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Candon, Anthony: Barefaced effrontery: secular and ecclesiastical politics in early twelfth century Ireland, 1-25.

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#######: Some Irish Historical Links with Brittany, 197-

Feartlaoi Phádraig Uí Adhmaill, 202-

Clerus Armacanus, 205-


[1999-2006 STILL TO BE SEEN]


Seanchas Ard Mhacha

Vol 21 No 2 – Vol 22- No 1. (2007–2008)

(in one book)

McEvoy, James: The sojourn of the Ulster Earls at Louvain (November 1607 until February 1608): movements, meetings and partings, 1-38

Ó Macháin, Pádraig: The Flight of the Poets: Eóghan Ruadh and Fearghal Óg Mac an Bhaird in Exile, 39-58.

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Ó Bléine, Ruairí: Dr James Barry (1795–1865), dochtúir suntasach san Airm, 149-164.

MacAtasney, Gerard: ‘Brunswick bloodhounds and itinerant demagogues’: the campaign for Catholic Emancipation in County Armagh 1824–29, 165-231.

Bradley, John: The Irish barn church, 232-277. [Fr. John Bradley of Armagh, not the archaeologist/historian of the same name]

Mac Congáil, Nollaig: Weekly Freeman agus Irish Fireside Club ag cothú an náisiúnachais agus an Ghaeilachais Bealach na hÓige? 278-318.

Ó Diolúin, Cathal: Lorcán Ó Muireadaigh agus Comhaltas Uladh, 319-340.

Ó Discín, Liam: Monsignor Charles Owen Rice, Pittsburgh’s labour priest, 341-380.