JCHAS XCV 254 (Jan-Dec 1990)

Ó Murchadha, Diarmuid: The siege of Cork in 1690, 1-19

Rynne, Colin: Some observations on the production of flour and meal in the Early Historic period, 20-29.

O Callaghan, Joseph F.: The O Callaghans and the rebellion of 1641, 30-40.

Sheehan, John: A pair of Viking age animal-headed arm-rings from County Cork, 41-54.

Harrison, Richard S.: The Quakers of Charleville 1661-1742, 55-63.

Hurley, Maurice: Excavations at Grand Parade, Cork, II, 64-87.

O'Sullivan, Patrick S.: Land surveys and mapping of eighteenth-century Kanturk, 88-106.

Buttimer, Cornelius G.: A Cork Gaelic text on a Napoleonic campaign, 107-119.

Geary, Laurence M.: Fraternally yours: Roderic and Frances Burdett O'Connor, 120-123.

Henchion, R.: The gravestone inscriptions of Co. Cork - XVI, 124-144.

Davis, Helen Moloney: An Egyptian mummy and coffin at University College Cork, 145-152.

Ó hÚrdail, Roibeárd: Phonological underdifferentiation in two dialects of Cork English, 153-157.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Monarch in a hurry, 158-159.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: The other side of the hill, 159.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Cork harbour defences 1942, 159-160.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Aguisín (1987): Dean Clayton, 160.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Dr Caulfield, Librarian, 160.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: The debtors of Thomas Nevill 1642, 161.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Cork City Assizes 1789, 161-162.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Old Blarney House, 162-164.

McGrath, Walter: The Fenians in Australia (Review-article), 165-167.

Simpson, D.D.A.: Note: A stone battle-axe from County Cork, 168.


JCHAS 96 (1991) Special Centenary Number 1891-1991

McCarthy, J.P.: Journeying to a journal: the Society's predecessors, 1-18.

Holohan, Patrick: The Cork Historical and Archaeological Society: foundation and consolidation, 1891-1943, 19-42.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Some members and memories of other days, 43-58.

Ó Murchadha, Diarmuid: The Society's Journal, 59-82.

McGrath, Walter: The later years of the Society, 83-90.

Murphy, John A.: History and the Journal, 91-102.

Woodman, P.C.: Archaeology and the Journal: concern for a disappearing past, 103-116.

Ó Riain, Pádraig: Barra naofa: tuairisc an irisleabhair air, 117-124.

Buckley, D.B.: The Society's outings, 125-154.

Mulcahy, Michael: Cork Historical Guides Committee, 155-158.

Cadogan, Tim: Supporting roles: a century of Cork's other historical journals, 159-164.


JCHAS 97 (1992)

Foster, R.F.: History, locality and identity: a lecture to mark the centenary of the Society, 1-10.

O'Brien, William: Boulder-burials: a later Bronze Age megalith tradition in South-West Ireland, 11-35.

Buttimer, Cornelius: A Gaelic reaction to Robert Emmet's rebellion, 36-53.

Rynne, Colin: Early medieval horizontal-wheeled mill penstocks from Co. Cork, 54-68.

Harrison, Richard, S.: The Cork Anti-Slavery Society, its antecedents and Quaker background, 1755-1859, 69-79.

Ó Maolfabhail, Art: Art: Béalnabláth nó Béal Átha na Bláthche? 80-84.

Klingelhöfer, Eric: The Renaissance fortifications at Dunboy Castle, 1602: a report on the 1989 excavations, 85-96.

Ó Gráda, Diarmuid: Cath chéim an fhia: its place in the Rockite campaign, 97-103.

Davis, Helen Moloney: Set of canopic jars in University College Cork (with a report on the contents by John Evans), 104-110.

Bielenberg, Andy: The growth and decline of a textile town: Bandon 1770-1840, 111-119.

Twohig, Elizabeth Shee: A cross-inscribed slab from Laheratanvally, Skibbereen, Co. Cork, 120-123.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: The Marquess Mac Swiney of Mashanaglass, 124.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Lady Goold and the Bishop, 125.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: The symbol of the notary Roche, 125-6.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: The staple, 126.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: The secret chapel of Helen Goold, 127.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Mr. Danyell Gookin and Carrigaline, 127-128.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Gentry in Debt, 128-130.


JCHAS 98 (1993)

Ó Ríordáin, Traolach: Conradh na Gaeilge i gCorcaigh i dtosach a ré, 1-26.

O'Brien, Madeline: Excavations at Barrack Street - French's Quay, Cork, 27-49.

Ó Conchúir, Breandáin: Thomas Swanton, réamhchonraitheoir in Iar-Chairbre, 50-60.

McCotter, Paul: The Carews of Cork, 61-74.

Lennon, Anne-Marie: Excavation of a ringfort, Raheens I, near Carrigaline, Co. Cork, 75-89.

Lane, Pádraig G.: The Land and Labour Association 1894-1914, 90-106.

Cherry, Stella: Sheela-na-gigs from County Cork, 107-112.

O'Mahony, Colman: Fishing in nineteenth-century Kinsale, 113-132.

O'Leary, Paddy and Twohig, Elizabeth Shee: A possible iron age pillarstone on Cape Clear, Co. Cork, 133-140.

Martin, Ged: A visitor to Cork in 1775, 141-143.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: William Kingsmill and the Rising of 1641, 144-5.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Isaac Carroll, botanist, 145.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: `The Twenty-to-one Gun', 145-146.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Where is Hercules? 146.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Another missing memorial: 19th century grave memorials, 146-147.

Ó Murchadha, Diarmuid: Dúghlas de hÍde - Douglas Hyde (review article), 148-156.


JCHAS 99 (1994)

Annesley, Cressida: The land war in West Cork: the boycott of William Bence Jones, 1-22.

Sheehan, John: A Merovingian background for the Ardmoneel stone? 23-31.

Ó Murchadha, Diarmuid: Clann Taidhg Ruaidh na Scairte, 32-46.

Lennon, Ann-Marie: Summary report on excavation of ringfort, Raheens no. 2, near Carrigaline, Co. Cork, 47-65.

McCotter, Paul: The Carews of Cork (Part 2), 66-82.

Mulcahy, John: Patrick Lavallin and the Popish Plot, 83-95.

Ó hAnnracháin, Eoghan: Casualties in the ranks of the Clare regiment at Fontenoy, 96-110.

Meagher, John H.: Elias Voster: the father of Irish accountancy, 111-119.

Ó Laoghaire, Donncha: Three poems in Irish from mid-Cork, 120-129.

Harvey, Dan: General Michael Collins's notebook, August 1922, 130-132.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: An antiquary's note book 15, Royal Arms in Cork churches, 133-138.


JCHAS 100 (1995)

Cronin, Maura: Denny Lane, 1-15.

Conlan, Patrick: Berkeley Hall - St Anthony's Hall - Honan Hostel (UCC), 16-28.

McCarthy, J.P.: In search of Cork's collecting traditions: from Kilcrea's library to the Boole Library of today, 29-46.

Hurley, Maurice F.: Excavations in Cork City: Kyrl's Quay/North Main Street and at Grand Parade. (Part I), 47-90.

Fennessy, Ignatius: Patrick Roche of Kinsale and St. Patrick's College, Rome, 91-104.

Monk, Michael: A tale of two ringforts: Lisleagh I and II, 105-116.

Coyle, Eugene A.: An incident at Cove 1776, 117-128.

Fenning, Hugh: Cork imprints of Catholic historical interest 1723-1804: a provisional check-list, 129-148.

Lane, Pádraig G.: The organization of rural labourers 1870-1890, 149-160.

Ó Cearbhaill, Pádraig: SQUINCE agus ainmneacha gaolmhara, 161-166.

Hyland, C.P.: The Cork Total Abstainer, 167-171.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: By the banks of the Sabhrann, 172-174.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Charles McCarthy 1665 AD, 175.

Cherry, Stella: Fifty years of the Cork Public Museum, 176-177.


JCHAS 101 (1996)

Holohan, Patrick: The destruction of Farsid potato mill 1837, and an associated ballad, 1-8.

Hegarty, Daniel and Hickey, Brian: The famine graveyard on Carr's Hill near Cork, 9-14.

O'Brien, John B.: Cork society in the 1850s, 15-25.

Hurley, Maurice F.: Excavation in Cork city: Kyrl's Quay/North Main Street (Part 2), 26-63.

McCotter, Paul: The sub-infeudation and descent of the Fitzstephen/Carew moiety of Desmond (Part I), 64-80.

Fisher, Michael H.: Cork's Dean Mahomet, 81-93.

Cleary, Rose M.: Medieval graveyard and boundary wall at Cove Street, Cork, 94-111.

Ó Laoghaire, Donncha: Blúiríní seanaimsireachta ó oirthear Chontae Chorcaí, 112-114.

Fenning, Hugh: Cork imprints of Catholic historical interest 1805-1830: a provisional check-list (Part 2), 115-142.

Cronin, Maura: Denny Lane (Part 2), 143-157.

Conlan, Patrick: A list of the altar plate at Saint Francis, Cork, 158-161.

MacCarthy, C.J.F.: An antiquary's note book 17, Bantry Bay 1796: some local aspects, 162-169.


JCHAS 102 (1997)

Ó hAnnracháin, Eoghan: The Irish Brigade at Lafelt 1747: Pyrrhic victory and aftermath, 1-22.

Cleary, R.M.: Excavations at Chapel Lane, Youghal, 23-40.

Buttimer, Cornelius G.: Pláig fhollasach, pláig choimtheach: `Obvious plague, strange plague', 41-68.

McCarthy, Patricia: Sources for the study of the Great Famine, held at the Cork Archives Institute, 69-78.

Power, Catryn: The human remains from 19-20 Cove Street, Cork City, 79-88.

McCotter, Paul: The sub-infeudation and descent of the Fitzstephen/Carew moiety of Desmond (Part II), 89-106.

Long, Patrick: Cork-related letters patent of 1658, 107-110.

Ó Catháin, Diarmaid: Revd Charles Bunworth of Buttevant: patron of Harpers and poets, 111-120.

Kinmonth, Claudia: West Cork vernacular furniture makers: comparative analysis of field studies in a coastal community (Part I), 121-132.

MacCarthy, C.J.F.: An antiquary's note book 18, By the banks of the Shabhrann (2), 133-136.

Ó Laoghaire, Donncha: Blúiríní seanaimsireachta ó oirthear Chontae Chorcaí (2), 137-139.