signs in Dublin in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, 81-98.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Promontory forts and similar structures in the County Kerry. Part II.-Clanmaurice, 99-131.

Kelly, Richard J.: The Name and Family of Ouseley, 132-146

O’Reilly, P. J.: The Dedications of the well and church at Malahide, 147-165.

Bigger, Francis Joseph: St. Christopher in Irish art, 166-168.

D’Arcy, S.A.: Historical notices of crannogs (note), 169-171.

Crawford, Henry S.: A double bullaun near Bagenalstown (note), 171-172.

Westropp, Thomas J.: The Irish elk (note), 172.

French, E.J.: [Inscription on tablet at Tubbernavanna, Basketstown, Co. Meath] (note), 173.


Part III    30th September 1910

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Promontory forts and similar structures in the County Kerry. Part III.-Corcaguiny (Brandon to Dunquin), 179-213.

Orpen, Goddard H.B.A.: The mote of Street, County Westmeath, 214-222.

Orpen, Goddard H.B.A.: The mote of Lisardowlan, County Longford, 223-225.

Orpen, Goddard H.B.A.: The Mote of Castlelost, County Westmeath, 226-228.

Grattan Flood, W.H.: Irish organ-builders from the eighth to the close of the eighteenth century, 229-234.

Crawford, Henry S.: A sepulchral slab lately found at Clonmacnois, 235-237.

Hewetson, John: The Hewetsons of Ballyshannon, Donegal, 238-243.

Lynch, P.J.: Notes on an inscription in Rattoo churchyard, County Kerry (note), 244-245.

Westropp, T.J.: The Irish squirrel (note), 245-246.

O’Reilly, P.J.: Taney and its patron (note), 246-247.

O’Reilly, P.J.: Lambay (note), 247-248.

anonymous (?the Editor): Bronze knife from Ardevan, Co. Clare (note), 248.

anonymous (?the Editor): The coins of the Danish kings of Ireland (note), 248-249.

newspaper cuttings: Records of Archæological discoveries in Ireland [dugout canoe in Co. Fermanagh, gold ornament in Co. Cavan], 249.

Macalister, R.A.S.: The ogham graffito in the Bodleian “Annals of Inisfallen” (note), 250.


Part IV    31st December 1910

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Promontory forts and similar structures in the County Kerry. Part IV-Corcaguiny (the Southern Shore), 265-296.

Hore, Herbert, with preface by ffrench, J.F.M.: Ferns, County Wexford, 297-315.

Linn, Richard: Historical notes, parish of Seapatrick, Co. Down, 316-323.

Pakenham-Walsh: W.P.: Roll of the Corps of Royal Engineers of Ireland, 1251-1801, 324-328.

Seymour, St. John D.: The chapter-books of Cashel cathedral, 329-339.

Hogg, A.V.: The collegiate church of St. Mary, Gowran, County Kilkenny, and its monuments, 340-345.

Fleming, J.S.: Annaghs Castle, 346-348.

Macalister, R.A.S.: A newly-discovered ogham and some other antiquities in County

Carlow (note), 349-351.

W[estropp], T.J.: Carved beam in Limerick (note), 351.

Tuite, James: Historic ruins in Westmeath (note), 351-355.

Kelly, Richard J.: The Ouseley family (further details) (note), 355.

Crawford, Henry S.: Supposed dolmen on Slievenaman, Co. Tipperary (note), 356.

Crawford, Henry S.: Note on the High Cross of Clonmacnois (note), 356.

Coffey, George: Note on New Grange (note), 356-357.

Lynch, P.J.: A relic of Caherconree (note), 357-360.

anonymous (the Editor?): Proposed museum for Galway (note), 360.

ffrench, J.F.M.: Ferns Castle (note), 360-361.

Hall, Thomas: Barnagrow Lake and crannogs, Co. Cavan (note), 361-362.

Lee, Philip G. [quoting a letter by J.M. Longfield]: Destruction of antiquarian remains in Co. Cork (note), 362.

O’Keeffe, J.G.: Liathmhuine, (note), 363-364.

Cochrane, Robert: The President’s address in reply [part of Proceedings-Summer Meeting at Douglas, Isle of Man], 377-378.

Kermode, P.M.C.: Descriptive particulars of places visited [includes the following notes by other writers: Castle Rushen, 396-403, by A. Rigby; Historical note on St. German’s Cathedral, 410-414, by Rev. Canon Quine; Historical note on St. Trinian’s, 430-433, by Rev. Canon Quine].


JRSAI Vol. XLI (1911)

Series VI, Vol. I

Part I    31 March 1911

Windle, B.C.A.: A note on some kitchen-middens in the North of Ireland, 1-4.

Westropp, T.J.: St. Mochulla of Tulla, Co. Clare: his legend and the entrenchments and remains of his monastery, 5-19.

Coffey, George: Further notes on the development of the spear-head, 20-24.

Coffey, George: Stones with cup-and-ring Markings at Ryfad, County Fermanagh, 25.

Berry, Henry F.: The records of the Feltmakers’ Company of Dublin, 1687-1841: their loss and recovery, 26-45.

Browne, H., Armstrong, E.C.R. & Macalister, R.A.S.: Cathair Conrói and neighouring structures, 46-50.

Crawford, Henry S.: Notes on several of the Clonmacnois slabs, 51-57.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: A bronxe bracelet of Hallstatt type, said to have been found near the town of Antrim, 58-60.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Note on the block of red enamel from Tara, 61-62.

Cosgrave, H.A.: Patrick Brompton Church, Yorkshire (note), 63-64.

Westropp, T.J.: An alleged relic of the Spanish Armada in Co. Clare (note), 64-66.

Milligan, S.F.: Gold ornament found in Co. Cavan (note), 66.

Milligan, S.F.: Find in Co. Antrim (note: moulds for bronze implements), 66-67.

Tuite, James: Find of ancient coins at Paddinstown, Co. Westmeath (note), 76..

Hewetson, John: Query: Letters to Archbishop King of Dublin from his contemporaries, 1680-1722 (note), 67.

Grattan Flood, W.H.: Annaghs Castle (note), 68-69.

Macalister, R.A.S.: The Glounagloch ogham, Co. Cork (note), 68.

Crawford, Henry S.: A slab from Mona-incha (note), 68-69.


Part II    30 June 1911

Knox, H.T.: The Croghans and some Connacht raths and motes, 93-116.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Cahermurphy Castle and its earthworks, with certain forts near Milltown Malbay, County Clare, 117-137.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Rathgall. County Wicklow, 138-150.

Crawford, Henry S.: The early slabs at Lemanaghan, King’s County, 151-156.

Boyle, Edward M.F.-G.: Records of the town of Limavady, 1609-1804, 157-174.

Coffey, George: Prehistoric grave at Seskilgreen, 175-179.

Joyce, P.W.: Note on a passage in Stokes’s “Cormac’s Glossary”, 180-182.

Hamilton, Gustavus E.: Rockbrook, Co. Dublin: its name (note), 182-183.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Carved stone near Holywood, Co. Wicklow (note), 183-185.

Crawford, Henry S.: A seal found in Roscommon (note), 185-186.

Forsayeth, Gordon W.: Holy well near Modeligo, Co. Waterford (note), 186-187.

Westropp, T.J.: Tulla churches, Co. Clare (note), 187-188.

Hull, Eleanor: Folk-lore collecting in Ireland (note), 188-190.

Rhys, John: The Coligny Calendar (note), 190-191.


Part III    30 September 1911

Knox, H.T.: Some Connacht raths and motes, 205-240.

Sadleir, Thomas U.: Richard Castle, architect, 241-245.

Cavenagh, W.O.: Castletown Carne and its owners, 246-258.

Robinson, John L.: Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, proctors’ accounts, 1689-90, 259-266.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Croghans and Norman motes (reply to H.T. Knox), 267-276.


Part IV    31 December 1911

Knox, H.T.: Some Connacht raths and motes, 301-342.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Prehistoric remains (forts and dolmens) in the Burren, Co. Clare, 343-367.

Fahy, Jerome: Right Rev. Monsignor D.D., V.G.-St. Colman’s Oratory, in Burren, County Clare, 368-370.

Linn, Richard: Historical notes on Banbridge (military), 371-375.

Barry, J. Grene: Lord Edward FitzGerald’s dagger, 376-379.

Milligan, Seaton F.: Some recent archaeological finds in Ulster, 380-384.

Westropp, T.J.: O’Brien of Carrickogunnell Co. Limerick (note), 385.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Sheela-na-gig discovered by Major H. Trevelyan (note), 385-387.

Lynch, P.J.: The mote of Kilfinnane, Co. Limerick (note), 387-389.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The FitzGerald slab in the Dingle churchyard, Co. Mayo (note), 389-391.

Crawford, Henry S.: The market cross of Dublin (note), 391-393.

Barry, H.F.: Records of the old Dublin City trade gilds (note), 393.

Beary, Michael: Holy well at Modeligo (note), 393-394.


JRSAI Vol. XLII (1912)

Series VI, Vol. II

Part I    31 March 1912

Crawford, Henry S.: The Romanesque doorway at Clonfert, 1-7.

Dobbs, Margaret E.: Some further evidence on the date of the shaping of the Táin Bó Cuailnge, 8-12.

Grattan Flood, W.H.: County Wexford dolmens, 13-17.

Hewetson, John: Colonel John Hewson, Governor of Dublin Castle, 1649, 18-20.

Linn, Richard: Notes on some early Ulster emigrants to America, 21-26.

Macalister, R.A.S.: Some cross-slabs in the neighbourhood of Athlone, 27-31.

Lett, Henry William: Ballybrolley stone circle or cairn, 32-33.

Cavenagh, W.O.: Castletown Carne and its owners, 34-45.

Patterson, William Hugh: On an ancient seal of the hospital of St. John at Nenagh, 46-47.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Note on a gold lunula found at Schulenburg, Hanover, 48-50.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: The promontory forts and early remains of the coasts of County Mayo. Part 1.-The north coast (Tirawley and Erris), 51-59.

Crawford, Henry S.: Note on an inscription at Glendalough (note), 60-61.

Crawford, Henry S.: A curious form of flint and steel (note), 61-62.

Latimer, W.T.: Archaeological discovery in Co. Tyrone (note), 62-63.

Carmody, W.P. & Wilson, A.G.: Kitchen-middens in Dingle Bay (note), 63-64.

ffrench, James F.M.: Two Ulster inauguration places (note), 64-68.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Correction to note on sheela-na-gig discovered by Major H. Trevelyan (note), 69.

Tuite, James: Ancient sculptured stone at Portloman, Co. Westmeath (note), 69-70.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Recent find of coins in Co. Kildare (note), 70.


Part II    30 June 1912

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: -The promontory forts and early remains of the coasts of County Mayo. Part I.-The north coast (Tirawley and Erris), 101-139.

McNeill, Charles: The affinities of Irish Romanesque architecture, 140-147.

Lynch, P.J.: Carvings at the Rock of Cashel, 148-150.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Barnewall wayside cross at Sarsfieldstown, County Meath, 151-154.

Robinson, John L.: Dublin Cathedral Bells, 1670, 155-162.

Robinson, John L.: Early date-marked church plate in Dublin (note), 163.

Lynch, P.J.: Removal of an ogham stone in Co. Kerry (note), 164.

French, E.J.: Dublin street names (note),

FitzGerald-Uniacke, R.G.: The FitzGeralds of Glenane, Co. Cork (note), 164-169.

Windle, Bertram C. A.: A note on an early interment near Macroom (note), 169-172.

Westropp, T.J.: The Arms of Ireland (note), 172.


Part III    30 September 1912

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: -The promontory forts and early remains of the coasts of County Mayo. Part II.-The Mullet, 185-216.

Crawford, Henry S.: A descriptive list of early cross-slabs and pillars, 217-244.

Macalister, R.A.S.: Building accounts of Dean Watts of Kilkenny (note and transcripts), 245-246.

Grattan Flood, W.H.: Barton’s Psalms (1698): the earliest known Dublin-printed music-book (note), 246-259.

Viscount Gough: Find of Roman coins at Ardimullivan, near Gort (note), 249.

Anonymous: Waterford: historical sketch [in Proceedings], 256-283.


Part IV    31 December 1912

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Notes on the Promontory Forts and Similar Structures of County Kerry. Part V.-Iveragh (Valencia to St. Finan’s Bay), 285-324.

Hemphill, Samuel: The holy well at Kilboy, 325-330.

Dobbs, Margaret E.: The Spiral and the Tuatha De Danann, 331-334.

French, E.J.: The Ceremony at the Marriage of Thomas Strettell and Elizabeth Willcocks, of the Society of Friends, Dublin, 1725, 335-339.

Smith, Nuttall: The Arms of Ireland (note), 340.

Crawford, Henry S.: A bullaun-stone in County Wicklow (note), 340.

Macalister, R.A.S.: Some Ossory letters (note and transcripts), 340-342.


JRSAI Vol. XLIII (1913)

Series VI, Vol. III

Part I    31 March 1913

Hall, Hamilton: The Marshal pedigree, 1-29.

Orpen, Goddard H.: The Earldom of Ulster. Part I.-Introductory to the inquisitions of 1333, 30-46.

Butler, W.F.: The policy of surrender and regrant, 47-65.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: A note as to the time heraldry was adopted by the Irish chiefs, 66-72.


Part II    30 June 1913

Butler, W.F.: The policy of surrender and regrant, 99-128.

Dobbs, Margaret E.: A burial custom of the Iron Age, and a suggested explanation, 129-132.

Orpen, Goddard H.: The Earldom of Ulster. Part II.-Inquisitions touching Carrickfergus and Antrim, 133-143.

Grattan Flood, W.H.: The Dublin Society for the Support of Decayed Musicians, 1750-1764, 144-150.

Crawford, Henry S.: A descriptive list of early cross-slabs and pillars (continued), 151-169.

Crawford, Henry S.: Bullaun-stone at Rathdrum (addendum, Vol XLIII, p342), 170.

Crawford, Henry S.: Oran round tower, Co. Roscommon (note), 170-172.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Notes on some mediaeval bronze bells used for decorating horse-trappings (note), 172-174.

Strangways, Leonard R.: Dublin street-names (note), 174-176.

Forsayeth, Gordon W.: Souterrain at Craggs (note), 176-177.

Forsayeth, Gordon W.: Prehistoric cooking-places (note), 178-179.

Cosgrave, H.A.: St. Patrick’s Well and Bed Co. Galway (note), 180.

Tuite, James: Concentric circle and cup-marked stone in Westmeath (note), 180-182.

Tuite, James & Downes, N.J.: A Good Example [sample letter for folklore-collection], 182-183.

Buckley, James: Discovery of gold in Co. Wicklow (note), 183-185.

Westropp, T.J.: Earthwork near Curtlestown, Co. Wicklow (note), 185-186.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Copper plate engraved with the Taylors’ arms (note), 186.

anonymous (the editor?): addenda and corrigenda (note), 186.

Kelly, R.J.: Ancient Monuments Consolidation and Amendment Bill (note), 187.


Part III    30 September 1913

Macalister, R.A.S.: The Dominican church at Athenry 197-222.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Notes on Sir John MacCoghlan, Knight, of Cloghan, Chief of Delvin-MacCoghlan, who died in 1590, 223-231.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Prehistoric remains (forts and dolmens) in the Corofin district, Co. Clare.-(No. XI), 232-260.

Crawford, Henry S.: A descriptive list of early cross-slabs and pillars (continued), 261-265.

Griffith, P.J. & Smyth, Victor: The Dublin Society for the Support of Decayed Musicians (note), 266.

Shaw, Frederick W.: The Arms of Ireland (note), 266.

Stephens, F.E.: The Tall Cross at Monasterboice (note), 267.

Crawford, Henry S.: Notes on stones used as a cure at Killerry, near Dromahair, and on certain Bullauns (note), 267-269.

Macalister, R.A.S.: Further Ossory Letters (note), 269-271.

anonymous (the Editor): Errata, 271.


Part IV    31 December 1913

Ball, F. Elrington: Extracts from the journal of Thomas Dinely, or Dingley, Esquire, giving some account of his visit to Ireland in the reign of Charles II, 275-309.

Hamilton, Gustavus E.: The nothern road from Tara, 310-313.

Leask, H.G.: House at Oldbawn Co. Dublin, 314-325.

Crawford Henry S.: A descriptive list of early cross-slabs and pillars (continued), 326-334.

Westropp, T.J.: Castle Blathagh, Drogheda (note), 335.

Westropp, T.J.: Bishop’s Island and George’s Head, Co. Clare (note), 335-337.

Crawford, Henry S.: Curious stone at Kiltoom, Co. Roscommon (note), 337-338.

Langrishe, R.: Ossory letters (note), 338-339.

Viscount Gough: “Plassey”, Co. Clare (query), 340.

Grattan Flood, W.H.: The Dublin Society for the Support of Decayed Musicians (note), 340.

Crawford, Henry S.: Between two hills (note), 340-341.

Forsayeth, Gordon W.: An inscribed slab (note), 341-342.

Macnamara, George U.: O’Brien, Turlough, of Fomerla (note), 342-344.

Macalister, R.A.S.: The Stone of the “Seven Romans” on Aran Mór (note), 344.


JRSAI 44 Vol. XLIV (1914)

Series VI, Vol. IV

Part I    31 March 1914

Knox, H.T.: Ruins of Cruachan Ai, 1-50.

Orpen, Goddard H.: The Earldom of Ulster. Part III.-Inquisitions touching Down and Newtownards, 51-66.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: The promontory forts and early remains of the coasts of County Mayo. Part III.-The Mullet (continued), 67-83.


Part II    30 June 1914

Orpen, Goddard H.: The FitzGeralds, Barons of Offaly, 99-113.

Kelly, R.J.: Dungory Castle, Kinvarra, 114-131.

Robinson, John L.: Churchwardens’ accounts, 1484-1600, St. Werburgh’s church, Dublin, 132-147.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: The promontory forts and early remains of the coasts of County Mayo. Part IV.-The Mullet (continued), 148-159.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Matrix of the seal of the Corporation of Kilmallock, Co. Limerick (note), 160-161.

Crawford, Henry S.: Note on the bone implements from Lough Crew (note), 161-163.

Cavenagh, W.O.: Gleanings from the National Library, Paris (note), 163-166.

Westropp, T.J.: Bells of Askeaton Franciscan Friary, Co. Limerick (note), 166.

Barry, J. Grene: Plassey (note), 166-167.

Tuite, James: Extract from report of Hon. Local Secretary, South Westmeath (note), 167.

Orpen, Goddard H.: The site of Castle Blathach (note), 167-170.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Find of coins in Co. Kildare (note), 170-171.

Celt-handle from Co. Fermanagh (note), 171.

Crawford, Henry S.: Finial stones (note), 171-172.

anonymous (the Editor?): Corrigenda, 173.


Part III    30 September 1914

Brunicardi, Mrs.: The shore-dwellers of ancient Ireland, 185-213.

Dobbs, Margaret E.: Bronze-Age history in Ireland [note], 214-216.

Knox, H.T.: [note re Dungory Castle], 216.

anonymous (probably Francis Elrington Ball): Guide to antiquities in the Dublin District, 223-296.


Part IV    31 December 1914

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: The promontory forts and early remains of the islands of Connacht. Part I.-Achill, 297-337.

Grattan Flood, W.H.: The account-book of a Dublin harpsichord maker, Ferdinand Weber, 1764 to 1783, 338-347.

Knox, K.T.: Dumha Brosna, 348-357.

Kelly, R.J.: The old Galway theatres, 358-364.

Griffith, P.J.: “The Irish Musical Fund.” founded 1787; incorporated by Act of Parliament, 1794, 365-373.

Grattan Flood, W.H.: Cross Abbey (note), 374.

Kane, W.F. de V.: A reference to the finding of certain sepulchral urns in Mayo in the seventeenth century (note), 374-376.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Silver seal matrix of MacCon, Chief of Ui Caissin (note), 376-377.


JRSAI Vol. XLV (1915)

Series VI, Vol. V

Part I    31 March 1915

Bagenal, Philip H.: Sir Nicholas Bagenal, Knight-marshal, 5-26.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Processional cross, pricket-candlestick, and bell found together at Sheephouse, near Oldbridge, Co. Meath, 27-31.

Berry, Henry F.: Some ancient deeds of the parish of St. Werburgh, Dublin, 1243-1676, 32-44.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Prehistoric remains (forts and dolmens) in Burren and its south western border, Co. Clare. Part XII: north western part, 45-62.


Part II    30 June 1915

McNeill, C.: The secular jurisdiction of the early Archbishops of Dublin, 81-108.

Hamilton, Gustavus E.: Fiacha Mac Aodha Ui Bhroin and Domhnall Spáinneach Caomhánach, 109-114.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The sculptured stones from the bridge of Athlone, built in 1567, now in the crypt of the Science and Art Museum, Dublin, 115-122.

Orpen, Goddard H.: The Earldom of Ulster (continued). Part IV. Inquisitions touching Coleraine and military tenures, 123-142.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Descriptions of some Irish seals, 143-148.

Crawford, H.S.: Mural paintings in Holy Cross Abbey, 149-150.

Westropp, T.J.: Paintings at Adare “Abbey”, Co. Limerick (note), 151-152.

Westropp, T.J.: Earthwork near Malahide Castle (note), 152.

Westropp, T.J.: Massy family (note), 152-155.

Crawford, Henry S.: Holy wells near Ballinskelligs, Co. Kerry (note), 155.

Crawford, Henry S.: Hole-stone at Ballinskelligs (note), 155-156.

Crawford, Henry S.: Holed-stone at Newtown, near Trim (note), 156.

Smyth, V.E.: Erratum 156.


Part III    30 September 1915

Carrigan, William: Entries relating to John O’Donovan and his immediate relatives, from the registers of the formerly united parishes of Slieverue and Glenmore, in the Co. Kilkenny, 167-169.

Westropp, T.J.: A long earthwork at Kilwarden in Co. Meath (note), 170-171.

Westropp, T.J.: Druimceat (note), 171.

Rotheram, E. Crofton: Bronze pin from Crossdrum Quarry souterrain (note), 171-172.

Coleman, James: Conna Castle (note), 172-173.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: An apple scoop found in a grave at Glasnevin (note), 173-175.

anonymous: Erratum [re Vol. XLIV, p188], 176.

newspaper article (Belfast News-Letter, 9 August 1915): Souterrain discovered near Strangford, 176.

Crawford, H.S.: The crosses and slabs of Inishowen, 183-192. [part of the Proceedings, describing sites visited on a tour in Ulster].

anonymous: continuation of the Ulster guide in the Proceedings: Supplementary notes on the churches of Inishowen, 193-202; Greencastle, 202-203; Aileach, 204-207; Iskaheen, 207-209; Derry: the ecclesiastical city, 209-219; The city of Londonderry, 220-221; Rathmullan, 222-223; Doe Castle, 223-224; Doon, 225; Kilmacrenan, 225-226; Battlefield of Scariffhollis, 227-229; Conwall, 230; Farsad Mór, 230; Balleeghan, 230-231; Brackfield Bawn, 232-233; Banagher, 233-238; Dungiven, 238-244; Maghera 244-246; Bovevagh, 246-248.


Part IV    31 December 1915

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Prehistoric remains (forts and dolmens) in Burren and its south western border, Co. Clare. Part XII: north western part (continued), 250-274.

Orpen, Goddard H.: The Normans in Tirowen and Tirconnell, 275-288.

Knox, H.T.: Rath Brenainn, 289-299.

Buckley, J.J.: Some ornamented leatherwork, 300-309.

Westropp, T.J.: A long earthwork at Kilwarden, Co. Meath (note), 310.

Knox, H.T.: The Masonbrook Ring (note), 310-311.

anonymous (the Editor?): Erratum [re p172], 311.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Prick-spur found in the mote of Mount Ash, Co. Louth (note), 311.

Cavenagh, W.O.: Domhnall Spáinneach Caomhánach (note), 311-313.

Hamilton, Gustavus E.: Rostrevor, Co. Down: its name (note), 313-314.

Berry, Henry F.: Diary of a Dublin lady in the reign of George II (note re article in Vol xxviii, p141), 314-315.

Bigger, F.J.: Ancient iron bell found at Knock-a-Temple, Co. Wicklow (note), 315.

Windle, Bertram C.A.: A note on two objects on the north slope of Mushera Beg, Co. Cork, 316-317.


JRSAI Vol. XLVI (1916)

Series VI, Vol. VI

Part I    30 June 1916

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Address on the progress of Irish archaeology, 2-

Stubbs, William Cotter: Finglas, Co. Dublin, vestry books, 27-

Leask, Harold G.: Bective Abbey, Co. Meath, 46-

Condon, J.P.: Rude stone monuments of the northern portion of Cork County, 58-

Dargan, William J.: Cist burial in Co. Wicklow (note), 77-78.


Part II    31 December 1916

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Notes on certain primitive remains (forts and dolmens) in Inagh and Killeimer, Co. Clare, 97-120.

Bigger, Francis Joseph: Some notes on the churches of Saint Tassach of Raholp and Saint Nicholas of Ardtole, and their surroundings, in the Barony of Lecale in Down, 121-135.

Condon, J.P.: Rude stone monuments of the northern portion of Cork County, 136-162.

Crawford, Henry S.: Supplementary list of cross-slabs and pillars, 163-167.

Dobbs, M.E.: The Domnaind, 168-174.

Kelly, R.J.: The preservation of ancient monuments (note), 175.

Crawford, Henry S.: Carved capitals at Sligo Abbey (note), 175-176.

Crawford, Henry S.: Bone “scoop” found at Howth (note), 177.

Crawford, Henry S.: Carvings in the cloisters at Creevelea Abbey, County Leitrim (note), 177-179.

Crawford, Henry S.: Some eighteenth-century slabs at Creevelea Abbey (note), 179-181.

Crawford, Henry S.: Carved panels representing the symbolic vine (note), 181-182.

Cavenagh, W.O.: Erratum [to note on Domhnall Spáinneach Caomhánach in last volume], 182.

Coleman, James: Shore-dwellers (note), 182-184.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Gold signet-ring found at Tubberdaly, Edenderry (note), 184-185.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Bronze seal-matrix found in Burrishoole Friary (note), 185-186.

anonymous: description of tour of Counties Clare and Limerick, June 1916 [in Proceedings], 191-199.

anonymous: description of tour of North County Dublin, Louth and Meath, September 1916 [in Proceedings], 200-205.


JRSAI Vol. XLVII (1917)

Series VI, Vol. VII

Part I    30 June 1917

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Notes on the primitive remains (forts and dolmens) in central Co. Clare. Addenda, 1-20.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: The Great Clare Find of 1854, 21-36.

Dobbs, M.E.: The pedigree of the Eoganacht of Cashel, 37-46.

Cotterell, Howard Herschel & Westropp, Dudley M.S.: Irish Pewterers, 47-66.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Prehistoric remains in north-western and central Co. Clare, 67-74.

Increased tillage and ancient monuments [letter sent by the Society to county councils and government departments, and some of the replies received], 75-78.

anonymous: anecdote re Mr. Thomas Plunkett of Enniskillen, antiquary, and the Ordnance Survey in Counties Leitrim and Cavan, 78.

document: Fee-farm grant of Irishtown, Kilkenny, 1552, 79.

Coleman, J.: The ancient O’Donovan ‘Dadagh’ (note), 79-81.

French, E.J.: Irish tradesmen’s tokens (note), 81-82.

Crawford, Henry S.: Primitive bridge or causeway at Knockainey, Co. Limerick (note), 82

newspaper article: Irish Times, 23 January, 1917: The preservation of Newgate, 83-84.

Robinson, John L.: A relic of Dean Swift (note), 84-85.

Wallace, J. Craig: A find of oak dug-outs (note), 85-86.


Part II    31 December 1917

Lawlor, Hugh Jackson: The monuments of the pre-Reformation archbishops of Dublin, 109-138.

Crawford, Henry S.: The churches and monuments of Inis Bó Finne, County Westmeath, 139-152.

Conlon, J.P.: Rude stone monuments of the northern portion of Cork County (continued), 153-164.

Curtis, Edmund: The viceroyalty of Lionel, Duke of Clarence, in Ireland, 1361-1367, 165-181.

Hamilton, Gustavus E.: Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow: its name (note), 182-183.

Bigger, Francis Joseph: The stained glass of the church of St Nicholas, Ardtole, in the Lecale of Down (note), 183-184.

M[acalister], R.A.S.: A letter of John O’Donovan, 184-185.

Hitchcock, F.R. Montgomery: The Kinnitty Stone (note), 185.


JRSAI Vol. XLVIII (1918)

Series VI, Vol. VIII

Part I    30 June 1918

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Five large earthworks in the Barony of Shelburne, Co. Wexford, 1-18.

Berry, Henry F.: The Merchant Tailors’ Gild-that of St John the Baptist, Dublin, 1418-1841, 19-64.

Curtis, Edmund: The viceroyalty of Lionel, Duke of Clarence, in Ireland, 1361-1367, 65-73.

Purser, Olive: Fragment of a Celtic Cross found at Drumcullin, King’s County (note), 74-77.

Power, P.: A bronze cooking-pot from Co. Cork (note), 78.

Power, P.: An ancient wooden water-pipe (note), 78-79.

Westropp, T.J.: “Lady Isabella’s fish-pond,” Kilkee, Co. Clare (note), 79-80.

Crawford, Henry S.: The Black Pig of Kilrustan (note), 80-82.

West, Erskine E.: families of the name of West in Ireland (query), 82.

anonymous (the Editor?): List of exhibits, Conversazione, 1918, 107-108.


Part II    31 December 1918

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Temair Erann, an ancient cemetery of the Ernai on Slievereagh, County Limerick, 111-120.

Conlon, J.P.: Rude stone monuments of the northern portion of Cork County (continued), 121-139.

Cosgrave, E. MacDowel: On two maps, dated 1751 and 1753, of the Essex Bridge district, Dublin, 140-149.

Tierney, H. C.: The Giants’ Graves at Ballyreagh. Remarkable pre-historic structure in County Fermanagh, 150-156.

Knox, Hubert T.: Cruachan Ai roads and avenues, 157-163.

French, E.J.: Tavern Tokens, 164-173.

Crawford, Henry S.: Supplementary list of early Irish crosses, 174-179.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Note on an inscribed shrine arch, 180-182.

Crawford, H. S.: Carvings from the doorway of Killeshin Church, near Carlow, 183-184.

Westropp, T.J.: Dog-wheel at Fortanne, Co. Clare, 184.

Westropp, T.J.: Clare Gold Find, site of, 185-186.

Bigger, F.J.: Local Secretary’s Report: Clonduff, Co. Down, 185.


JRSAI Vol. XLIX (1919)

Series VI, Vol. IX

Part I    30 June 1919

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: The ancient places of assembly in the Counties Limerick and Clare, 1-24.

Crawford, Henry S.: The mural paintings and inscriptions at Knockmoy Abbey, 25-34.

Lowry-Corry, Lady Dorothy: Ancient church sites and graveyards in Co. Fermanagh, 35-46.

Power, Patrick: The churches of Coole, County Cork, 47-54.

Cane, R. Claude: St. Wolstan’s Priory, Celbridge, 55-59.

Stubbs, William Cotter: Weavers Guild, 60-88.

Knox, Hubert T.; St Marcan’s loch and ruins, 89-92.

Westropp, Thomas J.: Holy well and “pillar”, Newgrove, and carved stones at Tulla Church, Co. Clare, 92-93.

Twiss, H.F.: Merchant Tailors’ gild, 93-94

Kelly, R.J.: County Roscommon, 94.


Part II    31 December 1919

Synnott, Nicholas J.: Notes on the family of De Lacy in Ireland , 113-131.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: The bell-shrine of St Seanan, known as the Clogán Óir, 132-135.

Kelly, R.J.: Donnybrook-origin of name-its famous fair, 136-148.

White, H. Bantry: An old house at Donnybrook, 149-152.

Crawford, Henry S.: Notes on the “doubtful” portrait and the cross-bearing pages in the Book of Kells, 153-154.

Crawford, Henry S.: A Late Slab and Cross at Taghmaconnell, Co. Roscommon, 155.

Westropp, T.J.: Ancient places of assembly, Co. Limerick (note), 156-157.

Cane, R. Claude: St. Wolstan’s Priory (note), 157.

Lowry-Corry, Lady Dorothy: Ancient church sites and graveyards in Co. Fermanagh: corrigenda et addenda, 158.

anonymous: description of tour of Counties Clare and Galway, June 1919 [in Proceedings], 162-166.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Appendix 1.-Notes on several forts in Dunkellin and other parts of southern Co. Galway, 167-186.

McNeill, Chas.: Appendix II-The chalices of the West Convent, Galway, 187-188.


JRSAI Vol. L (1920)

Series VI, Vol. X

Part I    30 June 1920

McEnery, M.J.: Address on the state of agriculture and the standard of living in the years 1240-l350, 1-18.

McNeill, C. & Leask, H.G.: Monaincha, Co. Tipperary, historical notes, 19-35.

Strickland, W.G.; Notes on the Book of Common Prayer, traditionally said to have belonged to the Irish House of Commons, presented to the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, by Lord Raglan in March, 1919. 36-38.

Seymour, St. John D.: Faithful Teate, 39-45.

Drury, Henry C.: The later XIX. century farthing tokens of Ireland, 46-60.

newspaper article (Irish Times, 29 December 1919): Interesting find near Tulsk, 61.

White, H. Bantry: Note on old mantel-piece at Ballinguile, Donnybrook, 61.

Lyons, Patrick: Straw head-dresses (note), 61-63.

O’Connell, Philip: Rathbawn souterrain (note), 63-64.

Crawford, Henry S.: Nevinstown cross near Navan (note), 64-65.

Crawford, Henry S.: The cross-slab at Knockane, Co. Kerry (note), 65-66.

Crawford, Henry S.: Two carvings at Athenry Abbey (note),

Crawford, Henry S.: An eighteenth century tombstone in Claregalway Abbey (note), 67-68.

French, E.J.: Supplement to catalogue of tavern tokens published in Journal Vol. XLVIII., Part II., 68.


Part II    31 December 1920

Lynch, P.J.: Topographical notes on the Barony of Coshlea, Co. Limerick, including Lackelly, the Lake District, Cenn Abrat, Claire, Tara Luachra, &c., 99-127.

Gougaud, Louis: The earliest Irish representations of the Crucifixion, 128-139.

Westropp, T.J.: The promontory forts and traditions of the district of Beare and Bantry, Co. Cork (part 1), 140-159.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Wooden book with leaves indented and waxed, found near Springmount Bog. Co. Antrim, 160-166.

Orpen, Goddard H.: The Earldom of Ulster (continued), 167-177.

Barry J. Grene: Monasternenagh or Nenay de Magio Co. Limerick (note), 178-179.

Armstrong. E.C.R.: Seal of the town of Navan, Co. Meath (note), 179.

Power P.: A crannog in Cork (note), 179-181.

Power P.: An ancient bronze crucifix (note), 181.

Westropp, T.J.: “Finds” near Newmarket. Co. Clare (note), 181-182.

Crawford, H.S.: Memento Mori seal (note), 182.

Lowry-Corry, Lady Dorothy: Ancient church sites and graveyards in Co. Fermanagh (corrigenda et addenda), 183.


JRSAI Vol. LI (1921)

Series VI, Vol. XI

Part I    30 June 1921

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: The promontory forts of Beare and Bantry-Part II, 1-16.

Crawford, Henry S.: Carved altar and mural monuments in Sligo Abbey, 17-31.

Butler, W.F.: The pedigree and succession of the House of Mac Carthy Mór, 32-48.

Strickland, W.O.: The State Coaches of the Lord Mayor of Dublin, and of the Earl of Clare, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, 49-67.

Orpen, Goddard H.: The Earldom of Ulster, Part V,

Macalister, R.A.S.: Ogham stone at The Cotts (note), Co. Wexford, 77.

Strickland, W.G.: Font at St. Peter