Breifne, Volume I, Number 1 (1958)

O’Connell, Philip: Early colonisation of Breifne, 3-16.

Mooney, Canice: Some Cavan Franciscans of the past, 17-27.

Ó Gallachair, Pádraic: A forgotten penal-day church in Kinlough, 28-29.

Clancy, P.S.: Theophilus O’Flynn, seanchai and poet, 30-33.

Ó Mórdha, Séamus P.: Cumhaidh na Cléire, a ’98 poem from North Leitrim, 34-40.

Barron, Thomas J.: The prehistory of the Breifne region, 41-46.

Ó Mórdha, Brian: Ordnance Survey statistical reports on parishes, 47-55.

Brady, Patrick: Father Tom Maguire and the Clare election, 56-59.

Ó Gallachair, Pádraic: 1622 survey of Cavan, 60-75.

Logan, Patrick: Mac Dorchaidh, chiefs of Cinel Luachain, 76-81.


Breifne Volume I, Number 2 (1959)

Smyth, Terence S.: Freemen of the borough of Cavan, 87-112.

Mooney, Canice: An Irish MS. from Mountnugent, 113-117.

O’Connell, Philip: Sources for the life of Saint Mogue, 118-133.

Mac Niocaill, Gearóid: Cairt Ó Mhaolmhórdha Ó Raighilligh, 1558, 134-136.

Lucas, A.T.: Nettles and charlock as famine food, 137-146.

Small, Terence: Churches and priests of Knockninny, 147-153.

Barron, Thomas J.: Biographical notes: 1. Rev. Alexander McWhidd: a seventeenth century minister in Knockbride, Co. Cavan, 154-158.

O’Connell, Philip: Biographical notes: 2. Andrew Carney (1794–1864), 159-161.

McGovern, Patrick: Biographical notes: 3. Father Edmond Deane (1647–1717), 162.


Breifne Volume I, Number 3 (1960)

Hayes-McCoy, G.A.: Sir John Davies in Cavan in 1606 and 1610, 177-191.

Cunningham, Terence P.: Notes on the 1821 census of Lavey parish, 192-208.

O’Connell, Philip: A Crosserlough poet and essayist [Phill O’Connell], 209-214.

Brady, John: Some Kilmore clergy of the 17th and 18th centuries, 215-224.

O’Connell, Philip (ed.): Some Co. Leitrim wills, 225-241.

Leaden, A.H.: "Penal" crucifix—Ballinamore, 242-244.

Raftery, Joseph: A bronze sword from Co. Cavan, 245-246

McKiernan, Francis J. (ed.): The Hearth Money Rolls for the Baronies of Tullyhunco and Tullyhaw, County Cavan, 247-262.

Ó Mórdha, Brian: The Greville papers—a Cavan estate on the eve of the Famine, 263-276.

Comey, Nicholas J.: Lavagh Latin School, 277-281.


Breifne Volume I, Number 4 (1961)

Gwynn, Aubrey: Origins of the Diocese of Kilmore, 293-306

Cunningham, Terence P.: The Lavey Green walk, 307-325.

Barron, Thomas J.: Stone axehead from County Cavan, 326-327.

Mooney, Canice: Some Leitrim Franciscans of the past, 328-356.

Cunningham, T.P.: 1766 religious census, Kilmore and Ardagh, 357-362.

Travers Charles J.: Some aspects of the Ireland of 1860, 363-375.

O’Connell, Philip: The Lurgan epitaphs, 376-386.

McKiernan, Francis J.: Priests of the Diocese of Kilmore: 1. Father Michael Smith, candidate for the bishopric of Kilmore 387-393.

O’Connell, Philip: Priests of the Diocese of Kilmore: 2. Father Felix McCabe (c. 1750–1816), 394-398.


Breifne Volume II, Number 5 (1962)

Cunningham, Terence P.: The 1826 General Election in Co. Cavan, 5-46.

Mac Giolla Phádraig, Brian: An Irish manuscript of 1801, 47-49.

Gallogly, Daniel: Brian of the Ramparts O’Rourke (1566–1591), 50-79.

Ó Mórdha, Séamus P.: An Ghaeilge i gContae an Chabháin. i gContae Longphuirt agus i gContae na hIarmhí san bhliain 1823, 80-83.

O’Connell, Philip: The line of Colonel John O’Reilly, 84-104.

Collins, Owen (ed.): Maynooth matriculation lists, 105-111

McKiernan, Francis: Carrigallen Parish in 1821, 112-136.


Breifne Volume II, Number 6 (1963)

Ó Mórdha, Brian: Life in Co. Cavan 1800– ’45, 153-170.

Mac an Ghallóglaigh, Domhnall [Daniel Gallogly]: Brian Oge O’Rourke and the Nine Years War, 171-203.

O’Connell, Philip: An O’Reilly genealogy, 204-208.

Cunningham, Terence P.: Catholic rent lists from Kilmore, 209-233.

Barron, Thomas J.: Anne Jane Carlile (1775–1864), a temperance pioneer, 234-237.

Wilson, John P.: 1821 Census—Parish of Drumloman. 238-247.

Mac an Ghallóglaigh, Domhnaill [Daniel Gallogly]: Inscriptions in Magherintemple cemetery, 248-253.

O’Connell, Philip: A Co. Cavan itinerary circa 1744, 254-273.

from Pigot’s Directory, 1824: Ballinamore in 1824, 274-275.


Breifne Volume II, Number 7 (1964)

Meehan, Joseph B.: The birthplace of General Philip Henry Sheridan, 290-307.

document: A letter from Missouri [also relates to Philip Sheridan], 308-311.

Costello M. J.: General Phil Sheridan, 312-323.

anonymous: Bibliography from the Library of Congress, Washington DC, 324-331.

Mooney, Canice: A Leitrim victim of the French Revolution, 332-352.

Mac Brádaigh, Seán O’R.: The McBradys—Barons of Loughtee, 353-354.

O’Connell, Philip: Some Co. Cavan links with Montreal, 355-358.

Ó Loingsigh, Séamus: The burning of Ballinagh [May 1794], 359-365.

Wilson, John P.: Drumlommon in 1835, 366-375.

Smyth, T. S.: Grattan family links with Cavan, 376-398.


Breifne Volume II, Number 8 (1965)

Cunningham, Terence P.: The Great Famine in County Cavan, 413-437.

document: Report of Bishop McDonagh, 1741, 438-440.

Mac an Ghallóglaigh, Domhnaill [Daniel Gallogly]: 1641 Rebellion in Leitrim, 441-454.

O’Connell, Philip: The Kildrumfertan epitaphs, 455-459.

Cunningham, Terence P.: The will and foundation of Rev. Eugene Brady, 1767, 460-466.

newspaper report (The Anglo-Celt, 5 March 1847): auction of the Clonervy estate, 466.

Kilian J. Mitchell, Students of All Hallows College, Dublin, from the Diocese of Kilmore—1842–1895, 467-484.

O’Connell, Philip: Some County Cavan priests in Connecticut, 485-494.

newspaper report (The Freeman’s Journal, 21 August 1815): ‘A Cavan marathon runner’, 494.

Ó Loingsigh, Seamus: An excursion to Co. Cavan, 1809, 495-504.

newspaper report (The Anglo-Celt, 25 June 1847): first stone of Ballinamore Market Place laid, 525.

O’Connell, Philip: Some County Leitrim wills and leases, II, 505

newspaper report (The Anglo-Celt, 9 July 1847): visit of Mr Gallagher, ventriloquist, 525.


Breifne Volume III, Number 9 (1966)

Travers Charles J.: Sean MacDiarmada (1883–1916), 1-46.

Colum, Padraic: General Philip Sheridan, a ballad, 47.

Barron, Thomas J.: A 1798 pike-head from Bailieboro’, 48-50.

McKiernan, Francis: Rev. Joseph B. Meehan (1863–1926), 51-54.

Mac an Ghallóglaigh, Domhnaill [Daniel Gallogly]: Sir Frederick Hamilton. 55-99.

Flanagan, Patrick J.: Mining in Cavan, 100-107.

Cunningham, Terence P.: The 1852 General Election in County Cavan, 108-135.

Galligan, James P.: Drumlummon prospector, 136.

O’Connell, Philip: Some County Leitrim wills and leases: 137-151.




BREIFNE Vol III No. 10 (1967)

Breifne Volume III, Number 10 (1967)






Breifne Volume III, Number 11 (1968)

Ó Ceilleachair, Stiofán: Canúint Mhuintir Chionnaith agus Chlann Fhearmaighe, II, 299-319.

Snoddy, Oliver: Notes on the Volunteers, Militia. Yeomanry and Orangemen of County Cavan, 320-339

newspaper extracts: Notices to Builders (from The Anglo-Celt, 1855), 339.

Grimes, Seamus: The changing rural landscape of North Leitrim from mid-seventeenth century to mid-nineteenth century, 340-346.

Flanagan, Patrick T.: The Ballinamore and Ballyconnell Canal. Part One: the years of construction, 347-386.

Dolley, Michael & Gallagher, Colm: A fourteenth-century coin-find from County Cavan, 387-389.

Halton, Thomas: Timothy Godwin, Bishop of Kilmore, 390.

Coleman, William G.: The Bailieboro Estate, 391-409.

document: Kilmore Clergy list of 1723, 410-411.


Breifne Volume III, Number 12 (1969)

Cunningham, Terence P.: The Cavan Tenant-Right meeting of 1850, 417-442.

O’Connell, Philip: The topography of Loch Ramor region, II, 443-480.

Traynor, Owen Francis: Kilmore clergy list of 1723, 481-491.

Flanagan, Patrick J. The Ballinamore and Ballyconnell Canal, II. Part Two: The awards and Acts, and their implications, 492-527.

Cunningham, Terence P.: Cavan town in 1838, I, 528-551.

de Brún, Pádraig: Some Irish MSS with Breifne associations, 552-561.

Leaden A.H.: The Sisters of Mercy in Kilmore, 1868–1968, 562-582.


Breifne Volume IV, Number 13 (1970)

Ó Mórdha, Séamus P: Hugh O’Reilly (1581?–1653), a reforming primate, 1-42.

Hunter, R.J.: An Ulster plantation town—Virginia, 43-51.

Logan, Patrick: Medieval hospital system in Breifne, 52-58.

de hÓir, Éamonn: Annala as Breifne, 59-86.

Faulkner, Anselm: Thomas Magauran O.F.M. (c.1640–1715), 87-91.

Ó Súilleabháin, Pádraig: Thomas Fitzsimons and the ‘Primer of the Blessed Virgin Mary’, 92-93.

Ó Dufaigh, Seosamh: Notes relating to Patrick Maguire, Coadjutor Bishop of Kilmore (1819–26), 94-95.

Cunningham, Terence P.: Cavan Town in 1838, II, 96-130.

Patrick J. Flanagan: The Ballinamore and Ballyconnell Canal. Part Three: the years of activity, 131-180.


Breifne Volume IV, Number 14 (1971)

Traynor, Owen F.: More Kilmore clergy lists, 200-224.

Mac an Ghallóglaigh, Domhnaill [Daniel Gallogly]: Leitrim 1600–1641 225-254.

Maguire, T.C.: Templeport cemetery inscriptions, 255-266.

Logan, Patrick: Chevalier Terence de Brade: Proto-Medicus of the Armies of Her Majesty, the Empress Marie Therese in the Low Countries, 267-276.

McGovern, Raymond: Father Tom Maguire: Polemicist, popular preacher and patriot, 1792–1847, 277-288.

Cunningham, Terence P.: Cavan town in 1838—III, 289-317.

Logan, J.: Tadhg O Roddy and two surveys of Co. Leitrim, 318-334.


Breifne Volume IV, Number 15 (1972)

Traynor, Owen F.: Dr. James Magauran Bishop of Ardagh (1815–29), 336-344.

Ó Mórdha, Séamus P: Hugh O’Reilly (1581?–1653), a reforming prelate (continued), 345-369.

McKiernan Francis J.: Parish Priests of Kilmore, 370-405.

Flanagan Patrick J.: Some notes on Leitrim industry, 406-425.

de Brún, Pádraig: Two Bréifne manuscripts, 426-437.

Cunningham, Terence P.: Gustavus Tuite Dalton (1811–1879), first editor of The Anglo Celt, 438-449.

Traynor, Owen F.: Dr. Eugene McParlan: candidate for the Bishopric of Kilmore, 450-451.




Breifne Volume IV?, Number 16 (1973?)



Breifne Volume V, Number 17 (1976)

Alwill, Gerard: The 1841 Census of Killeshandra Parish: 7-36.

Cunningham, Terence P.: Students of Kilmore Academy, 1838–1874: 37-73.

Logan, John: Oughteragh in 1826: a case study of rural sectarianism: 74-120.

Holly, Denis: Megalithic tombs at Tullaghan: 121-139.

Members of Crosserlough Macna na Tuaithe Club: Inscriptions in Crosserlough Old Cemetery, 140-148.

O’Raghallaigh MacBradaigh, Sean: Teallach Cearbhuill: The genealogy of MacBradaigh of Cull Brighde in Cavan, 149-157.

Barron, Thomas J.: Stair Nuadat Find Fenim, and Sliabh nDee, alias Sliabh na Tri nDee alias Sliabh Guaire, 158-173.


Breifne Volume V, Number 18 (1977-78)

Cullen, Sara: Sources for Cavan local history, 185-205.

Hunter, Robert J. & Perceval-Maxwell, M.: The muster roll of c. 1630: Co. Cavan. 206-222.

McNiffe, Liam: The 1852 Leitrim election, 223-252.

Barron, Thomas J.: Presbyterian exodus from County Longford in 1729, 253-258.

Smyth, T.S.: Markets and fairs of the town of Cavan, 259-265.

Ó Ciardha, Padhraic P.: Tadhg Ó Rodaighe, 266-277.

Cunningham, Terence P.: Students of Kilmore Academy, 1839–74, 278-293.

O’Ceallaigh, Liam: Sliabh Guaire. 294-298.


Breifne Volume V, Number 19 (1979)

Simms, Katharine: The O’Reillys and the Kingdom of East Breifne, 305-319.

Faulkner, Anselm: Philip O Reilly, O.F.M. (c. 1600-1660), 320-334.

Walsh, Micheline: The Diocese of Kilmore, the Irish College in Paris and Alexander Macabe, 335-340.

O’Reilly, Hugh: Drumlane Old Cemetery, 341-357.

Smyth, T.S.: Phases of the history of the town of Cavan, 358-368.

Cunningham, Terence P.: Students of Kilmore Academy, 1838–1874 (continued), 369-382

Gallogly, Daniel: Land trouble in Templeport, 1855, 383-388.


Breifne Volume V, Number 20 (1980-81)

Mac an Ghallóglaigh, Domhnaill [Daniel Gallogly]: Leitrim in the Parnell Split, 395-406.

de Brún, Pádraig: Some Cavan schools and teachers, 1814 to 1831, 407-431.

Meehan, Marie: Patterns of education in the parish of Oughteragh, 1821 to 1871, 432-450.

Cunningham, Terence P.: Students of Kilmore Academy (continued), 451-458.

McNiffe, Liam: Leitrim voters in Oughteragh and Cloonclare Parishes in 1852, 459-466.

Cunningham, Terence P. (ed.): An eel weir, some marriage agreements, and the Dean’s short lease, [from the Registry of Deeds], 467-471


Breifne Volume VI, Number 21 (1982)

Traynor, Owen F.: Two historical chalices, 5-17.

Ó Mórdha, Séamas P: Some aspects of the literary tradition of the Bréifne-Fermanagh area, 18-56.

Holdrege, Linda J.: The Babingtons of Cavan, 57-61.

Kenny, Michael: The Deramfield Hoard: English and Spanish silver coins deposited during the Great Rebellion, 1641–53, 62-75.

Cunningham, Terence P.: Students of Kilmore Academy (continued), 76-88.

Gallagher, Bryan & Cassidy, J.V.: Inscriptions on headstones in Callowhill Graveyard, 89-94.

Cunningham, Terence P. (ed.): Swanlinbar & its ironworks [from the Registry of Deeds], 95-98.


Breifne Volume VI, Number 22 (1983-4)

Kerr, Donal: James Browne, Bishop of Kilmore 1829–65, 109-154.

Mac an Ghallóglaigh, Domhnaill [Daniel Gallogly]: The Land League in Leitrim 1879–1883, 155-187.

Cunningham, Terence P.: Students of Kilmore Academy (continued), 188-198.

McNiffe, Liam: A short history of Rosclogher Barony 1840–1860, 199-220.

Cunningham, Terence P. (ed.): The original Farnham arms [from the Registry of Deeds], 221-223.


Breifne Volume VI, Number 23 (1985)

Brady, Ciaran F.: The O’Reillys of East Breifne and the Problem of ‘Surrender and Regrant’, 233-262.

O’Reilly, Hugh: Lisnamaine Castle, 263-276.

Cunningham, Terence P.: Students of Kilmore Academy (continued), 277-285.

Smith, Gerard: The Mollie Maguires in Eastern Pennsylvania from 1877 to 1879, 286-300.

Cunningham, Terence P. (ed.): Cavan town and townsmen before the Boyne [from the Registry of Deeds], 301-304.


Breifne Volume ?VI, Number 24 (1986)

24-1986- NOT SEEN YET


Breifne Volume VII, Number 25 (1987)

Kelly, Gabriel: Nicholas Conaty, Bishop of Kilmore (1865–1886), 420-463

O’Reilly, Eugene & O’Reilly, John: Saint Bricin of Tomregan, 464-488.

O’Connell, Philip (transcribed): Hearth Money Roll for the Barony Castlerahan, 1664, 489-497.

O’Reilly, John: Ballyconnell cemetery inscriptions pre-1900, 498-512

Mac an Ghallóglaigh, Domhnall: Index to Breifne 1959-1986, 513-520.



Breifne Volume ?VII, Number 26 (1988)

26-1988- NOT SEEN YET



Breifne Volume VIII, Number 1 (1989-90)

Ó Fiaich, Tomás: St Kilian: his Irish background and posthumous influence, 1-19.

Manning, Conleth: Clogh Oughter Castle, 20-61.

Mac An Ghallóglaigh, Domhnall: Bréifne and its chieftains 1300-1560 (Part II), 62-79.

Ó Mórdha, Séamus P.: Glangevlin's Irish College, Ardscoil Bhréifne, Part I, 80-117.

McCarthy, Judith: The importance of the tower house in the late medieval society of Breifne, 118-135.

Tierney, Gerard: Lavey old graveyard inscriptions, 136-142.


Breifne Volume VIII, Number 2 (1991)

Mulvey, Anthony: Most Rev. Dr. Andrew Boylan, C.SS.R., Bishop of Kilmore (1907-1910), 145-154.

Parker, Kieran: The O'Reillys of East Breifne C.1250-C.1450, 155-180.

MacKiernan, Francis J.: The O Reillys and MacQuaids of Lisdoagh, 182-206.

Ó Mórdha, Séamas P.: Glangevlin's Irish College Ardscoil Bhréifne (continued) Part VII, 207-271.

Mag Uidhir, T.C.: The Cavan Inquisitions of 1588, 1590 and 1609, 272-291.

Manion, Patricia, Jean: Proudly Irish: Susan Carty of Bawnboy, 292-301.


Breifne Volume VIII, Number 3 (1992-93)

Duffy, Francis: The Cathedral of SS Patrick and Felim, Cavan, 304-326.

O'Neill, Thomas P.: Dr. J. C. McQuaid and Eamon de Valera: insights on church and state, 327-337.

O'Neill, Marie: The struggle for Irishwomen for the vote, 338-353.

Cusack, Gerard: Early days in the penal colony of Western Australia, 354-358.

Mulligan, Padraig: Corn mills of Leitrim, 359-385.


Breifne Volume VIII, Number 30 (1994)

Gallogly, Dan: Kilmore churches, 389-444

Keogh, Dermot: An eye witness to history: Fr. Alexander J. McCabe and the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939, 445-488.

McKiernan, Francis J.: The O'Reillys of Corlattylannan and their relations, 489-495.

Gaffney, Ben: Inscriptions from Denn old cemetery, 497-512.


Breifne Volume VIII, Number 31 (1995)

Gallogly, Dan: Priests and people in Kilmore, 1800-1950, 515-552.

Grant, James: Local relief committees in Co. Cavan, 1845-47, 553-565.

Parker, Ciarán: Two minor septs of late medieval Breifne, 566-586.

Duffy, Francis: Education in Cavan, 1825-32, 587-606.

Mitchell, K.J.: Thomas O'Reilly (1830-72) of Lurgan and Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., 607-15.

Woods, Ursula; Woods, Aisling; Burns, Mary and O'Rourke, Cathal: Inscriptions in Killeshandra old cemetery, 616-622.


Breifne Volume VIII, Number 32 (1996)

Gallogly, Dan: Patrick Finegan and the birth of the Irish Free State 1900-1923, 625-671.

MacCarthy, R.B.: William Bedell, Bishop of Kilmore 1629-42, 672-681.

Harron, Feargal Thomas: William Hague F.R.I.A.I: an architectural appraisal, 682-732.


Breifne Volume VIII, Number 33 (19##)

Duffy, Francis: Denis Maguire OFM, Bishop of Kilmore 1770-1798, 739-781.

Conlon, Larry: The influence of Freemasonry in East Cavan during the Rebellion of 1798, 782-807.

Parker, Ciaran: The diocese of Tir Brun (Kilmore) in the Middle Ages, 808-824.

######, #####: Inscriptions in Kill Cemetery, Kilnaleck, 825-838.


Breifne Volume VIII, Number 34 (19##)



Breifne Volume VIIII [sic], Number 35 (19##)

Uí Mhéa1óid, Madeleine: Agnes O’Farrelly: crusader for a Gaelic Ireland 1874-1951, 841-876.

Cooney, Declan: 1821 census of the parish of Munterconnaught, 877-883.

Duffy, Francis: The second report of the Commissioners for Education Inquiry for County Cavan 1824-27, 884-910.

Swords, Liam: Fr John Farrelly, Doctor of the Sorbonne (1657-1736), 911-921.

O’Connell-Toal, Noleen: County Cavan gaol: a nineteenth century prison, 922-936.


Breifne Volume IX, Number 35 (1999)

Nallen, Maura: A study of eight townlands in the Parish of Killeshandra 1608–1841, 5-84.

MacKiernan, Francis J.: The Franciscan friary in Cavan, 85-102.

Earley, Joseph E. Sr. & Boyle Leonard E.: Conflict over the Rectory of Cinel Luachain during the fifteenth century, 103-113.

Mac Cuarta, Brian (ed.): Leitrim Plantation papers 1620–22, 114-139.

Henchy, Monica: The Irish Colleges in Spain, 140-156.

Power, William (1849: transcribed by Lynn Black) A journey to Cavan and Leitrim in 1849, 157-165.