The Other Clare Volume 1 (1977)

Ryan, Gerrard: Archaeological monuments of South Clare, 3-8.

Irwin, Liam: Some excavations in Co. Clare, 9-10.

Ryan, Martin: Magh Adhair, inauguration place of the Kings of Thomond, 11-12.

Burke, Jim: Craggaunowen Project, Quin, Co. Clare, 13-15.

Barry, Deirdre: Local place names, 16.

Lynch, Christopher: Bunratty Castle, a short history, 17-18.

O'Brien, John: Tower houses in south Clare, 19-23.

Murphy, Charlotte: Some roads and bridges of County Clare, 1827–1835, 24-26.

Murphy, I.: At the seaside in Kilkee in the 1830's and 1840's, 27-32.

Scally, Keith: A tragedy of public voting—Sixmilebridge, 1852, 33.

Halliday, Max & Maureen: Something old, something new, 34.


The Other Clare Volume 2 (April 1978)

O'Brien, Patrick: Fenloe—a graveyard and a legend, 5-6.

?McInerney, Bill: Parknabinna [drawing and note], 6.

Gilmore, Hilary: The thistle as a source of design, 7-9.

anon.: Tullyglass Point, Shannon, stone axe, 9.

?McInerney, Bill: Newgrove [drawing and note], 9.

Ryan, Gerrard: The Normans in Thomond, 10-11.

McInerney, Bill: Cratloe, 12.

O'Brien, John: Mountgashel tower house and its colourful inhabitants throughout history, 13-14.

O'Brien, John: The siege Of Bunratty, 15-18.

newspaper report 4 January 1808: Three slated houses in Ennis [obituary], 18.

newspaper report 4 August 1825: The weather, 18.

newspaper report 28 January 1811: Bull baiting in Ennis, 18.

?McInerney, Bill: Ballyganner South [drawing and note], 18.

document: Early 19th century observations at Bunratty, 18.

Roche-Kelly, Hubert: The oil mills at Ballintlea, 19.

Murphy, Ignatius: Building a church in 19th century Ireland, 20-26.

Ryan, Martin: A great Clareman, Honest Tom Steele, 27-29.

?McInerney, Bill: Poulnabrone [drawing and note], 29.

?O'Brien, John: The Great Clare Gold Find of 1854, 30.

newspaper report 20 January 1831: Shoes for hire, 30.

O'Carroll, Cian: Shannon/Tradaree—historical background, 31-35.

?McInerney, Bill: Glenisheen [drawing and note], 35.

Roberts, M.J. & Noonan, J.A.: Bunratty Folk Park and its potential as an education centre, 36-39.


The Other Clare Volume 3 (April 1979)

McInerney, Beth, D.: Corcomroe Abbey, 4.

Dolley, Michael: A page of Shannon's history in a silver penny, 5-6.

O'Brien, John: The Spanish Armada and the fate of some of its ships off West Clare, 7.

Andrews, Mark E. & Gleeson, Flan: Knappogue Castle (Caislean na Cnapoige), 8.

Stanley, P.: Historical notes on Clarecastle, 9-11.

O'Reilly, Una: Carrigaholt's proud past, 12-15.

Murphy, Ignatius: Captain A. E. Kennedy, Poor Law Inspector & the Great Famine in Kilrush Union, 1847-1850, 16-25.

O'Connell, Gerald: Cutting on the River Fergus at Ballyhea near Ennis, 25-26.

O Cleirigh, N.: The Moravian Brethren, and their church at Corofin, 27-28.

O'Carroll, Cian: A Thomond scholar—James Frost M.R.I.A., 1827–1907, 28.

Gilmore, Hilary: Paradise lost, 29-32.

Marrinan, Sean: The wreck of the 'Edmond' at Kilkee, 33-34.

Stanley, P.: Food in Irish history, 35.

?McInerney, Bill: Milltown, wedge shaped gallery grave [drawing], 36.


The Other Clare Volume 4 (April 1980)

Spellissy, Sean: From Black Head to Gleninagh, 4-5.

Ó Donnabháin, Barra: The stone fort at Cahercommaun, 6-7.

Ryan, Gerrard: A day trip back in time, 8-12.

newspaper report 23 January 1878: Alleged discovery of an oil well at Lisdoonvarna, 12.

newspaper report 8 June 1881: Anna Parnell in Tulla, 12.

Cahir, Jerry & McGahon, Tom: Hand milling, 13-15.

Bourke, F.R.: St. Flannan's Cathedral, Killaloe, 16-18.

newspaper report 21 April 1823: Bridge at Killaloe, 18.

newspaper report 30 July 1914: Reported gun-running at Kilkee, 18.

Murphy, Charlotte: The Norman manor of Bunratty, 19.

O'Reilly, Una: Father and son—a story of contrasts, 20-22 (also front cover and p1).

O'Cleirigh, N.: St. Catherine's Church, Corofin, 23-25.

Gilmore, Hilary: Old bow-ways in Ennis, 26-28.

O'Connell, Gerald: Harriet Elizabeth Stamer: Duchess of Rovigo (1816–1875), 29-31.

McInerney, Bill: The Studderts of Kilkishen, 32-34.

Marrinan, Sean: Some shipwrecks near Kilkee, 35-36.

newspaper report 17 October 1808: Ennis magazine, 36.

newspaper report 27 April 1815: dwarfess on show in Ennis, 36.

newspaper report 24 August 1818: corps dramatique performing in Kilrush, 36.

newspaper report 29 December 1803: St. John's Day Masonic celebrations, Ennis, 36.

Murphy, Ignatius: The Vandeleur evictions, Kilrush 1888, 37-41.

newspaper report 31 March 1883: Captain O'Shea, M.P. for Clare, 41.

Marrinan, Sean: Kelp-making at Coosheen, 42.

Kelly, John S.: Bodyke's place in the history of the Land Revolution, 43-46.

Murphy, Ignatius: Further information on hand-milling, 46.

O'Carroll, Cian: Rural Crafts, Shannon (Rineanna) area, 47-48.


The Other Clare Volume 5 (April 1981)

O'Carroll, Cian: Creatures, real and imaginary, in County Clare folklore, 5-6.

Enright, Flannan P.: The pre-Famine worker in the Shannon/Newmarket area, 7-9.

newspaper reports, 3 June 1816 & 26 September 1816: Linen production in Clare, 9.

newspaper report, 28 February 1803 & 6 March 1817: Sixmilebridge bleach green, 9.

Spellissy, Sean: Ballyalla and Drumcliffe crannogs, 10-11.

Ryan, Gerrard: Coolycasey wedge, 11.

Ryan, Gerrard: Fresh evidence of Norman occupation in the Bunratty area, 12-13.

O'Connell, Gerald: Catherine Amelia O'Brien (1881–1963), artist in stained glass, 14-15.

Harbison, Peter: Iconography on the Dysert and Kilfenora crosses: A Romanesque renaissance, 16-19.

Kelly, T.: Ennis Courthouse, 20-21.

Shaw, Eric: William Carroll (1817–1889), builder contractor and merchant, 22-23.

McAuliffe, E.J.: The MacNamara name, 23.

Murphy, Ignatius: Cholera epidemic in County Clare 1832–1833, 24-27.

Gilmore, Hilary: The Inchiquin tomb, Ennis Abbey, 28-30.

O'Dwyer, Carmel: Thomas Dermody, 31-33.

Marrinan, Sean: High society at Kilkee—1863, 34-36.

McGrath, Patrick: Vandeleur evictions, 36.

O Broin, Tomás S.: A journey through West Clare 1800 A.D., 37-41.

Newspaper obituary, 16 November 1809: Chevalier O'Gorman, 41.

MacMahon, Michael: Paddy Hannan from Quin—pioneer of the Golden Mile, 42-44.

Murphy, Ignatius: From Russian Gun to O'Connell Monument, 45-46.

Murphy, Charlotte: Trade symbols on graveslabs in the friaries of Quin and Ennis, 47-48.

Kierse, Sean: The cholera of 1832–33 in the Parish of Killaloe, 49-56.


The Other Clare Volume 6 (March 1982)

Gilmore, Hilary: Gateway from Lemaneagh Castle [drawing], 1.

McMahon, Michael: Bronze Age ritual monuments (?) in the Burren, 5-7.

Enright, Flan: Edward Synge, the Dysert proselytiser, 8-11.

Ua Croinin, Risteard & Breen, Martin: Rossroe Castle, 11.

O'Carroll, Cian: Lisdoonvarna—The development of an Irish Spa, 12-14.

Murphy, Ignatius: The Kilrush–Kilkee railway and reclamation of Poulnasherry Bay, 16-19.

anon: Maura Roe's Will, 20.

O'Connell, Gerald: Pleasant Ned Lysaght, 1763–1809. Poet, wit, songwriter and barrister, 21.

Gilmore, Hilary: Killone Convent, 22-25.

Kierse, Sean: Bishop Mant's years in Killaloe, 1820-1823, 26-31.

Enright, Flan: Famine blight in Ralahine, 31.

Flynn, Pat: William Mulready—eminent Victorian, 32-37.

O'Brien, John: Postscript to 'Paradise Lost' by Hilary Gilmore, 37.

O'Cléirigh, N.: Na cumainn rúnda agus Terry Alt, 38.

Spellissy, Sean: A pigeon loft in Ennis, 39-40.

Marrinan, Sean: Kilkee as it was a hundred years ago, 41-42.

Murphy, Ignatius: Weather report, 43.

anon: photo of stone carving in Tulla churchyard, 43.


The Other Clare Volume 7 (March 1983)

Ó Cléirigh, N.: County Clare people in New South Wales, 5-6.

O'Brien, Ivar.: Correspondence (re Maire Roe O'Brien), 6.

Lenihan, Edmund: A recent find of 'gunmoney' in Clare, 7.

Gilmore, Hilary: Kilkee Railway Station 1892 (drawing), 12.

Spellissy, Sean: A Doolin walk: from Tuath Clae Church to Doonagore Castle, 8-13.

Shaw, Eric: A Clarecastle sailing ship, 14.

O Cinnéide, Séamus: Travellers and a highwayman in Cratloe, 15-16.

Ryan, Gerrard: Medieval tower houses in the barony of Bunratty Lower, 17-21.

O'Carroll, Cian: Kilkee in 1840, 22-23.

Cantwell, Brian J.: Memorials of the dead in West Clare, 24-26.

Lenihan, M.: Signal box at Crusheen (drawing), 26.

Harbison, Mrs.: Mysterious murder at Applevale, 27-30.

Gilmore, Hilary: Gate lodges at Carrigoran (drawings), 31, 37.

O Murchadha, Ciaran: Seventeenth century Clare—a brief survey, 32-34.

Marrinan, Sean: The Shannon boating tragedy of 1893, 35-36.

Murphy, Charlotte: Graveslabs at Inagh graveyard, 36.

O'Mahoney, Chris: Emigration from Kilrush Workhouse, 1848–59, 38-41.

Breen, Martin & Ua Croinin, Risteard: Inchiquin Castle, 42.

Murphy, Ignatius: Penal Laws against Religion in County Clare in the 18th century, 43-50.

MacMahon, Michael: In Clare fields and folklore, 52-54.

Enright, Flan: Father Mathew visits the wells and Killaloe, 55-56.


The Other Clare Volume 8 (April 1984)

Gilmore, Hilary: passion flower: drawing and note, 1.

Shaw, Eric: The Brady Browne family of Newgrove, Tulla, Co. Clare, 5-6.

McInerney, Bill: A Sixmilebridge emigrant, 7-12.

Harbison, Peter: The Ennis Pietà fragment, 13-14.

Ua Croinin, Risteard & Breen, Martin: Dromore Castle-Ruan, 14-15.

O'Carroll, Cian (ed.): Quin in the 1840s, 15.

McMahon, Michael: The Doughnambraher font—relic of an ancient ecclesiastical site?, 17-18.

O'Brien, Ivar: Correspondence (1) [re Inchiquin Castle], 19.

Maher, Peter: Donough O'Brien, fourth Earl of Thomond, 20-24.

O'Connell, Gerald: Daniel Joseph K. O'Connell, S.J. (1896–1982), Director Vatican Observatory, President Pontifical Academy of Sciences, 24-25.

Gilmore, Hilary: Dromoland gate lodge (drawing), 26.

Spellissy, Sean: Ballinalacken Castle, a stronghold in Corcomroe, 27-31.

McNamara, T. V.: The bullaun stones of Holy Island, 31-32.

Enright, Flannan P.: Pre-Famine reform and emigration on the Wyndham Estate in Clare, 33-38.

Gilmore, Hilary: Dromoland gate lodge, 39.

Marrinan, Sean: Tower houses of south west Clare, 40-44.

Murphy, Charlotte: The Limerick to Killaloe Canal, 45-46.

Irvine, John A.: We never shall see Clare, 46-48.

Kenneally, Michael: Clarecastle (drawing), 47.

Brennan, Phil: Rossmanagher Bridge (drawing), 49.

Murphy, Ignatius: The Franciscans in County Clare, 50-55.

O Cinneide, Seamus: The Shanakyle All-Nights, 56-57.

O'Mahony, Chris: Some new acquisitions at the County Library, 57-58.

O'Brien, Ivar: Old Dromoland Castle, 58-59.

Coffey, Thomas: Fulachta Fiadha in the Burren, 60-63.

Spellissy, Sean: Correspondence (2) [re A Doolin walk: from Tuath Clae Church to Doonagore Castle], 63-64.

O Murchadha, Ciaran: Ennis in the seventeenth century, 65-68.


The Other Clare Volume 9 (April 1985)

Murphy, Ignatius: Father Mathew, Apostle of Temperance in South-West Clare, 5-12.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Freedom boxes of Ennis, 13-16.

Ua Croinin, Risteard & Breen, Martin: Dysart O'Dea Castle, Co. Clare, 17-18.

O Dalaigh, Brian: Ennis in the seventeenth century, 18-21.

Brennan, Phil: The mill at Ralahine (drawing), 22.

O'Carroll, Cian: Lead mining in East Clare, 24-25.

Kenneally, M.: A West Clare railway bridge in the townland of Toloughlahan (drawing), 26.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 27-31.

O'Brien, Ivar: The O'Brien banshee, 32.

Lenihan, Edmund: A survey of Otherworldly Clare—Part I, 33-35.

Gilmore, Hilary: Corofin Railway Station 1948 (drawing), 35.

Dore, Gerry: Map of Inchicronan Parish, 36-37.

Enright, Flan: Murder at Clondegad, 39-40; corrigendum, Vol. 10 p55.

Wright, Margaret M.: The Borough family of Querrin (correspondence), 41; corrigendum Vol. 10 p55.

O'Brien, Ivar: O'Brien of Thomond and Ballinalacken Castle—A new source of information (correspondence), 42.

Ryan, Gerrard: Pre-Reformation church and monastic sites in the Barony of Bunratty Lower, 500 A.D.–1550 A.D., 44-50.

Spellissy, Sean: Ballyalla—A partial history of other days, 51-58.

Dore, Gerry: Map of Ballyalla, 59.

Marrinan, Sean: The motor car comes to Clare, 60-63.

Power, Joe: The cholera in Clare Castle, 64-68.

O'Donovan, Reenie: To Hell or to Clare—Donogh O'Callaghan, Chief of his name, a transplanter, 68-75.


The Other Clare Volume 10 (March 1986)

Gilmore, Hilary: drawings of (arch)bishops, 1.

O'Dalaigh, Brian: The old courthouses of Ennis, 5-12.

O'Dalaigh, Brian: An early nineteenth century painting of Ennis, 13-14.

Power, Joe: Terry Alt and Lady Clare, 15-18.

Ó Murchada, Ciarán: The scapegoat and the opportunist: two figures from seventeenth century Clare, 19-22.

O'Carroll, Cian: Edenvale House and cave, 23-25.

O'Brien, Pat: The Bentley family of Hurdlestown, Co. Clare, 26-27.

Coffey, Thomas: Silver pennies of Henry III, 27.

Lenihan, Edmund: A survey of Otherworldly Clare. Part 2, 29, 32.

Dore, Gerry: Map of Ruan and Dysert parish, 30-31.

de Bhaldraithe, Padraig: The baths at Kilkee, 33.

Flynn, Pat: A figure of the past: Frederic Burton's Irish years, 34-37.

Murphy, Ignatius: "Fr. Parliament Malachy". Malachy Duggan, Parish Priest of Moyarta and Killballyowen, c.1780–1849, 38-41, 43-46.

Gilmore, Hilary: Carrigaholt Church (drawing), 41.

Gilmore, Hilary: Carrigaholt Castle (drawing), 42.

Spellissy, Sean: Kilnaboy's forgotten fort. The Cabhail Mór, 47.

Gilmore, Hilary: The Romanesque doorway at St. Flannan's Cathedral, Killaloe, 48-51.

Ua Cróinín, Risteard & Breen, Martin: Daingean Ui Bhigin castle, Quin, Co. Clare, 52-53.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: Deerparks of Clare, 54-55.

Correspondence: Ivar O'Brien on the siege of Ballyalla, Veronica Rowe on Ballyalla, 55.

Browne, Martin: Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul, 56-57.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 58-60.


The Other Clare Index Volumes 1 to 10 (?1986)

Introduction, 2.

Subject index, 3-4.

Contributor index, 5-7.

statistics re type of article, 8, 23.

Chronology index, 7-8.

Faces index, 9-23.

Places index, 24-37.


The Other Clare Volume 11 (March 1987)

Murphy, Ignatius: The early years of the West Clare Railway, 5-11.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Thomas Moland's survey of Ennis, 1703, 12-19.

O Murchadha, Ciaran: The Unfaithful Steward—Thomas Spaight of Bunratty Lodge (Cappagh), 20-21.

de Bhaldraithe, Pádraig: Sixmilebridge Clerks of Petty Sessions, 22-25.

Gilmore, Hilary: Headstone, Ennistymon Graveyard 1835 [drawing], 25.

O'Carroll, Cian: Tourist development in 19th century, Co. Clare, 26-28.

Ó Donnabháin, Diarmaid: Belvoir Model Agricultural School (1835–1866), 29-35.

Niall, James M.: Correspondence [re Patrick Nihell of Ennis], 35.

Gilmore, Hilary: The Falls, Ennistymon, Co. Clare [drawing], 36.

Lenihan, Edmund: A survey of Otherworldly Clare Part 3, 37-41.

Weir, Hugh: John Huleatt of Tuamgraney and the vicissitudes of his family, 42-43.

P. Enright, Flannan: More O Donoghue manuscripts, 44-45.

Ua Cróinín, Risteard & Breen, Martin: "Interesting remains at Lemeneagh", 46-48.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 49-50.

Healy, James: Kilkeedy Parish tower houses, 51-57.

O'Brien, Ivar: The O'Briens of Dromore Castle, 58-59.

O'Murchú, D.: Ballintlea mill (Sixmilebridge), 60.


The Other Clare Volume 12 (March 1988)

Brew, Frank: Remembering Patsy Kitson, 5-8.

O'Brien, Ivar: The will of the 8th. Earl of Thomond, 9.

Murphy, Ignatius: Tenant rights in County Clare in the 1850s, 10-13.

?Schorman, Sonia: 1691 halfpenny found in Ennis, 13.

Bourke, Freddie: Standish Hayes O'Grady 1832–1915, 14-16.

O'Carroll, Cian: Iniscathaigh Scattery Island, myth, miracle and legend, 18-20.

?Harbison, Peter: Wooden statue from Liscannor, 24.

O'Murchadha, Ciaran: A rental of Lord Leconfield's Irish estate—1887, 21-23.

O'Dalaigh, Brian: The old urban boundaries of Ennis, 25-30.

Ua Cróinín, Risteard & Breen, Martin: Ballycullen Castle, 31-33.

Gilmore, Hilary: Gate Lodge, Waterpark House, Clonlara (drawing), 34.

de Bhaldraithe, Padraig: Brave Brave Clare Girls, 35-37.

Healy, James: Some people and townlands of Kilkeedy Parish, 38-43.

O'Brien, Pat: Woodfield House, 44-45.

Lenihan, Edmund: A survey of Otherwordly Clare, 46-49.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 50.

O'Brien, Ivar, Correspondence [re Mary Ni Brien & Marshal MacMahon], 55.

Ua Cronín, Risteard: Is this an Armada Chest? 56.


The Other Clare Volume 13 (April 1989)

Gibbons, M. & Condit, T.: Recent research and developments in the Burren, 5-8.

Mac Mahon, Michael: A stoup at Kilchreest, Co. Clare, 9.

R. Weir, Grania: Dromoland wives, 10-13, corrigendum Vol.14 p64.

Murphy, Ignatius: Parnell in Clare, 14-17.

Lenihan, Edmund: Bronze Medieval crucifix: a recent important find, 18-20, photo on p1.

Cunningham, Bernadette: The historical annals of Maolin Óg Mac Bruaideadha, 1588–1603, 21-24.

de Bhaldraithe, Pádraig: William Smith O'Brien and his second, 25-28.

Gilmore, Hilary: Gravestone ornamentation of 18th and 19th centuries, 30-31.

Gleeson, Carol: Knockanalban crannog(s), Co. Clare, 32-34.

Lenihan, Edmund: A survey of Otherworldly Clare, Part V, 35-39.

Ó Dalaigh, Brian: A history of Clare Castle, 1248–1891, 40-48.

Gibbons, Erin: An earthwork complex at Latoon South, 49-50.

O'Brien, Ivar: Correspondence (re the Pass of Inchecroghan, and the O'Brien crest), 50.

Bellow, Susan: In memory of Caheraderry Chapel, 51-52.

McNamara, Peadar: The Great War (1914–1918) and some effects on Clare, 53-57.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 58-59.

Brew, Frank: Poteen making in Tubber, 60-61.

Ua Cróinín, Risteárd & Breen, Martin: Clenagh Castle, 62-63.

Harrison, John & Mullane, Fidelma: On the construction of the hearth in North and West Clare, 64.


The Other Clare Volume 14 (March 1990)

Ua Cróinín, Risteard & Breen, Martin: Disappearing towers, 5-9.

Murphy, Ignatius: John Baptist Walsh, a Clareman in Paris during the French Revolution, 10-14.

Bourke, Freddie: Turlough O'Carolan's portrait, 15-16.

De Bhaldraithe, Pádraig: A Doonaha manuscript, 17-20.

MacMahon, Michael: A Burren circle, 20.

O'Carroll, Cian: A tourist's journey in West Clare, 150 years ago, 21-23.

?Coffey, Thomas: Wedge tombs, Ballyganner South, Co. Clare and Carnac, France [photographs], 23.

Weir, Grania & Brew, Frank: Rural medicine in former times, 24-30.

MacMahon, Michael: Along the Deeley River: Kilshanny and its neighbourhood, 27-30.

anonymous: A new role for St. McCreighe? 31.

document: Commercial Ennis in 1856 [extract from Slater's Directory], 31, 34-36.

Boyd, John: Old Laneways and Bow-ways of Ennis [map], 32-33.

document: two pages from Slater's directory, 35-36.

O Murchadha, Ciaran: The diary of a country curate-Reverend Henry Murphy in Ennis, 1844–1846, 37-44.

Gilmore, Hilary: Ennis skylines, 45-47.

Power, Joe: The Vesey-Fitzgerald family, 48-51.

Gleeson, Carol: A late 8th/early 9th century horizontal mill from Kilnamona, Co. Clare, 52-54.

Weir, Hugh W. L.: Mountshannon bi-centenary: church and community, 55.

Flynn, Pat: A local habitation and a name: some Clare surnames, 56-60.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 61.

Brew, Frank: Aughinish, 62.

anonymous: It's a revelation [photographs of clearing of the site of Ballinaphunta wedge tomb], 63.

O'Brien, Ivar: Admiral Penn and his Lady, 64.


The Other Clare Volume 15 (March 1991)

Rynne, Etienne: The Clarecastle mounting-block, 5-6.

Kierse, Sean: River works at Killaloe, 7-11.

Ó Floinn, Raghnall: Ecclesiastical objects of the Early Medieval period from Co. Clare, 12-14.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Doctors Donnell and James Neylon and the O'Briens of Thomond 1530–1599, 15-19.

Ryan, Gerrard: Béaloideas—Folklore, 20-22.

Hodkinson, Brian: Trial excavations at Ballinphunta Wedge Tomb, 23-25.

Ua Cróinín, Risteárd & Breen, Martin: The three Cratloes, 26-30.

O'Carroll, Cian: A tourist's visit to Lahinch, in summer 1838, 31-32.

Ó Murchadha, Ciaran: In search of James MacNemara, merchant of Ennis, 33-34.

Ó Ceallaigh, Seán: Scríbhneoirí Gaeilge an Chláir ó 1850 anall, 35-38.

Cassidy, Tom: Craggaunowen—an update, 39-43.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: Gate lodges of Co. Clare, 44-45.

Mac Mahon, Michael: In Clare fields, 46-48.

Jordan, Joe: Around Hag's Head, 49-50.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 51.

Brew, Frank: Windmill Hill in Kilkeedy , 52.

Kennedy, Gerard: Clare Heritage Centre ... from dream to reality, 53-54.

Flynn, Pat: The fourth class house in 1841 and later, 55-56.

Gleeson, Carol: The promontory forts of Co. Clare, 57-60.

Swan, D.L.: Some ecclesiastical sites in Co. Clare, 61-63.


The Other Clare Volume 16 (April 1992)

Ua Cróinín, Risteárd & Breen, Martin: The hidden towers, 5-10.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Henry Hewett's map of Ennis 1736 and the Westby estate, 11-15.

Weir, Grania R.: Eighteenth and nineteenth century food in Clare, 16-17.

Ní Dheá, Eilís: Micheál Ó Raghallaigh: Scríobhaí ó Inis Díomáin, 18-20.

Higgins, Jim: Medieval sculptures from Carran Church, Co. Clare and their significance, 21-26.

Flynn, Pat: Privations of the Ordnance Survey team, 26.

Lenihan, Edmund: The holy wells of Inchicronan parish, 27-30.

Ó Murchadha, Ciaran: 'A very shabby and even poor and disorderly appearance': aspects of pre-Famine Ennis, 1844–1846, 31-38.

Flynn, Pat: Clare's pre-Famine population: a few tenuous threads, 39-44.

Nolan, William: A Clareman in Van Diemen's Land: The Tasmanian journal of William Smith O'Brien, 45-48.

Mac Mahon, Michael: Notes on the Blood family of Corofin, 49-52.

Ó Murchadha, Seán: Diseart Tola and its environs, 53-57.

Brew, Frank: The stone mortars, 58.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 59-61.

Breen, Martin: Project: cleaning of the portal dolmen at Moyree Commons, Ruan, 62.


The Other Clare Volume 17 (April 1993)

Ua Cróinín, Risteárd & Breen, Martin: Some obscure tower house sites in the Corofin area, 5-12.

Doddy, Mairin: Reading Ennis: Its history as written in its streets, 13-17.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Portrait of Francis Bindon, 18-20.

Mac Mahon, Michael: The charter of Clare Abbey and the Augustinian 'province' in Co. Clare, 21-28.

Gibbons, Erin: Excavation of an underground passage at Bunratty, 29-30.

de Bhaldraithe, Padraig: History in photographs and letters: The Waldron family and Co. Clare, 31-35.

Ó Murchadha, Seán: Diseart Tola and its environs—Part II, 36-42.

Breen, Martin: The finding of prehistoric stone artifacts in the Doolin area, 43.

Brew, Frank: A farm hearth in Tubber, 44.

Ní Dhéa, Eilis: Micheál Ó hAnnracháin agus a chomhscríobhaithe i gCill Ruis, 45-47.

O Murchadha, Ciaran: The Moughna Affair, 1699, and the bizarre career of Patrick Hurley, 48-56.

Flynn, Pat: The General Advancement of the Country—Clare and the census returns of 1841 and 1851, 57-65.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 67-68.


The Other Clare Volume 18 (April 1994)

Lynch, Ann & Ó Donnabháin, Barra: Poulnabrone portal tomb, 5-7.

Grogan, Eoin & Condit, Tom: The later prehistoric landscape of south-east Clare, 8-12.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 13-14.

Ua Cróinín, Risteard: Recently discovered carving at Kilnaboy, 15.

Higgins, Jim: Further medieval sculpture at Carran church, County Clare and its significance, 16-19.

Ó Murchadha, Seán: Diseart Tola and its environs—Part III, 20-22.

Ua Cróinín, Risteard & Breen, Martin: Tower houses in the Corofin area (continued), 23-27.

Hobson, R.B.: Maurice Cuffe of Ennis and his family, 28-31.

O Dálaigh, Brian: Notice of marriage banns of Owen McConsidin and Una Clanchie Ennis 1658, 32.

Falvey, J.: Pierce Butler of Coogy—an early eighteenth-century Clare Breach of Privilege case, 33-39.

O Dálaigh, Brian: Flags and emblems of the Ennis Volunteers, 40-41.

Swinfen, Averil: Turnspit dog-wheels and their dogs, 42.

Lenihan, Edmund: The holy wells of Doora-Barefield parish, 43-48.

Mac Mahon, Michael: Agrarian conflict in Clare, 1815–1831—gleanings from contemporary newspapers, 49-56.

Sheedy, Kieran: "Soft Dull Day—Trade Blue" The diary of P.J. Dillon, Ennis draper, 1861–1869, 57-62.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: Springfield people: new material on the history of Springfield College, 63-68.


The Other Clare Volume 19 (April 1995)

O'Sullivan, Aidan & Condit, Tom: Late Bronze Age settlement and economy by the marshlands of the upper Fergus estuary, 5-9.

Cotter, Claire: The Western Stone Fort Project, 10-13.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes: rock art and related rock scribings in the County Clare; a throwing stone from Tobar Mogua, 14-17.

Ó Murchadha, Seán: Diseart Tóla and its environs-Part IV, 18-21.

Breen, Martin & Ua Cróinín, Risteárd: Some Atlantic tower houses, 22-28.

Higgins, Jim: The medieval font from Kilballyowen, Co. Clare, 29-32.

O'Brien, Ivar D.: An inventory of the property of the late 5th Earl of Thomond, 33.

Falvey, J.: Killaloe's eighteenth-century Anglican bishops: a biographical survey, 34-38.

O'Brien, Grania R.: The turret or belvedere of Dromoland, 39-40.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Register of the Union of Drumcliff 1744–48, 1785–1800, 41-43.

Gilmore, Hilary: Portrait of the deserted village of Caher Bheannach, 44-45.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: The onset of famine: County Clare, 1845–1846, 46-52.

Sheedy, Kieran: Wilful murder against some persons unknown, 53-57.

O'Donoghue, Maurice: Ennis 1855 and 1993—a comparison in maps, 58-59.

Flynn, Pat: Names to conjure with: a perspective on Clare surnames, 60-63.

Clear, Caitríona: My mother taught me how to pray: the nine Murphys of Newmarket-on-Fergus, 64-68.


The Other Clare Volume 20 (April 1996)

Ua Cróinín, Risteárd & Breen, Martin: Some tower houses with bawns in the Burren, 5-13.

O'Brien, John: Rossmanagher—spot the difference! 13.

O'Brien, Grania R.: A garden is a lovesome thing, 14-16.

Jones, Carleton: Prehistoric farmstead at Kilnaboy, 17-19.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian (Hilary Gilmore illust.): Canopied wall tomb of Ennis Friary 1460–70, 20-24.

O Murchadha, Ciarán: 'Sable wings over the land': County Clare, 1846–1847, 25-32.

O'Dea, James: Archaeological excavation at Dysert O'Dea 1995, 33.

Gilmore, Hilary: "Hands" from Knappogue, 34-37.

Condit, Tom & O'Sullivan, Aidan: Formoyle Beg hillfort and later prehistoric frontier landscapes in east Clare, 39-45.

Simons, Kennie: The last letter of John Scott Vandeleur of Ralahine, 46-47.

Schorman, Sonia: Teampall Dubh, 47.

Grogan, Eoin: Changing places: settlement patterns in prehistory, 48-52.

Coffey, Thomas: The trials and tribulations of a field worker, 53-54.

Schorman, Sonia: Two bridges, 54.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: William Smith O'Brien's secret family, 55.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 57-58.

Mac Mahon, Michael: Customs, lore and legend of other Clare days, 59-66.

Brew, Frank: The Crusheen Beagles, 67-67.

?Ua Cróinín, Risteárd & Breen, Martin: List of tower houses of NW Clare, 68.


The Other Clare Index Volumes 11 to 20 (?1996)

Subject index, 3-4.

Contributor index, 5-6.

Chronology index, 7-8.

Faces index, 9-34.

Places index, 35-62.


The Other Clare Volume 21 (April 1997)

Breen, Martin & Ua Cróinín, Risteárd: Some north-west Clare towerhouses, 5-14.

Kearns, Mary: The abandoned canopy and the alabaster influence, 14-15.

Connors, Paddy: Islandmagrath and the Macraith family, 16.

FitzPatrick, Elizabeth: The historic assembly sites of Tulach Uí Dheadhaidh and Carn Mhic Táil, 17-19.

O'Brien, Grania R.: Travel and accidents, 20-21.

Mac Mahon, Michael: On a fertile rock: the Cistercian abbey of Corcomroe, 22-31.

anonymous: Circular stone with engraved cross. Date unknown. [photo], 31.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: Interesting Co. Clare Churches, 32-33.

Nolan, Paddy: Rescued from wreck, 33.

Gilmore, Hilary: Ancient burial places [drawings of Burren wedge tombs], 34-35.

Jones, Carleton: Final Neolithic/Early Bronze Age occupation of the Burren, a brief review of the evidence, 36-39.

O'Sullivan, Aidan: Medieval fishtraps at Bunratty, Co. Clare, 40-42.

Flynn, Pat: Landowning in Clare in 1876—the good old sporting days, 43-47.

Gibson, D. Blair: 1996 Excavations at O'Dea's Castle, Dysert O'Dea, County Clare. Summary report, 47-48.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 49-50.

Lenihan, Edmund: The holy wells of Kilshanny Parish, 52-57.

anonymous: Summer house in the former Corbetts' kitchen garden at Bunratty [photograph], 57.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: One vast abbatoir: County Clare, 1848-1849, 58-67.

Connors, Paddy: The Maunsell family of Islandmagrath, 68.


The Other Clare Volume 22 (1998)

Ua Cróinín, Risteárd & Breen, Martin: Some tower houses in the vicinity of Ennis, 5-13.

Gilmore, Hilary: The entrance gate, Kilnasoolagh Church, Newmarket-on-Fergus, County Clare [drawing], 13.

Sheedy, Kieran: United Irishmen in County Clare, 14-21.

Hodkinson, Brian: O'Brien's Bridge in the reign of Henry VIII, 22-23.

Higgins, Jim: Sultry sirens and fishy tales: some Shannon-side mermaids, 24-25.

Neylon, James: Kilnaboy's Vicar General of Cashel, 26-29.

Neylon, James: Recent discovery at Kilnaboy, 29.

Condit, Tom & Grogan, Eoin: prehistoric ritual enclosures in south-east Clare, 30-33.

Gilmore, Hilary: Lych gate at the entrance to Kilnasoolagh Church, Newmarket-on-Fergus [drawing], 33.

Gilmore, Hilary: Monuments from Clooney graveyard, 34-35.

Lowth, Cormac F.: Thomas Steele, Clareman extraordinary, 36-46.

Connors, Paddy: Some raised ringforts/earthworks/trackways west of the Fergus estuary, 47-48.

Nolan, Paddy: An Strapa Mór (Tullig), 49-50.

MacMahon, Michael: From Clare to Van Diemen's Land: some forgotten mothers of Tasmania, 51-54.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Hugh Brigdall's description of County Clare, 1682, 55-57.

Coffey, Michael J.: Ejectment books: an unknown source for County Clare historians and genealogists, 58-60.

Moore, Michael: The archaeological survey of County Clare, 61-62.

Ua Cróinín, Risteárd: The Nihell Chalice, 1713 A.D., 63.


The Other Clare Volume 23 (1999)

Ua Cróinín, Risteard & Breen, Martin: Some tower houses in East Clare, 5-10.

Morse, Margaret: Ralahine: A new dimension to the Irish Owenite community 1831–1833, 11-15.

Mac Mahon, Michael: The Barony of Inchiquin in the Compossicion Booke of Conought, 16-17.

Greene, Geraldine: "The humanised landscape is as a medal struck in the image of a civilisation" (Vidal de la Blache): discussed with reference to environmental changes in Kilkee since the nineteenth century, 18-20.

Connors, Paddy: Embankments, habitation, peat layer and sea level: influences on the mud-flats of the west bank of the upper Fergus estuary, at Islandmagrath, 22-23.

Jones, Carleton & Gilmer, Alix: First season's excavation at CL 153: a court tomb on Roughan Hill and the expansion of the settlement and field wall survey, 24-26.

Gilmore, Hilary: 1644 O'Flanagan and 1645 O'Nellane Monuments, Kilnaboy, County Clare, 27-32.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: An Old Will, 33.

O'Brien, John: An outline of the history of the Civil Parishes of Bunratty and Drumline, c 1200–1700, 34-43.

Daly, Brendan: Aspects of pre-Famine Clare, 45-51.

Ua Cróinín, Risteard: Recent collapse of Urlanmore tower house, 53.

document: Abstracts of the police reports of some of the principal outrages in the County of Clare, in the year 1845, 54-64.


The Other Clare Volume 24 (2000)

Ua Cróinín, Ristéard & Breen, Martin: Some recently located towerhouse sites, 5-9.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: O'Donoghue's "Irish Ability" in County Clare, 10-11.

Donovan, Tom: A list of Claremen in favour of the Union, 11.

MacMahon, Michael: The cult of Inghin Bhaoith and the church of Killinaboy, 12-17.

Eilís Ní Dheá: Seón Lloyd (?–c.1785), 18-22.

O'Brien, Monica: (photograph)—Dromoland Turret during restoration, 22.

Harbison, Peter: The church of Rath Blathmach—a photo-essay, 23-31.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: Paphian nymphs and worshippers of the Idalian Goddess: prostitution in Ennis in the mid-nineteenth century, 32-36.

Mac Mahon, Michael: Old territorial divisions & land measures: where to draw the line, 37-42.

Harbison, Sheila: The Chevalier O'Gorman, 43-48.

Donnelly, Kevin: The tale of the sunken "sugar boat", 49.

O'Leary, Marian: Kilmaleery church and holy well, 50-51.

Gibbons, Erin: Guide to the County Clare archives in the Irish Antiquities Division of the National Museum of Ireland, 52-54.

Harbison, Peter: An ancient pilgrimage 'relic-road' in North Clare? 55-59.

Gilmore, Hilary: In praise of the Corcomroe masons, 60-64.


The Other Clare Volume 25 (2001)

Ua Cróinín, Ristéard & Breen, Martin: Some towerhouses in the Burren area of Co. Clare, 5-10.

Kennedy, Kieran: The Regiment of Clare, 1689–1775, 11-15.

Chapple, Robert M.: Lord Clare's pier 'has gone to decay': some notes on the location of an early 17th-century quay at Carrigaholt, 16-18.

Pádraig de Bhaldraithe: letter to the Editor: re William Smith O'Brien, 18.

Clesham, Brigid: The Wilson Lynch papers, 19-21.

Barron, Declan: Newpark House and the American Civil War, 22.

Kearns, Mary: Masons' marks at Ennis Friary sacristy, 23-24.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Clonroad Fairs, 25-30.

Munnelly, Tom (ed.): My Dear Tom Quinn: verse by Francis A. Fahy, 31-33.

Weir, Hugo W.L.: Links with Clare, 34.

Nolan, Paddy: The Irish College casts a shadow, 35-37.

Gilmore, Hilary: 15th-century carvings under the tower of Ennis Friary [7 drawings], 38-39.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: From Gaelic warlords to English country gentlemen—The O'Briens of Thomond 1543–1741, 40-42.

Gibbons, Erin: The archaeology of the Carrowmore sand dune system, Doonbeg, Co. Clare, 43-44.

Gillespie, Raymond: Finavarra and its Manor court in the 1670s, 45-49.

O'Mahony, Chris (ed.); Finavarra Court Panel, 49-50.

MacMahon, Michael: Lucius and Catherine O'Brien of Corofin, 51-59.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: The Moloch of landlordism: County Clare, 1849–1850, 60-69.

Feehan, John: Looking for footprints: clues to human settlement in the pre-archaeological landscape, 70-73.

Coffey, Michael J.: Homicides and attempted murders in County Clare, 1842–1846, 74-76.


The Other Clare Volume 26 (2002)

Beckett, Jessica & Jones, Carleton: Preliminary assessment of the bone remains at the Parknabinnia Chambered Tomb (Cl 153) on Roughan Hill, 5-7.

Breen, Martin & Ua Cróinín, Ristéard: Some restored towerhouses in the Burren area of Co. Clare, 8-15.

Ó Dálaigh, Brían: Catholic clergy and religious practice in Ennis, 1651–1842, 16-24.

Carey, Olive: Explorations in Tomfinlough (Fenloe) church and graveyard, 24.

O’Mahony, Chris: Rent rolls of the Conyngham estate in Co. Clare, 1816–1820, 25-31.

Egan, Maura: The Schools’ Folklore Scheme—a valuable primary source for the local historian, 32-36.

Nolan, Paddy: The Cathach, 36-37.

Gilmore, Hilary: An artist’s stroll around Quin Abbey, 38-39.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: ‘Where are the people gone to?’ County Clare 1850–1852, 40-49.

Schorman, Sonia: Historical memoir of the O’Briens (book review), 49.

Norton, Desmond: Progress and distress on the Stratford Estate in Clare during the eighteen-forties, 50-57.

Swinton, Averil: The Tomb of Miss Butler’s Leg, 57.

Lenihan, Eddie: Dead and unburied—the legal response, 58-59.

MacMahon, Michael: "Going to Jail for Boating": Fr. Laurence Gilligan and the Land War in West Clare, 60-64.

Ó hÚrdail, Roibeárd: Then and now: the Irish of Clare, 65-671.

Ní Dheá, Eilís: Na Consaidínigh: Grafnóirí na hInse sa 19ú haois, 72-76.


The Other Clare Volume 27 (2003)

Grant, Christine: Cairns on the Burren: an introduction, 5-8.

O'Donnell, Leon Hugh: Biddy Phillips—an orphan girl from Clare in Tasmania, 8.

Ua Cróinín, Risteárd & Breen, Martin: Some towerhouse sites in East Clare, 9-13.

MacMahon, Michael: Temple Hugh O'Connell and Teampall Dubh revisited, 14-17.

Lynch, Michael: Another decorated stone at Rath Blathmach church, 18.

Kearns, Mary: The cloister masons—Ennis Priory, 19-20.

O'Leary, Marian: Customs associated with St. Martin's Day, 21-22.

O'Mahony, Chris: Exploring Thomond Manor boundaries, 23-28.

Kennedy, Kieran: The Clare Militia 1793–1909, 29-33.

Ó Murchú, Dónal: Place names in the Shannon Area—their meaning, 34-35.

Gilmore, Hilary: Cill Mac Creithe na Trágha: Kilmacreehy, Liscannor, County Clare, 36-38.

Weremchuk, Max S.: John Nelson Darby (1800–1882) (query), 39.

Ní Dheá, Eilís: Rev. Jonathan Furlong—Sagart na Gaeilge—(1799-1857), 40-42.

Kearns, Mary: A circle carved on the limestone of the Burren, 42.

Coffee, Michael J.: Assaults in County Clare in 1846, 43-47.

Nolan, Paddy: My Dear Doherty..., 48-50.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: Forgotten, now remembered, 50, 72.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: The bad times in Clare: emigration and aftermath, 51-60.

Ó Sé, Liam: The little ark of Kilbaha, 61-62.

Uí Ógáin, Rionach: ‘Part of the family’. Correspondence between the folklore collector Seán Mac Mathúna (1876–1949) and the Irish Folklore Commission, 63-70.

Batty, Maureen: Query regarding the Steele family, 70.


The Other Clare Volume 28 (2004)

Breen, Martin & Ua Cróinín, Risteárd: Some more towerhouses in East Clare, 5-8.

de Bhaldraithe, Pádraig: A Carrigaholt romance, 10-12

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Old Ennis bank-notes banks and bankers, 13-16.

Ó Sé, Liam: Clare County Hospital; a disappearing world, 17-18.

Lenihan, Edmund: The holy wells of Kilmacduane parish, 19-25.

Mac Mahon, Michael: George Warburton: County Clare’s first professional policeman, 26-32.

O’Brien, Grania R.: Sir Edward O’Brien 2nd Baronet of Dromoland, 33-35.

Gilmore, Hilary: Timfinlough (Fenloe) church and graveyard, 37-39.

Berry, Róisín: Clare County Archives: a memory bank for the county, 40-42.

O’Mahony, Chris: Exploring Thomond manor boundaries II, 43-49.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: Lough Derg a gazetteer of Clare places, 50-52.

Egan, Pat: Clare people, places and events commemorated on Irish postage stamps, 53-54.

Hodkinson, Brian: A reinterpretation of the castle at Clarecastle, 55-58.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Lord Joseph Wilton’s map of Sixmilebridge c.1760, 59-60.

Lynch, Michael: 17th Century church plate from Co. Clare, 61-62.

Nolan, Paddy: The wolves of County Clare, 63-68 [corrigendum, Vol 25, p92].

Kearns Mary: The Celtic influence carved on stone, 69-70.

Egan, Maura: Two West Clare holy wells, 72-74.

Swinfen, Averil: The highwaymen, 75-76.


The Other Clare Volume 29 (2005)

Breen, Martin & Ua Cróinín, Risteárd: Some Towerhouses in the parish of Kilkeedy, 5-10.

Rowe, Veronica: Ballyalla and the Clare Embroidery Class, 11-14.

Rattigan, John: Archaeological finds from the Baronies of Moyarta, Ibrickane and Clonderlaw, 15-21.

Gibbons, Michael: Athlunkard (Ath-an-Longphort): a reassessment of the proposed Viking fortress in Fairyhill Td County Clare, 22-25.

O’Brien, Grania R.: The Emergency Years—a vignette, 26-28.

Egan, Maura: McGrath from Moyasta shore, 29-30.

Moloney, Lorna: A New Frightfulness? Gaelic Thomond in the late sixteenth-century, 31-34.

Hull, Graham & Taylor, Kate: Archaeology on the route of the Ennis Bypass, 35-41.

Mac Mahon, Michael: Naming the land: reflection on Co. Clare place-names, 42-48.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: The Earl Of Thomond’s letter to a London jeweller, 1595, 49.

Schorman, Sonia: The wonder of wells, 50-51.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: Brian’s capital to electricity’s foundation—a further gazetteer, 52-53.

Kearns, Mary: Ennis Friary’s association with James Pain, 54-56.

O’Mahony, Chris: Exploring Thomond manor boundaries III, 57-62.

Tobin, Vincent: The teamster from Clare, 63-66.

Ó Sé, Liam: Gun-running in 1882, 67-68.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: A Papal Bulla from Ennis Friary, 69.

Harbison, Peter: Friar’s Island Oratory, Killaloe, and its fascination for James Gandon and others, 70-77.

Berry, Róisín: The Griffith Papers: a glimpse of family life in nineteenth century Clare, 78-80.

Mac Mahon, Michael: O’Brien and MacNamara rentals relating to certain lands in Thomond in the mid-fourteenth century(?), 81-84.

Shaw, Eric: In the Shadow of the Spire—a personal recollection, 85-86.

Nolan, Paddy: Wolfe Tone in Kilbaha, 87-92.

Nolan, Paddy: The wolves of County Clare, (Vol 24, pp63-68), corrigendum, 62.

Ní Cheallacháin, Cait: Deerpark uncovered—Deerpark House, Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare, 93-96.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: An Ennis freedom box, 1760, 99-100.


The Other Clare Volume 30 (2006)

Breen, Martin & Ua Cróinín, Risteárd: Some towerhouses in the Newmarket-on-Fergus area, 5-12.

Murphy, Ellen D.: The Patrick Hennessey letters, 13-14.

Butler, Philomena: Outrage at Drumdoolaghty: the Francie Hynes affair, 15-22.

Berry, Róisín: The Inchiquin Collection: a new perspective on an ancient Clare family, 23-24.

Feehan, John: A fossil forest from the Upper Carboniferous of South-West Clare, 25-30.

Nolan, Paddy: "May He R.I.R." 31-37.

Gilmore, Hilary: Romanesque carvings at Dysert O’Dea, 38-39.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: The operation of the anti Popery laws against Catholic property, 40-42.

Beirne, Peter: Some recent additions at the Local Studies Centre, Ennis (note), 42.

Lynch, Michael: Had Mesolithic Man an axe to grind in County Clare? 43-51.

newspaper article: "The Assumption" [painting, 1869], Clare Journal, July 1869. (note), 51.

O’Grady, Michael: Killinaboy stone, 52.

Kearns, Mary: The elaborate headdress—Ennis Friary, 53-54.

Power, Joe: Proselytism and perversion in West Clare, 55-60.

Mac Mahon, Michael: From Clare’s Gaelic past, 61-67.

Rattigan, John: Archaeological finds from the Barony of Corcomroe, 68-74.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: A further gazetteer—the Blackwater to the Fergus, 75-76.

O’Brien, John: Rossmanagher toll gate towers (note) 76.


The Other Clare Volume 31 (2007)

UaCróinín, Ristéard & Breen, Martin: Some MacNamara Towerhouses in South East Clare, 5-12.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: The Ballycoree Monster Meeting, 13-18.

Grant, Christine: Field notes, 19-20.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Priest of Ennis: Doctor Andrew Burke 1650–1727, 21-22.

Hull, Graham & Taylor, Kate: N18 Ennis Bypass and N85 Western Relief Road—summary of the final archaeological results, 23-29.

Kearns, Mary: Forgotten stones, 30-31.

Houlihan, Michael: In dark and evil days: the story of a Cratloe murder of long ago, 32-35.

Gilmore, Hilary: A century in the life of Dangan Castle, Ballynacally, 36-37.

Harbison, Peter: Some Clare bygones in drawings by Thomas Johnson Westropp (1860–1922) in the Royal Irish Academy, 38-42.

MacMahon, Michael: From Clare’s Gaelic past: Part 2, 43-50.

Clancy, Carmel: The experiences of a Sinn Fein priest: Fr. Pat Gaynor and self-government in Clare 1919–1921, 51-58.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: Gazetteer Ennis to Kildysert, 59-60.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Religious persecution in the seventeenth century: the friars of Kilkeedy, 61-62.

Berry, Róisín: The Vandeleur family: a photographic archive, 63-66.

McInerney, Luke: Survey of the McInerney sept of Thomond: Part I, 67-72.

Rattigan, John: Archaeological finds from the Barony of Burren, 73-80.


The Other Clare Volume 32 (2008)

Breen, Martin, & UaCróinín, Ristéard: Towerhouses of the North Burren coast, 5-11.

Beirne, Peter: The Ennis Turkish baths 1869–1878, 12-17.

Carey, Olive: Corcomroe’s medieval grave slabs, 18-20.

Hull, Graham & Joubert, Sébastien: Medieval monastic occupation and post-medieval military activity at Clare Abbey, Co. Clare, 21-26.

McInerney, Luke: Survey of the McInerney sept of Thomond: Part 2, 27-35.

Gilmore, Hilary: The restored turret, 36-37.

Harbison, Peter: George Unthank Macnamara (1849–1919): Corofin’s great medical antiquarian, 38-46.

O’Brien, Grania R.: The Colpoys of County Clare, 47-49.

Nolan, Paddy: Four shipwrecks on West Clare coasts, 50-55.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: Early aerial photographs of Ennis, 56-57.

FitzPatrick, Elizabeth: Antiquarian scholarship and the archaeology of Cahermacnaghten, Burren, Co. Clare, 58-66.

Haugh, Dominic: The agri labourer in Irish society, 67-72.

Halpin, Sarah: The story of Doonagore Quarry and Liscannor Stone, 73-78.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: Kildysert to Kilrush—lodges, murders and fast waters, 79-80.


The Other Clare Volume 33 (2009)

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: Some island castles of County Clare, 5-15.

Chambers, Tom: Dúchas na Sionna, 15.

Nolan, Paddy: The Intrinsic and the Mary Rose, 16-21.

Kearns, Mary: The Church of the Immaculate Conception, Barefield—the stained glass windows; the people of Barefield and friends abroad! 22-25.

O Murchadha, Ciarán: The homecoming of Sergeant John Duffy, U.S. Army, 26-29.

Michael Mac Mahon: Book review: Clare History & Society, 29, 33.

Harbison, Peter: The moves and removes of the Tau Cross from Killinaboy, 30-33.

Power, Joe: Aspects of sport and recreation in nineteenth century Clare, 34-45.

Gilmore, Hilary: Noughaval Church, 46-47.

Kennedy, Gerry: Moymolane, a forgotten townland, 48-50.

MacMahon, Michael: The humble petition of Michael White, weaver, of Ballinacarra, 50, 54.

O’Brien, Grania R., The Visitors Book, 51-54.

McMahon, Anne: An Irish Famine Exile: William McMahon of Cappabane, 55-59.

de Barra, Donal: The instruments of the Passion on West Clare gravestones, 60-62.

Mac Mahon, Michael: James Delargy and the Storymen of North Clare, 63-70.

Schorman, Sonia: Book review: The Diocese of Killaloe—An Illustrated History, 71.

Hull, Graham: Maps and views of County Clare in the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, 72 (illustration), 73-76.

Weir, Hugh W.L..: Dragoons, leaps and sea features—a gazetteer of Loop head and district, 77-80.


The Other Clare Volume 34 (2010)

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: The island castles of County Clare—concluded, 5-15.

McMahon, Anne: The rural poor in Clare before the Great Famine, 16-22.

Sheehan, John: The character and cultural context of the Inis Cáthaig/Scattery Island silver hoard, 23-28.

Curtin, Clare: Assisted emigration from West Clare to the West Village—the tale of a teenage emigrant, Bridget Egan of West Clare, 29-34.

Ó Ruairc, Pádraig Óg: "The distinction is a fine but a real one"—sectarianism in County Clare during the War of Independence, 35-41.

Gilmore, Hilary: A weathered place, 42-45.

Grant, Christine: Kilcorney archaeological project, 46-48.

Power, Joe: Canon Madden PP, 1889–1952, priest and social worker, 49-58

Ó Síocháin, Tomás: Máistir Scoile as Cuinche 1754&ndash1818, 59-61, 65.

Mac Conmara, Tomás: "Those days are gone now... never to return again" Cuimhneamh an Chláir — going back ‘on cuairt’ and capturing the vanishing memories of Clare’s elders, 62-65.

Mac Mahon, Michael: Are we there yet? Ulster migrants in Connacht and Co. Clare, 66-69.

Carey, Olive: A Beaker Period/Early Bronze Age landscape in the north-eastern Burren, 70-74.

Schorman, Sonia: The War of the Seaweed and other extracts from the O’Donoghue Manuscript, 75-78.

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The Other Clare Volume 35 (2011)

UaCróinín, Ristéard & Breen, Martin: Some castles and towerhouses of South East Co. Clare, 5-12.

Ó Cathaoir, Brendan: The Corbetts of Bunratty, 13-15.

Rainsford, John: Ennis Friary: peaceful present, bloody past, 16-19.

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The Other Clare Volume 36 (2012)

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: Some towerhouses of East Corca Bhaiscinn and the Shannon Estuary, 5-14.

Shoosmith, Terri: The truth, the whole truth, or somebody else's truth, 14, 16.

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The Other Clare Volume 37 (2013)

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: Some towerhouses of East Corca Bhaiscinn and the Shannon Estuary (part II: concluded), 5-11.

Campbell, Eve: Exploring the medieval and early modern settlement of Noughaval in the Burren, 21-17.

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The Other Clare Volume 38 (2014)

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: Castlefergus, or Ballyhannon Castle—a living stronghold, 5-11.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: Review of Michael Mac Mahon's The Parish of Corofin: a historical profile, 11.

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Higgins, Jim: Some medieval stone carvings return to Scattery Island, Co. Clare, 77-80.


The Other Clare Volume 39 (2015)

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: Craggaunowen Castle, 5-11.

Barry, Martin: Landscape and settlement in the townland of Drinagh (part III), 12-24.

Nolan, Paddy: Two Claremen die in Afghanistan (1880), 25-28.

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MacMahon, Michael: The legend of the Glas Gaibhne of Burren: A plea for the environment? 78-80.


The Other Clare Volume 40 (2016)

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán (ed.): Dr. Donough MacNamara's memoir of the War of Independence, 5-15.

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: Knappogue Castle—stronghold of the MacNamara Fionn - chieftains of the ancient district of West Clan Cúilein in Co. Clare, 16-25.

Ó Héalaí, Pádraig: Seán Mac Mathúna: diarist and dedicated recorder of Clare tradition, 26-36.

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Power, Rosemary: Sheela-na-gigs in County Clare—origins and interpretations, 41-44.

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Mac Mahon, Michael: Strange bells and music at Dysert, 48-50.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Ennis Friary and the cult of St, Michael the Archangel, 51-52.

Crowe, Philip: The Crowe gentry of County Clare: origins and history, 53-60.

O Sullivan, Lisa: Are you being served? The rise and fall of domestic service in Kilrush, Co Clare from 1881 to 1951, 61-64.

Henn, Francis: William Henn—sailor son of Paradise, 65-68.

O'Loughlin, Maura: Tales from the fishermen of Fisherstreet to the currach men of Liscannor Bay, 69-72.

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Power, Joe: The political career of James Lysaght Finigan MP, 1879–82, 83-87.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: What's your name, Clareman? 88-89.

Costello, Gerard G.: Mount Ievers Court, Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare, 90-94


The Other Clare Volume 41 (2017)

UaCróinín, Ristéard & Breen, Martin: Mount Ievers, or Ballyarilla Castle, 5-10.

O'Loghlen, Edward & O'Loghlen, Michael: A tale of adversity and survival: manuscripts touching Gragan's Castle, 11-14.

McInerney, Luke: Note on the petition of Turlogh O'Loghlen of Gragans, Burren, County Clare (c. 1663), 15-25.

Shoosmith, Terri: Book Review—The Holy Wells of County Clare (2015) and The Sacred Trees of County Clare (2016), by Michael Houlihan, 25.

Cahill, Shane: The life and death of Thomas Shannon, 26-29.

Lane, Padraig G.: A perception in fiction of pre-Famine violence in Clare, 29-31

Carey, Olive: In memory of Sonia, 32-33.

Hester, Mary: Book Review—Figures in a Famine Landscape by Ciarán Ó Murchadha, 34.

Kearns, Mary: The story behind the Ennis Friary memorial plaques, 35-37.

Hoyne, Clara: "Thanks be to the turf for the tractor"—The role of turf in the local economy of West Clare, 38-46.

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Power, Rosemary: Scattery Island—the name, 51.

Hull, Graham & McCooey, Joseph: Archaeological excavation of earthworks at Quin Friary [with contributions by Clare McCutcheon, Gordana Baljkas & Lizzie Lewins], 52-59.

McInerney, Luke: Conchubhar Mac an Oirchinnigh and the Gaelic scribal tradition of County Clare, 60-67.

Nolan, Paddy: Four funerals and a wedding, 68-73.

Goggin, Brian J.: Mr. Paterson's steamer, 74-79.

O'Loughlin, Maura: Tales of trade, commerce and pilgrimage—Ballaghaline to Liscannor, 79-83.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: The 'Burned Store' of Drumbiggle, 84-87.

Hobbs, Ian: Killaloe's Niall medical legacy, 88-90.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Medieval Ennis: gate houses, laneways and water courses, 91-94

MacMahon, Michael: St. Iníon Baoith alias St. Winifred and the Tau Cross of Killinaboy, 94-100.

Crowe, Phillip: The Crowe gentry of County Clare: a forgotten branch, 100-105.


The Other Clare Volume 42 (2018)

Mac Mahon, Michael: Kilfenora (Feneborensis): a diocese apart, 5-16

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: Ballymarkahan Castle: a MacNamara residence of the Medieval period, 17-24.

McInerney, Luke: The O'Neylons of Dysert and Austria, 25-32.

Hull, Graham & McCooey, Joseph: A radiocarbon date from the archaeological excavation of earthworks at Quin Friary, 32.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: A survey of Ennis Franciscan property 1634, 33-39.

Shoosmith, Teresa: Gardens of Clare, 40-46

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: Book Review—The Irish sketches of Florence Vere O'Brien edited by David Rowe, with an introduction by Veronica Rowe, 46.

Breen, Martin: An interesting plaque at Dysert parish church, 47-49.

Halloran, Jane: James Molony of Kiltannon: landlord, entrepreneur and farmer, 50-53.

O'Shaughnessy, Ed: Officials from the Vandeleur Evictions, 54-60.

O'Brien, Jane: The Industrial School child in Ennis 1880–1907, 61-67.

Power, Joe: Censorship of the Clare Champion, 1917–1918, 68-75.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: Portrait of Charles O'Brien, sixth Viscount Clare, 76.

Devine, Francis and Mullins, Lisa: The murder of Thomas Connole, I.T.G.W.U. Branch Secretary at Ennistymon, September 1920, 77-83.

Houlihan, Margaret: Cumann na mBan activity in Clare 1917–1921, 84-92.


The Other Clare Volume 43 (2019)

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: The manor house and castle of Clonroad, 7-16.

Breen, Martin: Securing Rosroe Castle into the future, 16.

Hull, Graham & Taylor, Kate: Lost Ennis graveyards; medieval and post-medieval skeletal remains, 17-22.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian (ed.):T.J. Westropp’s notes on the discoveries at Ennis Abbey, 1893, 23-28.

Kearns, Mary: Restoration of Templemaley church windows, 29-31.

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: The early castles at Dromoland: some historical notes, 32-48.

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: An Chabhail Mhór, 49-50.

Mac Mahon, Michael: Who was Terry Alt? 51-55.

Barron, Declan: Newpark House and the Mahon family, 56-61.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: Patrick Fitzsimon and Springfield College, 62-69.

Moran, Gerard: Letters of James Hack Tuke and the Bodyke evictions, 70-73.

Halloran Ryan, Jane: William Mills and Marcus Molony, sons of James Molony of Kiltannon, 74-77.

O’Shaughnessy, Ed: The Vandeleur Ram, 78-83.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: James Reagh Darcy’s final settlement, 84-85.


The Other Clare Volume 44 (2020)

Spring, Brian: Kingship and warfare in Thomond 1168–1318, 5-9.

Kearns, Mary: Elusive mason marks at Corcomroe Abbey and Ennis Friary, 10-11.

McInerney, Luke: Clare field trip 2019: Dromoland, Drumcliff, Aughrim and Kilraghtis, 12-17.

Harris, Amy Louise: New insights into Thomas Dingley's Irish journey 1680–81, 18-19, 107.

Hull, Graham & Hurley, Katherine: Post-medieval brick-making kilns near Clare Abbey, 20-24.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: A Protestant church in a Catholic friary 1615–1969, 25-34.

Mac Mahon, Michael: The Mac Mahons of County Clare, 35-41, 107.

Crowe, Philip: Origins and history of the townland of Nutfield in County Clare, 42-45.

O'Loghlen, Michael, QC: The O'Loghlens of Drumconora, Ennis, 46-49, front cover (illustration by Hilary Gilmore), inside front cover (document, 1850), inside back cover (description by BO/D), back cover (photo by John O'Brien).

Molohan, James M.: Tromra House,Tromra Lodge and their occupants: a short history, 50-56, 107.

Ní Dheá, Dr. Eilís: Maoileachlainn Ó Comhraí, Deartháir le hEoghan, c. 1788–1824, 57-59, 108.

Barron, Declan: Gaurus mill, 60-61.

Sexton, Alfred: Ejectment books for County Clare 1816–1860, 62-68, 108.

Kelly, Marilyn: Cornelius McDermott, Cooraclare National School, 1846–1894, 69-75.

Moran, Gerard: County Clare marriages at Five Points, New York in the 1850s, 76-78.

O'Shaughnessy, Ed: An American witness to the Vandeleur estate evictions, 79-85.

UaCróinín, Ristéard, & Breen, Martin: Dromore Castle, Ballygriffy Castle and the mansion house in Dromore Wood, 86-102.

McNamara, Martin: Moy—Parish of Kilfarboy: antiquities, persons, folklore, 103-105.

Ó'Brien, John: In memory of Pat Costello, 106.


The Other Clare Volume 45 (2021)

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Sixmilebridge Market House (drawing by Hilary Gilmore), front cover and inside front cover.

McInerney, Luke: A newly discovered medieval seal-matrix from Drumcliffe, County Clare, 5-7.

Higgins, Jim & Lynch, Michael: Early Christian cross slab and cursing stones at Kilmoon, Co. Clare, 8-10.

Power, Rosemary: International intrigue in Killaloe, Christmas 1102, 11-15.

Mac Mahon, Michael: The evolution of the Diocese of Killaloe, 16-25.

McInerney, Luke: Was Caithréim Thoirdhéalbhaigh written at Clare Abbey in the mid-fourteenth century? 26-32.

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: O’Briensbridge: a fortified bridge-stronghold of the O’Briens, 33-39.

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: Drummin Castle window-head, 40.

Harris, Amy Louise: Thomas Dingley’s Irish journal 1680–81, 41-43.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Market Houses of County Clare, 44-52, 62.

Barry, Eoin J.: Evolution of an Irish folktale concerning Lough Derg: the connection between Caoranach and Ollphéist, 53-57.

Ní Dheá, Eilís: Lucht scríofa lámhscríbhinní i mbarúntacht Bhun Raite sa naoú haois déag, 58-62.

McNamara, Martin: Thomas McMahon, scribe and scripture reader of Ennistymon, 63-68, 103.

Mac Sheoin, Tomás: Terry Alts: special commission of 1831, 69-74, 103.

Hull, Graham & Nicholl, John: Stepping into ancestors’ shoes: archaeological excavation of vernacular house at Derryboy, Ballinruan, Co. Clare, 75-77.

O’Shaughnessy, Ed: A Clare family’s Famine exodus to Canada, 78-83, 104.

Baron, Declan: Newbridge House, Ennis, 84-85.

Sexton, Alfred: The Land War in Clare 1880–1890, 86-94.

Leyden, Josephine & O'Brien, John: obituary: In loving memory of Mary (Lal) Quinn, 94.

Molohan, Jim: Tom and Paddy Molohan: forgotten pioneers of the GAA, 95-100, 104.

Spring, Brian: Calm before the storm—Lord Wimborne, soon to proclaim martial law in Dublin, visits Ennis, 101-102.

McInerney, Luke: The Clare Augustinian abbey of SS Peter and Paul (note and photo), inside and outside back cover.


The Other Clare Volume 46 (2022)

Irwin, Liam: Thomas Johnson Westropp (1860–1922), 5-8.

O’Connell, Michael: Bog-deal in Co. Clare, with particular reference to bog-pine and its significance, 9-17.

McNamara, Martin: The Psalter of Caimín, the monastic community of Inis Cealtra and its history: psalm interpretation from Antioch on the Orontes to Inis Cealtra on the Shannon, 18-25.

Kearns, Mary: The final collection of fifteenth century masons’ marks at Ennis Friary, 26-28, 103.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Interactions of the friars of Aughrim and Mac Brodys of Kilkee with Mícheál Ó Cléirigh compiler of the Annals the Four Masters, 29-33.

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: Ballyhickey: Home of the O’Hickey, medieval physicians of Thomond—and the castle that never was, 34-37.

Martin, Silvina: The baptismal font at Ballyvaughan, 37-38.

MacMahon, Michael: The Account Book of Catherine O’Brien of Dromoland, 39-43.

O’Halloran, Rob: The O’Hallorans (Uí Allmhuráin) of Fahy: landholding and lineage in late medieval Thomond, 44-51.

Haugh, Dominic: The Ralahine Commune—a re-appraisal, 52-56, 62.

Mac Sheoin, Tomás: Coimisiún Speisialta i gContae an Chláir, Eanáir 1848, 57-62.

Sexton, Alfie: Report from the Select Committee on Kilrush Union 1850, 63-69.

Childs, Peter E.: Kelp gathering and the factory at Freagh, Co. Clare, 70-76.

Molohan, James M.: From the Sandhills to the Pampas: emigration from West Clare to Argentina in the nineteenth century, 77-82, 96.

Mulhaire, Ronan: Thomas McInerney ‘Irish Champion Wrestler’ (1864–1934): a short biography, 83-89.

O’Brien, John: Hastings Farmhouse Restoration Project, an update, 89.

Power, Joe: ‘A Turbulent Priest’: Bishop Michael Fogarty and Irish Nationalism, 1914–1924, 90-96.

O’Loghlen, Edward: The capture and release of General Lucas, summer 1920, 97-99.

Lysaght, Patricia: Folklore Collecting in Southwest Clare in the 1950s, 100-103.

Kirby, Tony: review of Eilís Haden-Storrie’s Nature, nurture and being happy: Burren stories, 104.