Proceedings of the Old Dublin Society (1937) [Experimental issue]

MacInerney, A.J.: Dublin Castle, 1-15.


DHR Vol. I, No. 1 (March 1938)

Dudley Edwards, R.: The beginnings of municipal government in Dublin, 2-10.

Moylan, Thomas King: Vagabonds and sturdy beggars. Part I—Poverty, pigs and pestilence in Mediæval Dublin, 11-18.

Murray, Kevin: Dublin’s first railway. Part I—From the inception to the opening, 19-26.

Morris, Henry: Some place-names in and around Dublin (note), 27-28.

F.O’K, & P.M.: The Assembly house, South William Street (note), 28-32.


DHR Vol. I, No. 2 (June 1938)

Murray, Kevin: Dublin’s first railway. Part II—The line in operation, 33-40.

Moylan, Thomas King: Vagabonds and sturdy beggars. Part II—Beginnings of the House of Industry, 41-49.

Stephenson, P.J.: Hidden and vanishing Dublin. Part I—Fenian Dublin, 1853–65, 50-64.


DHR Vol. I, No. 3 (September 1938)

Moylan, Thomas King: Vagabonds and sturdy beggars. Part III—Dublin’s debt to the House of Industry, 65-74.

O’Sullivan, Donal: Dublin slang songs, with music, 75-93.

Rorke, Alexander I.: Mulhuddart queries (query), 96.


DHR Vol. I, No. 4 (March 1939)

Gógan, L.S. The case for a Dublin Museum, 97-107.

Phillips, Henry: Early history of the Grand Canal, 108-119.

Stephenson, P.J.: Hidden and vanishing Dublin. Part II—Fenian Dublin, 1865–67, 120-127.

F.O’K: John Rocque on Dublin and Dubliners, 1756 (note), 127-128.


DHR Vol. II, No. 1 (September 1939)

McCall, P.J.: In the shadow of Christ Church, 1-6.

Little, George A.: Hungry Hamilton, fellow of Trinity, 7-17 (bibliography, p40).

Brunskill, H.O.: The Battle of Rathmines, 2nd August, 1649, 18-29.

Fraser, A.M.: Statues on public buildings in Dublin, with a little about shop signs, 30-37.

Nolan, Kevin: The ancient church and parish of Kilternan, Co. Dublin, 38-40.


DHR Vol. II, No. 2, (December 1939)

Gahan, Robert: Some old street characters of Dublin. Part 1, 41-45.

Ronan, Myles V.: Religious life in old Dublin, 46-54.

Kelly, Thomas: Some rentals of the Earl of Shelburne’s Estates, 1775–1776, 55-58.

Hegarty, James: The Dodder valley, 59-72.

McCall, P.J.: In the shadow of Christ Church. Part 2, 73-80.


DHR Vol. II, No. 3 (March 1940)

Hughes, James L.J.: Dublin Castle in the seventeenth century: a topographical reconstruction, 81-97 (list of abbreviations on p111).

Gahan, Robert: Some old street characters of Dublin. Part 2, 98-105.

Ronan, Myles V.: Religious life in old Dublin. Part 2, 106-111.

McCall, P.J.: In the shadow of Christ Church. Part 3, 112-116 (with corrigenda by Myles V. Ronan).

M[eehan], P[atrick]: Lesser known documents in the City Muniment Room of Dublin (note), 119-120.


DHR Vol. II, No. 4 (June-August 1940)

Price, Liam: The antiquities and place names of South County Dublin, 121-133.

Jacob, W.J.: The Dublin family of Jacob, 134-140.

Campbell, John P.: Two memorable Dublin houses, 141-155.

Ronan, Myles V.: Mulhuddart (answers to queries), 158-160.


DHR Vol. III, No. 1 (September-November 1940)

Young, E.J.: St. Michan’s Parish in the eighteenth century, 1-7.

Kelly, Thomas: Papers of Bryan Bolger, 1792–1834, 8-18.

O’Brennan, Lily M.: Little rivers of Dublin, 19-25.

Bowen, B.P.: Old Moore’s Almanack, 26-37.

Murray, J.H: Oil lamps and oolite (note), 39-40.


DHR Vol. III, No. 2 (Special issue) (1940)

Little, George A.: The Ouzel Galley, 7-40.


DHR Vol. III, No. 3 (March-May 1941)

Fraser, A.M. Joseph Damer, A Banker of Old Dublin, 41-53 (bibliography p79)

Lovett, E. Neville: "Mr. Lovett out of Iorland", 54-66 (bibliography pp79-80)

Hughes, James L.J.: Main Street, Dublin, 67-77.

Kelly, T.: Epitaph upon an old Dublin printer (note), 78-79.


DHR Vol. III, No. 4 (June-August, 1941)

Johnston, Denis: The Mysterious Origin of Dean Swift, 81-97.

Ashe, F.A.: Mountjoy Square, 98-115.

Shillman, Bernard: Benjamin Disraell (note), 116-118.

(The Editor): The Domvile Papers (note), 118-119.

(The Editor): Preservation of Historical Documents (note), 119-120.

O’Rourke, H.T.: St. Patrick’s Cathedral (response to J.H. Murray’s note, pp39-40), 120.


DHR Vol. IV, No 1. (September-November 1941).

Kelly, Thomas: Pallace Row. Part 1, 1-13.

Hammond, Joseph W.: Town Major Henry Charles Sirr. Part I, 14-33.

Jackson, Val.: The Armorials of the City of Dublin (query), 33-38

K.M. [probably Kevin Murray]: The Irish Parliament House (note), 38.


DHR Vol. IV, No 2. (December 1941-January 1942).

O’Flanagan, F.M.: Glimpses of Old Dalkey, 41-57.

Hammond, Joseph W.: Town Major Henry Charles Sirr. Part II, 58-75.

anonymous (from Culture Bulletin, Italian Legation, Dublin): Francesco Geminiani, 76-78.

K.M. [probably Kevin Murray]: The Site of Isolde’s Tower, 79-80.


DHR Vol. IV, No 3. (March-May 1942).

Johnson, J. Stafford: The Dublin Penny Post, 1773-1840, 81-95.

Curtis, Edmund: Norse Dublin, 96-108.

Little, George: Malachi Horan Remembers. Part I, 109-120.


DHR Vol. IV, No 4. (June-August 1942).

Little, George: Malachi Horan Remembers. 121-140.

Ronan, Myles V.: St. Stephen’s Hospital, Dublin, 141-148.

Kerr, James J.: Notes on Pharmacy in Old Dublin, 149-159.

(The Editor): Waste Paper, 160.


DHR Vol. V, No 1. September-November 1942.

Stephenson, Patrick J.: The Antient Concert Rooms, 1-14.

Gahan, Robert: Old alms houses of Dublin, 15-40.


DHR Vol. V, No 2. (December 1942-February 1943).

Hammond, J.W.: George’s Quay and Rogerson’s Quay in the eighteenth century, 41-54.

Fraser, A.M.: David Digues La Touche, banker, and a few of his descendants, 55-68.

Little, George A.: A link with Robert Emmet, as related by Malachi Horan (note), 69-72.

Little, George A.: A brass stamp or seal, said to have been used by Robert Emmet (note), 72.

Ronan, Myles V.: The Bride Oge (note), 73.

Ronan, Myles V.: Tobar Moling and Templeogue (note), 73-74.

Young, E.J.: A Dublin slaughter-house nuisance of 1723 (note), 75-78.


DHR Vol. V, No 3. (March-May 1943).

Bowen, B.P.: A scribe of the Liberties: John McCall, 81-91.

Hayden, Mary: Charity children in 18th-century Dublin, 92-107.

Murray, Kevin: The Atmospheric Railway to Dalkey, 108-120.


DHR Vol. V, No 4. (June-August 1943).

Ronan, Myles V.: St. Patrick’s Staff and Christ Church, 121-129.

Meehan, Patrick: Early Dublin public lighting, 130-136.

Kerr, J.J.: Sir Robert Kane, an apostle of Irish industries, 137-146.

O’Connor, Patrick (ed.): Extracts relating to old Dublin from the London Gazette, [1665–1688] (note), 147-156.

Ronan, Myles V.: Townsend Street Chapel (note), 156-157.

Ronan, M.V.: Robert Emmet and Michael Dwyer (note), 157-158.

Bourke, F.S.: Derivation of the name of Ringsend (note/query), 157.

(the Editor): Notes on changes in Old Dublin, 158.


DHR Vol. VI, No 1 (September-November 1943)

Smithson, A.M.P.: Christmas in Old Dublin, 1-7.

Little, F.J.: A glimpse at Victorian Dublin, 8-24.

Hammond, Joseph W.: Mr. William Cope’s petition, 1804, 25-38.

O’Connor, Patrick (ed.): Military precautions in Dublin (note), 1803, 39.

Bourke, F.S.: Derivation of the name of Ringsend (note/query: repeated), 39-40.


DHR Vol. VI, No 2 (March-May 1944)

Mac Giolla Phadraig, B.: Dublin and the Four Masters, 41-49.

Fraser, A.M.: Old bells of Dublin, 50-62.

Little, George A.: Derivation of the Name of Ringsend (note), 62.

Cahill, P.J.: Mulberry Planting in Dublin (query), 62.

Carey, F.P.: The Medieval parish of St. Stephen, 63-73.

document: The Carbery (note), 73.

Little, George A.: A forgotten Irish artist [Edmond Walsh, MD] (note), 75.

O’Connor, Patrick (ed.): Debtors in Dublin prisons 1730–1, (note), 75-80.


DHR Vol. VI, No 3 (June-August 1944)

Buckley, Eila: William Penn in Dublin, 81-90.

Hammond, Joseph W.: Behind the scenes of the Emmet Insurrection, 91-106.

Jacob, William J.: Kingsbridge Terminus, 107-120.


DHR Vol. VI, No 4 (September-November 1944)

Bayley Butler, Beatrice: Thomas Pleasants, 1729–1818, 121-132.

Mason, Thomas H.: Dublin opticians and instrument makers, 133-149.

.document: John Burke’s Recollections (note), 150-153.

Hammond, J.W.: Notes on some recent papers [Emmet Insurrection, Cope’s petition, George’s & Robertson’s Quays] (note), 153-156.

O’Connor, Patrick (ed.): Debtors in Dublin Prisons 1730–1, (note) (continued), 157-160.


DHR VII, No. 1 (December 1944-February 1945)

Moylan, Thomas King: The district of Grangegorman (Part I), 1-15.

Bayley Butler, Beatrice: Thomas Pleasants and the Stove Tenter House 1815–1944, 16-21.

Murray, Kevin: Loughlinstown Camp, 22-34.

O’Connor, Patrick (ed.): Debtors in Dublin prisons (note) (continued), 34-38.

(probably the Editor): Changes in old Dublin (note), 38.


DHR VII, No. 2 (March-May 1945)

Geoghegan, Joseph A.: Notes on 18th century houses, 41-54.

Moylan, Thomas King: The district of Grangegorman (Part II), 55-68.

MacGiolla Phadraig, Brian: 14th century life in a Dublin monastery, 69-80.


DHR VII, No. 3 (June-August 1945)

Scantlebury, C.: Lambay, 81-91.

Stephenson, P.J.: The Green Area of St. Stephen, 92-102.

Moylan, Thomas King: The district of Grangegorman (Part III), 103-111.

Fraser, A.M.: The romance of the House of Lighton, 112-119.

O’Connor, Patrick: Kimmage—Origin of the name (note), 120.


DHR VII, No. 4 (September-November 1945)

Daly, M.H.: La Touche Bridge to Hoggen Green, 121-133.

McCall, P.J.: Zozimus, 134-149.

Murray, Kevin: Old Dunleary Harbour (note), 150-153.

Jacob, Wm. J.: Grand Canal bridges (note), 153-154.

Dixon, F.: St. Stephen’s Green (note), 155.

Demolition of historic structures, 158-160.


DHR VIII, No 1 (December 1945-February 1946)

Little, George A.: Pre-Norse Dublin. Part I—the name, 1-16.

Tivy, Henry F.: Currency in old Dublin. Part I, 17-27.

Dixon, Eileen: Sir Dominic Corrigan (Part I), 28-38.


DHR VIII, No 2 (March-May 1946)

Hammond, Joseph W.: The founder of "Thom’s Directory", 41-56.

Tivy, Henry F.: Currency in old Dublin. Part II, 57-66.

Dixon, Eileen: Sir Dominic Corrigan. Part II, 67-76.

Fraser, A.M.: James Southwell, usurer, 1641–1729, 77-79.

O’Connor, Patrick: "Round the Ramparts" (note), 80.


DHR VIII, No 3 (June-August 1946)

Moylan, Thomas King: The Little Green. Part I, 81-91.

Little, George A.: Pre-Norse Dublin—the ford and the bridge. Part II, 92-109.

O’Mullane, Brigid: The Huguenots in Dublin. Part I, 110-120.


DHR VIII, No 4 (September-November 1946)

O’Mullane, Brigid: The Huguenots in Dublin. Part I (continued), 121-134.

Moylan, Thomas King: The Little Green. Part II, 135-157.

Coghlan, Charles J.: Lambay (note), 157-159.

L.: Gabriel Beranger’s Dublin drawings (note), 159-160.


DHR Vol. IX, No. 1 (December 1946-February 1947)

Bayley Butler, Beatrice: Lady Arbella Denny, 1707–1792, 1-20.

Hammond, Joseph W.: The Emmet Insurrection (some eye-witnesses’ accounts, hitherto unpublished), 21-28.

Kerr, J.J.: Aeneas Coffey and his patent still, 29-36.

Jackson, Val.: The Limerick Watercourse (note), 36-40.


DHR Vol. IX, No. 2 (June-August 1947)

O’Sullivan, B.: The Dominicans in Mediaeval Dublin, 41-58.

newspaper article: The City Assembly House (Freeman’s Journal, 8 July 1853), 58.

Hammond, Joseph W.: The Emmet Insurrection (some eye-witnesses’ accounts, hitherto unpublished). Part II, 59-68.

Anderson, Ronald: Uniforms worn by the boys of the King’s Hospital (note), 69-70.

Jacob, W.J.: The clock tower at Farmleigh, Castleknock (note), 70-71.

Murray, Kevin: William Dargan (query), 72.


DHR Vol. IX, No. 3 (September-November 1947)

Keatinge, Edgar F.: Colourful, tuneful Dublin, 73-83.

Hammond, Joseph W.: The Emmet Insurrection (some eye-witnesses’ accounts, hitherto unpublished). Part III, 86-95.


DHR Vol. IX, No. 4 (December 1947-February 1948)

Morris, Esther: The Delanys of Delville, 105-116.

Bowen, B.P.: John Rocque’s maps of Dublin, 117-127.

Fraser, A.M.: George M’Allister, glass-painter, 128-136.


DHR Vol. X, No. 1 (March-May 1948)

Little, George A.: About Malahide, 1-16.

Dixon, F.E.: Richard Poekrich, 17-32.


DHR Vol. X, No. 2 (June-August 1948)

Moylan, Thomas King: An eighteenth-century miscellany, 33-52.

Henchy, Patrick: Nelson’s Pillar, 53-63.

Dixon, F.E.: Northumberland Street (note), 64.

Dixon, F.E.: Taylor’s map of the environs of Dublin (note), 64.


DHR Vol. X, No. 3 (September-November 1948)

Little, George A.: About Malahide [continued], 65-82.

Stephenson, P.J.: Sean McDermott Street. Part I, 83-88.

MacGiolla Phadraig, Brian: Speed’s plan of Dublin. Part I, 89-105.


DHR Vol. X, No. 4 (June-August 1949)

MacGiolla Phadraig, Brian: Speed’s plan of Dublin, 97-106.

Stephenson, P.J.: Sean McDermott Street Part II, 106-114.


DHR Vol. XI, No. 1 (December 1949-February 1950)

Henchy, Patrick: Francis Johnston, architect, 1760–1829, 1-16.

Jackson, Val.: The Glib Water and Colman’s Brook, 17-28.

Hammond, Joseph W.: The King’s Printers in Ireland, 1551–1919, 29-31.

Reeves, Wm. F.: Dublin quays and shipping (note), 1886–1896, 32.


DHR Vol. XI, No. 2 (March-May 1950)

Dixon, F.E.: Dunsink Observatory and its astronomers, 33-50.

Bowen, B.P.: The North Strand, 51-57.

Hammond, Joseph W.: The King’s Printers in Ireland, 1551–1919. Part II, 58-64.


DHR Vol. XI, No. 3 (June-August 1950)

Daly, M.H.: A few notes on the gild system, 65-80.

Bowen, B.P.: The North Strand. Part II, 81-87.

Hammond, Joseph W.: The King’s Printers in Ireland, 1551–1919. Part III, 88-96.


DHR Vol. XI, No. 4 (September-November 1950)

Maher, Maura: Oliver Bond, 97-115.

Clarke, J.K.: The Parish of St. Olave, 116-123.

O’Connor, Patrick: Cromwell and Crumlin (note), 124-125.

Mac Giolla Phádraig, Brian: The Irish form of "Terenure" (note), 125-127.

Mac Giolla Phádraig, Brian: The Irish form of "Clontarf" (note), 127-128.


DHR Vol. XII, No. 1 (February 1951)

Little, George A.: The provenance of the church of St. Michael de le Pole, 2-13.

Naylor, Henry: Eighteenth century Dublin silver. Part I, 14-19.

Scantlebury, C.: Rathfarnham Castle, 20-30.

Dixon, F.E.: Who was "Careful Observer" (query), 31-32.


DHR Vol. XII, No. 2 (March-May 1951)

Hughes, J.L.J.: The Dublin Fishery Company, 1818–1830, 34-46.

Fraser, A.M.: Some early Dublin potters, 47-58.

Naylor, Henry: Eighteenth century Dublin silver. Part 2, 59-63.

O Foghludha, Risteard: The Irish name of Terenure (letter to the Editor), 64.


DHR Vol. XII, No. 3 (August 1951)

Ronan, M.V.: Catholic schools of old Dublin, 65-82.

Meehan, P.: Jottings on the streets around the Assembly House, 83-88.

Mac Giolla Phádraig, Brian: The Irish name of Terenure (letter to the Editor), 64-91.

Glynn, P.B.: Dublin manuscripts (letter to the Editor; reply by P.J. Stephenson), 92.

Stephenson, P.J. (ed.): Mills on the Dodder and the City Watercourse, 93-95.

Dixon, F.E.: Rutty’s copy of Watson’s Almanac, 1751 (addendum to his query about "Careful Observer"), 96.


DHR Vol. XII, No. 4 (November 1951)

Johnston, Denis: The Dublin trams, 99-113.

Holden, P.J.: Local taxation in Dublin, 1812, 115-128.


DHR Vol. XIII, No. 1 (March-May 1952)

Bowen, B.P.: Dublin humorous periodicals of the 19th century, 2-11

Gogan, L.: Daw’s Bridge, 12-17

Stephenson, P.J.: St. Thomas’s Alms House (addendum), 17.

O’Connor, P.: Hurdle making in Dublin, 1302–3, 18-22.

Stephenson, P.J.: The Abbey Theatre, 22-29.


DHR Vol. XIII, No. 2 (June-Aug 1952)

Little, G.A.: The Jesuit University of Dublin, (c) 1627, 34-47.

Garnett, P.F.: The Wellington Testimonial, 48-61.

Stephenson, P.J.: The Foster Aqueduct, 62-63.


DHR Vol. XIII, Nos. 3 & 4 An Tóstal issue, 1953

anonymous: Impressions of a returned old Dubliner, 65.

Little, George A.: The Thingmote, 66-71.

Fraser, A.M.: Handel in Dublin, 72-78.

Moylan, Thomas King: Dubliners—1200–1500, 79-93.

Dixon, F.E.: Weather in old Dublin, 94-107.

Hammond, J.W.: "The Dublin Gazette": 1705–1922, 108-117.

Hughes, J.L.J.: Dublin shorthand writers, 118-127.

Scantlebury, C.: Belvedere House, 128-132.

Holden, F.J.: Property taxes in old Dublin, 133-137.

Bayley Butler, Beatrice: John and Edward Lees, secretaries of the Irish Post Office, 1774–1831, 138-150.

Stephenson, P.J.: Burial of John Philpot Curran, 151-154.

Carroll, F.: The ancient name of the Poddle, 155-157.


DHR Vol. XIV, No. 1 (June 1955)

Dixon, F.E.: Ballooning in Dublin, 2-11.

Goodbody, D.: Anthony Sharp, a Quaker merchant of the Liberties, 12-19.

Glynn, P.B.: The Dublin Spy, an eighteenth-century Dublin periodical, 20-25.

O’Hegarty, P.S.: Paddy Kelly’s Budget (note), 26.

O’Hegarty, P.S.: Round the Ramparts (note), 26.

Monks, P.J.: Daw’s Bridge (note), 26.

Smyth, H.P.: The Grand Canal (note), 27-28.


DHR Vol. XIV, No. 2 (August 1956)

Stephenson, P.J.: Twenty-two years a-growing, 33, 40.

Fraser, A.M.: The Friendly Brothers of St. Patrick, 34-40.

Hammond, Joseph W.: Thomas Braughall, 1729–1803, Catholic Emancipationist, 41-41.

Hughes, J.L.J.: Dublin street names, 50-56.

Moore, Desmond F.: St. Peter’s Church, Aungier Street, 57-63.


DHR Vol. XIV, No. 3 (December 1955) July 1957

Tighe, Joan: An early Dublin candle maker, 66-73.

Blythe, Earnan P.: The Welsh Chapel in Dublin, 74-79.

Fraser, A.M.: The Cabbage Garden, 80 [fig.], 81-84 [text].

Daly, James F.: O’Connell Bridge and its environs, 85-93.


DHR Vol. XIV, No. 4 (March 1956) May 1958

Hammond, Joseph W.: The Rev. Thomas Gamble and Robert Emmet, 98-101.

Nowlan, A.J.: Phoenix Park public meetings, 102-113.

Lee, G.A.: Dublin as a European city, 114-121.

Little, Angela: Master Deighan and his geography, 122-129.

Dixon, F.E.: A footnote to "An Early Dublin Candle Maker" xiv 3 p66 (note ), 132.


DHR Vol. XIV, No. 1 (June 1956) October 1958

Gibney, Frank: A civic achievement, Dublin 1700–1800, 1-10.

O’Dea, Laurence: The Fair of Donnybrook, 11-20.

Quane, M.: The Borough School, Swords, 21-32.


DHR Vol. XV, No. 2 April 1959 (October 1956)

Jackson, V.: The inception of the Dodder water supply, 33-41.

Hughes, J.L.J.: The Dublin Court of Conscience, 42-49.

Moore, Desmond F.: An epilogue of the 19th century—John Philpot Curran and his family, 50-61.

Dagg, T.S.C.: The Abbey Theatre (note), 62.


DHR Vol. XV, No. 3 September 1959 (January 1957)

Dixon, F.E.: Weather in old Dublin, Part 2, 65-73.

Daly, J.F.: An 18th Century charity—Simpson’s Hospital, 74-85.

Tutty, M.J.: Drumcondra, 86-96.


DHR Vol. XV, No. 4 January 1960 (April 1957)

Wheeler, H.A.: St. Michael’s Parish, 97-104.

Nowlan, A.J.: Kilmainham Jail, 105-115.

O’Dea, Laurence: Rathfarnham House, 116-121.

Scantlebury, C.: A Tale of two islands—Dalkey Island and Inis Padhraigh, 122-128.


DHR Vol. XVI, No. 1 May 1960 (July 1957)

Goodbody, Olive: The neighbourhood of the Glib River, 1-8.

Fraser, A.M.: The Molyneux family, 9-15.

Went, A.E.J.: James II’s Money of Necessity often called Gunmoney, 16-21.

Moylan, Thomas K.: The Peninsula of Portrane—Part I, 22-33.


DHR Vol. XVI, No. 2 October 1960 (October 1957)

Moylan, Thomas K.: The Peninsula of Portrane—Part II, 37-49.

Moore, Desmond F.: The Guinness saga, 50-57.

Brunskill, H.O.: Michael William Balfe, 58-64.

Scantlebury, C.: Tallaght, Co. Dublin—its monastery and its castle, 65-71.


DHR Vol. XVI, No. 3 March 1961

Tutty, M.J.: Dublin’s oldest charity, 73-85.

Hughes, Marie: The Parnell family; Dublin associations, 86-95.

Culliton, James A.: The City Hall, Dublin, 96-106.


DHR Vol. XVI, No. 4 August 1961

Healy, Patrick: The Valley of Glenasmole, 109-130.

Moore, Desmond F.: The port of Dublin, 131-143.


DHR Vol. XVII, No. 1 December 1961

Hughes, J.L.J.: A tour through Dublin City in 1782, 2-12.

Daly, J.F.: Curative wells in old Dublin, 13-24.

Raftery, P.J.: The Brocas family, notable Dublin artists, 25-34.


DHR Vol. XVII, No. 2 March 1962

McAsey, C.: Chapelizod, Co. Dublin, 37-53.

Dowling, W.J.: Harry Clarke, Dublin stained glass artist, 55-61.

Campion, M.: Dawson Street and the Dawson family, 62-73.

Barton, E.G.: A list of interesting old house organs in the Dublin district with some pertinent details on each, 74-76.


DHR Vol. XVII, No. 3 June 1962

O’Dea, L.: Sir Robert Prescott Stewart, 77-93.

Gibney, Frank: Dublin "castles in the air" …unrealised enterprises of Dublin’s past, 94-105.

Tighe, Joan: Royal Irish Academy of Music (glossy four-page insert between pp100-101).

Gorevan, Moyra: Donnybrook, 106-121.


DHR Vol. XVII, No. 4 September 1962

Tighe, Joan: The "dig" at Dublin Castle (editorial), 125.

Goodbody, D.: The walls of Dublin, 126-132, 141-142.

?Tighe, Joan: Index to Dublin Historical Record, 133-140.

Fraser, A.M.: Katherine Strong …a woman of Old Dublin…, 143-146.


DHR Vol. XVIII, No. 1 December 1962

Blythe, Earnan P.: The Annesley Peerage Trial (a historical detective story), 2-14.

Quane, Michael: The Royal Hibernian Military School, Phoenix Park, Dublin (Part I), 15-23.

Tighe, Joan: Dublin’s Georgian facades (glossy four-page insert between pp16-17).

Tighe, Joan: Thomas Perry of Anglesea Street, Dublin, 24-31.


DHR Vol. XVIII, No. 2 March 1963

Stacpoole G.C.: The Larnians of County Dublin, 34-44.

Quane, Michael: The Royal Hibernian Military School, Phoenix Park, Dublin (Part II), 45-55.

Tighe, Joan: Dublin—old and new (glossy four-page insert between pp48-49).

Went, A.E.J.: Dublin’s Oyster Fisheries, 56-63.

document: Notice in ringing chamber St. George’s Church, Dublin, 64.


DHR Vol. XVIII, No. 3 June 1963

Bowen B.: South East Fingal, 66-79.

Tutty M.: City of Dublin Steam Packet Company, 80-90.

Piatt, Donn: A Pale family and Old Dublin (Part I), 91-100.


DHR Vol. XVIII, No. 4 September 1963

Hussey, Mary Olive: A century of Dublin portrait-painters, 1750–1850, 101-121.

Tighe, Joan: Kilmainham Jail (glossy four-page insert between pp126-127).

Piatt, Donn: A Pale Family and Old Dublin (Part II), 122-126.

Batt, Leo D.: Doneraile House (note), 127.


DHR Vol. XIX, No. 1 December 1963

Campion, Mary: An old Dublin industry—poplin, 2-15.

Martin, Liam C.: Sketches of old Dublin (four-page insert between pp 14-15).

Blythe, Earnán P.: First decade of the G.A.A. in Dublin, 16-26.


DHR Vol. XIX, No. 2 March 1964

Quane, Michael: The Feinaiglian Institution, Dublin, 30-44.

Monks, Patrick J.: Aldermen of Skinners Alley, 45-63.

Martin, Liam C.: Sketches of old Dublin (four-page insert after p65).


DHR Vol. XIX, No. 3 June 1964

McAsey, Carmel: Twenty years a’growing in Georgian Dublin (1742–62), 68-84.

Tighe, Joan (illustration by Liam C. Martin): The Tailors’ Hall, Dublin (four-page insert between pp84-85).

Moore, Desmond F.: The Rotunda buildings, 85-93.

Daly, M.H.: The march of time in the buildings of Dublin, 94-102.


DHR Vol. XIX, No. 4 September 1964

Raftery, P.J.: Who was Malton? 104-114.

Duff, R.B.: Milverton, Skerries, Co. Dublin, 115-126.

Fraser, Annie M.: Messrs. Gardiner & Hill—Bankers, 127-133.


DHR Vol. XX, No. 1 December 1964

Stacpoole G.C.: Gormflaith and the Northmen of Dublin, 4-18.

Somerville-Large, L.B.: Dublin’s eye hospitals in the 19th century, 19-28.

Sibley, W.: Old Dublin engravings, 29-40.


DHR Vol. XX, No. 2 March 1965

Quane, Michael: The Royal Irish Academy of Music, 42-56.

Hussey, Mary Olive: Sir Richard Griffith, 57-58, 63-75.

Martin, Liam C.: Glimpses of Old Dublin (sketches), 59-62.


DHR Vol. XX, Nos. 3/4 June/Sept 1965

O’Dea Laurence: The hospitals of Kilmainham, 82-99.

Tighe, Joan: The Mendicity Institution, 100-115.

Blythe, Earnan P.: The D.M.P., 116-126.

Hughes, J.L.J.: Dublin Burial Grounds: extracts from a paper by the late Capt. J.L.J. Hughes, 127-128.

Mac Giolla Phadraig, Brian: Grange Abbey, Baldoyle, 129-132.


DHR Vol. XXI, No. 1 March/May 1966

Tutty, Michael J.: Clontarf, 2-13.

Hughes, Marie: The Parnell Sisters, 14-27.

Martin, Liam C.: No. 1 Merrion Square, once the home of Oscar Wilde (sketch), 20-21.

Moore, Desmond F.: The Royal Hibernian Academy, 28-37.


DHR Vol. XXI, No. 2 March 1967

Cosgrave, Liam: The King’s Inns, 45-52.

Lee,Gerard A.: The Dublin of Jonathan Swift, 53-66.

Quane, Michael: The Hibernian Marine School, Dublin, 67-78.


DHR Vol. XXI, No. 3 June 1967

McAsey, Carmel: Booterstown, 81-94.

O’Donovan, John: 18th- and 19th-century Irish music societies (query), 94.

Martin, Liam C.: Sketches of old Dublin (College of Surgeons, GPO, Great Denmark Street), 95-98.

Daly, Margie H.: A ramble from St. Mary’s Abbey to Oxmanstown, 99-108.

Went, Arthur E.J.: Dublin tavern and advertisement tokens, 109-112.


DHR Vol. XXI, No. 4 September 1967

Culliton, James A.: The Four Courts, Dublin, 116-126, 131.

Moore, Michael: Old Dublin scenes (The Debtors’ Prison, Marshalsea Lane; Tower house, Old Phibsborough; Blessington Park; St Michael’s Lane ), 127-130.

Woodnutt, K.: Sarah Atkinson as a social worker, 132-138.

Arnold, Lawrence J.: The manor of Lucan and the Restoration land settlement 1660–1688, 139-143.


DHR Vol. XXII, No. 1 January 1968

Dixon, F.E.: The Dublin tailors and their hall, 147-159.

Brooke Tyrell, Alma: Happenings in Dublin, A.D. 1646, 160-164, 169-175.

Martin, Liam: Old Dublin scenes (Sketches), 165-168.

Hart, Harold W.: The passage boats of the Grand Canal, 176-186.


DHR Vol. XXII, No. 2 June 1968

Lee, Gerald A.: The beauty of classical Dublin, 189-200.

Hussey, Mary Olive: Tribute to Walter Osborne, R.H.A., R.A., 201-205, 210-213.

Moore, Michael: Old Dublin scenes (Sketches), 206-208.

MacThomais, Eamon: Sir Charles A. Cameron (1803–1921), 214-224.


DHR Vol. XXII, No. 3 October 1968

Sister Mary Genevieve: Mrs. Bellew’s family in Channel Row, 230-241.

Little, George: An outline for a life of Warren of Corduff. Part I, 242-250.

de Blaghd, Earnan P.: Cold war in the Dublin G.A.A., 1887, 252-


DHR Vol. XXII, No. 4 December 1968

Dixon, F.E.: Sir John T. Gilbert, 1829–1898, 272-287.

Daly, Margie H.: Entertainment in 18th century Dublin, 288-295.

Little, George: An outline for a life of Warren of Corduff. Part II, 296-303.


DHR Vol. XXIII, No. 1 June 1969

O’Dea, Laurence (ed.): North Dublin City (from the book by Augustine Dillon Cosgrave), 3-22.

McAsey, Carmel: Peg Woffington, 23-35.

Campion, Maud: "Skerries", 36-43.


DHR Vol. XXIII, Nos. 2/3 December 1969

McAsey, Carmel C.: Dubliners and opera, 44-55.

MacGiolla Phadraig, Brian: Dublin one hundred years ago, 56-71.

Hussey, Mary Olive: Nathaniel and all the Hones, 72-75, 80-85.

Martin, Liam C.: Dublin Scenes: Bewleys café; Grafton street; St. Mary’s church, Mary Street; corner of Westmoreland St and d’Olier St.; St. Andrew’s church (sketches), 76-79.

MacThomais, Eamonn: Seven hills of Dublin, 86-94.

Robbins, Frank: Remembering Easter Week, 95-100.


DHR Vol. XXIII, No. 4 July 1970

Butler, George: Sir Toby Butler, Solicitor-General in Ireland, 1689–90, 113-126.

Dixon, F.E.: Irish postal history, 127-136.

Corry, Geoffrey: The Dublin Bar—the obstacle to the improvement of the Port of Dublin, 137-152.


DHR Vol XXIV No 1 December 1970

Brooke-Tyrrell, Alma: Michael Jones, Governor of Dublin, 159-172.

Barrow, G.L.: Justice for Thomas Mooney, 173-188

Dublin Views by Liam C. Martin (four-page insert between pp180-181)

Mac Giolla Phádraig: St. Patrick; his crozier; his writings, 189-199.


DHR Vol XXIV No 2 March 1971

Tighe, Joan: Sir John Blaquiere in Dublin, 2 (plate) 3-14 (text).

Tutty, Michael J.: The Dublin Evening Post, 1826, 15-24.

Shiels, Joseph: Captain Luke Ryan of Rush, 25-40.


DHR Vol XXIV No 3 June 1971

Dixon, F.E.: Richard Kirwan, The Dublin philosopher, 52 (plate), 53-64 (text).

?Tutty, Michael J.: The Ha’penny Bridge (note), 64.

Dawson, T.: Between the steps, 65-75

Hussey, M.O.: Sandymount and the Herberts, 76-84.


DHR Vol XXIV No 3 June 1971

D’Arcy, F.A.: The murder of Thomas Hanlon, a nineteenth century Dublin labour conspiracy, 89-100.

Went, Arthur E.J.: The Dublin Zoo, 101-111.

O’Dea, Laurence: Thomas Drummond, 112-123.

Tutty, Michael J.: corrigendum to T. Dawson’s ‘Between the steps’ (xxiv:3), 125.


DHR Vol. XXV, No. 1 (December 1971)

O’Sullivan, Catherine: George Petrie, LL.D., M.R.I.A., 1789–1866, 3-10.

?Tutty, Michael J.: Our Cover, 11.

de Blaghd, Earnan P.: Tim Kelly, guilty or not guilty? 12-24.

Quane, Michael: Speaker Conolly, 25-32.


DHR Vol. XXV, No. 2 (March 1972)

Barrow, G.L.: Some Dublin private banks, 38-53.

Scully, Seamus: Ghosts of Moore Street, 54-63.

Lysaght, Moira: The Sham Squire, 64-74.

Egan, Bartholomew: Dun Mhuire, Killiney, Co. Dublin, 75-76.


DHR Vol. XXV, No. 3 (June 1972)

Barrow, Viola: Enjoying the National Gallery, 81-92.

Robbins, Frank: Introducing some friends, 93-101.

Dawson, Timothy: The City Music and city bands, 102-116.


DHR Vol. XXV, No. 4 (September 1972)

McParland, Edward: The papers of Bryan Bolger, Measurer, 120-131.

Went, Arthur E.J.: Albert Tower and its foundation stone in the Dublin Zoo, 133-135.

O’Donnell, P.D.: Dublin military barracks, 141-154.


DHR Vol. XXVI, No. 1 (December 1972)

Lee Gerard A.: Oliver Goldsmith, 2-17.

Henchy, Deirdre: Dublin 80 years ago, 18-36.

from Electrical Mail: St. Kevin’s Road, Co. Wicklow, 37-38.


DHR Vol. XXVI, No. 2 (March 1973)

Dawson, Timothy: The Brazen Head re-visited, 42-51.

Mac Thomais, Eamonn: The South Dublin Union, 54-61.

Dixon, F.E.: The papers of Bryan Bolger (letter to the Editor), 62-64.

Kelleher, George D.: Gunpowder and explosives manufacturing (query), 64.

Barrow, G.L.: Dublin in 1892 (letter to the Editor), 65.

V.B.M.B.: St. Mary’s Abbey, 65.

Tutty, Michael J.: Finglas, 66-73.


DHR Vol. XXVI, No. 3 (June 1973)

Byrne, Patrick F.: Joseph Sheridan le Fanu, a centenary memoir, 80-92.

Dixon, F.E.: Dublin exhibitions. Part I, 93-100.

Woods, C.J.: The politics of Cardinal McCabe, 101-110.

Tutty, Michael J. (ed.): Song for July 12th 1843 [by John Frazer/J.De Jean], 111.

D[ixon], F.E. & [Tutty], M.J.: Our beginnings, 114-115.


DHR Vol. XXVI, No. 4 (September 1973)

Barrow, Viola B.M.: Mr. Street’s Christ Church, 120-131.

Peck, Carola: Rathbeale Hall, Swords, Co. Dublin, 132-136.

Dixon, F.E.: Dublin exhibitions, Part II. 137-146.

Murphy, Frank J.: Sir Robert Ball, Royal Astronomer, 147-153.


DHR Vol. XXVII, No. 1 (December 1973)

Whistler, Catherine: The Dublin Liberties, 2-9.

de Burca, Seamus: The Queen’s Royal Theatre 1829–1966, 10-26.

De Bhál, Síle: A Dublin Voluntary Hospital—The Meath, 27-37.


DHR Vol. XXVII, No. 2 (March 1974)

Boydell, Mary: Some Dublin glass makers, 42-48.

Barrow, Lennox: Glendalough and St. Kevin, 49-64.

Mac Cnáimhín, Séamus: MacNeven of Ninety-Eight—rebel, doctor, scientist, 65-69.

Flood, Donal T.: "Mr. Street’s Christ Church" (letter to the Editor), 71-72 .

Byrne, Patrick F.: Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu (corrigenda), 72.


DHR Vol. XXVII, No. 3 (June 1974)

Flood, Donal T.: The decay of Georgian Dublin, 78-100.

Lysaght, Moira: Daniel Murray, Archbishop of Dublin, 1823–1852, 101-108.

McCarthy, Muriel: Swift and the Primate of Ireland. Marsh’s Library in the early eighteenth century, 109-112.


DHR Vol. XXVII, No. 4 (September 1974)

Butler, Katherine: Synagogues of old Dublin, 118-130.

Dawson, Timothy: Crane Lane to Ballybough, 131-145.

F. O’K (ed.): John Rocque on Dublin and Dubliners 1756 (reprinted), 146-147.

Stephenson, Daniel F.: Auctioneering (query), 151.

Myler, Patrick: Dan Donnelly (query), 151.


DHR XXVIII 1974-1975

############: These Historic. Streets, 1-

Ní Laoire, Aine: Margai i mBaile Atha Cliath, 2-

Bennett, Douglas: 19th century silver, 17-

Robbins, Frank: Labour and Easter Week 1916, 21-

############: The Earliest Dublin Synagogue (letter to the editor) 30-

############: Dublin’s Civic Museum, 31-

############: Our cover: Dubline 1610 (note), 33-

############: Fund raising sale, 36- ,

############: As Others See Us, 41-

De Burca, Seamus: Peadar Kearney (1883–1942), 42-

Barrow Lennox: The round towers of County Dublin, 57-

############: The Churchwardens Of St. Michan’s, 70-

############: Our cover: Dubline 1610 (note), 74-

############: Fund raising sale, 75- ,

############: Suggested form of bequest, 79-

Jackson, Victor: The Palace of St. Sepulchre, 82-

Went, Arthur E.J.: William Mossop, 93-
Scully, Seamus: Around historic Naul, 100-

############: "Michael of Pole"113

############: Dr. Dermot O’Hurley ( ), 114-

############: Richard Dalton Williams (1822-1862) ( ), 115-

############: Schools’ essay competition, 116- ,

############: Historic Medals For Civic Museum, 117-

############: Forty years, 121-

Barrow, Viola: Hugh Lane, 122-

Coakley, Lucy T.: Showing dublin to a vistor, 138-

Flood, Donal T.: The birth of the Bull Island, 142-

############: Schools’ essay competition, 157-



DHR XXIX 1975-1976

#######: "The Metropolitan Chapel", 1-

McCarthy, Muriel: Archbishop Marsh and his library, 2-

#######: The birth of Bull Island (Corrigendum), 23-

Barrow, Viola: Dublin Custom House—The River Heads, 24-

Boydell, Brian: Venues for music in 13th-century Dublin, 28-

#######: Rare, historic books, 41-

Tutty, Michael J.: John and Robert Mallet, 1780–1881, 42-

Corrigan, Frank: Dublin workhouse and the Great Famine, 59-

Dufficy, Maurice: St. James’ Church, James’ Street, 66-

Stephenson, P.J.: The Foster Aqueduct (Reprinted), 70-

#######: Fund-Raising Sale, 77-

#######: Donnybrook, 81-

de Burca, Seamus: Growing up in Dublin, 82-

Butler, Beatrice Bayley: A Dublin tapestry, Florence Mary Evans (1889–1973), 100-
#######: The Civic Museum, 121-

Dawson, Timothy: The road to Howth, 122-

Barrow, Lennox: The Rock of Cashel, 133-

O’Rorke, Kevin P.: Dublin police, 138-

#######: Suggested form of bequest, 147-

McAsey, Carmel: Monkstown, Co. Dublin, 148-

Johnston, Máiréad: Medieval Dublin exhibition, 149-

Flood, Donal T.: The earliest chart of Dublin Bay? 150-

#######: Schools’ essay competition, 156-

#######: Our cover: Dubline 1610, 157-


DHR Vol XXX, No. 1 (December 1976)

Mac Giolla Phádraig, Brian: Dr. John Carpenter, Archbishop of Dublin (1760–1786), 2-17.

Gregg, John F.: Patrick Kavanagh, 18-25.

Byrne, Patrick F.: Ghosts of old Dublin, 26-36.


DHR Vol XXX, No. 2 (March 1977)

Killeen, Michael J.: The Dublin and Blessington steam tramway, 42-50.

Smyth, Hazel P.: Kathleen Lynn, M.D., F.R.C.S.I., (1874–1955), 51-57.

Lysaght, Moira: Norbury, "The Hanging Judge", (1745–1831), 58-65.

Share, Bernard: Dublin, U.S.A., 66-68.

O’Rorke, Kevin P.: Dublin’s Mount Herbert, 69-73.


DHR Vol XXX, No. 3 (June 1977)

Dawson, Timothy: Of cooks and coffinmakers, 82-95.

Flood, Donal T.: William Petty and ‘the double bottom’, 96-110

Murphy, Frank: Browsing through C.A.R.D., 111-116.


DHR Vol XXX, No. 4 (September 1977)

Tutty, Michael J.: Editorial—Wood Quay, 121.

Lysaght, Moira: My Dublin, 122-135.

O Dúill, Greagóir: Sir John Gilbert and archival reform, 136-142.

Barrow, Viola: Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, 143-144.

?Clarke, Howard B.: Mapping Medieval Dublin, 145-147

Went, A.E.J.: A bag of coins and medals, 153-155, 142.

Mac Giolla Phadraig, Brian: Memorial to the Four Masters (Reprint ), 156.


DHR Vol XXXI, No. 1 ( )








DHR Vol XXXI, No. 2 (March 1978)

Purcell, Mary: Archbishop John Thomas Troy (1739–1823), 42-52.

Simms, Anngret: Wood Quay appeal, 53.

Boylan, Lena: Robert Emmet’s house at Rathfarnham, 55-58.

Miller, Kerby A.: Looking for letters from Irish emigrants in U.S. or Canada (query), 59.

Sterne, G.C.: "Hengler’s Grand Cirque" and the Hengler family (query), 59, 69.

Dixon, F.E.: Dublin portrait statues, 60-69.

newspaper article: New street planned for Dublin (The Dublin Chronicle, 2 Aug. 1788), 76.


DHR Vol XXXI, No. 3 ( )







DHR Vol XXXI, No. 4 ( )







DHR XXXII 1978-1979

#######: Must It Be A Compromise? 1-

Delamer, Ida: Freedom Boxes, 2-

#######: Schools Essay Competition 1978/79, 14-

Raymond, Raymond J.: Pawnbrokers and pawnbroking in Dublin, 1830–1870, 15-

Brooke-Tyrrell, Alma: Mr. Howis, The artist of Jervis Street, 1804–1882, 27-

#######: "This Hole In Dublin", 41-

Turpin, John T.: John Henry Foley, sculptor, 1818–1874, 42-

#######: The Freedom of the City of Dublin, 54-

#######: American Irish Foundation Literary Award, 56-

Walton, Martin A.: Samuel Lover, R.H.A., 1797–1868, 57-

Craig, Maurice: An old Dublin legend, 66-

Beckett, Walter: Piatti’s Cello, 67-

Maxwell, Constantia: The rebellion of "Silken Thomas", 68-

Howlett, Liam: The Killester charter, 69-

#######: Letters to the Editor, 72-

#######: Letters to the Editor, 73-

#######: Dublin’s Custom House, 81-

Turner, M.K.: Rathmichael, a parish in the Pale, 82-

Went, Arthur E.J.: An 1822 proclamation (tokens), 94-

De Burca, Seamus: The night in Castlebar (short story), 96-

Lysaght, Moira: H. Neville Roberts. poet, artist, controversialist, 98-

#######: Annual fund-raising sale, 107-

Turpin, John T.: J. H. Foley, catalogue of the sculpture of, 108-

#######: Drumcondra Graveyard, 121-

McAuley, Eileen: The significance of Wood Quay, 122-

#######: Suggested form of bequest, 128-

Went, Arthur E.J.: Medal linking two Irish Sea disasters, 129-

Maxwell, Constantia: Dublin, 133-

#######: The Civic Museum, recent acquisitions, 134-

Brennan, Kevin: Charles Robert Maturin, 1782–1824, 135-

Fraser, A.M.: The Cabbage Garden (Reprint), 142-

#######: Schools Essay Competition 1978/79, 148-

#######: Back issues Dublin Historical Record, 151-

#######: Index of contributors to Dublin Historical Record, 153-

#######: Dubline 1610, 153-

Tutty, Michael J.: Dunsogly Castle and St. Margaret’s Well, 155-

Dixon, F.E.: Pioneer publishers of Dublin picture postcards, 146-

#######: Letters to the Editor, 149-


DHR XXXIII 1979-1980

#######:Christ Church Cathedral, 1-

Murphy, Francis J.: Dublin trams (1872–1959), 2-

D[ixon], F.E.: The Civic Museum, 10-

Costigan, Eithne Byrne: Peg Woffington, 11-

de Burca, Seamus: One hundred years of a Dublin theatre, 22-

Honorary Editor: President of Ireland visits old Dublin, 24-

Briggs, C. Stephen: James Henry Underwood, 25-

Briggs, C. Stephen: James Henry Underwood, a footnote, 118-

#######:Patrick Heeney, 41-

Gilligan, H.A.: Captain William Hutchison, 42-

Barrow, Viola B.M.: Edward Smith, 56-

Went, A.E.J.: An English shilling with a Dublin connection, 67-

Ryan, Michael : A cist burial near Lusk, Co. Dublin, 68-

Delaney, Ruth: The Grand Canal, 73-

#######:Letters to the Editor, 77-

#######:Letters to the Editor, 78-

#######:Last days of Wood Quay, 81-

Scully, Seamus: Around Dominic Street, 82-

‘Constant Reader’: Lower Abbey Street, 93-

Gumley, F.W.: Remembering... 96-

Raymond, Raymond J.: Dublin: The Great Famine, 98-

Irish Press: Hidden art, 106-

T[utty], M.J.: Good Luck, 107-

#######:Coming events, 107

Flood, Donal T.: 18th century Dublin, 109-

#######:Letters to the Editor, 117-

#######:Suggested form of bequest, 118

#######:Dubline 1610, 119

#######:An index to D.H.R., 121-

Brennan, Kevin: J. Sheridan Le Fanu, Chapelizod and the Dublin connection, 122-

#######:Schools’ essay competition 1979/80, 134

Barrow, Lennox: Riding the Franchises, 135-

de Burca, Seamus: The man who spoke through his nose, 139-

T[utty], M.J.: Dr. G. Lennox Barrow, 140-

Butler, Beatrice Bayley & Sister Katherine: Mrs. John O’Brien, her life, her work, her friends, 141-


DHR XXXIV 1980-1981

Turpin, John: John Hogan in Dublin, 2-14.

Ryan, Richie: Dubhlinn or Baile Atha Cliath? 15-16.

Hanly, Aoife: The Liffey, 17-21.

Brennan, Kevin: My Mother, 22-26.

Went, A.E.J.: "Tayleur" Medals, 26.

Dixon, F.E.: A Dublin student’s diary, 1873, 28-40.



DHR Vol. XXXIV, No. 2 (March 1981)

Boydell, Barra: Dublin City musicians, 42-

Gumley, F.W.: Remembering ..., 54-

O’Rorke, Kevin P.: It’s a small world! 57-

Goodbody, Olive: Old Dun Laoghaire, 58-

Tutty, Michael J.: Thomas "Bang Bang" Dudley, 72.

de Burca, Seamus: Two small boys, 73-

##### ####: Letter to the Editor, 76-

de Burca, Seamus: Brendan Behan, A Memoir, 82-

##### ####: Donnybrook Fair, 103-

Scully, Seamus: The Rotunda Gardens And Buildings, 110-

Butler, Katherine: Our Lady’s Hospice, Harold’s Cross, 122-

de Burca, Seamus: Miartin A. Walton, 136-

Killeen, Michael: Broadstone, railway station to bus garage, 140-


DHR XXXV 1981-1982

Turpin, John: Exhibitions of Art and Industries in Victorian Ireland (Part I), 2-

Fitzpatrick Hélène: A Dublin artist—Jack B. Yeats 1872–1957, 15-

##### ####: An unusual duel, 1788 ( ), 21-

Tutty, Michael J.: Bridges over the Liffey, 23-

##### ####: Letters to the Editor, 35-

Turpin, John: Exhibitions of Art and Industries in Victorian Ireland (Part II), 42-

Harrington, Kevin: A Dublin tragedy of 1861, 52-

##### ####: The Brocas views of Dublin, 55-

Patrick, Ross: A Dublin Young Irelander in Australia, 56-

Sweetman, P. David: Some pottery and clay pipe finds from the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, 71-

Brooke-Tyrrell, Alma: In search of St. Laurence O’Toole 1128–1180, 82-

Gumley, Frederick W.: Remembering… 95-

##### ####: Recent addition to the Civic Museum, 98-

Smyth, Hazel P.: Two hundred years a-growing 100

##### ####: Letters to the Editor, 118-

##### ####: Letters to the Editor,119-

O’Neill, Marie: The Ladies’ Land League, 122-

De Valera, Terry: John Field 1782–1837, 134-

Barrow, Viola: William Orpen, 143-



DHR XXXVI 1982-1983

Turpin, John: The Royal Dublin Society and its school of art, 2-

##### ####: How Far To Dublin? 21-

##### ####: Baile Atha Cliath ag dul o radharc, 27-

##### ####: Letters to the Editor: Hibernia statue, Bank of Ireland, 39-

Turpin, John: The South Kensington System and the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art 1877–1900, 42-

##### ####: A short-lived foundation, 65-

##### ####: The Franchises of Dublin, 68-

##### ####: Mountjoy—Cradle of the Irish Ordnance Survey, 82-

##### ####: Letters to the Editor: Who was Larry Tully? 89-

##### ####: George Gavan Duffy, 90-

##### ####: Focus On Thomas Street, 107-

##### ####: Come to the Civic Museum and see ( ), 118-

##### ####: Two eighteenth-century musical instrument makers, 122-

##### ####: The National Gallery Of Ireland, 132-

##### ####: Father Theobald Mathew, 140-

##### ####: A Covered Well At Harcourt Terrace, Dublin, 153-

##### ####: John Mitchel In Kilmainham, 158-

##### ####: Come to the Civic Museum and see, ( ), 160-


DHR XXXVII 1983-1984

O’Neill, T.P.: Discoverers and discoveries—the Penal Laws and Dublin property, 2-

Wren, James: From Ballybough to Scurlogue’s Bridge, 14-

##### ####: Grattan’s Parliament ( ), 30-

Brooke-Tyrrell, Alma: Homage to Grattan (1746–1820) 31

Ward-Perkins, Sarah: Bank of Ireland—old Parliament House, 42-

Mansfield, Brocard: Father Paul Browne O.D.C., 1598–1671, 54-

Turpin, John: The Metropolitan School of Art, 1900–1923 (Part I), 59-

Dixon, F.E.: The Old Dublin Society, 1934–1984, 82-

Boydell, Barra: Impressions of Dublin—1934, 88-

##### ####: The shop signs ( ), 103-

Murphy, Frank: Dublin slums in the 1930s, 104-

O’Keeffe, P.V.: Trusting Nature, 114-

Boydell, Brian: Half a century of music in Dublin, 117-

##### ####: Medal link with the City Assembly Rooms, 121-

##### ####: Wonderful Account of The Grand Devourer of Butter Milk, 122-

Butler, Katherine: Kildonan 1933–1936: a memory, 123-

Beckett, Hylda J.: St. Vincent’s Hospital, Dublin 1834–1984, 137-

Dunne, John J.: Growing up with the Old Dublin Society, 144-

##### ####: Civic museum acquisition, 147-

O’Donohue, Raymond: Motoring in Dublin in 1934, 148-


DHR XXXVIII 1984-1985

Lyons, J.B.: Oliver St. John Gogarty, 2-

de Valera, Terry: Sarah Curran’s musical interests, 14-

Murphy, Sean: The Corporation of Dublin 1660–1760, 22-

Byrne, Patrick F.: Fifty years of Gaiety, 37-

Turpin, John: The Metropolitan School of Art, 1900–1923, 86-

Fahie, Norah: Dr. George Sigerson, 53-

Byrne-Costigan, E.: Sydney Lady Morgan (1776–1859), 61-

Lysaght, Moira: A North City childhood in the early century, 74-

Goddard, Lily: Dublin visit remembered ( ), 107

Barrow, G. Lennox: The Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem at Kilmainham ( ), 108

Barrow, Viola: The Civic Museum, 113-

Corcoran, Michael: Dublin commercial vehicles, 121-

O’Neill, Marie: Dublin Women’s Suffrage Association and its successors, 126-

O Cillin, Michael: Cathal Brugha, 1874–1922, 141-

Keeling, David: Excavation of a mound at Auburn, Malahide, Co. Dublin ( ), 103

Dixon, F.E.: Kingstown School Medals ( ), F.E. Dixon 150

Brooke-Tyrrell, Alma: The young Molyneux, 1684: and a postscript, 152-


DHR XXXIX 1985-1986

de Valera, Terry: Philip Cogan (1750–1833), pianist and composer, 2-

O’Rorke, Kevin P.: From Scallet Hill to Brickford Town, 13-

O Clerigh, Nellie: Lady Aberdeen and the Irish connection, 28-

Mac Bradaigh, S.: The Ringsend Seannachie, 34-

Turpin, John: The Dublin Society’s figure drawing school and the fine arts in Dublin 1800-1849, 38-

Scully, Seamus: Moore Street—1916, 53-

Cooney, D.A.L.: A visitor to Dublin—John Wesley, 68-

Eriksen, Eric Olaf: The Illness of Christopher Costigin, a case of heat stroke, 82.

Fleetwood, John: Some old Dublin medical advertisements, 86-

Butler, Katherine: Neptune on the Temple Hill, 98-

McNamara, Gerard: Crown versus Municipality, the struggle for Dublin, 1713, 103-

##### ####: Link with Alfie Byrne, 119-

Letters to the Editor, 120-

de Valera, Terry: Grafton Street: A collage of time, and people, 122-

Dunne, John J.: Haunted Dublin, 132-

##### ####: Visit to Dublin in 1829, 139-

Clark, Mary: Dublin surveyors and their maps, 140-

Appleby, John: The fishing ventures of Nicholas Weston of Dublin, 150-

Barrow, Lennox: Kildare Round Tower, 156-

Letters to the Editor, 158-

##### ####: Some noteworthy ephemera, 159-


DHR XL 1986-1987

Turpin, John: The school of figure drawing of the Dublin Society in the 18th century, 2-

Hylton, Raymond: Dublin’s Huguenot Refuge: 1662–1817, 15-

Johnston, Pat: Fire fighting in Dublin to 1922, 26-

Beckett, Hylda: One hundred years of the dogs’ and cats’ home, 34-

Turpin, John: The school of figure drawing of the Dublin Society in the 18th century, 42-

Hinley, Diarmuid G.: Shedding some light on the Five Lamps, 49-

Davis, Virginia: Relations between the Abbey of St. Thomas the Martyr and the Municipality of Dublin c.1176–1527, 57-

Archer, Patrick: Fingal in 1798, 66-

O’Neill, Marie: Katharine Tynan Hinkson: a Dublin writer, 82-

Cochrane, Nigel I.: The policeman’s lot was not a happy one: Dublin c.1838–45, 94-

Archer, Patrick: Fingal in 1798, 108-

Anderson, Ronald: Uniforms worn by the boys of the King’s Hospital, 118-

Hooper, A.C.B.: Dublin anatomy in the 17th and 18th centuries, 122-

Barrow, Viola: Chester Beatty and his library, 133-

########: Dean Swift’s Cries of Dublin, 142-

MacMahon. T.: Old Rathfarnham days, 143-

Johnston, Pat: "Ireland A Nation", 145-

O’Toole, Mrs.: Wicklow in the Rising of 1798, 148-


DHR Vol. XLI, No.1 (December 1987)

Culliton, James A.: The City Hall, Dublin, 2-

########: Rathfarnham Castle, 21-

Cashell, Ronan: A Dublin Character, 28-

Gray, Edmund Dwyer: I was a teenage press baron, 31-

########: Letters to Editor, 43-


DHR Vol. XLI, No.2 (March 1988)

Crawford, John: Some extinct churches of the Church of Ireland in

the Liberties, 46-

Butler, Katherine: A Sister and her school, Dublin 1830, 55-

Killeen, Michael Harry Reynolds. World cycling champion, 70-


DHR Vol. XLI, No.3 (June 1988)

Curtis, Edmund: Norse Dublin, 86-

Murray, Kevin: The site of Isolde’s Tower, 98-

Johnston, Denis: The Dublin trams, 101-

Tighe, Joan: An early Dublin candle maker, 115-

Little, George A.: The Thingmote, 123-

########: Letters to the Editor, 134-

Fraser, A.M.: The Cabbage Garden, 135-

########: Officers of the Old Dublin Society, 139-

########: High Mass in Dublin, 140-

Johnston, Pat: When W.B. was lost in Clarendon Street, 141-


DHR Vol. XLI, No.4 (September 1988)

Smithson, A.M.P.: Christmas in old Dublin, 146-

de Burca, Seamus: The man who betrayed. Lord Edward Fitzgerald, 152-

Scully, Seamus: The Abbey Theatre 1916 plaque, 158-

Butler, Beatrice Bayley: Thomas Pleasants, 1729–1818, 172-

Molloy, Harry: Death of a citizen, 183-


DHR Vol. XLII, No.1 (December 1988)

Butler, Beatrice Bayley: Thomas Pleasants and the Stove Tenter House 1815-1944, 2-

Lennon, Colm: The great explosion in Dublin, 1597, 7-

de Búrca, Séamus: Henry the Fifth and All That, 21-

########: Venereal Disease in Dublin, 23-

Jackson, Victor: The Swift Chalice, 24-

########: A Dubliner returns, 31-

Fleetwood, John F.: The Dublin Body Snatchers, 24-


DHR Vol. XLII, No.2 (March 1989)

Fleetwood, John F.: The Dublin Body Snatchers (Part 2), 42-

de Valera, Terry: J. B. S. MacIlwaine, RHA—Friend of Walter Osborne, RHA, 53-

O’Neill, Marie: Sarah Cecilia Harrison: Artist and City Councillor, 66-


DHR Vol. XLII, No.3 (June 1989)

Mitchell, David: A medical corner of Dublin (1711 to 1889), 86-

Cooke, Jim: Charles Dickens, a Dublin chronicler, 94-

Barrow, Viola: Mary Delany 1700–1788, 106-

de Búrca, Séamus: F. J. McCormick and Eileen Crowe, Abbey stars, 114-



DHR Vol. XLII, No.4 (September 1989)

########: The Palace of St. Sepulchre, 122-

########: Thoughts in a graveyard, 127-

########: Dublin’s Hallelujah Lassies, 128-

########: Donation to Jewish Museum, 147-

########: Richard Allen’s Pocket Almanac for 1858, 148-


DHR Vol.XLIII No.1 (Spring 1990)

Lee, Gerald A.: Along the Liffey shore, 2-16.

Bhreathnach-Lynch, Sighle: A Dublin sculptor: Albert Power RHA, 17-33.

Scully, Seamus: Dublin’s historic Hollywood, 34-43.

Dunne, John J.: The first Irish railway, by shriek and smoke to Kingstown, 44-46.

newspaper article, 1783: Pekoe and gunpowder tea (advertisement), 46.

newspaper article, 1783: Sequel to a robbery (announcement), 46.

Clancy, Ciaran: Gardiner St. employment exchange: the historical background and development, 47-51.

newspaper article, 178): Bank of Ireland meeting, 53.

Scannell, James: Rattle & hum, 54-55.

newspaper article, 1888: Fall of a tenement house in Dublin, 55.

newspaper article, 1888: Richmond prison converted into barrack, 55.


DHR Vol.XLIII No.2 (Autumn 1990)

de Valera, Terry: Letters of Henry and John Sheares, 58-69.

Fleetwood, John F.: Irish quacks and quackery, 70-84.

Lyons, J.B.: Tom Kettle, 1880–1916, 85-98.

Lennon, Michael J.: Winston Churchill, Dublin 1662–1668, 99-106.


DHR Vol.XLIV No.1 (Spring 1991)

Barrow, Viola: Turner in the National Gallery, 6-16.

Barrow, Viola: The round towers of Ireland, 17-19.

Daly, Gerald J.: Captain William Bligh in Dublin, 1800–1801, 20-33.

Butler, Katherine: Friends in Dublin, 34-46.

Doherty, Philip: The Seantruibh of Santry, 47-49.


DHR Vol.XLIV No.2 (Autumn 1991)

Casey, Michael: The Most Illustrious Order of Saint Patrick, 4-12.

Coyle, Eugene A.: County Dublin elections (1790), 13-24.

Boydell, Brian: Mr. Pockrich and the musical glasses, 25-33.

Reynolds, Brian: Dominick Street: a Bellocian connection, 34-35.

Scannell, James: The return of 461, 36-37.

à Cathaoir, Eva: Patrick Lennon (1841–1901): Dublin Fenian leader, 38-50.

Costello, Con: Hidden treasure, 51-52.

Byrne, Patrick F. (ed.): Miscellanea, 56-57.


DHR Vol.XLV No.1 (Spring 1992)

Boydell, Mary: Franz Tieze 1842-1932: A Bohemian glass-engraver in Dublin, 4-10.

Cooke, Jim: John Hutton and Sons, Summerhill, Dublin, coachbuilders 1779–1925, 11-27.

McCabe, Colum: History of the town gas industry in Ireland 1823–1980, 28-40.

Cooney, D.A. Levistone: A small school in Rathmines, 41-54.

D’Arcy, Fergus: The Kingstown Races, 55-64.

McNally, David: Tudor Dublin’s dung problem, 65-68.


DHR Vol.XLV No.2 (Autumn 1992)

Butler, Katherine: Catherine Cummins and her hospital: 1920–1938, 81-90.

Parkinson, Danny: The Corballis-Corbally families of Co. Dublin, 91-100.

Scully, Séamus: Edward Martyn, the wealthy pauper, 101-108.

McCullagh, Robert: Seventy-five years of the Rathmines and Rathgar Musical Society, 109-125.

Byrne, Patrick F.: Anthony Trollope in Ireland, 126-128.

Hiney, Diarmuid G.: Ireland’s Eye, 129-131.

de Búrca, Séamus: Eighty years young, 132-133.


DHR Vol.XLVI No.1 (Spring 1993)

Clarke, Howard B.: The 1192 Charter of Liberties and the beginnings of Dublin’s municipal life, 5-14.

Coyle, Eugene A.: Sir Edward Newenham—the 18th Century Dublin radical, 15-30.

Fleetwood, John F.: Dublin private medical schools in the nineteenth Century, 31-45.

Clarke, Peter: The Royal Canal 1798–1993, 46-52.

Scannell, James: The funeral of William Dargan, 53-54.

anon.: A famous Dublin bookshop, 60-61.

anon.: The Bohemian Girl, 61.

Scully, Seamus: The Corbally family of Co. Dublin, 66.

Ó Luanaigh, Dónall: Marie Antoinette painting in Dublin, 67.


DHR Vol.XLVI No.2 (Autumn 1993)

Cooney, D.A. Levistone: A pious Dublin printer, 74-100.

Boydell, Barra: St. Michan’s Church, Dublin-the installation of the organ in 1725, and the duties of the organist, 101-120.

Allen, Gregory: Policemen in your family tree, 121-128.

Behan, A.P.: History from picture postcards, 129-140.


DHR Vol.XLVII No.1 (Spring 1994)

Byrne, P.F.: Editorial: How it all began, 3-4.

Cooney, D.A. Levistone: An Englishman in Ireland: Arthur Dean Codling, 5-23.

Behan, A.P.: Up Harcourt Street from the Green, 24-45.

Butler, Katherine: Centenary of a synagogue: Adelaide Road 1892–1992, 46-55.

O’Neill, Marie: Dublin Corporation in the Troubled Times, 1914–1924, 56-70.

Cathcart, Rex: In the shadow of St. Patrick’s, 71-76.

Levistone Cooney, D.A.: Momentous Days: occasional diaries of Frances Taylor, 77-86.

Doherty, Philip: The last pawnshops of Dublin City, 87-94.

Finegan, John: Dublin’s lost theatres, 95-99.

Scannell, James: St. James’s Church, Crinken, Co. Dublin, 100-102.

Ó Luanaigh, Dónall: A Gentleman of the Press: William J.H. Brayden, OBE (1865–1933), 103-104.

Burke, John (document): John Burke’s recollections, 105-109.

Tighe, Joan: When Dublin had a woman garbage supremo, 110-111.

anon.: Dublin’s yesterdays, 111.

Byrne, Patrick F.: St. Stephen’s Green, 112.

McParland, Edward: Roseanne Dunne, 119-121.


DHR Vol.XLVII No.2 (Autumn 1994)

Boydell, Brian: Jonathan Swift and the Dublin musical scene, 132-137.

Farrington, Mrs.: The ambit of Cook Street, 138-154.

Kenny, Colum: King’s Inns and Henrietta Street Chambers, 155-168.

O Cleirigh, Nellie: Dublin International Exhibition, 1865, 169-182.

Parkinson, Danny: Arthur Morrison, 1765–1837, Lord Mayor of Dublin 1835, 183-186.

O’Flanagan, Desmond: An old lady of Fitzwilliam Square, 187.

anon. (document): Dublin’s City Assembly House, 188-189.

Parkinson, Danny: Location of items from the collection of the late F.E. Dixon, 190.

Behan, Anthony P.: Old bells of Dublin, 191.

Behan, Anthony P.: Michael Noyk


DHR Vol.XLVIII No.1 (Spring 1995)

Kinsella, A.: Alan Livingston Ramsay 1890–1916, from Ballsbridge to the South Dublin Union, 6-14.

Cooney, D.A. Levistone: A wedding in St. Bride’s "Happy the bride the sun shines on!" 15-39.

Lyons, J.B.: The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and its worthies, 40-54.

Turpin, John: The life of Oliver Sheppard, Dublin sculptor, 1865–1941: Part I, 55-78.

O’Neill, Marie: John Clancy-a correction, 81.


DHR Vol.XLVIII No.2 (Autumn 1995)

Cooney, D.A. Levistone: Tales from the North Circular Road, 89-93.

Mortimer, Theo: John Count McCormack—Freeman of Dublin, 94-110.

Ó Cathaoir, Eva: The Rathdown Union Workhouse at Loughlinstown, 1838–1923, 111-124.

O’Neill, Marie: Emily Lawless, 125-141.

Turpin, John: The life of Oliver Sheppard, Dublin Sculptor, 1865–1941: Part 2, 142-161.


DHR Vol.XLIX No.1 (Spring 1996)

Butler, Katherine: Dissenters in Dublin, 5-15.

Cooke, Jim: John Boyd Dunlop 1840–1921, inventor, 16-31.

Cooney, D.A. Levistone: Medical and Musical—the Fannins of Dublin, 32-58.

Dunne, Roseanne: No. 25 Fitzwilliam Place, 59-63.

Smyth, Hazel: Some notes on Charles Wye Williams, his family, their life and times, 64-69.

anon. (document): With the 92nd Foot in Dublin in 1779. A Narrative of a private soldier, 70-71.

de Búrca, Séamus: The man who missed his vocation, 72-73.


DHR Vol.XLIX No.2 (Autumn 1996)

Crawford, John: An archaeological survey of St. Audoen’s Church, Cornmarket, 85-93.

Kennedy, Máire: The domestic and international trade of an eighteenth-century Dublin bookseller: John Archer (1782–1810), 94-105.

McCabe, Brian: Survey of Tipper graveyard, 106-117.

Swords, Kieran: Ballyroan Townland: Delineation and Decline-Part 1, 118-129.

Turpin, John: N.C.A.D., Dublin’s oldest art institution-an economic and social perspective, 130-148.

Dunne, Joe: Memories of Pearse Street sorting office, 149-155.

Parkinson, Danny: The Delamain family in Ireland, 156-160.

Parkinson, Danny: Patrick O’Neill, Wholesale Woollen dealer, 161-164.


DHR Vol. L, No. 1 (Spring 1997)

Behan, A.P.: A triple tragedy in Dublin, the Pearse Street fire, 1936, 5-24.

Cooke, Jim: The Graves family in Ireland, 25-39

Cooney, D.A. Levistone: Twenty reduced widows, 40-54

Swords, Kieran: Ballyroan Townland, delineation and decline – part 2, 55-70.

Gogarty, Claire: Building finances of Trinity College Dublin, in the early eighteenth century, 71-75.

Ó Luanaigh, Dónall: The Rev. J. Duncan Craig: an Irish chaplain in the Franco-Prussian War, 76-78.

Scannell, James: A fire at Michael Reilly’s farm, Ballybrack Co. Dublin on February 2nd, 1904. 79-80.

anonymous: A True Story of the Irish Rebellion, April 1916, 81-84.


DHR Vol. L, No. 2 (Autumn 1997)

Butler, Katherine: The People of the Crescent in Dublin, 94-104.

Doran, Grainne: Smithfield Market – past and present 105-118.

Hiney, Diarmuid: 5816 and all that. The Jewish cemetery Cemetary [sic] Fairview strand, 119-129.


\Kennedy, Ma’ire: Disaster at e the Music Hall, Fishamble Street, 6 February 1782, 130-136.

Kinsella, Anthony: Medical aspects of the 1916 Rising, 137-171.

McCarthy, Muriel: Dr Robert TraVERS AND THE Wilde Libel Case, 171-188.

O’’ Luanaigh Do’nall: Climpses of Drumcondra and the young James Joyce, 189-195.

.de Bu’rca, Se’amus: Anew McMastrer and Esme Biddle, 196-197.

Hiney, Diarmuid: Only drinbk and horses. The story of St. James.s Street fountain, 198-


DHR Vol. LI, No. 1 (Spring 1998)

Vol LI No 1 Spring 1998

Kinsella, Anthony: Goocbye to Dublin, 4-24

Cooney, D. A. Levistone: Threads in a tapestry: the story of the Mitchell family, 25-50.

Clare, Liam: The wreck of the M.V. Bolivar on Kish Bank 1947, 51-61.

Mortimer, Theo: A journey of reconciliation, 62-73.

Foley, Eugene: Donnellys of Cork Street, 74-80.

Wren, James: Barney Murphy and the Abbey Theatre 1916 plaque, 81-83


DHR Vol. LI, No. 2 (Autumn 1998)

\\\\\ The Dublin City Assembley [sic] House, 89-90.

O’Kelly, Gerard: Titania’s Palace and the Mount Merrion Connection, 91-115.

Foley, B. Gilleece, Ode to our summer visitors, 116-116.

Mac Thoma’is, Eamonn: Dublin 1798, 117-133.

Beckett, Hylda J.: Royal Irish Academy of Music 1848-1998, 141-158.

Power, Irene Wilson: To School in the city, 141-159.

Brooke-Tyrrell, Alma: Mr. Howis, the artist of Jervis Street, 159-


DHR Vol. LII, No. 1 (Spring 1999)

O’Kelly, Gerald: Continuiong the Mount Merrion connection, 4

Cooke, Jim: The Dublin Mechanics’ Institute, 1824-1919, 15

Ferguson, Kenneth: The Irish Bar in December 1798, 32

MacMillan, Robert: A tribute to Msr. Viola B.M. Barrow, 61

Barrow, Viola B.M.: EdwaRD Smyth, 62

O’’ Riain Mi’chea’l: Queen Victoria and her reign at Leinster House, 75-


DHR Vol. LII, No. 2 (Autumn 1999)

Lattimore, C.: Bells and barrowmen on Bachelors Walk, 93

Cappock, Margarita: Royal visits to Dublin, 94

Wren, James: The Abbey Theatre 1916 plaque 108,

Gilmartin, John Maiben: Andrew Maiben, the Meath Hospital and Samuel Beckett, 110-

Siggins, Brian: Robert French and the Lawrence Collection, 115-

Kennedy, Ma’ire: Charles Praval: an eighteenth-century French teacher in Dublin, 126-

Mortimer, Theo: 175 yras of Royal National Lifeboat Institution, 138-

Gilligan, H.A.: Captain William Hutchinson and the early Dublin Bay lifeboats, 143-

Faye, Elizabeth: "Old Wellier" – the story of a Dublin street, 160-


DHR Vol. LIII, No. 1 (Spring 2000)

City Archivist: Dublin City Coat of Arms, 4-

Scannell, James: A recollection of the 1936 Pearse Street Fire, 6-

French, Billy: Crumlin the way it was, 7-

McWilliams, Brendan: Thoughts on a great character, 17-

Fitz-Simon, Christopher, The Dublin theatre during theb years leading up to the opening of the Abbey Theatrye, 19-

City Archiovist: Freedom of the City of Dublin, 33-

McCabe, Brian: Colmanstown Castle and Church Sites, 38-

McGovern, Kieran: Surgeon James Patten (c. 1748-1797) – the Dublin Man who saved explorer, Captain James Cook, 46-

O’’ Luanaigh, Do’nall: Prince Napole’on’s visit to Dublin and Kerry in Augiust 1865, 71-

Donnelly, Sea’n: A German dulcimer player in eighteenth-century Dublin, 77-


DHR Vol. LIII, No. 2 (Autumn 2000)

Lowth, Cormac: Thomas Steele, 92-

Farrell, Kevin: Phoenix, 119-

Mortimer, Theo: The adventures of Michael Kelly part I, 120-

Scannell, James: The train now standing over Hatch Street! 135-

Symes, Edmond P.: Torbay fishermen, 139-

.de Valera, Terry: Chopin, a link with Tom Moore and Ireland, 150-

Dudley, Rowena: St. Stephen’s Green, 157-


DHR Vol. LIV, No. 1 (Spring 2001)

Scudds, Colm: Old coach roads from Dublin 1745-1821, 4-

Farmar, Tony: Setting up home in Dublin in the 1850s, 16-

Mortimer, Theo: The adventures of Michael Kelly part II, 28-

Kennedy, Ma’ire: Book mad: the sale of books by auction in eighteenth-century Dublin, 48-

Anon: information required re Herbert family, 72-

Cantwell, Ian: Anthropozoological relationships in lLate Medieval Dublin, 73-

.de Vlera, Terry: Chopin, a link with Tom Moore and Ireland, - addendum, 81-

Behan, A.P.: Bye Bye century!82-


DHR Vol. LIV, No. 2 (Autumn 2001)

Carden, Sheila: Alderman Tom Kelly and the Municipal Gallery, 116-

Kearns, Seamus: Collecting picture postcards, 139-

Scannell, James: James Kearon’s wartime ADVENTURE, 145-

Coyle, Eugene A.: From Abbyviille to Quebec: thelife and times of General Richard Montgomery, 146-

Gunning, Mary: Fingal lady, 161-

Clare, Liam: The Putland family of Dublin and Bray, 183-

Faye, Elizabeth: A child’s memories of the Gaeity Theatre, 210-

\\\\\\\: Doughty survivor of a Nazi Death Decree, 212-

\\\\\\\: The return of Irish State Rail Coach 315, 214-


DHR Vol. LV, No. 1 (Spring 2002)

Cooke, Jim: William Wordsworth, his life and poetry and his visit to Ireland in 1829, 4-

Clancy, Ciana’n: The parlk without care, 19-

Levistone Cooney, D.A.: Bishop’s kin, 21-

Turpin, John:Oliver Sheppard, Albert Power and State Sculptural commissions, 43-

Hampton, Jim: A memory of 18 Mary’s Abbey, 47-

Lowth, F. Cormac: Shipwrecks around Dublin Bay, 50-

Farmar, Tony: The building society that refused Patrick Pearse (and his mother), 64-

Roddie, Robert P.: Padraig and Eily O’Horan: a story of rebellion and rewdemption,, 75-

Scannell, James: German espionage in outh County Dublin, 88-

Scannell, James: Dublin’s Silver Screen palaces, 102-

Fennessy, Ignatius: Friar Fleming and "The Kilruddery Hunt"104-


DHR Vol. LV, No. 2 (Autumn 2002)

Lowth, Cormac F.: James O’Connor, Fenian, and the tragedy of 1890, 132-

Cooney, D.A. Leviston: Switzer’s of Grafton Street, 154-

Clare, Liam: The Dublin Cattle Market,166-

Scannell, James: The Drumm Battery railcars, 1932-1949, 181-

O’Neill, Marie: Maria Edgeworth Anglo-Iriah writer, 1768-1849, 196-

Turpin, John: Peter Grant, a Dublin Sculptor, 208-

McCabe, Brian: Ireland’s second cardinal Edward McCabe, 1816-1885, 229-


DHR Vol. LVI, No. 1 (Spring 2003)

O Cleirigh, Nellie: A political prisoner in Kilmainham Jail—the diary of Cecilia Saunders Gallagher, 4-17.

Bright, Kevin: Reflections on the Royal Dublin Society (1731–2001), 18-30.

Watchorn, David: Maretimo: the Cloncurry ascendancy, 31-40.

newspaper article: City news from the past (The Dublin Evening Mail, 20 May 1869): The Dublin Strike, 40.

Levistone Cooney, D.A.: Methodist schools in Dublin, 41-52.

de Valera, Terry: Maria Szymanowska (1790–1831), a pupil of John Field, 53-55.

Symes, Edmond P.: Sir James Dombrain and the Coastguard, 56-70.

McCabe, Brian: Carrickmines—a note from the past, 71-77.

newspaper article: City news from the past (The Dublin Evening Mail, 21 May 1896): Bicycle accident in Kingstown, 77.

newspaper article: City news from the past (The Dublin Evening Mail, 25 May 1896): Fatal Accident, 96

Mortimer, Theo (ed.): James J. Loughrey’s diary of the wars in the Philippines, 1898/99, 78-97.

Turpin, John: Catalogue of the sculpture of Peter Grant, 102-113.


DHR Vol. LVI, No. 1 (Autumn 2003)

McCarthy, Muriel: Elie Bouhéreau, first keeper of Marsh’s Library, 132-145.

Cooke, Jim: The obelisks of Greater Dublin, 146-160.

Watchorn, Richard: Frescati, 161-169.

O’Malley, Michael C.: Baldonnell Aerodrome 1917–1957, 170-181.

Scarry, John: Mary Anderson and the Irish, 182-192.

Ó Cahaoir, Brendan: Charles Hart’s New York diary, 1848–9, 193-204.

McGee, Owen: Fred Allan (1861–1937): republican, Methodist and Dubliner, 205-216.

Mortimer, Theo: The man of the millennium, 217-234.

Turpin, John: Catalogue of the sculptures of Peter Grant, Part 2, 235-245.

newspaper article: City news from the past (The Dublin Evening Mail, 1 March 1988): The Loop Line, 256.


DHR Vol. LVII, No. 1 (Spring 2004)

Fennessy, Ignatius: Some correspondence of James and Margaret Pearse, 4-

Burns, Kieran: The history of 29 FitzWilliam Street, 12-

Lowth, Cormac F.: Finds of the Spanish Armada, 24

Donnelly, Sean: The famousest man in the world for the Irish harp, 38-

Keehan, Ruth: A life on Lambay, 50-

Lowth, Cormac F.: The Man of War Head, a mystery solved, 60-

D, ,

RuThe Royal Charter School, Clontarf, ddy, Bernardine: 64-

O’Connell, Angela: The Servants’ Church – a history of the Church of the Three Patrons, Rathgar, 81-

MacGowan, Ken: An introduction to the Central Catholic Library, 98-

Carden, Sheila:The origins of the Oireachtas Library, 102-


DHR Vol. LVII, No. 2 (Autumn 2004)

Sharkey, Joan Ussher: St Anne’s – the Guinness estate, 132-145.

newspaper report: City news from the past ( 145

.de Courcey, John W.: The Liffey banks in Dublin – the early works of the private developers, 146-151.

Cooney, D.A. Levistone: The Methodist chapels in Dublin, 152-163.

newspaper report: City news from the past ( 163

Burke, Tom: IN memory of Lieut. Tom Kettle ‘B’ Company, Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 164-173.

Bourke, Edward J.: Bound for Australia – The ‘Tayleur’, 174-189.

newspaper report: City news from the past ( 189

Barone, Rosangela: The Oak Tree and the Olive – Eva Gore Booth, 190-203.

Edwards, David: The Construction of Dun Laoghaire Harbour, 204-210.

newspaper report: City news from the past ( 210 q

Robinson, James: James Laurence Careww M.P. (1853-1903), 211-222.

Fagan, Patrick: A football match at Swords in the early 18th century, 223-227.

newspaper report: City news from the past ( 240


DHR Vol. LVIII, No. 1 (Spring 2005)

Robinson James: Charles Frizell (1738–1812)—a surveyor in Co. Kildare, 2-11.

de Valera, Terry: Antoni Katski (1817–1899),a friend of John Field, 12-16.

newspaper report: City news from the past (Irish Times, 18 Mar 1879) The Central Tramways Co [new line to Clonskeagh], 16.

Clare, Liam: The Kill and the Grange of Clonkeen, two early settlements in South County Dublin, 17-30.

newspaper report: City news from the past (Irish Independent, 3 December 1934) Dublin bus services, 30.

Forrest, Mary: Women’s horticultural colleges in Dublin in the early 20th century, 31-38.

Ó Cathaoir, Eva: Patrick Lennon revisited, 40-44.

Lowth, Cormac F.: The ‘Palme’ shipwreck and the Dublin Bay lifeboat disaster of 1895, 45-62.

newspaper report: City news from the past (Irish Times, 20 May 1896), Clontarf Baths, 62.

O’Brien, Andrew: Some 17th/18th century residents of Belvedere House, Drumcondra, 63-75.

Kennedy, Máire: ‘Politicks, coffee and news’: the Dublin book trade in the eighteenth century, 76-85.

newspaper report: City news from the past (Sunday Independent, 2 September 1945) Record Crowds at Ballsbridge, 85.

newspaper report: City news from the past: (The Irish Times, 18 Mar 1879) Body found, 91.

newspaper report: City news from the past (Irish Independent, 3 Dec 1934) Prize scheme for opera by Irish composer [heading ‘Body found’ repeated in error], 110.


DHR Vol. LVIII, No. 2 (Autumn 2005)

Robinson James: Oscar Wilde’s friend and benefactor, Helen Carew (c.1856–1928), 112-121.

Gatenby, Peter: The Meath Hospital, Dublin, 122-128.

Ferguson, Kenneth: Rocque’s map and the history of Nonconformity in Dublin: a search for meeting houses, 129-165.

newspaper report: City news from the past (The Wicklow People, 13.1.1906) Fire in Kilmainham,

newspaper report: City news from the past (Irish Independent, 23.2.1931) Brave rescue in Dublin, 165.

Kelly, David: The Augustinians in Dublin, 166-175.

Coyle, Eugene: Larkinism and the 1913 County Dublin farm labourers’ dispute, 176-190.

McGowan, Gerard: A model railway shop in Phibsboro’, 191-194.

Lowth, Cormac F.: The one-legged sailor and the King, 195-207.


DHR Vol. LIX, No. 1 (Spring 2006)

Fennessy, Ignatius: The Prince and the Franciscan, 2-4.

Scannell, James: From horse-drawn trams to LUAS: a look at public transport in Dublin from the 1870s to the present time, 5-18.

Clark, Mary: Dublin City Archives and it’s collections [sic], 20-27.

Byrne, Maurice: The ace with the shamrock, 28-35.

Scarry, John: Singers in Victorian Dublin, 36-46.

Cooney, Dudley Levistone: A Dublin architect: George F Beckett, 47-64.

Hurley, Michael J.: Baldoyle as a racecourse village, 65-80.

Kinsella, Anthony: Lord Iveagh’s Irish Hospital in South Africa, 1900, 81-94.


DHR Vol. LIX, No. 2 (Autumn 2006)

Scannell, James: A Dun Laoghaire firefighter and the Belfast Blitz, 113-117.

Whearity, Peter F.: Martello Tower No. 10, Shenick’s Island, Skerries, Co. Dublin, 119-134.

newspaper article: City news from the past (The Irish Independent, 30 April 1945) Liffey double tragedy, 134.

O’Doherty, Tony: Glasnevin Village in the 18th century: the Parish Alms House and the parish school, 135-145.

newspaper article: City news from the past (The Irish Independent, 8 May 1945) Doctor shot in Dublin, 145.

Mortimer, Theo: Producing an historical journal or newsletter, 146-152.

newspaper article: City news from the past (The Irish Independent, 28 April 1945) Unidentified body, 152.

Scannell, James: St. Colmcille’s Hospital, Loughlinstown, Co. Dublin: from workhouse infirmary to general hospital, 153-165.

McCabe, Brian: A casualty of progress, 166-170.

Ruddy, Bernardine: Baymount Castle, Clontarf, 171-181.

newspaper article: City news from the past (The Irish Independent, 28 April 1945) Unidentified body, 181 [repeated in error].

Horner, Arnold: John Rennie’s documents relating to the planning of Dunleary Harbour, 1815–1816, 182-200.

Kinsella, Anthony: Look Out Post 6 at Howth Summit, 201-205.

newspaper article: City news from the past (The Irish Independent, 25 May 1945) Appeal for doctors and nurses, (Irish Independent, 25.5.1945), 205.


DHR Vol. LX, No. 1 (Spring 2007)

O’Flaherty, Louis: Drumcondra and the Tolka River, 3-14.

O’Brien, Andrew: The history of Nelson’s Pillar, 15-23.

newspaper article: City news from the past (The Irish Independent, 25 May 1945) Presidential flag hoisted, 23.

Ó Doibhilín, Mícheál: Anne Devlin—the woman behind the myth, 25-43.

Jones, Randolph: Dublin’s great Civic Sword, Mayor John Drake and his victory near Bray in 1402, 44-53.

newspaper article: City news from the past (The Evening Herald, 27 October 1956) Milk bottles—£50,000 loss, 53.

Ó Gráda, Diarmuid: Pursuing the frail abbess, the location of brothels in Georgian Dublin, 54-60.

newspaper article: City news from the past (The Evening Herald, 27 Oct 1956) Turkey’s National Day, 60.

Roundtree, Susan: Dublin bricks and brickmakers, 61-70.

newspaper article: City news from the past (The Evening Herald, 27 Oct 1956) ‘Advertisement’ for Wesley College, 70.

de Valera, Terry: Booterstown, a parish of importance, 71-76.

newspaper article: City news from the past (Irish Independent, 28 April 1945) Dublin Actor’s Collapse on Stage, 76.

Cooney, Dudley Levistone: Donations given by members of the Society, their families and associated Societies, 77-94.

newspaper article: City news from the past (The Evening Herald, 15 Aug 1945) Strike by C.I.E employees, 94.

Robinson, James: Pilot Officer Norman Robinson (1917–1943). Killed in action, World War II, 95-105.

McQuinn, Colm: Description of the holdings of Fingal County Council Archives, 106-110.

Finch, Eric C.: E.T.S. Walton—atom splitter and man of peace, 111-123.

newspaper article: City news from the past (The Evening Herald, 15 Aug 1945) Other Disputes, 123.

newspaper article: City news from the past (The Evening Herald, Oct 1925) Port improvements—Liffey Tunnel and Butt Bridge projects postponed, 142.

newspaper article: City news from the past (The Evening Herald, 2 Nov 1925) Motor owners and roads, 142.


DHR Vol. LX, No. 2 (Autumn 2007)

Scannell, James: A Dublin day—Thursday 29 November 1956, 144-149.

Kinahan, Jack: Kinahan’s LL—a forgotten Dublin whisky, 151-160.

Mortimer, Theo: The incorporated orthopaedic Hospital of Ireland, 161-166.

O’Donoghue, David: State within a State: the Nazis in neutral Ireland, 167-170.

Parkinson, Danny (edited by Theo Mortimer): The Corballis family of Nuttstown Co. Dublin and Rosemount, Roebuck and Donnybrook, 171-189.

Ní Mhurchadha, Maighréad: Property of a gentleman in Renaissance Dublin, 190-195.

King, Carla: Michael Davitt, the Evening Telegraph and Dublin Corporation, 1855–6, 196-207.

Ó hAnnracháin, Eoghan: Dubliners in the galleys of France, 208-217.

Clark, Mary: The Mansion House, Dublin, 218-227.

Cooney, Dudley Levistone: Catholic reorganisation—Methodist organisation—a study in parallels, 228-231.

newspaper article: City news from the past (The Irish Times, 18 August 1943) The President’s name, 235.

newspaper article: City news from the past (The Evening Herald, 30 October 1945) Dr. Johnson’s Irish Visit, 252.


New index volume, Vol I March 1938 to LVI Autumn 2003

General Index to Dublin Historical Record. Volume I – Volume LVI: March 1938 – Autumn 2003. Compiled by Fergus Mulligan PhD incorporating the General Index to Volumes I-XXX compiled by G. Lennox Barrow PhD. Published by the Old Dublin Society, 2007.