Clogher Record Vol XIII, No 3 (1990)

Brown, Lindsay T.: The Presbyterians of County Monaghan. Part I: The unfolding story, 7-54.

McDonnell, Pat: From the Lammas Fair to New South Wales: the story of a Dromore convict, 55-71.

McMahon, Theo and O'Neill, Brendan: Rentals and reports of the Kane estate, Errigal Truagh, County Monaghan, 1764-1821, 72-91.

Mac Murchaidh, Ciarán: Some notes on Mag Uidhir Fhear Manach, 92-99.

Duffy, Patrick J.: A lease from the estate of the Earl of Essex 1624, 100-114.

Ó Mórdha, Pilib: Notes on some families of the Clones area: the Connolly family of Clones Estate, 115-124.

Cunningham, John B.: The investigation into the attempted assassination of Folliot Warren Barton near Pettigo, on 31 October 1845, 125-145.

Murnane, James H.: The Lawless sortie into County Monaghan: September-October 1828, 146-162.

Commins, Miriam: St. Joseph's Orphanage, Bundoran. I: The Crudden Trust, 163-179.


Clogher Record Vol XIV, No 1 (1991)

Walsh, Aidan: Excavation at the Black Pig's Dyke, 9-26.

Ó Mórdha, Pilib B.: Some MacMahon wills from Clogher Diocese, 27-36.

Carville, Ann: The impact of partition proposals on County Monaghan, 37-51.

McKenna, Malachy: A textual history of The Spiritual Rose, 52-73.

Schlegel, Donald M.: The plundered tates: Cahill Duffe O Connally and the Bishop's lands in Clones Parish, 74-82.

McCusker, Breege: Jack Carrothers - a soldier of the Great War, 83-88.

Johnston, Jack: Clogher Parish - some early sidesmen 1662-1734, 89-91.

McMahon, Theo: Some County Monaghan extracts from the 1821 census, 92-114.

anon.: Clogher Diocesan Census 1990, 115.

McMahon, Theo: Boycott and the `Boycott Medals', 116-7.


Clogher Record Vol XIV, No 2 (1992)

Duffy, Patrick J.: Assisted emigration from the Shirley Estate 1843-54, 7-62.

Johnston, Jack: Some christenings, marriages and burials in the parish church of Clogher, Co. Tyrone in 1666 with some notes, 63-65.

Ó Riain, Pádraig: Saints in the catalogue of bishops of the lost Register of Clogher, 66-77.

Cunningham, John B.: The conflict surrounding the drainage of the River Erne 1881-1890, 78-103.

Ó Mórdha, Pilip: Notes on some old public buildings in Clones, 104-108.

Carroll, Frederick: Some finds on the Sillees River around Ross Lough, Co. Fermanagh, 109-131.

Ó Mórdha, P.B.: Additional notes on the Hamiltons, 132.

Ó Mórdha, P.B.: "Roslea for King and Country", 132.

Ó Mórdha, P.B.: Bits and Pieces, 132.

Ó Mórdha, P.B.: A Scotshouse family in Australia, 133-4.

Ó Mórdha, P.B.: A Killeevan family in Australia, 134-5.

Ó Mórdha, P.B.: Another Scotshouse family in Australia, 135-6.

McMahon, Theo: The Boycott Volunteers, 136.


Clogher Record Vol XIV, No 3 (1993)

Maguire, William A.: Banker and absentee landowner: William Tennent in County Fermanagh, 1813-32, 7-28.

Cunningham, John B.: Dr Lombe Atthill and his picture of Fermanagh before the Famine, 29-41.

Dooley, Terence A.M.: Why Monaghan Protestants opposed Home Rule, 42-46.

Johnston, Jack: The Irvine Baronetcy, 47-51.

Gillespie, Raymond: The murder of Arthur Champion and the 1641 Rising in Fermanagh, 52-66.

Hughes, A.J.: A bardic poem by Diarmuid Mac an Bhaird on the destruction of a Mac Mahon stronghold in Co. Monaghan 1647 AD, 67-76.

MacDonald, Brian: A Fermanagh census, 77-110.

Ó Mórdha, Pilip: The Griffiths of Laurelhill, County Monaghan and associated families, 111-124.

Devlin, Kieran: The capture of Conor O Devany, martyr, 125-128.


Clogher Record Vol XV, No 1 (1994)

Ó Canann, Thomás G.: A poem on the rights of the coarb of Saint Molaisse, 7-24.

Parke, William K.: Extracts from the diary of Reverend John Nixon, 25-30.

Fitzgerald, Desmond: The Trillick Derailment 1854, 31-47.

Ó Mórdha, Pilip: Early schools and schoolteachers in Clones, 48-50.

Agnew, Úna: Patrick Kavanagh: early religious and devotional influences on his work, 51-73.

Ó Mórdha, Pilip: Some notes on Clones Workhouse, 74-75.

McAtamney, Neil: The Great Famine in County Fermanagh, 76-89.

Dooley, Terence A.M.: From the Belfast boycott to the Boundary Commission: fears and hopes in County Monaghan, 1920-1926, 90-106.

MacDonald, Brian: Church of Ireland members in the Aghadrumsee area in 1823, 107-121.

McCabe, Dermot: A famous Clones general, 122-126.

O'Neill, Jenny: The Flying Cosgroves', 126-128.

McMahon, Theo: O'Carragher Clan Association: Caraher Family History Society, 128-129.

Ó Mórdha, P.: Little bits and pieces, 129-130.


Clogher Record Vol XV, No 2 (1995)

MacDonald, Brian: The Portora School-lands: a study in estate management in nineteenth-century Fermanagh, 7-29.

Brown, Lindsay T.: The Presbyterian dilemma: a survey of the Presbyterians and politics in County Cavan and Monaghan over three-hundred years (Part II), 30-68.

Schlegel, Donald M.: An index to the rebels of 1641 in the County of Monaghan depositions, 69-89.

Ó Mórdha, Pilip: Summary of inquests held on Currin, Co. Monaghan victims, 1846-1855, 90-100.

Duffy, Godfrey F.: William Smith O'Brien: Petitions of mercy, 101-103.

Schlegel, Donald M.: The Barton Estate and Lough Bawn in County Monaghan, 104-145.


Clogher Record Vol XV, No 3 (1996)

Nilis, Jeroen: The Irish College Antwerp, 7-86.

Dooley, Terence A.M.: Protestant migration from the Free State to Northern Ireland, 1920-25: a private census for Co. Fermanagh, 87-132.

Schlegel, Donald M.: Sir Brian and Lady Mary MacMahon, 133-144.

O'Sullivan, William: Two Clogher constitutions, 145-155.

anon.: Diocese of Clogher Census on 1st October 1995, 156.

Gore, David: "Landlord Liberality" during the Great Famine, 157-158.

Connelly, Rob: Topic: Willoughbys in Fermanagh/Monaghan, 158.

Ó Mórdha, P.: Addenda to the 'Summary of inquests held on Currin, Co. Monaghan victims, 1846-1855', 158-159.


Clogher Record Vol XVI, No 1 (1997)

Walsh, Katherine: Bishop John O'Corcoran of Clogher (1373-1389) at the University of Prague, the Purgatorium Sancti Patricii and the debate about Purgatory in the later Middle Ages, 7-36.

Duffy, Godfrey F.: County Monaghan immigrants in the Consett area of County Durham, England, 1842-1855.

Dooley, Terence A.M.: The organisation of Unionist opposition to Home Rule in Counties Monaghan, Cavan and Donegal, 1885-1914, 46-70.

MacDonald, Brian: Aghabog Church of Ireland survey 1824, 71-78.

Schlegel, Donald M.: A Clogher chronology: October, 1641 to July, 1642: 79-94.

Ó Mórdha, Pilip: Early history of modern Clones, 1604-1640, 95-100.

Duffy, P.J.: Management problems on a large estate in mid-nineteenth century Ireland: William Steuart Trench's report on the Shirley estate in 1843, 101-122.

Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania: Personal and death notices in the Philadelphia Public Ledger for Monaghan, Fermanagh and Cavan 1848-1873, 123-135.

Millett, Benignus: Heber MacMahon, Bishop of Clogher (d.1650), 136-144.

McCarron, Edward T.: Altered states: Tyrone migration to Providence, Rhode Island during the nineteenth century, 145-161.

Ó Mórdha, Pilip: Some transactions in Currin Parish in the first quarter of the eighteenth century, 162-165.

Swanzy, David C.: The Swanzys of Clontibret, 166-176.

Connelly, Rob: Willoughbys and Willoughby-Montgomerys in the North of Ireland, 177-179.

Mac Annaidh, Séamas: Cholera in Tonytallagh Townland in Currin 1834, 180-181.


Clogher Record Vol XVI, No 2 (1998)

Malcomson, A.P.W.: Belleisle and its owners, 7-44.

Muraile, Nollaig: Cathal Óg Mac Maghnusa: his time, life and legacy, 45-64.

Ó Dufaigh, Seosamh: The obituary of Cathal Mac Maghnusa (1498), 65-80.

Malcomson, A.P.W: The Enniskillen family, estate and archive, 81-122.

MacDonald, Brian: The Monaghan Militia & the tragedy of Blaris Moor, 123-143.

Dooley, Terence A.M.: County Monaghan, 1914-1918: recruitment, the rise of Sinn Féin and the partition crisis, 144-158.

Schlegel, Donald M.: The origin of the three Collas and the fall of Emain, 159-181.

Scarlett, Duncan: Conflict during the incumbency of the Reverend Augustus B. R. Young, rector of Ballybay, Co. Monaghan 1872-1920, Prebendary of Devenish 1906-1911 and Precentor of Clogher 1911-1920, 182-200

Lee, Inda: Emanuell Ley, and the Ley or Lee family of Tyrone, Monaghan, and Cavan, 201-209.



1999-2006 STILL TO BE SEEN


Clogher Record 2007-8

Vol XIX, No 2 & 3.

(in one book)

Charles-Edwards, Thomas: Saints’ cults and the Early Irish Church, 173-184.

Ó Dufaigh, Seosamh: Rónán of Aghalurcher, 185-200.

Page 201 does not exist; page 202 is on the reverse of page 200.

Farrell, W.E.: Andrew Jackson and the Jacksons of Ballybay, 1803-1824, 202 (fig.) 202-238 (text).

Page 239 does not exist. Page 240 directly follows page 238.

Johnston, Jack: Morgan Jellett and the Richardson estate at Augher, 1832-1855, 240 (fig.), 241-251 (text).

Mac Annaidh, Séamas: Old Rossorry Graveyard, Enniskillen, 253-282.

Donnelly, Philip, Church policy in the diocese of Derry after the Reformation, 283-290.

Ó hÓgartaigh, Margaret: Susan Stephens, a Monaghan woman’s memoir (note), 291-293

Hassan, Colm: O’Hassan family in Monaghan (query), 293.