For Aspects of the History of Drogheda, another series by the Society, see below.


Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1976

Number 1

An eighteen century description of Drogheda

Mary Delaney

Some musical antiquities of Drogheda

Sean O'Sullivan

Forty years ago [see also Journal 12]

Mary Hurley

Some Drogheda wells

Anne Crilly

Si monumentum requiris, circumspice [The almshouses of St Peter's Place]

Sean O'Sullivan

The "1722" Bridge

Moira Corcoran, MA, FRSAI

Lays of the last minstrels


Education in Drogheda through the ages

Mary Malone

Drogheda Harp Society

Patrick L Cooney


Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1977

Number 2

The civic guards arrive in Drogheda

James Garry

Drogheda's markets and fairs

Ann Crilly

Drogheda's mace and sword

Peggy O'Reilly

In our museum

Harry Fairtlough

The streets and lanes of Drogheda, Part 1 - medieval

Moira Corcoran

Inscriptions on stones in Stagreenan Graveyard [outside Drogheda on road to Mornington]

James Garry

Random recollections of the Drogheda Rowing Club

James Garry

Grendon's Foundary [1835 - 1970]

James Garry


Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1979

Number 3

The Drogheda election of 1868

Vy rev Fr Gerard Rice

Funeral of the illfated James Woods [obit November 1868 during an election]

James Garry

In our museum: the [trade] Banner Room

Harry Fairtlough & Jackie Rooney

The Streets and Lanes of Drogheda: Part 2

Moira Corcoran, MA, FRSAI

Symbolism of the Cross [the Medical Missionaries of Mary and the Penal Cross]

Sister M Monica Clarke, MMM

A seventeenth century description of Drogheda


Some extracts from the minute book of the Drogheda Union Board of Guardians [see also McDonough Journal 12]


James Garry

Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1983

Number 4

The Fenians in Drogheda

Moira Corcoran, MA, FRSAI

The coins and tokens of Drogheda

Vy Rev Fr Gerard Rice

Jarvies of Drogheda

James Garry

Tombstone inscriptions from Beaulieu

James Garry

Drogheda's refuse problems [1656 -1707]

Moira Corcoran, MA, FRSAI

Beechgrove House

Sr M Monica Clarke, MMM

Hugh Bolter, Archbishop of Armagh

Sean O'Sullivan

Town's early 'phone system

A J Litton, BE BSc

The Elcocks of Drogheda

John McCullen

Drummer William Kenny, Victoria Cross

James Garry

In honoured memory of [those who died in World War 1]


James Garry

Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1986


Number 5

Fairtlough appreciations

Moira Corcoran, MA, FRSAI & James Garry

The boy from Termonfeckin [John Dolan]

John McCullen

Some medieaval tiles from Drogheda

Kieran Campbell

Drogheda Merchants of the 18th. Century

Dr John Fitzgerald

The cholera epidemic of 1832

Maureen Wilson

Drogheda motor vehicles 1903 - 1916

Michael Ward

The 8th. Field Battery, Volunteer Force

Capt Peter Durnin, KSG, KM, KC*HS

Drogheda Jail during the period of the Famine

Ned McHugh

A note on Sandpit Church

Dr. Christine Casey

Drogheda Folklore

Moira Corcoran, MA, FRSAI

Drogheda and the Fairtlough Family

Dr Aideen M Ireland

Graveyard inscriptions in St. Marys Church of Ireland, Drogheda

James Garry

The Boyne Coracle in our Museum

Breeda Tuite

The dresser in our museum

James Garry

The Drogheda Quilt in our Museum


Mary McDonnell

Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1989

Number 6

The Boyne Viaduct

Kevin Murray

Constructing the Bridge

James Garry

Out the Beamore Road

John McCullen

The Whitworths and Drogheda in the 19th Century

Jane Renfrew

The Railway to the Quays by Gerard

John Owens

Notes on Drogheda Union Workhouses

Michael O. McDonough and Mary McD. Malone

Caldwell Estate

Aideen M. Ireland

Mornington Alias Marinerstown

Michael Ward

Mornington Inscriptions

James Garry

Parliamentary Registration 1852 Rated Occupiers


Drogheda Development Association Ltd - 1905-1908

Sean Collins

The "Ham and Egg" Brigade

Sean Collins

In our Museum - Medieval Drogheda

Moira Corcoran

Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1990

Number 7

Night of the Big Wind: 6 January, 1838

Michael O McDonough

Drogheda's Timbered Houses

Moira Corcoran MA FRSAI

Sources for Local history in the Drogheda area

Hugh Comerford

Cairnes of Stameen

John McCullen

Drogheda Parliamentary elections of 1835

Ned McHugh

Account Books of the Brick and Stonelayers Society 1887-1889

James Garry

Battle of the Boyne 1690

Breeda Tuite

The Titchbourne acquisition of the Plunkett estate of Beaulieu

Dr Harold O'Sullivan

The end of an era - landlordism in the 19th. Century [the Foster Estate in Collon Co Louth]

Niamh Fairtlough

A Drogheda glossary

James Garry

Random Jewish settlements in Drogheda

Cllr. Sean Collins, MA

The Boyne hunt

Desmond Chaloner

The Presentation foundation in Drogheda

Sr. M Oliver Allen

Schools and Schoolmaster

Michael Ward


Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1992

No 8

Lifeboats on the Boyne: 1856-1926

Patsy McKenna

When the walls came tumbling down

Moira Corcoran, MA, FRSAI

Papal awards in the Drogheda area

Capt Peter F Durnin, KSG, KM, KC*HS

Meath maps in the National Library

Maeve Reilly

St Peter's church of Ireland, Drogheda, gravestones inscriptions

James Garry

Fr. Thomas Gogarty: 1877-1949

Donald Murphy

Fanlights of Fair Street

Jim Kelly

Sienna Convent: the Portugese connection

James Kirwan

Events of Easter 1916 in Drogheda

John McCullen

The Land League in Drogheda 1880-1881

Michael Ward

Presentation School infant boys roll book: 1859-1870

Christy Quigley

List of members of the Old Drogheda Society



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1994

No 9

800 years of Drogheda

Moira Corcoran, MA, FRSAI

P J Dodd of Drogheda: Architect and Civil Engineer

P J Geraghty, Bsc, DIS

Criminal offences, compensation and breaches of the Truce in Drogheda in 1920-1921

Dr Martin Thornton

Limekilns and lime usage

Michael Ward

The Drogheda Steampacket Company

John McCullen

Drogheda: the racehorse

Damien Somerville

Presentation School girl boys roll book: 1822-1839

Christy Quigley

The Victor Clarke Geological Collection in Millmount Museum

Prof. Frank Mitchell

Some minutes from times past

Tom Reilly

Under the hill of Donore

Seamus Matthews

The Donore Inscriptions

James Garry

List of members of the Old Drogheda Society



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1996

No 10

Our cover: the Drogheda 800 stamp

Cllr Sean Collins, MA

John Boyle O'Reilly and Irish adjustment in America

Dr David Doyle

A visit to Arus an Uachtaran 4th. November 1994

Anne Bradley

Owners, Masters and Crews of some Drogheda ships: 1863-1873

James Garry

Lt James Samuel Emerson, Victoria Cross

Patsy McKenna

Drogheda men who went to war

Florrie Murray and Colin Boylan

The Big Wind

Maureen Perkins

Tudor Drogheda 1534-1603

Susan O'Connor

Nanny Water Coastguard

Michael Ward

"We all had of course a wonderful time in Drogheda", Drogheda and Denmark in World War 11

Capt Peter Durnin, KSG, KM, KC*HS

Presentation School girl boys roll book: 1822-1839 [Part 11]

Christy Quigley

Highlights of a generation

John McCullen


Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1998

No 11

Recent archaelogical discoveries in Drogheda

Deirdre Murphy

A Drogheda steamship: The Irishman

J Colin Bain

Drogheda seamen: 1880-1940

Christy Quigley

John Boyle O'Reilly: the early years

Seamus Matthews

Dowth churchyard memorial inscriptions

Dr Patrick J Shorthall

The Elcock-Netterville lease

Lucy McCullen

The pub at Duleek gate

John McCullen

Drogheda Municipal Art Gallery

Peter Jordan

The origin and development of two Meath villages

Michael Ward

Problems of the tenant farmer during the Famine years

Eileen McCullough

Some notes on the Drogheda families of Carroll, Clinton, McGovern and Skelly

Gerald Conan Kennedy

James Anderson and the Drogheda pilgrimage to Knock: 1880

Rev Fr Iggy O'Donovan, osa

"Drogheda the place for me" song

Evelyn Kirwan

"Drogheda" poem

Donald Byrne

Drogheda forty shilling freeholders

Moira Corcoran, MA, FRSAI

Letter from Bill English, 1966

James Garry

Authors and their contributions to the Journal: 1976-1996


James Garry

Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 2000

Number 12

"A day of joy and Pride", a history of the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes

Capt. Peter Durnin, KSG, KM, KC*HS

The Minto's of Drogheda

Frank Minto

Mise agus Feis na Boinne

Seamus Matthews

Memories of Drogheda in the Forties

Paddy Lynch

Presentation School Girls Roll Book, 1840 - 1850

Christy Quigley

After the Battle of the Boyne: Some Irish Dutch connections

James Kirwan

World War 1 Service List: St Peter's Church of Ireland

Lynn McDonnell

A child growing up in Millmount Martello

Breeden McGlynn

Drogheda and the British General strike

Eugene Kernan

The [newfound]Well Road

Frank Gallagher

[The townland of ]Bryanstown - changed utterly!

John McCullen

Drogheda Poor Law guardians 1839-1924

George McDonough

"The street corners of Drogheda"

Tom Winters

Fr Patrick McCabe 1822 -1899 Minnesota and John Boyle O'Reilly

Peggy O'Reilly


Franciscan Order leave Drogheda after 755 years


Scouting in Drogheda 1935 - 2000

Pat Hanratty

44 years a singing [a history of St Peters Male Voice Choir]

Owen Rafferty

Pillboxes on the Boyne [1939 - 1945]

Dr Geraldine Stout and Michael Reilly


Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 2001

Number 13

Drogheda's early Trade Unions Frank Gallagher

Dance of Death: Cadaver stones Eileen McCullough

Moorechurch cemetery inscriptions, Co Meath Margaret Hughes

Dyer Street and its environs Moira Corcoran and James Garry

Gravestones at Monknewton, Co Meath Michael Reilly

The Matthews Family Seamus Matthews

The Creaser and Eagar Families James F Todd

Dead Meat Society John McCullen

The Painters of Drogheda and Co Louth Charles Callan

The Gaelic League in Drogheda Sean O Greagoir

Widows of the Invaders Gillian Kenny, MA

Crossing the Border in the Fifties Pat Hanratty

An Oige in Mellifont, Co Louth

A tragic death: John Mullen and the Tredagh

Cycling Club Dermot Faitlough



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: No. 14 year 2004

Drogheda Emigrants returns on holidays Pat Judge

An Réalt Jim Garry

Beamore races John McCullen

The milkmen and Dairies of Drogheda District Tom Winters

End of an era: the Big Fair Day Ted Greene

West Street in 1953 Jim Garry

Patrick Fulham, MP, of Donore & Meath Election of 1892 Seamus Matthews

St. Mary’s Villas Lilian Little

Drogheda Man [Judge Thomas Roe] attempts to influence Tory

Policy Kieran McGovern

Drogheda’s Fire Service Patsy McKenna

Old Drogheda meeting a new state Frank Gallagher

Members of Drogheda Corporation 1876-1898 Peter Durnin

William Fluker – Boathouse Keeper, Drogheda Rowing Club Local Voices

Directory of Authorities, Unions, Firms etc in Drogheda Mr. Schultz

Notable personalities in St. Peter’s Cemetery Peter Durnin

Presbyterianism in Drogheda Bill McIlreavy

Drogheda Citizens and their occupations in 1830 Patsy McKenna

Surrender at Millmount 1922 Garry Owens

Pictures from the Societies archives

Paddy Matthews: an appreciation John Gregory





Aspects of the History of Drogheda

  1. Topography and layout of medieval Drogheda - by John Bradley.
  2. The 1798 insurrection - various authors.
  3. The Cord Cemetery.
  4. Drogheda and the Medical Missionaries of Mary, - Isabelle Smyth.
  5. Trade and Guild Banners of Drogheda - Moira Corcoran & Peter Durnin.
  6. St Peter's Church: a quasi history - Patrick Carr.



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