Edited by Nancy Edwards and Alan Lane, Oxbow monograph 16, 1992.


Edwards, Nancy & Lane, Alan: The archaeology of the early church in Wales: an introduction, 1-11.

Davies, Wendy: The myth of the Celtic Church, 12-21.

Pryce, Huw: Ecclesiastical wealth in early medieval Wales, 22-32.

Evans, J. Wyn: The survival of the clas as an institution in medieval Wales: some observations on Llanbadarn Fawr, 33-40.

Roberts, Tomos: Welsh ecclesiastical place-names and archaeology, 41-44.

Knight, Jeremy: The Early Christian Latin inscriptions of Britain and Gaul: chronology and context, 45-50.

Dark, Ken: Epigraphic, art-historical, and historical approaches to the chronology of Class I inscribed stones, 51-61

James, Terrence: Air photography of ecclesiastical sites in south Wales, 62-76.

Brook, Diane: The Early Christian church east and west of Offa’s Dyke, 77-89.

James, Heather: Early medieval cemeteries in Wales, 90-103.

Preston-Jones, Ann: Decoding Cornish churchyards, 104-124.

Alcock, Elizabeth: Burials and cemeteries in Scotland, 125-129.

O’Brien, Elizabeth: Pagan and Christian burial in Ireland during the first millennium AD: continuity and change, 130-137.

Hamlin, Ann: The early Irish church: problems of identification, 138-144.

Thomas, Charles: The early church in Wales and the West: concluding remarks, 145-149.