Donegal Annual No. 42 (1990)

Canning, Bernard J.: Donegal Association in Glasgow 1877-1977, 4-12.

Bonner, Brian: The Parish of Donagh: a list of Parish Priests, 13-16.

McLaughlin, Enda: Did cursing stones really sink the HMS Wasp? 17-24.

Roberts, Alan & Ferguson, W.S.: Robert Boyd of Ballymacool, 24-28.

Williams, J.D.: The Boundary Commission and Donegal, 28-32.

Ó Cuireáin, Tomás: Elizabeth Shane, the forgotten poetess? 33-37.

Mac a' Ghoill, Padraig: Life in the Rosses - two hundred years ago, 38-41.

Cunningham, John B.: A Ballyshannon emigrant's letter and Lifford Jail, 42-45.

Mac Aoidh, Seamus: Nixon-a tyrant landlord, 45-48.

Carville, Geraldine: A Cistercian grange and the adventures of Captain Cuellar 1588, 49-61.

Sweeney, R. Mingo: The origins of Clann Suibhne, 61-62.

McGettigan, Darren: Early history of McGettigan sept, 63-68.

Mac Congáil, Nollaig: Seosamh Mac Grianna - Rí-Éigeas na gConallach 1900-1990, 69-83.

Walsh, Brian: An Irish licence was the 'Open Sesame', 83-86.

Spears, Arthur & Emerson, Lucius: "The Deity by the Well", 86-107.

anon: Publications of Donegal interest, 1st Oct., 1989-30th Sept., 1990, 121-122.

Verling, Eithne: Some new archaeological sites from County Donegal, 125-127.


Donegal Annual No. 43 (1991)

Beattie, Sean: "This Destructive Trade", Illicit distillation and its effects in 19th century Inishowen, 2-16.

McClintock, May: Ray School, Manorcunningham, 16-26.

Hannigan, Gerard A.: World War II plane crashes in Co. Donegal, 26-45.

McGee, Seamus: Killydonnell Friary, 45-50.

Spears, Arthur & Emerson, Lucius: Carved stone heads from Drumnacroil, Ballintra, with some speculation as to their origin, 50-61.

Begley, Anthony: The Folliotts, Wardstown Castle and the Colleen Bawn, 61-75.

Mac a'Ghoill, P draig S.: Oche Mhic a'Dubhghaill nó Oíche na Gaoithe Móire, 75-77.

Blair, Raymond A.: "Utterly incapable of doing an intentional wrong!" The Co. Donegal Grand Jury in the Early 19th Century, 77-86.

Evans, Clive J.: The story of Bruckless House, 86-98.

Blair, Raymond A.: The Wilsons of Upper Cavan (1818-1895), a tale of prosperity, tragedy and bankruptcy, 99-108.

Campbell, Jack: The Coastal Defences in Lenan during the Emergency, 109-117.

Bonner, Brian: Ó Muirgheas in: the Bishop's tax-gatherer, 117-121.

anon.: Publications of Donegal interest 1st Oct. 1990-31st Dec. 1991, 124-129.

Mac a'Ghoill, Padraig S.: One hundred year letter on famine years, 131.


Donegal Annual No. 44 (1992)

Byrne, Conall: John McColgan (1592-1992), 2-7.

McClure, Paddy: "A Wonderful Day", 8-11.

Beattie, Se n: Emigration from North Donegal, with specific reference to the Barony of Inishowen from 1609, 11-40.

Ó Floinn, Raghnall: A lintel grave cemetery at Killlygarvan, Co. Donegal, 42-50.

Meehan, Helen: The Montgomerys, the Sinclairs and Drumbeg House, 51-62.

Ó h-Eochaidh, Tom s: A forgotten Donegal Man - Neal Glacan, 62-63.

Burton, Patricia: 250 years old... the Augusta County Regiment, 1742-1992, 64-68.

Stephens, Clare: The Ellistrim Mutual Improvement Association, 69-82.

Fanning, Thomas & Crumlish, Richard: A bronze ringed pin from Ballintemple, 83-87.

Gallagher, Martina & Barrett, Hilary: The jail in Lifford Diamond, 88-91.

Silke, John J.: Doe in the Plantation, 92-105.

Kenny, Michael: The Rannyhaul Hoard: silver coins of the Tudors and Stuarts probably hidden during the Great Rebellion, 1641-53. 106-110.

Bonner, Brian: Mac Daibhéid: descendant of Pug-Nosed Ó Dochartaigh, 110-113.

McCreadie, John F.: St. Catherine's Oughterlin, 1792-1992, 113-114.

Ó Dón ill, Niall: Mná  na nDálach, 115-117.

Ó Rón in, Liam: Tracing Donegal ancestors, 118-123.

Ó Rón in, Liam: Publications of Donegal interest, 1st January 1992-31st December 1992, 129-132.


Donegal Annual No. 45 (1993)

Begley, Anthony: Diary of a Ballyshannon lady, 1844-1848, 4-20.

Roberts, Alan: Rev. Richard Dill, M.A. (c1804-1858), and Magee College, 21-23.

Ó Floinn, R.: A bog body from Meenybradden Bog, Co. Donegal, Ireland, 23-28.

anon: The Irish Language in Inishowen, North Donegal, 29-42.

Crumlish, Richard: Tullaghobegley Church and Graveyard excavation report, 42-51.

Walls, John P.: Hugh Deery, 52-54.

Meehan, Helen: Ethna Carbery - Anna Johnston McManus, 55-65.

anon: Plane crash in the Blue Stacks remembered, 66-68.

Mac a' Ghoill, Pádraig S.: "Cu Uladh" - Peter Toner McGinley, 1856-1942, 69-71.

Bolger, Pat: The village banks in Donegal, 72-75.

Gamble, J.A.: Dr. Thomas Reid, a convict ship's surgeon, 76-82.

Richardson, Hilary: The fate of Kingsley Porter, 83-87.

Emerson, Lucius J.: Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte - from the Baer manuscript, 88-93.

Spears, Arthur: 300 years of the Brookes and other Ascendancy families at Lough Eske, 94-103.

anon: Donegal local studies, 1993, 113-117.

Nolan, Joanna: New archaeological sites in Donegal investigated by the County Museum, 126-128.

Moore, Fionbarr: The discovery of a souterrain in the townland of Murvagh Lower (1) Co. Donegal, 128-130.


Donegal Annual No. 46 (1994)

Meehan, Helen: The McManus Brothers, 5-18.

Mac Cuinneagáin, Conall: "Aodh Ruadh Ó Domhnaill - what caused his death?", 18-22.

anon [quotation from book]: 400 years ago, 22.

Ó Canainn, Aodh: Cosslett a Chruinnigh, 23-33.

Coll, Tom: Dunlewey by the lakes, 34-42.

Hayes, Francis: John Daniel, Thomas Conolly and the Erne Fisheries 1796-1799, 43-52.

McDaid, Mary: History of land ownership and agrarian structure of the estate of William Connolly, 53-60.

Ó Dochartaigh, Gearalt: Gael Mór Mo Linne - An tAthair Peadar Mac Loinnsigh, 60-63.

Tuke, James Hack: Visit to some of the distressed districts in Ireland, 64-82.

Begley, Anthony: A letter from America, 1859, 83-86.

Cunningham, John: Old graveyards and irregular burials near Pettigo, 87-90.

MacArthur, C.W.P.: Memoirs of a land agent, 90-107.

Haren, Michael: Lough Derg, the Continent of Europe and the recesses of the mind, 107-114.

Carr, Kathleen: The turas (Sts. Peter & Paul), 114-116.

Ó Rónáin, Liam: Donegal local publications, 1994, 125-129.

Nolan, Joanna: Newly discovered archaeological sites in Donegal recorded during 1994, 138-140.


Donegal Annual No. 47 (1995)

Bonner, Brian: Ó Siail, the healer (R.I.P. October 1995), 5-8.

Meehan, Helen: Montgomery of Alamein and the Montgomerys of Moville, 9-23.

Quinn, Kieran: Famine in Inishowen, 23-27.

MacCuinneagáin, Conall: The Great Famine in Glencolmcille and neighbourhood, 28-38.

Ua Cnáimhsí, Pádraig: The Great Famine in the Rosses, 39-44.

Mac Arthur, C.W.P.: The Quaker mission in Donegal, 1846, additional annotation, 45-46.

Canning, Bernard J.: Arranmore Disaster recalled, 47-50.

Mac Aoidh, Seamus: Aodh Mac Aodha Duibh of Ramelton, 51-54.

Mac Arthur, C.W.P. (ed.): Memoirs of a land agent, part 2, 55-76.

Bourke, Edward: Donegal shipwrecks, 77-83.

McMullin, Eunan: The demise of the Strabane & Letterkenny Railway, 83-89.

Finn, Billy: A study of schools and schoolteachers in Ballyshannon and the surrounding districts in the 19th century, 89-96.

Lysaght, Patricia: Féile na Bealtaine in Iarthar agus Iar-dheiscirt Thír Chonaill, 97-106.

Ó hEarc in, M.: Meath na Gaeilge gCluain Maine agus Iorras, 106-112.

Kegley, Mary B.: A Donegal-Virginia connection, 113-115.

Ó Dochartaigh, Gearált: Gael Mór mo Linna (2) - An t-Árd-Deochan Mac Giolla Chearra, 115-116.

Ó Rónáin, Liam: Donegal Studies 1995, 129-134.


Donegal Annual No. 48 (1996)

Part 1: Recalling fifty glorious years

Emerson, Lucius J.: The early years of the County Donegal Historical Society, 6-8.

King, Cecil A.: Memories, pleasant and sad, 9-10.

McGill, Lochlainn:Memorable events of the last fifty years, 11-14.

Cookman, E.W.R.: Achievements, 15-20.

Cookman, E.W.R.: President's chain of office, 21.

Part 2: Donegal Historical Society past and present

Kerr, archdeacon: Donegal in song and story, 26-39.

MacDonagh, Chris: The ancient Parish of Kilteevogue, 39-42.

Nolan, Joanna: Facts from flint: Andrew Lowry and his collection, 42-45.

Tosh, R.S.: Understanding traditions, 46-50.

Ó Gallchóir, Noel: Faoí scáth na hEargala, 51-69.

Mulholland, Joe: The writers of Donegal, 70-83.

Part 3: Annual miscellany

Ó Canainn, Tomás G.: Fragmenta Rapotensiana, contributions towards a Diocesan Dictionary, 86-100.

Downey, Thomas: The lumper: an analysis of its role in the Irish Famine, 1846-50, 100-104.

Cunningham, John: Belleek, Ballyshannon and Pettigo in the 1790s, 104-110.

Conlan, Patrick: Irish Franciscan studies in the 17th century, 110-122.

Spears, Arthur: Some interesting Gaelic placenames from Balleighan and Ballylawn, two estates of the Ulster Plantation of the Laggan ("Portlough Precinct") with short accounts of the two estates in the 18th and 19th centuries, 123-140.

Beattie, Sean: Edward Maginn, a bishop for all seasons, 141-157.

O'Donnell, Martina: Government intervention in land improvement in County Donegal, 1846-1880, 158-192.

Meehan, Helen: The Cholera (1832-33), the Famine and Inver relief committees, 193-204.

Finn, Billy: 1997... the 400th anniversary of the Battle of Ballyshannon, 205-210.

McGill, Lochlainn: Of myth and men, 211-217.

Transition class, Bundoran V.E.C.: Graveyard inscriptions at Finner, 218-234.

McGill, Lochlann: An insight into the post Famine Rosses, 235.

Ó Rónáin, Liam: Donegal studies, 236-243.

King, C.A.: Stalwarts in public life, 256.

King: C.A.: Passing of history, 257-259.


Donegal Annual No. 49 (1997)

Part 1

O'Donnell, Eunan: The holy wells of St. Colmcille, 7-11.

Meehan, Helen: Disert in the Blue Stacks, 12-23.

Ó hEarcáin, Marius: Colmcille san Fhabhalscéalaíocht, 24-36.

Spears, Arthur: La Chalum-Chille, 37-38.

Lacy, Brian: A lost Columban Turas in Derry, 39-41.

Spears, Arthur: Is Misach Cairnigh attributed to the wrong Saint Cairneach? 42-45.

Ó Fearraí, Cathal: The Diocese of Raphoe celebrates the 14th centenary of the death of Colmcille, 46-55.

Ó Gallachóir, Patrick: Columban Donegal, 55-67.

Part 2

Cannon, Séamus: The Famine in Dunfanaghy, 69-76.

Beattie, Sean: Laggan farm accounts, 77-85.

Mac Arthur, C.W.P.: Balloo or Baloo, General Hart's Indian Servant, with remarks on the Harts' ownership of Doe Castle and its estate, 86-97.

Conlan, Patrick: The Franciscan Third Order Regular in Donegal, 98-104.

Conlan, Pat: A note on Anthony O'Donnell, O.F.M., Bishop of Raphoe, 1750-55, 105.

Jefferies, Henry A.: A catalogue of the Bishops of Raphoe to A.D. 1600, 106-112.

Evans, Clive: Morton in Bruckless, 113-120.

Mac Éimear, L.: O'Donnells of Tir Chonaill, 121.

Nolan, Joanna: Archaeological sites recorded in Donegal during 1997, 122-125.

Ó Ronáin, Liam: Donegal Studies, 1997, 128-135.