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Dublin and Beyond the Pale. Studies in honour of Patrick Healy

Edited by Conleth Manning

Bray, County Wicklow: Wordwell, 1998.

ISBN 1 869857 26 7


Essays and Studies Presented to Professor Eoin MacNeill D.Litt. On the occasion of his Seventieth Birthday, May 15th 1938.

Edited by Reverend John Ryan S.J.

Dublin, Three Candles, 1940.


From the Isles of the North: Early Medieval Art in Ireland and Britain

Edited by Cormac Bourke

Belfast: H.M.S.O. 1995.

ISBN 0 337 11201 0 softback

ISBN 0 337 11207 X hardback


Ireland, England and the Continent in the Middle Ages and Beyond - Essays in Memory of a Turbulent Friar, F.X. Martin, O.S.A.

Edited by by Howard B. Clarke and J.R.S. Phillips.

Dublin: University College Dublin Press, 2006.



Irish Antiquities. Essays in memory of Joseph Raftery

Edited by Michael Ryan

Bray, County Wicklow: Wordwell, 1998.

ISBN 1 869857 25 9


Irish Antiquity. Essays and Studies Presented to Professor M.J. O'Kelly

Edited by Donnchadh Ó Corráin

Cork: Tower Books, 1981.

reprinted: Blackrock, County Dublin: Four Courts Press 1994

ISBN 1 85182 145 7 hbk

1 85182 174 0 pbk


Irish Geographical Studies in honour of E. Estyn Evans

Edited by Nicholas Stephens and Robin E. Glasscock

Belfast: Department of Geography, The Queen's University of Belfast, 1970

ISBN 0 85389020X


Irish Midland Studies. Essays in Commemoration of N.W. English

Edited by Harman Murtagh

Athlone: Old Athlone Society, 1980

ISBN 0 950342815


Laois history & society. Interdisciplinary essays on the history of an Irish county

Edited by Pádraig G. Lane and William Nolan.

Dublin: Geography Publications, 1999.

ISBN 0 906602 46 7


Medieval Studies. Presented to Aubrey Gwynn, S.J.

Edited by J.A. Watt, J.B. Morrall, F.X. Martin.

The Three Candles, Dublin, 1961.

National Library of Ireland call-number: Ir 941 w18


Settlement and Society in Early Medieval Ireland. Studies presented to F. X. Martin o.s.a.

Edited by John Bradley.

Kilkenny: Boethius Press, 1988.

ISBN 0-86314-143-9


The Early Church in Wales and the West

Edited by Nancy Edwards and Alan Lane.

Oxbow Monograph 16.

Oxford: Oxbow books, 1992.

ISBN 0 946897 37 9


The Iron Age in the Irish Sea Province. Papers given at a C.B.A. conference held at Cardiff, January 3 to 5, 1969

Edited by Charles Thomas.

C.B.A. Research Report 9

London: Council for British Archaeology, 1972.


The Irish Sea Province in archaeology and history

Edited by Donald Moore.

Cardiff: Cambrian Archaeological Association, 1970.


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